“Ray…”: Art Exhibition based on films of legendary film maker Satyajit Ray

6th June, 2008: Delhi based painter Bhaskar Singha has worked for 8 long years to produce a series of paintings based on film maker Satyajit Ray’s iconic films like Charulata, Apu Trilogy, Parash Pathar, Jalsagar, Devi, Nayak etc. Bhaskar’s oeuvre is quite fascinating as he experimented with themes from the films which were disposed to a new narrative space of the artist’s perspective making the works a meta-narrative in the visual space where colours mingle with characters in a beautiful rendition associated with the aesthetic process of human imagination. Most of the works are acrylic on canvas where Bhaskar has practiced a new method of giving a transparent effect to generate ‘air’ in his creations. “I have applied ten different layers of colours on the canvases, and yet, the first layer is still visible giving the painting a feel of sculpture”, says, Bhaskar Singha.

The exhibition titled “Ray…” took place at Birla Academy of Art & Culture and was inaugurated by MS Madhabi Mukherjee, renowned actress of Indian cinema on 27th May, 2008.

Bhaskar Singha is a very prominent Indian artist working in Delhi. He has won Camlin Foundation Award in 2005.

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