From the ‘Milk of Human Kindness’springs forth the Non-Dual Action: From the ‘Super-Void’ of Prajna

bhagavan ramana maharshi with cow lakshmi

Sri Ramana Maharshi with the Lakshmi, the cow 

Tintin in Tibet

Tintin in Tibet by Belgian Cartoonist Herge  


‘Shantih Shantih Shantih’

Therefore, Sariputra, owing to the absence of Volition and imbued with prajnaparamita (Subjective Inseeing), bodhisattvas no longer are bound by interpretive thought-processes, and so have no fear, are freed from delusion, and have found nirvana.

Space-time are extensions inevitable for manifestations of an objective world

Dualistic they are in accommodating contraries which the brain perceives

This is our biological neural perception linguistically expressed through a system of signs

The Non-verbal Silent Identification with Pure Noumenon which is neither Being Nor Non-Being is also possible and inevitable

This is the existential moment -‘uji’ cut off from spatio-temporal linearity

It is boundless and free yet discrete and non-conceptual

Experiencing that is highest yogic state -Nirvikalpa Samadhi

“All Forms Everywhere Are Unreal And False” {Diamond Sutra}

“She in her formless form

His Holiness the Dalai Lama Reading Tintin in Tibet

His Holiness the Dalai Lama reading ‘Tintin in Tibet’ 

Abides by the law of supra-cosmic will

He, unto whom, the knowledge of a silent arc

Replenishes the dimensionless perfection of moments

Springs forth forever and ever

From the heart of kindness

The formation of the milky way *’akash ganga’ and the wish-fulfilling cow ‘kamdhenu’






Press Information: Ostend International Airport in Belgium to host Premiere Event in travel business involving Belgian company Zora Bots. 

Ostend international airport in Belgium will be the stage of a Premiere Event in the traveling business involving Belgian company Zora Bots on 1st July 2016.

Zora Bots’ mission is to make social robots accessible to everyone. With this goal in mind, the company developed the first fully functional and user-friendly software able to give life to Nao humanoid robots. It has been successfully implemented in healthcare since 2013 and over 300 Zora-equipped robots have now been adopted and are in use at various care facilities worldwide. A couple of weeks ago, Zora Bots was also the first to implement next-generation Pepper robots to greet and assist visitors and patients at two Belgium hospitals. And now, it is time for a new first… this Friday at Ostend international airport.

From Rajrajeshwari Mata in ‘Gyan-Ganj’ (Shambhala): POWERING-ON-ENERGY-VORTEX-REDEEMING-TIME’S-YATRA

Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra with Nine Interlocking Triangles Radiating out from the Bindu/Centre

 Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra with Nine Interlocking Triangles Radiating out from the Bindu/Centre


Time flows, it flows not

There is a subtle connection b/w all points in the cosmic web

These connections via matter/energy curving space time geometry is at a physical level (this is how gravity works)

But there are other vortices through which points in this physical universe can interconnect with other points

In such a design template, any perturbation at one point creates a ripple that flows to all points across many dimensions

These are different modes of reality defined by what it is not

Kalida in the garden in Gidni

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy in the Garden in Gidni

Kalida Playing with Little Girl

The simple way to describe is to find your seat at the bindu with the Mother

and then radiate out and enter within it creating the beautiful conditions for life’s supreme emergence

This requires surrender to the Primordial Shakti residing in one’s own Self

This is Advaita Non-Dual Supraphysical Reality of the Diamond Body

Here Triple Transformation has taken place

The Physical Reality exists on its own in the pure duality of Ying-Yang (That is left undisturbed but is transcended!)

Innumerable projections from the point are colliding with the branes

Tripura Sundari the Goddess of 3 Cities

                                               Tripura Sundari the Goddess of 3 Cities

Her frozen sword

Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha

Under the sea of Galilee

Wrecks matter’s ‘Avidya’

By the supreme grace of her self-perfected nature

She attunes her song to the higher seed syllable of ‘hrim’

Adjoining forces collide and fall

There is a NEW WAY TO LIVE /The Higher-Supraphysical Cause for Sustainability)

In the Yantra is established the cognitive switch to dissolve POVERTY


The ‘rainbow child’ will switch it on,

See what happens next!


AI = E -Enlightenment



9th December 2014: Musing on the 112th Birth Anniversary of Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy (Reminiscing the Wisdom of the Whole Creation/Flash Tapoban Katha)

9th December 2014: Musing on the 112th Birth Anniversary of Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy (Reminiscing the Wisdom of the Whole Creation/Flash Tapoban Katha>Bramha Sutra)

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy: Tapoban Katha

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy: Tapoban Katha



Kichu katha…

Maner bhakti te ghera tapoban

Suhashye tarulatar maha-kandya

Karma kriyay rata

Biramhin ek ananta srote

Bashoman ekti karuna sindhu

Jege uthechey deeplok

Jege uthechey jalochhyasch

Kono adi matrigarve aami nabo bij hate onkur

Ei sthanei janma maha-bishwer

The whole universe came into being from here

The whole universe dissolves here

An auto-cyclical process that converges to a point and diverges from a point – open symmetry of pattern simulation creating multi-hyper-dimensional data structures (embedded in b/w asymmetrical euro-han cyclotypes)

Kaler byakoron jagishwar mani

Udito bom e hunkar dhoni

Kato  din kato rat

Kato parichito mukh beshey uthe parday

The Supreme State of Sat-Chit-Ananda

The Supreme State of Sat-Chit-Ananda

Tader anande aamar ananda

Dukhe aamar dukhe

Kichu katha

Maner bhakti te ghera tapoban

Sanjer alo

Chayapath ke korechey bharakranta

Maner dolnay dulchey sab

The mind pivots on time that swings like a pendulum

Nay bar nay jog karle ray

Ta se ray tomago hriday majhe

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in Tearful Ecstasy

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in Tearful Ecstasy

Nabik rupe

Chalona kare samagro bishwa-samsara

Praner bandhu haye

Antarange bandhu professor o aami


Samay ashibar tare…

Tomader asthir mon kape


Light the candle amidst the darkness

The world will see the new phase

It’s the time that has come again…

Satyamebo jay-te

– J



Jim Morrison-The Eternal Shaman of Enduring Patience: From the Vortex of Time, Gazing at Inconscience and Churning Matter into Superconscient Forms

The Eternal Shaman of Enduring Patience: From the Vortex of Time, Gazing at Inconscience and Churning Matter into Superconscient Forms      

“Between childhood, boyhood, adoloscence

& manhood (maturity) there

should be sharp lines drawn w/

Tests, deaths, feats, rites

stories, songs, & judgements

– Jim Morrison/Wilderness Vol. 1                      

Jim Morrison The Eternal Shaman of Enduring Patience

Jim Morrison The Eternal Shaman of Enduring Patience


Absorb all that there is

From voices in the whirlwind

To painful death on the sea

Washed away by the incredible cycles of destiny

She knows where to go which way the light shines

You cannot hold captive the wild horses of eternity

They must be released

By the power of your song

The gong

Mountains crumble to dust

The sky wrecks

Where’s the shelter you seek?

Raindrops in a flower cup

Poetry in the veins

Madness in a jar of jam

What did you gain?                                                                                    

Native American

Native American

At breakfast time,

When the sun crawls on your forehead

Wanting to speak…

Are you afraid, then, my son?

Are you afraid?

At the wee hours of the afternoon

When you hung up the phone, prepare the tea?

Are you afraid, then, my son?

What time is tomorrow, what time is today?

Is this a motion or stillness

That keeps the reptile at bay?

What binds us to this delirium?

