The In-ward Turn to Re-Confirm Who You Really Are…Ratha Yatra 2020 Towards A Deep Understanding of Sat-Chit-Ananda

Ratha Yatra 2020

Sat-Chit-Ananda or Existence-Consciousness-Bliss is the Nature of the Self

That’s what you Really Are

Once that is established as realization then the TRUE Understanding of Ratha Yatra will dawn in ….

Then Our Engagement with the world will subsequently change …

We will be One with Everything else…

We will be one with all sentient beings, One with the Universe

Service to the Nation, service to the world springs spontaneously from such understanding

That journey towards the inner-self is the TRUE RATHA YATRA

Here Ratha or Chariot is the body/mind complex which the charioter (Intelligence/Buddhi) drives towards Pure Consciousness -Existence-Bliss

This is the true sadhana or spiritual praxis of Lord jagganatha, Devi Shubadra and Lord Balarama

Then you are not seeking ananda but you are ANANDA itself

Then you are not seeking existence but you are EXISTENCE itself

Then you are not seeking consciousness but you are CONSCIOUSNESS itself

This merging back into the Self is not a process because there is no DOING involved here

It is a RE-COGNITION that you are the Reality of Everything

Everything exists from sub-quantum Planck length particles to macro-clusters like galaxies and giant black holes in YOU THE CONSCIOUSNESS

That is Sat-Chit-Ananda

What happens after the realisation?

Your engagement with the universe changes….things are no more separate but you are that Reality

You vibrate with all beings because all beings are in you the Consciousness

You have become all that or rather you appear as all that…

The difficult situation that the world is going through right now is slowly evolving us towards that DEEPER FUNDAMENTAL REALITY ….

Satyam Jnanam Anantam Brahma (Brahman)

Science is slowly recognizing that there are as many as 36, if not, more, intelligent communicable civilizations in our galaxy alone….and there are trillions and trillions of galaxies in this universe and there are other universes as well

The name, form, function will vary but the substantial fundamental reality on which these universes appear, play around and disappear is ONE SAT-CHIT-ANANDA BRAHMAN and YOU ARE THAT




With that understanding of ONENESS, what comes out spontaneously is KARUNA or COMPASSION



To be in that understanding is STHITA-PRAJNA of Gita (One of Steady Knowledge)….in that UNDIVIDED WHOLENESS YOU SEE HOW THE THE DANCE OF FORMS APPEAR, PLAY AROUND AND DISAPPEAR….you enjoy the dance you become that dance though you are FOREVER STILL IN THE LOTUS OF YOUR HEART



The Supreme Poise of Entering into the ‘Maha-Yajna’: Culmination in the Satyam-Ritam Point of THE MAHA-SAMBHUTI


Lord Rama

”The Time (that has parts ) cooks all things

In the Great Self indeed,

But the Comprehensor of that (The impartite absolute Time)

In which time itself

Is cooked he knows the Vedas”- Maitri Upanishad

black hole quasar

What do you need to reveal objects?


What do you need to reveal light???


Consciousness is therefore the revealer of everything…

Only consciousness is…..

It is the existence and non-existence

All infinite possibilities are embedded in it…

The innumerable I’s are just One Realty

The grand orchestration…musical milieu of life and death

What is born and what is dying is the defacto object in the supreme consciousness

Body And mind have no independent existence apart from consciousness

they are reabsorbed back into it

space and time retracts back into it

You are that Svetaketu…

You are that Svetaketu…


”Cidrupashi Sada Saksi Nirapeksa Sukham Chara” -Astavakra

It is not now that you have become the Eternal Observer

After Enlightenment or Self-Realisation

You are always the supreme conscious observer

You are always the Changeless Being , THE WITNESS

And that which is impermanent, dying or born –

You have also entered into that making this apparent reality a show

Projected in the mind

YOU ARE without qualities (nirguna) and attributes

Your highest function is transmission of Prajna (Wisdom) and Karuna (Compassion)

As the river is dancing from the mountains to get immersed in The Great Ocean of Being

we are carrying in our heart the fire-crystals of immortality

that shines forth in the chalice of the sun

we are scripting new songs that the children will sing

in the Supraconscient halo of our integral being…

Shantih Shantih Shantih


In Meditation the Gross enters into the Subtle and the Subtle into the Subtlest: Process of Unplugging the Mind to Enter into the No-Mind Supreme Awareness.

