Interconnecting the Mind-Systems with Application Processes in the Various Exoplanets and Galaxies to Reconstruct One World Order Super Race/Civilization

Boxet-23, Samij Datta, 2012

Interconnecting the Mind-Systems with Application Processes in the Various Exoplanets and Galaxies to Reconstruct One World Order Super Race/Civilization 

connect continents through esso-loop via Altamira/Gyan-Ganj and replicate order over Achintya-Bheda-Abheda-Tattva

christ on christ is christ to christ dark matter hachinto yoching


The oceans are full of honey dew the horse carrying the carriage

The mountains spring through the wind tunnels

There’s no one inside, there is almost nothing

But only a cave with its jaw opening in time to engulf this creation

This cave is the cave of the ixom-hum nevrat plasir tat sat

Reverat trom hunir alpam sovereign symbol of a master less key of the entire design

That has the secret codes of the next evolution

Truth is not truth but a chip-box alblackica in the dream of Savitri

Her eyes are steadfast on the self-incarnating point in the golden vessel

Laminar equi-brihat coefficient of spiritual matter is 0>1<0

To this we may pray so we stand the test of time to see who we are in the great day for freedom

To the mind is the mind in the mind by the mind in the canvas of Shambhala

Afternoon slept so peacefully looking at the sun disappear in the sky

The crow became the supergiant star in the plabix years of tetra-ionic bliss

A moment is called in by the death to integrate life in the birth of conscious existence

Stones are only stones in the zebra-prime matter of the forest moon

I am not him but only the tree of life speaking to man in the language cognition

Exum-ferrum dorset al farir zonex hari om.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Synthesis of Consciousness in the Temple of Time (Alblackica Day)

WAVICLE-DANCE, Samij Datta, 2012

Synthesis of Consciousness in the Temple of Time


Our journey is towards the yellow river in Nibiru, the young boy saw in dream when the artificial-sun is about to take birth in Rome; letters are mere Alblackica time-ships in space zero upon the Praviculin-wavicle dance to bring us back into nature through the gyres of consciousness; Kali is Kali in the Wahali of Kali to paint the vision of the sun that lights the dark side of the earth 2088 AD onwards; there is still time to drink your coffee and read Macbeth or think about the new quantum dynamics far ahead of conventional science and reality, gather the potential for the new race and the truth in the proteins of your system as the temple of time is the place to worship where the womb is a tetra-orthogonal centre of the haploid chromosomes shining like rubies in the Altamira of the ancient tribe; beauty lasts forever in the eyes of the dance, its naked electrodes are revisiting the stars to bring energy in the carbon networks of life, the polyglossia is the fibre that has all the words upside down into the wormhole and from there as conscious flow of energy into rapidly evolving systems of differentiation; the tree sees the river thinking of the roads, and, the nights are Petrarchan sonnets dipped in albumin so the egg white and the yolk can see each other and touch, feeling as they do, to enrapt the pain with the morning-intelligence of the light, that light that falls on Claude Monet’s Le Havre is real, it’s an incarnation of the rainbow-sound in the mandala of primeval space; ‘the white feet of sound’ is actually a light of the new race by 2268 AD and then as the violets are ivy in the strange eye of the alchemists, time-travel may be the rope-trick  possible in the quantum almanacs of the near future;

Riding the horse the savage told the man of knowledge how many stars he has to cross by the book of wisdom and he said that Isis knows this as ‘she was there in the meadow when the creeks  used to rise/ blinded by sleep and in need of a bed’; all are hidden in shapes and sizes speaking, interacting with each other by their retrospect shadows in the glory of the circles; rivers are moon’s pyramids reflected on them α mirror seeing α mirror in the β –β transitional space to write the equation of the cosmic parable in the non-ionic metaphor of the integral man; synthesis is synthesis of consciousness as apple eats the apple to see the rainbow on the snow melt the ice to grow trees and more apples in the crow-beak-fall-length of the creation as froyeth-mental is dexav-euro-quartz (6N8-9K9-6G6) on Tat Wat Yat/Yat Wat Tat/ Wat Tat Yat cycles…

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Picture II Kalighat, Kali & ‘She was there in the meadow when the creeks  used to rise/ blinded by sleep and in need of a bed’- lines from Bob Dylan song ‘Isis’.

And ‘the white feet of sound’- Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri