Flickering Carnival, Samij Datta, 2012



Flickering as it starts scaling the sky at the pale hour of dawn

The carnival of stars in the bodhi-drip mind of music

Silence alone can draw a face or a diagram of a soul

All the universes within, the cadillacs and the t-ford

The cat sees the dragon in the fire of al-jebr and thinks it’s only polynomial glass

Says to itself the moon is over my heart at last

Longing the long nights of tender waterfalls on cymophane alexandrites

Coming as a wave and going like a river into the seas

The banks are full of purple and crimson flakes of Abraham

Time unfolds the book of paradise and opens the page one of creation

And makes it into a perfect gatefold made of lemon-grass

Then flowers came out of the holy window’s sky

Red poppies, mid-day sunflowers jasmines and chrysolites

Turning each colour into the mosaics on the page, the strings melted melody into tears

And joy sprung from the churning ocean’s bliss-matter-poison holes

Unfinished verses are now complete with super implicate order

Revisiting the cardboard dream of di Sitter space

Ramakrishna- Krishna-Radha-Hari

Hari Om Tat Chit Matter-Mind-Energy Link-ups

The free particle of time is music and dance

Alblackica, alblackica in Li Sphere Geometry

Iko Iko sitting on the willing-wheels of the morning rose

The teapot icons are lying on the streets of Methuselah

Sipping the hour-time-darkness-gap in the twilight moon of unmiyata

Rekav-rahim-ruhahu-rahim om tatat yatashta

-Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Much my composition is based on music of minstrelsy and deeper relation with body-mind-soul and hyperspace. Music is a great healer, the new-age process of Quantum Healing is active through the consciousness or chit energy that matter receives and reciprocates with, to create more sublime forms of beauty from the deeper recesses of the multiverse through Quantum Jumping and Evolution. In this genre of minstrel music, the Bengal Bauls particularly arrived in and around the roaring 60s in America to kindle much of the consciousness and peace movements started by the Woodstock Generation at Mark Yasgur’s Farm. What Joni Mitchell sings about the journey of the billion year old carbon in the woodstock song, or, for that matter sung by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, was actually the same cuppa that the Bauls also bring out in the diegetic tapestry of their folk songs. Purna Das Baul of Bengal befriended by Bob Dylan, appeared in the album cover sleeve of John Wesley Harding.

The Unfilled Gaps in the Creational Gonomon: The Creative Rosa-Petals that Liberate the Walking Mind of the Sun by Penetrating into the Prima Matra of the Alblackica Consciousness

Alblackica Plate III, Samij Datta, 2012

The Unfilled Gaps in the Creational Gonomon: The Creative Rosa-Petals that Liberate the Walking Mind of the Sun by Penetrating into the Prima Matra of the Alblackica Consciousness


It’s more with the notion of not knowing the known that the unknown gaps are filled.

More like Michelangelo chiseling at the stone for the right curvature.

It was the art here that manifested the beginning of things beyond the classic number line. Two giraffes make the holy home drape with the rain of flowers that bloom on Sunday mornings- they can make you laugh- laughter is the evangelical Hotei, the alpha neurotic desire of the plastic caz-length for every avra height in the vessel that holds the Prima Matra of the creation. The Prima Matra? Evening’s ether roaming around in the wind-filled vessels of their time their algebraic reconstitution is silently similar to the first index days of the afterlight –sun is the window of the dark red horse-point, its creative index is higher than the light itself; Yuwaziya- every river is the wind-hole of the map of nothing; America was founded on Toscanelli grace it was as if beauty had the risk of adventure written on her lips and from her face and on it the shinning tablets of cognitive knowledge, the prism that founded metamorphosis of rocks took with it the ionic pentameter and made Aurobindo from the Bazin-Coal, the Razin-Coal. What power the art unmanifest, what craft thou manifest through which Krishna evolutes from the prima matra, I see gold dust in the black plates of Alblackica, I see them all in their colours that are psychically transmuting Porphyry into the heliographic image of the sun.

Rose was the sensation of the first love’s innervating evolution from the zero matrix of all – the zero is the womb that had in its circle the triangular design of the cosmic descent to create to recreate to evolute but not to die, that’s the secret letter of alblackica to the Quabiva conevaxness of the consciousness for the right evolution of the earthly race.

Yuwaziha Yuwaziha there comes a time with the wind in the river fills the gap in the plates with every bliss earned the grace gives the cross for the love of nothing and the tide turns when eternity plays the harmony with the laughter and a smile.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: ‘American Beauty’ Album Covert Art/Grateful Dead (1971)