This kind of meditation practised in Kashmir Shavism is called laya cintana or laya bhavana because of shifting attention from gross (sthula) orbit to subtle (suksma) orbit to subtlest (para) orbit – absorbing one into the other.

The Interlocking Lotus Posture for Supreme Awareness

This is the threefold movement of entries (dataset) – Gross – Subtle – Subtlest

In Vedanta, a different approach to the supreme awareness is taken. The No-Mind State of Zen or Unman as it is known by the Natha-Siddhas, is clearly described by Gaurapada (Sankara Lineage) in the Madukya Karika. He says that the mind’s functioning results in duality and therefore the cause of all ignorance and suffering. Of course, suffering exists – physically but there are ways to transcend it and it is called Nirvana or Moksha. Mind (via sensory inputs processed in the brain) is the cause of the subject-object schism and duality emerges from that which is SAMSARA. So, duality causes samsara (subject-object duality) and non-duality causes moksha/liberation. In the three states of waking, dream and deep sleep duality exists so samsara/the subject-object schism is experienced, though in the Karika, Gaudapada suggests that in the deep sleep state duality is not experienced like the other two states (waking and dream) but is present in the seed form. Cessation of duality is moksha/nirvana to him. In verse 3.31 of Mandukya Karika (Ch-3) he says ‘’manodrsyamidam dvaitam yatkimcitsacaracaram/manaso hyamanibhave dvaitam naivppalabhyate” which is that ‘’all these dual objects, comprising everything that is movable and immovable, perceived by the mind (are mind alone)”. For duality is never experienced when the mind ceases to act. In short, duality is an experience of the functioning of the mind, which is the cognizer of cognized, when the mind dissolves or in the state of no-mind there is no duality which the Tibetan Buddhists say in a different way that there is cognizance, but it is empty cognizance. The non-dual awareness is called Rigpa which happens spontaneously in the no-mind state.

In the end, there is neither any path or any liberation or moksha or nirvana – THIS IS THE ULTIMATE TRUTH – because the NON-LOCAL OBSERVER OR SAKSHI (The Supreme Awareness) is UNBORN, IMMUTABLE, SERENE and is BEYOND SPACE-TIME AND CAUSALITY.

Divine Mother in Pondicherry

On behalf of I-ternity Foundation, we appreciate everyone to remain calm and composed and pray for the well-being of this planet Earth, The Mother. Only prayers or mantras can connect our TRUE BEING with the SUPREME CONSCIOUSNESS. IT IS IMPORTANT TO ACT IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE EVOLUTION NEVER ERRS.

Tibetan Mandala Art

A prayer is a VIBRATION – “how can the work you are doing on your own body have a general effect on the corporeal substance outside of you? In the same way as always , she answered because the vibrations spreads out! For example, each time I have been able to master something, I mean find the true solution for an illness or malfunctioning (the TRUE solution, not a mental one, not some ordinary knowledge, but the spiritual solution: the vibration that will UNDO the wrong working or set you on your feet again), it has always been very easy for me to cure the same thing in others, through the emission of this vibration…That’s how it works. Because all substance is ONE. All is ONE- WE CONSTANTLY FORGET THAT! WE ALWAYS HAVE A SENSE OF SEPARATION, AND THAT IS TOTAL, TOTAL FALSEHOOD; it’s because we rely on what our eyes see, on…That is truly FALSEHOOD. As soon as your consciousness changes a little, you realize that…what we see is like an image plastered over something. But it’s not true, not true at all. Even in the most material Matter, even a stone- even in a stone- as soon as one’s consciousness changes, all this separation, all this division, completely vanishes. These are….(how to put it?) modes of concentration, vibratory modes WITHIN THE SAME THING”. (Mother or the New Species Book II, Satprem)