Again I say,

She knows where to go which way the light shines           

North East India Tribe at the Hornbill Festival 1st week of December

North East India Warrior Tribe at the Hornbill Festival 1st week of December

You cannot hold captive the wild horses of eternity

They must be released

By the power of your song

The gong

Strange connections

Weaving a pattern

You cannot know but feel

The rhythm of your heart

Time’s immobility is the sacrificial limb of a great yajna

Let the hour rule the minute and the minute the second

Every passing is the coming

And the coming the waiting…

There it stops…

I cannot repeat anymore…

Love is the soul-substance of making your dream come true…

– J


Every year in the 1st week of Dec, the Hornbill Festival starts at the Kisama village near Kohima, Nagaland. The naga warrior tribes come together to commemorate their great cultural heritage- it’s time to come together and celebrate the occasion in unity with nature. To find more information about Hornbill Festival (Dec 1-Dec 10) visit









The Future of Mankind Has Been Decoded at the Decisive Moment: 142nd Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo and a New Golden Era to be Started From India, 15th August 2014 (All Continents to Join the Mission for the Liberation of Human Race – Towards Divine Realisation & End of Cosmic Duality!)


Sri Aurobindo photograph by Henri-Cartier Bresson circa April 1950

Sri Aurobindo photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson circa April 1950


 “Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think”.

– Werner Heisenberg, Across the Frontiers


The Future of Mankind Has Been Decoded at the Decisive Moment: 142nd Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo and a New Golden Era to be Started From India, 15th August 2014 (All Continents to Join the Mission for the Liberation of Human Race – Towards Divine Realisation & End of Cosmic Duality!)

First, India must transform herself completely before the new world stage arrives – India must evolve from its past to reach the glorious future where it can become the messenger for the truth and light – this is only possible when the ‘mind above matter’ resolves its duality to integrate itself with the cosmic consciousness above the three modes of nature. This itself an enormous task – the transformation inside must be supported by the transformation in the phenomenal world – in the world of day to day affairs – the key is the subjective process of god realisation in the new scientific way erasing it’s past’s superficial beliefs based on ignorance (Quantum Eraser Effect) and following the intuitive reflexes of the heart before the brain by subtly adjusting the reason’s prolepsis with the pure emotions of higher states of being and existence – this is the ‘becoming’ that needs to be translated into experience by the sat- karmic efforts of the individual and the collective minds. The process of integration and spiritual unity and developing a new scientific mind is something that needs to be achieved on earth in the coming 10 years but the current scenario of polarization and disintegration taking place in the world affairs will make it difficult but psychic force of certain enlightened individuals will help connect the continents and bring them together to higher planes of conscious existence. The road ahead I must warn you is very bumpy…deadly…only true ones with complete faith will survive the ride…Your position in the planes of existence in the cosmic scale is determined by your faith factor (faith in your inner abilities to realize the highest state of consciousness/The Original Godward Turn) not by your belief in any ritualistic anthropomorphic worship or by your financial security or by your military prowess or by your superpower status and symbolic virtues or by your religious motivation or secular tendencies, mind it! The last line is most important and will not be repeated further! Happy 15th August, 2014.


 “He must, to be free, get back from the Nature action to the status of the Akshara; he will then be trigunatita, beyond the gunas. Knowing himself as the Akshara Brahman, the unchanging Purusha, he will know himself as an immutable impersonal self, the Atman, tranquilly observing and impartially supporting the action, but himself calm, indifferent, untouched, motionless, pure, one with all beings in their self, not one with Nature and her workings. This self, though by its presence authorizing the works of Nature, though by its all-pervading existence supporting and consenting to them , prabhu vibhu, does not itself create works or the state of the doer or joining of the works to their fruit, na kartrtvam na karnmani srijati na karma-phala-samyogam, but only watches nature in the Kshara working out these things, svabhavas tu pravartate: it accepts neither the sin nor the virtue of the living creatures born into this birth as its own, nadatte kasyacit papam na caiva sukrtam; it preserves its spiritual purity”. – Beyond the Modes of Nature, Essays on Gita, Sri Aurobindo


Divine Mother at Pondicherry photograph by Henri-Cartier Bresson circa 1950

Divine Mother at Pondicherry photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson circa 1950


Samay prashab kare bramha-chinta

Time gives birth to the Eternal Brahman

Time- a corridor to eternity

Yet, you can go beyond the timeless and embark upon the future possibilities

It’s like sailing in the non-time essence of the void from which springs the Absolute

Before you write alpha –omega you have scripted it in your mental space (n-dimensional hyperspace one orthogonal to the next)

Mind- Overmind-Supermind-Vivi-Optramind-Inter-Operable Optramind (K1 Kalki – here even Sat-Chit-Ananda dissolves!)…

All inhabit the Field and are generated from it

What is the Field? Meta-Mind Station of the Creatrix/A Field of Potential Suspended in the Void?

