Mindfulness, Metanoesis and the Cry of the Yellow Blackbird: The Reader, Reading and What is Read is THIS, HERE and NOW Which is neither Entity nor Non-Entity

Cosmological painting, approx. 1750-1850, India; Rajasthan, Opaque watercolors on cloth, From the Collection of William K. Ehrenfeld, M.D.

Cosmological painting, approx. 1750-1850, India; Rajasthan, Opaque watercolors on cloth, From the Collection of William K. Ehrenfeld, M.D.

A moment arrives

Like a slow train coming

Yet ever vigilant

Another one comes

Dewy sky with olive branches of the sun

Returning to their source

A wordless diorama

A spectacle of silence captured by the returning waves

Encounters the ”first born and the ‘unborn’

The theatre of the mind is a receptacle of the actor’s own soul

Did he ever exist in the cry of the gulls or in the conjurer’s dream world?

Did he exist at all? In the vulture’s nest?

Or, in the rocky cliffs wintering desolation?



Allow me to seek, and, not to seek

That which has found shall always be me

Akkharer pratisabda hariye jay mundo malay

Theme thake samayer praharira

The Yellow Blackbird:

Its voice alone fell,

Leaving nothing behind.

In absolute stillness there is no dance

And there is still the dance

This which we are

This which we are

Sthir gatir rudra chintan

era hariyea gechey abakasher matray

dhulay lutoy noori

In the rock garden

A still and perfectly unmoving trance

Is the movement behind the being or non-being

Kali, Hand colored Wood Block Print (19th century), Calcuta. কোলকাতা

Kali, Hand colored Wood Block Print (19th century), Calcuta. কোলকাতা

“This which seeks is That which is sought;

That which is sought is This which seeks.

There is no seeker, and no thing sought.

There is no do-er, and no thing done.

There is no actor, and no action done”.




‘There Is No Do-er, And No Thing Done’-Inside The Merry-Go-Round ‘The Falcon Cannot Hear the Falconer’

“The camera is androgynous machine, a kind of mechanical hermaphrodite.

In his retort the alchemist repeats the work of Nature.” -Jim Morrison, The Lords and the New Creatures

Horses on a Carousal

Beautifully decorated carousal horses on a merry-go-round picture courtesy Robert’s Blog at hooperislandlighthouse.org


“Just by avoiding purposeful intentions one can be enlightened”.

– Shen Hui

Non-Volitional Living is Glad Living: The Carousel 

There never has been a carousel nor there was not

But we have lived our childhood dream riding one

Going about,


Coming back again

A prayer-flag with mantra-texts and an image of the wind-horse (rLung rTa). Tibet courtesy British Museum)

Prayer Flag with Mantric Texts and an Image of the Wind-Horse (rLung rTa) Tibet, courtesy the British Museum

To confine ourselves within the circle

Which ourselves we are

Doing without doing

Our thoughts are constituents of no-thoughts

They don’t exist at all except in this carousel

Nor they exist outside

There has been many stories

Each telling others’ lives:

Loneliness of withered petals on the floor

Forseeing the eclipse in the cry of birds

The red peruvian hen, from ‘A Natural History of Birds’ - Eleazar Albin, 1731, London.

A Red Peruvian Hen from ‘The Natural History of Birds’, Eleazar Albin circa 1731, London

Cinematic or prosaic

Epigrammatic and diametrical

Her voice slumbered

And became the clapping thunder of the clouds

These are intonations, self-referential and confirmatory

Of the obvious absence any scene it alludes to

Her voice slumbered for awhile

Still riding the carousal her own way

In-seeing and seeing out

A Man with a Movie Camera directed by Russian director Dziga Vertov circa 1929

A Man with a Movie Camera directed by Russian Director Dziga Vertov circa 1929

Perpetuating the never ending juggle

In the round

Finely balanced

The sparrow built her nests on the pine


Laika, mixed-breed dog, was the 1st living being in orbit. She was launched on the Soviet Union’s Sputnik 2 mission in November 1957 picture courtesy NASA

fire and ether

Air and water

And earth’s granular base

Acting as a thermostat

Watching the obfuscation of narrative talking

Questioning the readers’ temporal in-existence

Throughout the cosmic conceptualizing

Avoiding discreet properties of matter

And that of the spirit Jim Morrison at photo session with Gloria Stavers at her NYC Apartment. 1967

In a handful of sand

The frozen river

May acquit the stars and the jellyfish

Of their informal absence in this poetic construct

It goes on

And comes back again

Rimbaud the rebel

Or, did he exist?









