The Art of Restorative Healing by Witnessing: Subject Order Sound Emergence from ‘OL-MO-LUNG-RING’


Rinchenpong Monastery, Sikkim copyright Joy Roy Choudhury

* The Ascrean poet affirms that high mountains were created by Gaia, or the Earth, for the purpose that they might be the loved abode of the gods. (Hesoid, Theogony)

Sacred Mountain Alters /Primal Face: Mt. Meru, Olympus, Asgard, Ararat, Horeb, Sinai, Zion, Olivet, ANCIENT TEOCALLI NEAR TEHUANTEPEC, OAXACA, MEXICO

“Again, Mahamati, what is meant by non-duality?

Sai picv1

Shirdi SAI, the Lord Dattatreya

It means that light and shade, long and short, black and white,

are relative terms, Mahamati, and not independent of each other;

as Nirvana and Samsara are, all things are not-two.

There is no nirvana except where is samsara,

There is no samsara except where is nirvana;

for the condition of existence is not a

mutually exclusive character. Therefore, it is

said that all things are non-dual as are


Inside the Ralong Monastery  picture copyright Joy Roy Choudhury

nirvana and samsara. (Lankavatara Sutra)

BRAHMAN should not be sought as an objective reality, it

is to be realised in one’s own self .

The contentless consciousness of our own being or self

free from all superimposition of body and the mind, is BRAHMAN.

The 5 sheaths or kosas are modifications of the elements,

born to die and are known to be different from “I”-

the Pure Self.

The Self is beyond all modifications,

unborn, immortal  and the witness of all.

‘The higher form of meditation is therefore considered to be meditation on the principle of sound (nada) which is symbolized by the sacred syllable AUM, a syllable said to include all possibilities of speech since it is made of a guttural, a labial and a nasal sound, all other sounds being unavoidably contained within this triangle”.- (Alain Danielou)

{Ol -unborn

Mo- undiminishing

Lung-prophetic words

Ring- everlasting compassion of Tonpa Shenrab


If your feet have danced

Kalida in between the Lights

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy in b/w the Lights

And your hands have waved

You are awake to the tune of the Lord

That moment of clarity is time phenomenal

Reacting on its own (Olmo-lung-ring)

With the luminous scriptures of the soul

Magically interwoven with the life-force


Doling Monastery picture copyright Joy Roy Choudhury

Giving rise to the density of presence

Appearing apparently real

From the formidable void of a super-luminal absence;

He saw the Dharmarajika stupa

The circular shrine, the apsidal shrine

All that lay scattered everywhere

The burning of alphabets

The crucifixion on the stone

Only touched by the wind

And the rain

Or embalmed by the fire

That moved the cradle to-and-fro

In the destiny of the womb

Where silence is churned

And speech made erect

And blind given the vision to see

The sky’s colourful rainbow

On the edges of the golden bowl

The grass bowl, the rice bowl

Humming with the beautiful monarch butterfly

Or with the skipper or the whistler

The chestnut-bellied nuthatch looked up

Climbing the branches of the pine

It must have recognized

The summer’s pawn on the sleeves of the cloud

Makes merry the rain, clear and loud

Falling with its eternal belongings

Where the river knows the way….



The Retro-Origin of Sacred Music and the Worship of Fire-Ether Over the Ganges in Varanasi: Yogic Free-Spirit and Light-Matter Back-Reaction

Let's reinvent the gods all the myths of the ages/Jim Morrison Ganges at Twilight Hours Varanasi

Let’s reinvent the gods all the myths of the ages/Jim Morrison Ganges at Twilight Hours Varanasi

Benaras is older than history, older than the tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together’. – Mark Twain 

Lord Shiva and Sri Parvati Maa

         Lord Shiva and Sri Parvati Maa/Varanasi 

The ‘word’, the primordial sound (nada), is the prime cause of the world, the origin of all manifestations. Sound forms, and music in particular, are thus essential at all rites, initiations, direct contacts with ‘spirits’ and their prophetic manifestations. They play a fundamental role in the relation between mankind and the sacred.

– The Origins of Sacred Music – Alain Danielou

Sanjer sankhya saje

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy's Room at Varanasi

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy’s Room at Varanasi

Beje uthe bramha naad

Dhvanir pada dhulir padukay

Chinnito khethre baye jaay ganga

Chute jaay samayer rath

Achena oli goli mridu hashe

Anander ghawobar hate ekti stuti padma

Phuteye tole chabi

Rupo bramher arati

Srtoter ange madhur sparshe

Bheshe ashe bhorer agamani

Lord Jagannatha Picture at Yogishwar's house in Varanasi

Lord Jagannatha Picture at Yogishwar’s house in Varanasi

All exist as nothing

Still the flower breathes life into stillness

Making the morning sing it’s song

And the dusk settles on its own

On the edge of the river