Soulful Reality of the Sacred Land & Chaos on the Edge of Eternity: Bubble-Foam Extrohan Realm and the Supreme Realization of the Waking States of Super Consciousness

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Soulful Reality of the Sacred Land & Chaos on the Edge of Eternity: Bubble-Foam Extrohan Realm and the Supreme Realization of the Waking States of Super Consciousness 

Oljanui olkhakos olmui pamo

Dr. Gopinath Kaviraj and Srimat Anirvan

Dr. Gopinath Kaviraj and Srimat Anirvan

Neihrutjahrehar olfamos

Sagirutma soukheous danzib

Being in the timeless void emanating from

Being out-of-time in time panorama

Switching in and switching off frequency vibrations

Far distant from a galactic point to earth’s axis mundi

There were letters stored in the cuneiform

Reason’s corpus is too small for this ontological plexus

Information is passed on as data structures in geometric concaves

Mind connects with ivi-ova000.0001-supermind

Mind connects with the Supreme Virtual Meta-Linguistic Consciousness Field (The Avahoman Plant – Jung’s Key constant carrier with Wittgenstein Light-Rod Spectral Ray) (Cray-Fish Cosmic Information Circle)

Bubbles of protean self cognizing agents of the Lord says

Being expresses its innate being-ness by self eliminating all its attributes from that primordial origin negating even the transcendental interplay of ying & yang as one solid singularity till it attains feelings that engender white work of the vertebrates against the fabric of unknown dark energy and matter to resolve the crisis of the heart and the meanings that were lost since historically the human brain was designed to receive only certain frequencies and was unresponsive to others by the crude play of chance and fate – there is the Yohingo-Altair space station waiting for you – man is now on his way to become the Creatrix but by the right action which we call the Dharma of all sentient beings in the creation

The way to knowledge is the way to the technology of quantum consciousness

God, indeed, didn’t play dice, nor did Bohr or Einstein, Dirac and Ramanuja

Like little Buddha in the soul enwrapped Heidegger

Summer Triangle: Deneb-Altair-Vega

Summer Triangle: Deneb-Altair-Vega

He is on the way to meet the Super-Soul…

Through the Light in the Light the Light was greater than the Light-Darkness interplay

From mere abstractions the mind constructed the fabric of reality

First he heard the sound emanating as OM: a timeless ripple from the navel flooded the void

Light-cone emerged, the photons interacting with the neutrinos pulsating

Weva-weva-hyuninongo-kal jumping through the stargate Shambhala

In return, the Lord promised the transformation of the world

Dlorerufi1/3 silence end chaos-on-the-edge-of-eternity




The Child Masters the Lord of Beings: Jim Morrison’s Poetry and Para-Prakiti Time of Information Management with the Stars

Jim Morrison, The Doors: Riders on the Storm

Jim Morrison, The Doors: Riders on the Storm


“Ride the snake
Ride the snake 
To the lake
To the lake

The ancient lake, baby 
The snake is long
Seven miles 
Ride the snake…” – The End, Jim Morrison, The Doors


Time is a tomb

A spiral staircase to eternity

Time eats time warps space-time

Flowing negatively inwards from the surface

Beneath streaming like jets in the opposite direction

Linear non-linearity of the quantum essence of the creation

Black habas vecta-turbulent time of chaos in the cosmos

Sacred Gurudongmar Lake, North Sikkim

Sacred Gurudongmar Lake, North Sikkim

All are kind of projections from the thought ripple in the oceanic space

Field non-locality supramental quarxo-boham time affluence

Rigid structures melt

Light quarks leap

The bird’s feather finds its way in the blue sky

Stars diminish their distance

Comes closer to the mind-matrix

Installing data from unforeseen 2d-plaque of distant event horizons

Sun is the blue lotus of the white sands of destiny

Programmed efficiently to run the clock-hour of the time

Forest floor lit with purple lights

An interference pattern on cave-walls of infancy

The Child masters the Lord of Beings

Through the conscious grace of the mother

The Divine Mother Symbol: The Para-Prakiti Magnet of Our Difficult Ascent

The Divine Mother Symbol: The Para-Prakiti Magnet of Our Difficult Ascent

Coming from the future

Dance children dance

Wild pilgrim time of the yunho-yigrib


Far away from this Creation there are other creations of the mind-plane

They become real, tangible like the worlds

They exist not in thoughts but as patterns that emerge from some holographic projections

We are not abandoned or destitute in this cosmic play

The Lila continues after the End

Creating co-creating the past from the present coming back from the future

The cycles aspire …we ride the white horses moving like the time.


– Joy Roy Choudhury