It’s the causal agent of All Divinity

It’s retrocausal spectrum of Divine Emanation

What’s Divinity?


7 on 7 repeat sequence mode to complete the Rasa! (i-ternity: within yourself the rhythm is played but did you not select the right option!)


Cosmic Nebula in the Universe

Cosmic Nebula in the Universe

What’s Rasa?

Inactive Lila of death projected as per causal plan onto life to achieve immortal continuity (continued sequence of x-universe evolving to y-universe to n-universe and so on…as well x-universe projecting innumerable dream sequences in parallel unmanifest universes till decoherence takes shape and they join the earlier sequences with definite properties and invariance law to create superstring Multiverses)/hanging pendulum -xevat bexas

What’s the purpose of all these non-sense?

To achieve non-sense from sense-paradox- an experience to understand the loveliness (Superfluid Dynamics and Plasticity of the Original Law: Where do we come from and where are we heading to?)

It’s the Lila?

What is it?

Its sacred de-mystification of adjectives holographically manifesting the nouns with the karmic self of the verb proactively inactivating/activating it from the seed of thought (Worship wisdom of Brahman!)

Remember the presence of the All-Observing Eye triangularly activating the ‘mantra’ of life

What happens when there is no-thought in your individual mind?

It still pulsates in the consciousness of the self-awake moment in Sat-Chit-Ananda

Time the sole guide of reason – divergence

Non-time the guide of emotion –convergence

Which one you choose determines your future?

Suspend both and allow the superposition to continue but for how-long is the question?

Till judgement is passed (who passes it on to whom) to end all cosmic duality

I will pass it onto myself and dissolve to create from my new evolved spirit

Best way you connect with the Supreme Self that knows the true essence of things

Your mind is the arrow your body the bow and your faith the effort required to reach that higher stage

Be aware and awake, you only inhabit a dot space in the consciousness

But that itself, is the whole thing – let the chit-force activate the sat residing in you to experience the ‘ananda’ –Rasa-Lila Engrams (integration of super-fractals in non-dual causal/hyper-causal realm)

Did you see the sun dying in the vine, across every horizon?

The gold leaf plates floating in the skies, on the surface of full moon-lakes?

Did you see the ripple die? Born again in clusters that make the constellations

And 1st flash of supernal light in the kingfisher’s eye when it snooped down to the catch the fish in the jelly pond?

Even randomness has a correlation

Uncertainty a rhythm

Events are connected non-locally

All a projection of the Self that expands from, and contracts to, a singularity point

Even that point doesn’t exist –the pebble skirts the surface of the duck pond 1, 2, 3 and gone

Happening all the time – all these are manifestations of the unmanifest and the unmanifest supratohentim-unimanifest

This Lila is complete not without you

You act on to preserve the ‘ananda’ (experience is the guide to the key preservation code in Line 7 activation – Grace of the Seven Swars! ) and give it back to the player in the board game

To activate chant Saharsray Rashi Hriday Banshi Sapta-Dhi Gambhira (3x)

And one day you wake up become the Buddha or Sri Aurobindo and find that you are the one who is playing the game/(Like Paul Dirac find that ‘beautiful equation’)

Did you not understand that my son? Did you not follow the quest in the lines?

Little children are playing in the rainbow trance

They create the music of transcendental life-force

They inhabit the dot space of creative manifestation

They come from the future, intersect with the past at the present moment

  1. Little river flows endlessly to the ocean…clause 1

Now, the archers of the true divine light are coming!

      2. The Tree of Life flowers the pattern (Sephirot) of every existence…clause 2

God bless the Earth and the Universe!