Potential Plenum and the Origin of the Eternally Unconditioned and Unbound Noumenal Subjectivity: 5000 Years Old Tree-Self Voice-Over


“From the beginning not a thing is.”- HUI NENG

“I see everything as clearly as possible, yet I do not see. Do you understand?” -Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy


Supersymmetry and ‘shadow’ particles

“What AM I?

As far as I can understand I am the absence of my presence and the absence of the presence of my absence.

What does it mean?

It means that I am my phenomenal absence, and also the absence of that still phenomenal absence itself.

The resulting absence is phenomenally total, but it is not noumenally nil…

METHUSELAH the ancient bristlecone pine is 4,841years old, White Mountains of California

Methuselah the bristleconepine is one of the oldest tree on Earth, located at the White Mountains of California, Inyo National Forest













“You may enjoy life from afar. You may look at things but not taste them. You may caress the mother only with the eyes.” (‘The Lords and the New Creatures, Jim Morrison)

It is an absence of all possible phenomenal presence which is itself, noumenally, whatever I am.

That is entirely no thing, for which reason it can neither be named nor described, which means that it is neither the “that” nor the “it” by which terms I have just referred to it.

But the establishment of “its” total phenomenal inexistence as an object of sense, or of thought, as a thing in itself, in no way implies its intemporal nullity.

On the contrary, the very temporal inexistence of itself as an object of consciousness, requires and indicates intemporal Isness.

– All Else Is Bondage by Wei Wu Wei

In a rapturous ocean of delight

The clouds have shunned the flecks of sunlight

The Baobab Tree

The Sacred Baobab Tree of Madagascar is a National Symbol and Heritage, these trees have magical properties and upon carbon dating is proved that they can live up to amazing 3000 years

The winds roared

Waves pulling against each other

Tearing apart the syllables of sound (the tree of the sound =the column)

Lightning and rain

Mandala or the Whell of Life

Cosmic Mandala or the Wheel of Life, Tibet

Merrily again

In the Void of the Sun

Watches the Self, hibernating in dreams

Encounters not this or that

But ‘isness’ from beginning that was

As, of now, and will be.







In Conversations with Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj: Christ Locale in Shambhala ‘p-p’ Exists not only in Consciousness but in Physical Form with Variable Mass-Energy Interactions

Babaji Maharaj pic

Sri Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj

“Oak eye

jesus christ

Christ both as Consciousness and Physical Explicit of the Unmanifest Reality

And rabbit’s fur

Gone too deep

Inside the well

Singing water

Flying fire

In the air in b/w the nostrils of a horse

Perpetuates the eternal pattern of unchanging forms

There to be coincided on a screen

That has the terminal longing of an undecided hour

Arriving verily at the eternal moment

Healing Garuda Tibetan Buddhist Thangka

Healing Garuda Tibetan Buddhist Thangka

For a magic sidewalk

Jim Morrison in Mexico 1969

Jim Morrison in Mexico circa 1969


Turning around a pointless dream

To join the silent recluse

Of screaming words

Attaining liberation.


“The Original Realization is Marvellous Practice”.

Christ locale in Shambhala p-p exists not only in consciousness but in physical form with variable mass-energy interactions

The evidence behind the mutable law of physical non-physical locality is consigned to the higher absolute domains of tat-wat-yat sunyata

Beneath the Void, All is Void– imperfection translated its Original Self to Perfection of supra-causal symmetrical patterns of the original destiny

Mind’s non-local Self is the pure bliss behind all workings of Prakiti/Nature

When you are only confined to the physical attributes of the senses you miss the whole point of the creation

Creation itself a Lila is a super-imposed manipulation of Brahman on Maya encryption

The distinction b/w the Watcher and the Watched is an illusory one

There is nothing watched nor there is any watcher only ‘That exists in It’ completely which cannot be known

Transverse Line Wassily Kandinsky.jpg

Transverse Line by Wassily Kandinsky circa 1923

When the grass grows

And the sun dims itself across the horizon

Who is it that sings lullaby to the stars?

Is it the mountainous rocks with flakes of granular sand?

Or, is it the silvery waves in a tumultuous ocean?

Is it the snow in the crevice?

Kalida Sitting Pensively in the Garden

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy in the Garden at Gidni

The wind passing through the doors?

The fire in the woods?

Or, the sky with its empty stomach?

Who is it that sings lullaby to the stars?

Who is?

And who is not?