157th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda: When Insight Evaporates in Words, Only Resonance Survives

Swami Vivekananda in Chicago 1893

Swami Vivekananda in Chicago 1893

one infinite pure and holy – beyond thought beyond qualities I bow down to thee”

Space, time and causation is like glass through which the Absolute can be seen; but in the Absolute there is no space, time or causation”
-Swami Vivekananda


Gita Jayanti Maha-Yajna 25th Dec 2019, Triangular Park, Kolkata


if all actions are performed with a sense of Yajna/sacrifice then there is chitta-suddhi or purification of the mind (*but if action is done spontaneously)

there is only an eternal remembrance of that One consciousness running through all manifested reality

name and form are burnt to ashes or consumed by the sacrificial fire

then being is becoming and there is perfect revelation of the luminous One- the Brahman



Mother’s House Bagbazar

it cannot be sought with effort, it reveals itself when there is fasting of the mind

if a nation and all its people understands this open secret of this transformation from a gross material and vital plane of consciousness to a more refined and subtle plane of consciousness which is based on sthita prajna (2nd Chapter of Bhagawad Gita) then there is true evolution here on earth….


Sarada Maa’s Ghat

Anyadeva tadviditadatho aviditadadhi

Itisusruma purvesam ye nastadvyacacaksire

That (Brahman) is different from all known, familiar objects; it is beyond even unknown objects. This is what we heard from the ancient ones (i.e., teachers), who explained it to us.


I-ternity Foundation – Centre for Consciousness Studies, Research and Training

Dr. Somnath Bhattacharya, Univ of the Witswatersand, Jo’burg and Dr. Sisir Roy, Senior Homi Bhabha Fellow and Visiting Professor,National Institute of Advanced Studies, Indian Institute of Science Campus , Bangalore – DISCUSSIONS ON QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT, COSMOLOGY, VEDANTA and SAMKHYA PHILOSOPHY OVER A CUP OF COFFEE


Dr. Somnath Bhattacharyya and Dr Sisir Roy discussing Quantum Entanglement, Cosmology, Vedanta and Shamkhya Philosophies Over a Cup of Coffee 



Nartakah Atma, The Soul Is A Dancer And Through Control Of The Mind Reality Is Attained: 117th Birth Anniversary of Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guha Roy



Parthasarathi, Gita Jayanti Festival, Kolkata 2019


Kali Da, Varanasi

when truth kindles love the Lila is forever an unexplained mystery

it is only open to those adepts who have drunk the original ecstasy

mind and body reverberates the dance

then everything is forgotten

nothing needs to be known

existence is a blissful song

it is an offering

and there is surrender

and a total sacrifice

there is yajna

encircled by the pattern of the rasa-dance

the setting sun across the Ganges

has poured the divine nectar

through the lyre and the flutes

They are hymning the coming of the Lord



Jim Morrison (Birthday 8th Dec)




5th December 2019: Sri Aurobindo’s Maha-Samadhi Day and the Unveiling of the Primordial Tattva


At the Divine alter where light unto light leaves a message
Pure emanation holds its course
Directing the bodily energies refining their dance
Encapsulating the pulse that originates at the heart
May the source unveil the pattern unintelligible
The rendering of the flesh and word by the spirit’s timeless function
That gravitates the curvature of purusha and prakriti
Into a phenomenal logic of relativistic simultaneity
Anatomizing the randomness and chaos
That perpetuates the causal bondage of birth and death

The letter’s oceanic message may carry the primordial tattva
That may answer all matter’s questions from the void
And in the fractal possibility of being, the becoming was immortality
Verily true, the becoming was immortality…


Celebrating the Birth Anniversary of Shri Lahiri Mahasaya, 30th Sept, 2019: Understanding the Deep Synergetics of Guru-Kripa

Shri Yogiraj Lahiri Baba (30th Sept, 1828- 26th Sept, 1895)

Dhyânamoolam gururmurti poojâmoolam gururpadam
Mantra moolam gururvâkyam mokshamoolam gururkripâ

The object of meditation is guru’s form, the object of worship is guru’s feet,
Mantras are guru’s words, the basis of liberation is guru’s grace

The teaching of Vedanta demonstrates the Ultimate Reality of Brahman.