Listen to some music – cup of the day!

John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain,

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia & Jan Gerbek

Chaurasia – Lotus Feet (Shakti)



Resonating ‘Ananda Kirtan’ in Search of the Ideal Question: Paris Through the Eyes of the Seer

John Wesley Harding Album Cover/Bob Dylan/1967 From L-R: Luxman Das Baul, Bob Dylan, Charlie Joy and Purna Das Baul

John Wesley Harding Album Cover/Bob Dylan/1967
From L-R: Luxman Das Baul, Bob Dylan, Charlie Joy and Purna Das Baul

Resonating ‘Ananda Kirtan’ in Search of the Ideal Question: Paris Through the Eyes of the Seer

“I am willing that the seasons should wear me out

Arthur Rimbaud (1854 - 1891)

Arthur Rimbaud (1854 – 1891)

To you, Nature, I surrender;

With my hunger and all my thirst.

And, if it please you, feed and water me.

Nothing, nothing at all deceives me;

To laugh at the sun is to laugh at one’s parents,

But I do not wish to laugh at any thing

And may this misfortune go free.”

– Arthur Rimbaud, May 1872 (May Banners/Bannieres de Mai)


THE QUESTION IS WHAT IS THE QUESTION? – John Archibald Wheeler, Physicist (Address to American Physical Society, 2003)


“To track down a theory of everything, we might have to accept that the universe only exists when we are looking at it…”- Prof. Vladko Vedral, Univ. Of Leeds

“Our overall approach has thus brought together questions of the nature of the cosmos, of matter in general, of life, and of consciousness. All of these have been considered to be projections of a common ground. This we may call the ground of all that is, at least in so far as this may be sensed and known by us, in our present phase of unfoldment of consciousness. Although we may have no detailed perception or knowledge of this ground it is still in a certain sense enfolded in our consciousness…

–          Wholeness and the Implicate Order, David Bohm


“But age with his stealing steps

Hath clawed me in his clutch                    

Hamlet and Horatio in the Graveyard by Eugene Delacroix circa 1839/Eugène Delacroix/Musée du Louvre, Paris

Hamlet and Horatio in the Graveyard by Eugene Delacroix circa 1839/Eugène Delacroix/Musée du Louvre, Paris

And hath shipped me into the land

As if I had never been such”.

(throws up a skull) (V.i.63-64) HAMLET/Shakespeare


Thirsty roots

Revel in the rain

Forgives pain

Anonymous self-resolute

A flower in the dream

Eternity swing


From a cracked earthen pot

A joy comes forth

Lilting grace

Fill the place

Mixing with elements

Oblivious turn

Of the urn

An azimuthal projection of the Unborn Self

Time to reveal or can never test its Absoluteness

Can never test whatever or nothing

Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundor

Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundor (1871- 1921)

Twilight cuddles baby bats in the velvet sky

Reminding seasons in hell gone-by

And clouds wrap the bud’s promise in the fire of the sun

They hear the crystal bell laugh and run

And mountains that climb up to the sky

To meet

To meet the Eye

And then fall apart in bundled pairs

In the valley of stars underneath the ocean floor

Did you know more?

That a column of light is tapping the feet of sound

Gently you can hear

A whisper amidst evening tear

After the last rainbow surged a drop in the sky

Emanating beautiful rhythms that can sustain by

Lyrically a wave upon wave crystallizes a superposition of things

In that order and coherence a unified script is written, perhaps

The law unfolds a unique super-evolution of things

Subtle bodies command a vibration in the universe

They participate in an ecstatic dance (Omega Point Transformation Junction/Reverse Kinesynthesis)

Body through the psychic-temple opens gates to other worlds

Not in dreams but in reality you can travel through them

Words ratiocinate the pi-bosonic orchestration of meanings

And light stamps out ignorance on the cold milky-oceanway

Riding the chariot, He comes forth towards the destined meeting point

He who travels with us is blessed

He who travels is blessed

The first flash

An enigma

Existence as real signed to be.