Sits without sitting

Touches not the forest leaves


And takes away

Seizes the slender moment’s absconding light

From the sempiternal doors of primordial darkness

Anointing the Self’s gross, physical abode

With a shower of blessings from the final beatitude

Awakening the Eye’s diphthong supra-sensory mode of non-dual vision

For a return to the state of Absolute Brahman

Impregnated in Zero=State of Nitya-Nirvikalpa Samadhi




Celebrating 9th December 2015: 113th Birth Anniversary of Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy

Sri Kalipada Guha Roy

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy 

Celebrating 9th December 2015: 113th Birth Anniversary of Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy – On this auspicious day we launch our new project Call-Key9, please check this at Call-Key9

Om Namah Bhagavate Sri Kalipadaya (3x)

Sishu mon Yogisharer uddyanbati

The child’s mind is the Playground of Yogishwar

An infinite sequence of things it knows

Yet it doesn’t know how it came

Using a dream imagery to construct a world around it

Sometimes tearful

kali da with kids

Yogishwar with Children (2nd from Right)/Family Album Picture

Or, bursting in joy

Madonna With Child And St. John The Baptist by Raphael circa High Renaissance painting courtesy Louvre, Paris

Madonna with Child and St. John the Baptist, Raphael circa High Renaissance courtesy Musee du Louvre, Paris, France

Stealing thoughts from others’ minds

Mischievously hiding beneath the clouds

Lying on the ocean beach

And babbling like a fool

Whispering among the winds

To the stars on a summer night

Running away

Running away

From this world

From this home

Sishu mon Yogisharer Uddyanbati

The child’s mind is the playground of Yogishwar

Little Krishna adorably called Gopala playing with the peacock miniature art South India

Gopala Playing with the Peacock, Miniature Art South India

Simple like a mirror it reflects all

And retains nothing

swedish folk art

Swedish Folk Ar

The nature of the Void

The great Self in things have spoken at last

“It is like a flash of lightning

It is like a wink of the eye”. (Keno Upanishad)

“At whose feet, rolling on,

The year with its days passes by-

Upon that immortal Light of all lights,

The gods meditate as longevity”. (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad)

So, wake up like a    child

Animals In Buddhist Art from a 19th century Thai manuscript.

Animals in Buddhist Art 19th Painting from Thailand 

With thousand questions in your mind

Verily ask the Self within

The great Preceptor admirably loves

Every twinkle in your eye

Holding your hand

Walking beside you

Letting you know every precepts of cosmic love

Breathing is activation of the chakras

A conscious awakening leads you to the Self

Small acts unto It worship the intellect (Buddhi)

And the body is bliss and light. (Chidanandamay)








‘Have you forgotten the Keys to the Kingdom?’: Jim Morrison, Shambhala and the ‘Tat-Wat-Yat’ Sunyata

Jim Morrison in Paris 1971

Jim Morrison in Paris circa 1971

Hello, I love you…

Suryer mandire tapashyar pratham pradip jwalchey

In the temple of the sun, the tapas of consecration is lighting the 1st candle

From that billion candles will be lit

Celebrating the joy of this freedom

The road is but empty and full of flowers

Snow flakes and rose-tinted glasses

Gladiolus, chrysanthemums, yellow, red hibiscus

And the harp rendered subtle florets of sandalwood

Reminiscing the canonization of time’s eternal journey

Wandering in deep elder forests  

Flowers by Eugene Delacroix

Flowers by Eugene Delacroix, Paris

Seeking the Self,                 Jim Morrison 1

In search of answers



Or, everywhere?

In the motionless lines of words

In the fragments of poetic syllables

In the seizure of a cantata

In the ceremonious bells that rang at the coronation of kings

In the waving of hands across the parlour

Or, in a kiss of the dawn               

Illuminated pages from a dispersed Dharani manuscript Tibet Zhalu monastery The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Illuminated Pages from a dispersed Dharani Manuscript, Tibet, Zhalu Monastery, pic courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY

The sweetest of them all

In the pure sobriety of a winter frost

“Have you forgotten the keys to the Kingdom?

Have you been borne yet &; are you alive?”

She saw beneath the opacity of stars and the moons

Luminous, shining

Points incarnating flames

Playing at the heart of all strings

Melodies unknown


A zero pulse is the occult charm

Manifesting transcendental ones that we worship and devour

The Sun at the distant horizon

At the heart of all strings (3x)

Manifesting the Atman in the body

And because form is empty,

Beings are identical with Nirvana.


