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“Art is never finished, only abandoned”.- Leonardo da Vinci

Woman's Head by Leonardo Da Vinci

The Science of Beauty

The Science of Beauty: Art is a movement of self-expression of what the individual sees in the surrounding world and what he feels inside to find a perfect medium to reflect his findings and identify himself with the macrocosmic consciousness.

In the history, we find the same process working in all great artists of the continents, their aim was to preserve and sustain the greatest symbol of human unity and of human aspiration for immortality. This is the basic knot that has tied painters and sculptors and illustrators and artisans over the time across the world irrespective of their countries of birth, language, religion or gender.

Great art is a universal subject, an Immutable Truth. Its far beyond the scope of narrow individuality, it assimilates the whole world, gives it power and strength.

In this blog, as an Art Lover and Writer, I have tried to feature new artists who have developed a unique passion to bring out the achievements of the human race and have aspired innovation to express in their art the interconnectedness of the world,  and integrate matter and spirit in their quest towards the Absolute.

I hope all readers will find this site valuable and the approach towards art different than simply a marketwatch.

The purpose of greater life is not only to seek colors of the palette-knife but to gather in one’s soulful insight the consciousness of an experience that doesn’t doubt the existence of ‘I am that’  in a field of quantum non-locality that manages every breath we take through the kriya of non-time functions in a vast linear/non-linear sequence of space-time continuity.

We connect with a Field of Consciousness which has the Absolute embedded in it, it generates us from it through a process of ‘becoming’ to culminate in the Being which is the repository of all existences, yet beyond it as well. Scientific Awareness on Earth needs to manifold it’s presence by an act of surrender to that Field where the Mind of God exists so we can integrate ourselves for the welfare of the creation – it’s only possible if we have faith in our abilities to foster our evolution by transcending the surface reality of apparent contradictions and duality, by unconditioning ourselves to reach a higher physical and non-physical realm of non-duality.

Without love, nothing is possible; without Sat we cannot awaken the chit-consciousness and find lasting peace and happiness (bliss potential) – to be free the mirror of our mind shall reflect the whole universe -I am That and Thou Art Me – this is an experience we need to fulfill ourselves with and there is no short cut to the Absolute.

Be Awakened, Life is an offering unto Life! Shantih Shantih Shantih

Thank you All!

Joy Roy Choudhury

Art Critic, Art Lover and Writer & Consultant

Email: e.aryans@gmail.com/artvantage.uk@gmail.com

Web Profile: http://www.charlesbaudelaire.co.uk/html/joy_roy_choudhury.html

Web: http://art-vantage.co.uk/

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  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Nilanjan Chatterjee

     /  June 23, 2013

    In framing an equation of Physics one should first look
    for Beauty as the guiding principle —- thus remarked
    by Paul Dirac the Nobel Laureate.
    Joy’s effort has been to bring in Scientific-sensibility
    into Work of Art.
    A revolution on Mind-plane arrives by absorbing
    the ticklings of such Scientifico-Artistic forms.

  3. GeorgBlo

     /  May 20, 2018

    Where is source of art and music ? Coming from a family in which music was one of the main subjects I didn’t meet the thought that the great artists, composers never created anything. They received a key by birth by which they could open in later life the hidden doors to the world of art and music. What they saw, heard there they copied and published. In music they are like a radio, just giving us further what they received.
    Another fact is that there are peaks of art. Sorry, if you feel that this is not considered correct.
    Studying art in ancient Egypt you come across long periods with no art at all. Same in Europe. It is like the sky, some times it is full of clouds (=art), sometimes there are no clouds at all.
    I tried really hard to get an understanding with modern abstract art or music without melodies. All in vain. No liking. My soul is not touched with happiness and ecstasy. Yes, feeling of inner ecstasy, that is / should be the aim of all art, is it not ?

    • you are right. the source is in the noumenal order or you can put it in this way the source lies in infinite possibilities…it is the same source of stars and galaxies and that of everything….
      another important observation is that artists didn’t receive anything …when we say received, it means something given or send or just like passing of a signal….but there isn’t any because the artist or musician is never a separative consciousness – he is never fragmented and always with the Whole so its signal non-locality (when consciousness chooses from itself it doesn’t need a signal )….to put it in the way of common parlance we can say the finite have access to the infinite possibilities because only the divine is….Man is never a separate entity, nor is any brick or star- all part of the divine ensemble….our bondage is that we think in terms of separative consciousness and therefore feel we need to unite with the Whole….
      the finite exists only apparently…
      yes, every wave has a crest and trough,,,,this is how nature expresses herself so there will be peak periods and periods of decadence as well….its the cycle of nature….
      but if you apply awareness or consciousness you can certainly go beyond the relativistic perception of high aesthetics and low aesthetics….for that to happen the mind has to be non-discriminative and non-judgemental

      Yes, feeling of inner ecstasy is the highest aim of all art….


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