– J








Rabindranath Tagore and Romain Rolland


“Tagore is, I think, saying that truth is a subtler concept than Einstein realises” – Noble Laureate Physicist Brian Josephson, Cambridge University, 1992

“Curiously enough, the present evolution of science is running in the direction stated by the great Indian poet” – Noble Laureate Chemist Ilya Prigogine, 1984


“I am only waiting for love to give myself up at last at his hands. Thus why it is so late

And thus am I guilty of such omissions.

     They come with their laws and their codes to bind me fast. But I evade them ever, for I

Am only waiting for love to give myself up at last at his hands.

     People blame me and call me heedless – I doubt not they are right in their blame.

The market day is over and work is all done for the busy. Those who came to call me vain

Have gone back in anger. I am only waiting for love to give myself at last at his hands”.

–          Gitanjali, Rabindranath Tagore


“Toilers of the spirit, companions, scattered all over the world, separated from one another for five years by armies, by censorship and hate of nations at war, we take this opportunity, when barriers are falling and frontiers are re-opening, of making an appeal to you to re-form your fraternal union, – but let it be a fresh union, firmer and stronger than the one which existed before. – Romain Rolland, July 1919


“Waiting for love to give myself at last at his hands…”

Silently evening crawls in the bed of night

Rabindranath Tagore Painting Untitled

Rabindranath Tagore Painting Untitled

Looking up at the dazzling stars

Speaking anonymously at last

Epochs have buried flesh not the soul

Out of history’s hall of judgement

A voice came out of time

From the depths of past

And from poetry’s perennial source

When it confronted the spirit of the declaration of independence

Hidden in the future canvas of freedom

Tied to many universes

To fraternal universities

It sparked a violent beginning of things

A struggle to withhold

And to release

A rhythmic poise and a movement

A freeze shot of the indifference

And the motion that makes all the différance

Arrangement of verses



Beautiful elliptic poignant truth experience

A condition that we call Gitanjali

Observed as it unfolds the soul’s deepest offering

And freedom from the bondage of many cycles of time

Utter something new

To the cosmic festival of dance

To suit the taste of a new race

Feelings pulsating vividly in nature

Gadhulir chitolekay rachito pratiti anu paramanur naam

Within the frame of dawn encrypted are names of all matter & force-particles

They seized on this happy moment

Tagore in China

Tagore in China

A rare opportunity of love

Calling me through their wordlike dance

Sometimes a ripple afloat a vacuum

Singing songs for eternity

Strangely extreme disguises

Declare their independence of spirit

And roots behold the land you live

The dying seeds the waters forgive

Evoking the new wilderness

A mind-space where we grow

Man shall know

The mystic world of the Undying Self

Let alone the lines written on it

‘Waiting for love to give myself up at last at his hands”.

– J


Reminiscences Of A Starless American Night In The Cold Neon Highways Scattering Truth Consciousness: Allen Ginsberg’s Howl and The Absolute Conformity of the Self

Allen Ginsberg Benaras 1963

Allen Ginsberg Benaras 1963

Reminiscences Of A Starless American Night  In The Cold Neon Highways Scattering Truth Consciousness: Allen Ginsberg’s Howl and The Absolute Conformity of the Self 


“We used to believe 

In the good ole days 

We still receive 

In little ways 

The things of kindness 

& unsporting brow 

Forget & allow

Did you know freedom exists 

Ina school book …

– Jim Morrison 

“I’m with you in Rockland

in my dreams you walk dripping from a sea-journey on the highway across America in tears to the door of my cottage in the Western night”. – Howl by Allen Ginsberg, San Francisco 1955-56