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Brahma-Atman Aikam or The State of Absolute Oneness: From Hiranyagarbha or the Cosmic-Mind Blessings on Sri Aurobindo’s Maha-Samadhi Day 5th Dec, 2015

Satyajug Coverage of Sri Aurobindo 1950

Satyayug Coverage of Sri Aurobindo’s Maha-Samadhi Day



  1. Z-Universe speaks about the Possibility of the Presence of Kali in Kalki (Kalki the Future-Present Asset) for Liberal Paramanu Bliss Verbs in Infinite Structure

2. Size of Truth is measured by the circle of Sunyata whose radius is 7/8th of the non-existential (P=P>P) outer ring of Shambhala revealed to the Kalachakra Eye via experience (7776G=998J=554D)

“He is never seen, but is the Witness;    

Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry circa 1917

Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry circa 1917

He is never heard, but is the Hearer;

He is never thought of, but is the Thinker, 

He is never known, but is the Knower. 

There is no other witness but Him, no other 

Hearer but Him, no other thinker 

But Him, 

No other Knower but Him”

-Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

“That which cannot be expressed by speech, but by which 

7 Chakra System in the Human Body

7 Chakra System in the Human Body

Speech is expressed- That alone know as Brahman, 

And not that which people worship.

That which cannot be apprehended by the mind, 

But by which, they say, the mind is apprehended-

That alone know as Brahman,

And not that which people here worship”.- Keno Upanishad


In thy secret Self seek your answers

That which is silent is imperishable

A Being of Light and Bliss

An immutable Brahman is the governor of consciousness

As the causal-ego gets purified it becomes one with It

Permeating the Bramha-Samudra, a limitless ocean of ‘anandam’

Knowing thy Atman as the Brahman in the ‘chidakasha’

A trackless infinite spatial source of it All is the unmanifested vector Sat (= Vector Tat)

The world is currently undergoing material transformation

Blessed are the ones who can connect with It (Brahman)

Beyond the logic of super-positions and neuro-linguistic cognitive abilities

True competence lies in connecting perennially to the Source

Beyond the encrypted virtual realities of a hologram

The Way lies in a simple act of surrender

The fish and the bird,

Swims and sings

A natural beauty of unconditional bliss is the supramental grace

George Harrison Dark Horse Album Cover

George Harrison Dark Horse Album Cover












The earth is shaking, Mt. Kailash is shaking…

The deserts are plundered by the falcons of the past

The forests are raging in fire

And streams flowing to a bottomless abyss

Consumes the air’s microscopic poison

And all comes to a still nothing

To a point (The Point that Incarnates a Liberating Consciousness in Space)

Where It moves, and, moves not

The world will be lit by fractal sun of future poetry

Revealed by a configured melody of words

From the sutra of the unborn unmanifest, a guiding light will warp the nature of things.

Shantih, Shantih, Shantih

The Hindustan Times Coverage of Sri Aurobindo

The Hindustan Times Coverage of Sri Aurobindo’s Maha-Samadhi Day






Accessing Information Through the Holo-Fractal Bubbles via Shambhala Servers: The Super-Implicate Order and Stephen Hawking’s The Mind of God (The Nirguna Brahman)

Olmo Lungring The Homeland of Bon Founder Tonpa Shenrab

Olmo Lungring, the Homeland of Bon founder Tonpa Shenrab. Many scholars think Olmo Lung-Ring refers to Mount Kailash region, others claim it is a mythical land, which inspired the idea of Shambhala and Shangri-La *(Gyan-Ganj)

“However, if we do discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists. Then we shall all be able to take part in the discussion of why the universe exists. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason. For then we would know the mind of God.”

– Stephen Hawking, The Theory of Everything

“Which otherwise cannot be seen or seized, which has no root or attributes, no eyes or ears, no hands or feet;…which is imperishable and the source of all beings.” – Mundaka Upanishad

Stephen Hawking

The great enemy of knowledge is not ignorance. It is the illusion of knowledge. – Stephen Hawking 

“…what carries the implicate order is the holomovement, which is unbroken and undivided totality. In certain cases we can abstract particular aspects of the holomovement…but more generally, all forms of the holomovement merge and are inseparable.” – David Bohm

“That, O Gargi, which is above heaven and below the earth, which is heaven and earth as well and what is between them, and which they say was, is, and will be, is pervaded by the unmanifested akasa (Brahman).”- Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