Sarvam Kalvidam Bramha- ”All that Exists is Brahman”.

Non-dualists describe the creation as the illusory super-imposition (vivarta), through ‘maya’, of names and forms upon Brahman. Relativity is maya. The fact that the One appears as many, the Absolute as the relative, the Infinite as the finite, is maya.

Lord Shiva Adoration, Idol worshipped and photograph courtesy Monalisa Morrison
Sri Sarada Maa
Divine Mother, Pondicherry

Opening Mantras (Stotras of Durga Saptasati)

Sarva mangalamangyalye sive sarvârthâ sâdhike
Sharanye tryambake gouri Nârâyani namostute

I bow to Thee, Gouri Narayani,
who art the cause of the welfare of the world
who art good, who grants every wish,
in whom one takes refuge, who art three-eyed.

Concluding Mantras

Yadaksharam pari bhrastam mâtrâ hinancha yadbhavet
Purnam bhavatu tat sarvam Tat prasâdân maheshwari

If there be any missing letter or meter, let this be completed,
O Supreme Goddess (Maheswari), by thy grace.

Sarva mangalamangyalye sive sarvârthâ sâdhike
Sharanye tryambake gouri Nârâyani namostute

I bow to Thee, Gouri Narayani,
who art the cause of the welfare of the world
who art good, who grants every wish,
in whom one takes refuge, who art three-eyed.

Sri Anandamayi Maa and Shri Paramhamsa Yogananda

In the inner-breathing there is light and freedom

It paves the way for the higher realization of oneness

As cosmic dualism dissolves in the Ananda-rasa,

It unravels the highest seat of the Guru-Deva

Touching His lotus feet at the summit of all forces

Consecrates a divine life on earth;

This is the point of the birth of all stars

Life emerges simulating the pattern of cosmic destiny

Unintelligible as it is, the language of creation is the yoga-kriya-samadhi

Of the timeless Brahman through the vortices of a mirrored cyclical time….

The reflected light

Is the mantra (or the mantric-vehicle)

To reach the Supreme Consciousness

By the practice of kriya….


Invocation to the Goddess at Shri Shri Sitaramdas Omkarnath Mission Trust, Avenue House, Lake Place under the guidance of Dr. Suresh Kumar Bandopadhyay, Registrar25th Sept, 2019

Agamani (Invocation to the Divine Mother, Durga) at Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath Mission
Agamani Programme
Invocation to the Goddess
Aagamani Programme at Avenue House

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Research Centre :
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Celebrating Sri Aurobindo’s 147th Birthday, 15th August, 2019: A Hymn of Man’s Aspiration to the Truth is Born (India’s Independence)

Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry circa 1917

Sri Aurobindo



Behind the veil


Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, Lakshmi’s House, Kolkata

A still pervading space of luminous intensity

Rhymes with every tonality of a minute pause

In the arrested flow of a superconscient reverie

Behind the veil


At the Mother’s Feet, SAIC

The rock edifice from the distant stars

May have opened the gateway to the beyond

Decrypted in the cellular automata

The plan of the Spirit’s golden age

And in that dawn

The chariot and the charioter, and, the road ahead

Are all one,



In the supernal effulgence of a timeless moment

Perhaps, mirrored as the history of aeonic time

Where within, matter unfolds its variegated petals

To be transformed by the undying protégé of love and light…

To be remembered as the day when nirvana was sought

And felt in the tissues that vibrated with the mother of all universe

A hymn to man’s aspiration to the truth is born:

‘’To Will, master of sacrifice, the Mighty One, the vast lord and the diffuser of Truth I bring forward my thought as an offering and it is the clarified butter of the sacrifice purified in the mouth of the flame; my word I bring forward that goes to meet its lord’’ (The 12th Hymn to Agni, The Secret of the Veda, Sri Aurobindo)




The Double Soul in Man

The Spirit Status and World Dynamism by DR SOUMITRO BASU 

It is difficult if not practically impossible to effectuate a perfect harmony between “spirit status” and “world dynamism”. Can one simultaneously lead a material life in the most ideal way in accordance to an ideal spiritual life? Generations of seekers have been unsuccessful and that is why we see throughout ages, a significant section of spiritual adepts preferring a soliloquy in the solitude of the hermitage, the ascetic retreat, the monastery far away from the madding crowd.

This inability to reconcile an inner spiritual life with external life is not because of material reasons (for truly speaking, the modern Guru in the 21st century may have access to more material gadgets than others!) The inability lies in the fact that the external life is lived in Ignorance. And, in Ignorance, the psychological movements are not centered around the soul or secret spiritual self but around the substitute of the soul – the ego-principle. The ego gives us a uniqueness that cannot be disrupted by cosmic forces –it is a defence against being obliterated by the Infinite. Sri Aurobindo explains that some amount of ego-centrism is needed “on which we bind together our experiences and relations in the midst of the complex contacts, contradictions, dualities, incoherences of the world in which we live; this ego-centrism is our rock of safety against the cosmic and the infinite.”(The Life Divine, pg.243-244).

Divided Existence

The problem is that in a true spiritual life centered around the soul-principle, the ego has to be totally replaced so that one experiences a vast impersonality that does not support a dynamic action that is needed in external life. Indeed, “in this impersonality there is at first no key to an ordered dynamism of action”. If somebody wishes to reconcile a spiritual life with an ego-centered dynamism, what usually happens is that one lives a divided but not an integrated life. One is divided into two parts of being: “the spiritual within, the natural without; in one there is the divine realisation seated in a perfect inner freedom, but the natural part goes on with the old action of Nature, continues by a mechanical movement of past energies her already transmitted impulse”. (Ibid, pg.244)

In a section of spiritual practitioners, the old ego-centric life may be entirely dissolved. In such cases the outer life can become apparently incoherent though there might be the luminosity of the Self within. Such a state can give rise to different types of spiritually inclined personalities:

(a) One can become “outwardly inert and inactive, moved by circumstances or forces but not self-mobile” — the “jadavat”;

(b) One can become “outwardly a child though within is a plenary self-knowledge” – the “balavat”:

(c) One can become “inconsequent in thought and impulse though within is an utter calm and serenity” – the “unmattavat”

(d) One can become a “wild and disordered soul though inwardly there is the purity and poise of the Spirit”—the “pisacavat”. (Ibid)

What could happen if someone who has achieved a certain degree of soul-status can also develop an ordered dynamism in outer nature? At best there would be “a continuation of superficial ego-action witnessed but not accepted by the inner being, or a mental dynamism that cannot be perfectly expressive of the inner spiritual realization; for there is no equipollence between action of mind and status of spirit”. ” (Ibid)

The Supramental Integration

At the end of all speculations it has to be acknowledged that under the present circumstances there cannot be a perfect harmony between the spirit status and dynamism of action in outer life. It is only the Supermind which in its descent can create the ideal and perfect conditions of harmony for it alone carries the Light of integration. “Even at its best where there is an intuitive guidance of Light from within, the nature of its expression in dynamism of action must be marked with the imperfections of mind, life and body, a King with incapable ministers, a Knowledge expressed in the values of the Ignorance. Only the descent of the Supermind with its perfect unity of Truth-Knowledge and Truth-Will can establish in the outer as in the inner existence the harmony of the Spirit; for it alone can turn the values of the Ignorance entirely into the values of the Knowledge”. (Ibid)

There would of course be a grammar of the whole process for such a great thing like a perfect harmony between outer and inner life cannot come without a methodical discipline. At first, one needs to integrate the various strands of the being, the various parts and planes of consciousness around the psychic being or soul-principle that surpasses the ego. Next, the psychic being has to be related to its divine counterpart in the upper hemisphere of consciousness – to the Bliss or Ananda principle of the triune Reality –Sachchidananda. This linking can only be done by the power of the Supermind with “an integral completeness, an intimacy that becomes an authentic identity; for it is the Supermind which links the higher and the lower hemispheres of the One Existence” (Ibid, pg.245). “In Supermind is the integrating Light, the consummating Force, the wide entry into the supreme Ananda: the psychic being uplifted by that Light and Force can unite itself with the original Delight of existence from which it came: overcoming the dualities of pain and pleasure, delivering from all fear and shrinking the mind, life and body, it can recast the contacts of existence in the world into terms of the Divine Ananda”(Ibid)

In other words, the supreme harmony of outer and inner life lies in reorganizing both in terms of the Divine Ananda — a feat that can only be made possible by the descent of the Supermind; the psychic being playing an intermediary role in the process. In this way we can move from an outer dynamism to a dynamic spirituality.


Date of Update: 10-Aug-19

– By Dr. Soumitra Basu


The Mantric Vehicle of the Timeless Void is the Song of I-Ternity by the Guru’s Grace

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru devo Maheshwara
Guru sakshat, param Brahma, tasmai shri guravay namah


Sri Kalipda Guha Roy 


Sri Anandamayi Maa, Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath Mission,  Avenue House, Kolkata


Sri Nitai Prabhu

in the memory of time there is only the timeless void
it features all events as part of causality
manifestation is a dance
a perturbation unfolds the space-time geometry
things as they are is an enormous Awareness of being-time
the bow, the arrow, the galaxies and spacecrafts are being-time
each being-time is the whole of time -Brahman is Brahman – Sutra 1
causality has apparently many branches – Brahman is Dual Experience of its own Non-Duality -Sutra 2
the setting sun
in the lap of the sky
reflects the moon forever on the lake
the observer is the ancient hero of many a timelines
in the macrospace of his own infinity, he breathes the fire of causal destiny
1911 -Sri Aurobindo Notebook – ye yatha Mam prapadyante Tamstathaiva bhajamyaham (as men approach me so I accept them to my love, Bhagawad Gita)
1897 – Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is born
1532 – Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s Lila and the pain of His separation from Lord Krishna – Original Ecstasy & Agony
as the world makes and remakes itself
as people deluded as they are scatter like broken twigs
as the ego of men eclipses the sun
the droplets water disappear in the sand
leaving only marks that foretold the time….
an anagram of the threefold destiny is the prime cause of the universe
and the law that upholds the TAT and SAT
will never fail to protect the land….
Jay Guru Sri Guru (3x)


Divine Mother, Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Awakening is waking-up to what is HERE: Interoperability and the Cognitive Aspect of Space-Time Curvature

Mother and Sri Aurobindo Last Photographs by Bresson



I am interoperable in this vastness

Inside or outside the dialogue box

within the hidden layers of the neurons

or in the Hermitian conjugate of a quantum state

wherever awareness is, there is being

wherever there is being, there is awareness

not two but one

undifferentiated they are

an atom in the vast spectacle of this cosmic dance

is impregnated with the awareness of the dancer

at what depths are you gazing?

Bits comprise only the surface

the dome is the widening sky

the winds are blowing Her letters to the sea

In a long journey, the star hath risen above the Himavant

Does the space-time curvature signify only a cognitive aspect of being?



READ ARTICLE ON INSTINCT AND INTUITION BY DR. SOUMITRO BASU at NAMAH -The Journal of Integral Health Instinct and Intuition by Instinct and Intuition by Dr S Basu