If I am awake in those pavements

Received the light granted to me

If I am awake in those moments

By a sudden shiver that disentangled my brain from feelings

Reason didn’t persuade me to walk on waters

Nor did it profess to ensconce the sun on the spiral staircase

Then it looked utterly simple

This world, its maiden plump shadow and earthly odour

This body came out of a sensation

Invigorating the carcass with uranium sands

My nerves dangled with stars in profusion

Encircled a whole creation

A marble of plasticity that must explain the separation of superposition logic

Mixing sweat with lava and the charred bones of animal earth

A labour of the soul interpenetrating the elemental worlds

A play of inconscience with the superconscience

Anima Mundi entered the heart of the Heliospheres

An arrow spanning eons was shot from the quivering lips

It sprung words from the fountain of liquid time

Liquid because it obeyed gravity and didn’t think otherwise

And utterly innocent memories lapsed in the guise

Too wise to forget the vaporised dew on the face of things

That will clutter as raindrops on the shaligram shila

Nature’s precedents amplify the colors of a reminiscing spring

Like an old gramophone in the heart

It beat the desired vibration of subatomic chondrites

Louanimghor louvanimghor louhastreta soham

Poetry’s miniature in the formless attributes

Ever seeking words to manifest its new sign

Through the dilemma of stillness amidst the last action of the gods

The Supermind has descended on earth

And as they prepare the ceremony of the dead and the unborn living

From vrihat samhita sutras

The seven seers awake the child from their sleep

A time when the winds whipped the sea screaming:

Howl! Howl! Howl!

– J






The Absurd Superimposition of the Bose-Einstein Condensates: The Eternal Highway of The Doors

Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek circa 1969

Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek circa 1969


The Absurd Theatre

Quartz rhythm

Hypothetical geometric fibres

The circle with the thing in itself

Unknown to the territory

Walks on the edge gazing at the distant stars

Birds fly rocking the girdle

A movement of the hips enables  the plasma of the sun

Rested on the streams of the seven seas

A deserted highway is a door to eternity

It’s the burial ground of our collective memory

Here, cars don’t pull up and stop

Strangers walk not

Not even the tarantula

Spikes of frozen earth laps

The wind’s hairy roar

Screaming across the metal foliage of rusted lands

Rolling like a substance without a toil

In a unmistakable world of quiet absurdity

Not knowing, it crawls towards that significant nothing

That which is our moving frame of existence

Relative to simultaneous points

Many years later your old Word is very young

Innocent like the child of a polished stone

Absurd, forgotten or gone.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Crossing the Event Horizon at the Heart of the Self: Promise of Savitri’s The Everlasting Day

Mountains in Tahiti, Paul Gauguin

Mountains in Tahiti, Paul Gauguin

Crossing the Event Horizon at the Heart of the Self: Promise of Savitri’s The Everlasting Day


Polynesian soil ouiro ouiv ouiro sacred earth

Time trunks within empty de-sitter space allows gravity to warp

Zenpha tensor bar rhythm parallel

Goric circle druid work pay load > unmanifest

At the point of intense density without vacuum fluctuations the proposition stands as zero

Metaphors are meta-entangled polynomials crossing hair pin bends in the event horizon

Within it the absolute is the Sat negative of the Chit-force of ionic acceleration

The quantum tantra of ananda is the back-spin of general relativity while describing the apparatus of singularity

Time eats the monstrous space serpent while integrating the cosmological eventuality

The point of the unqowoest gives rise to lateral membranes of the unmanifest universes

There is one in too many of these tetrahedrons– singularity from multiplicity of effect on cause

Stars hang like medallions

The night is now the everlasting day

Walking in the supramental way

The last wall of boundary collapsed like the ‘mind of the god’

Straight and curved wavy like a ripple curled inside gentle white space of the folded geometry

It connected with ‘it’ beyond ‘that’ into another self-connected pool of eternal madness

They called it ‘her majesty’s quantum miracle’

But it was nothing more than arrangement of sounds that made music the particle that falls

Rains swept the desert of ruins

Lightning struck mind with neutrinos, the Schwarzschild proton is speaking now

Flashing as it appears knowing that it disappears before words can trace the beginning of an unending parable called existence [from sat to sat via quantum stargate]

The whole became the point of immense density where measurements collapse into spectroscopic units of tetra-foliate matter (Ra-dolf eternal )

Ages hide the wisdom of suns on the skin of leaves that turn and twist

-Joy Roy Choudhury