“That non-dual Atman, though never stirring, is swifter than the mind. The devas cannot reach It moves  ever in front. Though standing still, It overtakes others who are running.” – Isa Upanishad

Nine wheels turn                           Shambhala

When seven merges with one

In difference they play, in unity they dance

Singing colours of reverential form

Meditating upon the formless dawn

Unseen, unknown

Perception fades away

In an illusory circle of differential senses

Leaving all behind

And walking ahead

To reach and not to reach

To be still yet moving with pace

Embracing all and denying none

We drove down to a mountain village


In the woody harvest of a dreamless sleep

Children milking the yaks, women lighting the fire

And men like old sentinels from a past kingdom stirred

The mist with their throat singing

Sri Ramana Maharshi and Paramahansa Yogananda

Sri Ramana Maharshi and Sri Paramhamsa Yogananda

What is learned must be unlearned

Symbol of Dzochen

Symbol of Dzochen or Atiyoga – ‘The Great Perfection’

What is thought must be emptied

To reach the Void of no-mind

Nine-wheels turn

When seven merges with one

Inside or, outside

If the wind blows, and, blows not

If the seagulls cry, and, cry not

Snow lion and the bird

Dragon and the tiger

Dividing the river in four ways

Constituting an order from the Golden womb, the Hiranyagarbha

And those who lived in the nearness to the shore

And those who lived faraway in the hills

And those wakeful in their past reminiscences

In the hollow of the stone, or, in the dead yew tree

Something unchanging showed its presence

And afraid they were not to laugh or cry

Timelessly dry

It showed in a flicker the absence of everything

And symbols disappeared in the Tower of Babel

And bodies lay scattered on the floor

And skulls, broken jawbones of our ancestors analysed, dissected and sold off

For the benefit of trade-exchange rates

And a warm tea at home

In a pool of snow

Read backwards the decrepitude of a dying race

To face the anonymous homunculus

Who scribbled the utter confusion of tongues?













Ratnasambhava, Tibet, 13th c., Dhyani Buddha, South, yellow.

Ratnasambhava circa 13th Century Tibet

“Emptiness of things is identical with the Immutable Absolute”.

– Fa-tsang

I hold you in the light of jewels that forms the Mahakasha

I hold you in the darkness perpetuating its space-time

I hold you…

Evolution of the cosmos from a single point (Bindu). Tantric 1700s Rajasthan

Evolution of Cosmos from a Single Point (Bindu) circa 1700 Rajasthan/ Sacred Tantric Art

I hold you…

I hold you in the light of jewels that forms the Chittakasha

I hold you in the thoughts of your mind

I hold you…

I hold you…

I hold you in the void

I hold you in the void

An Immutable dynamic Self pervading the Chidakasha

A Supreme Intelligence that masters the creation

This is where it is the Mind of God the Hiranyagarbha

There you are unconditional so you cannot hold on to anything

So, by the grace of the Divinity I release you in the ethereal space

I release you

I release you

There is nothing to hold on…

NiRvAnA is already the state of this expanding universe

That is why it is called ‘Alor Anirban Thikana’



Green flier edited new colors













Mahadevi Art from Bikaner Rajasthan circa 1600-1800 courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Mahadevi Art from Bikaner Rajasthan circa 1600-1800 courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Art is an arrangement of realization in time

Time is therefore a phenomena allowing perceptual cognition

Subjective ideation is a functional variable of time having a fixed component- the real and the other imaginary (unfixed)

Imaginary component is a dream analogue to other alternate versions of reality

Reality is a differentiated undifferentiated perpetual bubble composed of many frequencies

The imaginary time (Ti) creates loops spinning back to eternity

There the logocentric mind is defined as the Supreme Para-Brahman

This is the point from which the external reality of the manifestation starts as expansion of space (Akasha)

And at this point the internal reality of the supra-unmanifest opens into higher non-dual realms

Each co-existing fundamentally within each other with degree zero separation

Therefore the art and the artist are not separate but one unique dynamic energy experience in consciousness

This inseparability is experienced as the flux, a movement

Stillness acquires the perfection of a million bodies when it moves without moving

Let there be peace in our thoughts

Divine Mother in Japan

                                                                      Divine Mother in Japan

Let there be peace in our minds

Let there be peace in our breath

Let there be peace in our bodies

Meditate on ‘Om Shantih Shantih Shantih’

“We sat together in silence for a few minutes, enjoying the company of our soul, and we witnessed the gates of Eternity opening wide before us”. – 5th Jan 1955, Pondicherry- Divine Mother