The Questions as Asked by the Brahman Observer to the Relative Quantum-A-Quantum Observables while Detecting Multipartite Entanglement in Many Body Systems in the Speechless Preamble of the Alblackica Mind

Quantum Entanglement, Pi-Day Art, Samij Datta, 2012 (Digital Media)

The Questions as Asked by the Brahman Observer to the Relative Quantum-A-Quantum Observables  while Detecting Multipartite Entanglement in Many Body Systems in the Speechless Preamble of the Alblackica Mind


Yes, Pythagoras planned it. Why did people stare at blank faces on the wall, their empty harmony shedding snake-skins for the final metamorphosis at the hour of the naked light when gods in their embryo were dreaming of skies in the pentagonal mirror of mirrors, thin-laced and multifoliate, with electromagnetic Casimir energy of the passing clouds’ Bose-Einstein condensate? Are you still dreaming on the fantasy world of Warhol’s pragmatic energy, spinless and absolute, on the binary, tetra-binary defragmentation of particles in the helio-static motionless pyramidal space having Yukawa potential with arbitary angular momenta? Those are the questions you didn’t answer nor did Demosthenes in the ancient Greece; entangled forever within the mother-centric proverbial Keaton, the host is the ancient functional trapezoid of the morning moons, levitating and gyrating in the cosmic parable of Yeats.

To them, the light was the undifferentiated union of Alblackica rivers: Mississippi and Ganges, Yamuna and Volga, and Cauvery and Vistula and Congo flowing as they accelerate within the time-defined containers of Mazuvont and Baquytra, they belong to the tribes and the herdsmen whose lost forgotten fruits were once the source of the Sun-in-Savitri in the Valeloluva hymn of the Alps and the Himalayas. The Meru in Meru is the meditating mind of the empty self of 0, 1 and time- speechless coordinates pull silence to its bark as the tree gives shelter and life after aeonic years of mind- split in Mesozoic pro-Keratin tablets of word- rhythms that try to find their source in the ocean-accelerator of multipartite entanglement in many body systems finding their own freedom in the san-zan-van-worship of infinite- liberty.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Opening line “Pythagoras planned it. Why did the people stare?” – excerpt from W. B. Yeats’ poem The Statues

Within Alblackica Frame the Divine Day (21st Feb): In the Whole Creation, Even a Single Point of Entity is the Unified Substance of My Being/Mirra


On the eve of Divine Mother’s Birthday, 21st Feb, 2012

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The invertebrate calls to the vertebrate by a name called the azer, the diamonds are flaking in the sky and the sunshine of her eyes is the ever present sweetness of the lateral shift from darkness of the horns to the sublime essence of the zeta-fluids in the ether vibrating medium of the zatter; the bosons and the fermions are having identical operative indexes of the quanta their relative distribution over a defined localized space might well acknowledge the shaping clouds freedom in the zenon-axis time; brick on brick is brick-hard substance-time that has no shape of iropia and, therefore, cannot tell the summer months by the bees fluctuating hummings in the fourth quadrant of a space dome. I was once a painter of gardens composing the organ music of life in the seas of verisimilitude by the connecting mediums’ roaming signals with the star satellites of outer space…many multiverses are named after me, I stopped for a while, looking at the design matrices at Vega, changing substance into hyper-forms of Deneb and Altair…

I realized have left my anti-I back on earth in a envelope of grasses floating in the ribbon like waters of Ganges far across Yamuna and Cauvery into the Arabian sea  and the oceans. There are the Savitri letters of the conevaxness of the consciousness in the Rohaman of the Johaman of the Brahman; anti-I of Mirra is the mirror of the sun reflecting the death of life-cycles of past existence , over the Savitri all is Savitri in the dawn of the chalice of the Alblackica treading on the golden colors of the night to reopen the vastness of the heart in the rainbow glaze- bliss on earth is the supreme per extatet trath-truth-treth of the creational tree bearing the fruit of the consciousness in the extreme borders of the eternal time. The ra-ru-re dream is the domain made in heaven for earth on earth to earth from big bang towards Sri-Krishna’s hour of magnetic journey. Wide open spaces are becoming the river of the non-time matter we flow into the subtleties of its existence as consciousness takes the gratiyu grip into the far revolving light of the heliospheres.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Divine Mother’s (Mirra Alfassa) Photograph From Archives.