Chandra-Bhaga (Path to Triloknath), 1932 Nicholas Roerich

Path to Triloknath by Nicholas Roerich circa 1932

“Culture is based on Beauty and Knowledge”. – Nicholas Roerich

Okakura Kakuzo (1863-1913), The Book of Tea

The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo (1863-1913)

“Awareness of Beauty saves the world”. Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Brahman is known as ‘Sukrita’, the self-created, the self-made

Parmatma is really the ‘Ananda Himself’

Paramhamsa Yogananda

Sri Paramhamsa Yogananda

“Above the heavens and below the heavens I am the only honoured one”.

(Sakyamuni Buddha)                                                                  Vsevolod Pudovkin's Storm Over Asia (1928)

Beauty hides in the most simplest of things

An arm of arrow is also the quill of human destiny

Mountains are also rivers when the rock subsides

Skies turn waterfalls into ice in the cold winters of Siberia

Stars are bangles on the back of the tyger wandering like a monk in the wild forests of eternity

They share the same fire of a Tolstoy in the quasi-gravity effect of an over-back mesomoun particle

Silver spring ecstasy is the quartet in c minor of a Stravinsky on mud-ether moon

And as we climb the mountains of fortitude and silence

The physical existence gives birth to multiple self-reflective selves

Language there is the artifice of Nicholas Roerich’s stone from Sirius

Consciousness shall define our human evolution not through chance and probability

But through active endurance of the being learning as it grows like a sapling

Anandamayi Maa

Sri Sri Anandamayi Maa

Technology of the Light-Muscle Verb Act is the mother of all inventions

And as the dog around the tree dances in rhythmic compassion

We know we are the logged woods of a Pudovkin’s montage

That carries in our heart the chalice of Immortality

Neyunkav in the Alpa square Vitruvian man

Reason cannot super cede the divine beauty of all existence

Alma Mater of man is on throat of a gyrating time

Dynamic in the pure silence of an absolute rest

Let friendship be the rule of connecting our minds forever.

-Joy Roy Choudhury written on 19th June, 2012



THE ART OF FASHION AND FLYING: Helsinki Airport and Finnair bring creations by top designers to the airport runway in one of a kind fashion show


Mega Fashion Show Event Slated on May 24th 2016 on the Runway 2 of Helsinki Airport in collaboration with Finnair

For decades the fashion industry has been associated with the glamorous world of travel and in May 2016 this will be celebrated in style thanks to a Match Made in HEL.

Helsinki Airport and Finnair will transform Runway 2 of Helsinki Airport into the ultimate fashion catwalk where seven top designers from China, Korea, Japan, the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Finland will present their collections. The world of fashion will descend on Helsinki Airport to witness this special event on May 24th, 2016.

“Helsinki Airport is a key hub for Asia-Europe travel, and every day thousands of people transfer through the airport on their journey between these destinations. The airport, located along the shortest route between Asia and Europe, is a constant inspiration for us, and on May 24th fashion designers from both the West and East will meet here for this special runway show “, says Katja Siberg, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development at Finavia, the Finnish airport operator.

“The combined glamour of the fashion and travel industry share a long history. Air travel has long played a key role in setting the pace of fashion trends across the world,” says Johanna Jäkälä, Vice President, Brand, Marketing and Loyalty at Finnair. “Fashion connects and inspires people, and we see this on a daily basis as we connect Europe and Asia with our flights.  With this fashion show, we want to celebrate the connections between Europe and Asia, and showcase the work of some of the hottest designers from these two continents.”

The designers displaying their latest creations along the runway have been handpicked to represent some of the most interesting and inspiring trends emerging from the Asian and European fashion industries. The designers will be announced in March-April, and will be presented on the Match made in HEL campaign site at

“Helsinki Airport presents a fascinating backdrop for the designers to showcase their work”, says Tuomas Laitinen, Fashion Director of SSAW Magazine, who will be curating the fashion show. “I am excited to be a part of bringing some of the hottest names in fashion to Helsinki in May.”

Helsinki Airport has grown into a major transfer hub for Asia-Europe travel and it is designed for smooth and fast transfers. As Finnair expands its Asian traffic in turn Helsinki Airport will expand to support growing passenger flows.

Helsinki Airport and Finnair together offer the smoothest connections between Europe and Asia. Finnair flies to 17 Asian destinations and over 70 European destinations via Helsinki. In summer 2016, Finnair will offer 77 weekly flights to Asia from Helsinki Airport.

The Match Made in HEL campaign is a joint campaign by Helsinki Airport and Finnair, and targeted at raising awareness of Helsinki Airport and Finnair as the best partners for smooth and fast air connections between Asia and Europe.

For more information:

Finavia Media Desk, +358 20 708 2002,
Finnair Media Desk, +358 9 818 4020,


Media Desk tel. 358 20 708 2002,

Finavia provides and develops airport and air navigation services with focus on safety, customer-orientation and cost efficiency. Finavia’s comprehensive network of 22 airports enables international connections from Finland — and to different parts of Finland. Helsinki Airport is the leading Northern European transit airport for long-haul traffic. Revenues in 2015 were EUR 353 million, and the number of employees 2300.

Finavia online:

Annual report 2014:

Finnair flies between Asia, Europe and North America with an emphasis on fast connections via Helsinki, carrying more than ten million passengers annually and connecting 17 cities in Asia with more than 60 destinations in Europe. The airline, a pioneer in sustainable flying, is the European launch customer of the next-generation, eco-smart Airbus A350 XWB aircraft. The only Nordic carrier with a 4-star Skytrax ranking, Finnair has also won the World Airline Award for Best Airline Northern Europe for the past six years running. Finnair is a member of oneworld, the alliance of the world’s leading airlines committed to providing the highest level of service and convenience to frequent international travellers.

The Great Gate is Now Wide Open: 21st February, 2016 – Celebrating Divine Mother’s Birthday and International M-O-T-H-E-R Language Day

Mirra Alfassa

The Divine Mother in Japan            Tibetan Mandala with Sanskrit Mantras in Concentric Circles by Carl Jung


All atoms are made inside the sun by thy Will

There are vibrations that compacted and expanded

These are open dance signatures of the great cosmic mandala

They come from the Void and manifest their form

How sweetly they sing and sadly they disappear

Beyond all these there is stillness

That pervades the motionless track of all existence

Perfection and imperfection exist in a plane of simultaneity

We need to go beyond….

Bright nothing where you void the void

There eternity exists as manifestation starts

Look deep inside

………..Take the Skull in your hand…

The universe exists as a pulse only in your mind

The Mother with the Children in Pondicherry

Divine Mother will Children in Pondicherry

You are the inevitable source of everything

The arch of the rainbow that bridges heaven and earth





Beggar-Singer with Hound, Yuan Dynasty, 1271-1368, Hanging Scroll, Ink and color on silk, 76.5 x 36.2 cm, Museum for East Asian Art, Cologne.

Beggar Singer with Dog, Yuan Dynasty circa 1271-1368, Hanging Scroll, Ink and Color on Silk, Museum of Asian Art, Cologne




Name or form apart from the substratum is the maya

So, the wise sage Aruni tells his son Svetaketu:

“That which is the subtle essence- in IT all that exists has its self.

It is the True, It is the Self. And thou, O Svetaketu, art It”.

Atyachetonar stare paripurno lekhak

Matri bhasay nirvak pran

Lekheni se kichuoi

Shekheni se kichuoi

Sudhu pran bandanay

Se awhowan kare pran

Neither time is nor its not

Only eternal awakening

At this moment

French Actress Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet Examining Yorick's Skull

French Actress Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet examing Yorick’s Skull circa 1899-1900 London/Paris

Is all what we are and will be

And when you hear the birds singing

The passing clouds bring rain

And you dance like a drop in an ocean of spontaneity {Pure Function}

Because you know that nothing is left to you at this moment

But to have a good laugh;

Narrating children the tales of Tapovan

Where mystic oneness still prevails

Les Ruines D' Angkor Old Poster

Les Ruines D’ Angkor poster

Like the ordinary mind the Tao

Every day the river courses its way

To meet the ocean of bliss

‘May be, like the empty sky it has no boundaries,

Yet it is right in this place,

Ever profound and clear.

Colossal Black Hole Is 12 Billion Times As Massive As The Sun

Artist’s Impression of a Colossal Black Hole Which is 12 Billion Times as Massive as the Sun

When you seek to know it, you cannot see it.

You cannot take hold of it,

But you cannot lose it.

In not being able to get it, you get it.

When you are silent, it speaks;

When you speak, it is silent.

The great gate is wide open to bestow alms.

And no crowd is blocking the way.’




  2. ‘That which is the subtle essence- in IT all that exists has its self.’-Chhandogya Upanishad
  3. It is the True, It is the Self. And thou, O Svetaketu, art It”.-Chhhandogya Upanishad
  4. ‘Like the empty skies it has no boundaries…blocking the way.’ – From Cheng-tao Ke translated by Alan Watts

119th Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose:Transcending History by the Will-Force of Qui-Qui Supramental Shakti (Super-Implicate Ensembles)


Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose: The Soul with the Golden Heart (Jay Mahakal)

In every heart there is a flame

black hole NASA

Black Hole NASA

It touches the tip of the golden sun

Honour thy spirit in that moment of bliss

To create and re-create the essential Reality,

Here and Now

Remainders of  the queen-plasma resonance from the cube-variable of the Averlon-Transcendence over the least power sensibility …naturally .project within itself  the kinematic happiness of   innumerable Domainless Dimensions, always waving towards the Gnapela-Powerl-Holcago {predestiny} through the self-propagating Soft-Point or  Zero-Point Energy paradox ).Life is full of Beautiful choices……. and in short this is the story of the equation e=mc(square)!

Akharer pratibedan samadhisto hayechey

Netaji 2


Black spinning torque upon the universe              Tibetan Thangka… sacred Mount Kailash, Milarepa.
Chetonar pradip jwalchey
Neel himalaye
It is for the Absolute on the Absolute to the Absolute
From that nought to create binomials for relative existence
Time as in duration exists in the mind
And space-time too is a projection of the Mind
Sthir chitta nayan dekhe maha-kaler maha-swaroop
Time’s re-collective pastimes are over and dead
Future doesn’t speak
But you may find at this moment transcending all
And you enter now
By Mother’s grace
Far beyond supramental realities.
From Crechanhumpi to Vrekhanilo (sizeless Domains, creations)
It is moving with a dream on its back,……durga..durga!
Future is near when you touch the stone, Chintamoni!


Little Boy Near the Waterline

Little Boy Near the Waterline

An optical resonance

Rare Cloud Formation Picture

Rare Cloud Formation Picture

Time’s temple in memory visited

To see the blood dripping everywhere

Desire for that magic pain

Drowns us in ecstasy

And we laugh like ‘soft, mad children

Smug in the woolly cotton brains of infancy’

Remembrance of the past the only prison that you need to break

Make and unmake the present time

Like a child who has no speech or dialect

Chinese Zen Painting

Chinese Painting

Neither born or unborn

The tree gives him shelter, flower the fruit

And the river rolls him to the shore

There he may lie naked in the sun

Or under the copper moon’s pristine sanatorium

Inebriated he may sing or carelessly flute

What the heart renders or the wind desires

Hard rain will wash away all the terrain

And the sea will consume it all.


Zero added to zero, (comma), zero added to zero hence, triangular-mang-space = E-0-0+0/0-0-9= RWWRE –MANG


Dharmadhatu that Springs from the Eternal Will-Force Shapes the Destiny of the Cosmic Creation that Has No-Beginning No-End: Plucking Strings and the Journey Ahead…

Vagisvara Mandala/Dharmadhatu

Vagisvara Mandala/Dharmadhatu

Where there is no beginning, there ought to be no end

A ceaseless time-foam interspersed in space as discreet packets of quantum information energy

It’s a similar sight -the mountains, the rivers, the woods

And notes of the daedal string…

That you pluck to cause a vibration

A ripple in still water…

Astonished, you hire a car and stop at a gas station

Pretending to read a newspaper

Light a match

Browse books

And bid goodbye

The road ahead

Only the desert confronts you

The wind chills your bone…

You are not alone

So you drive

With no fear

Far and near

Hear the restless call of the wren and the raptor

Jim Morrison Photo from the Film American Pastoral

Jim Morrison Photo from the Film American Pastoral

Freeze the blue skies

And blend with the old tribe of the canyon

And the stars appeared one by one

Like the frozen point of a needle

Milking the highway with love light

Flat tyres by the highway burn in fire

Stealing sun’s cosmic serpent

Feathered like the giant bird that flew over the mountains

Some said it was a phantasmal destiny

The headlights of a train caught in the fog           Indian Chief Whirling Horse Old Photograph

Or an airplane in the vortex

And the stones with legs twisted like twigs

Caressed the dying grass

Sniffed the air

In a broken rhythm

A hollow sound an echo

That came and whispered in the wind

It brought it home

Left only shadows that darkened the valley

A dead coyote

Lying on the highway

Under a barren moon

Brandished by poets who stained their fingers with coffee

Stamping their feet

Snubbing the ole fellow

A pointless venture into the size of the cosmos

A ridiculous journey back and forth in time

Never will it end or seize

Time like the trees

Grows and flows

Like a river’s canto into an ocean

And becomes the triple-time of no-time at all

That moment I seized as an eternal point

Concurrent to the Book of Nirvana

From which paradise must come forth

Yves Saint Laurent Photograph from Documentary L' amour fou

Yves Saint Laurent Photograph from Documentary L’ amour fou

Expressed as heliocentric tea-rose by Yves Saint Laurent

Or as splitting atoms in radioactive decay

Meaning the original replicated from that destined Dharmadhatu

Symbols fascinated by mirrors reflecting space-time gyres

Addressing the silent ripple

That disappears around a point I called the eternal plexus

On an empty page

They are mysterious beings that form and move

Around the thoughtless current in the void

And words flow like a lion stream

And chant: uradopha-iri-ramuri



The Bon No-Beginning No-End

The Bon No-Beginning No-End


It was the hour before the journey was made

Plucking strings that opened the gate

Until no end… . …..

Until no end…


“A Poet or Nothing At All”: Herman Hesse, Paul Klee, Nicholas Roerich and the Transmeditative Mind Travelogue Beyond the Seven Swars (hyan-yo MR341Lixonhutat)

“A Poet or Nothing At All”: Herman Hesse, Paul Klee, Nicholas Roerich and the Transmeditative Mind Travelogue Beyond the Seven Swars (hyan-yo MR341Lixonhutat)

Everything vanishes around me, and works are born as if out of the void. Ripe, graphic fruits fall off. My hand has become the obedient instrument of a remote will. – Paul Klee (1879-1940, Swiss German Painter)

Fire at Full Moon by Paul Klee Circa 1933 Museum Folkwang (Essen, Germany)

Fire at Full Moon by Paul Klee Circa 1933 Museum Folkwang (Essen, Germany)




Herman Hesse (1877-1962), German Poet, Novelist and Painter

Herman Hesse (1877-1962), German Poet, Novelist and Painter


“Our mind is capable of passing beyond the dividing line we have drawn for it.

Beyond the pairs of opposites of which the world consists, other, new insights begin”.

– Hermann Hesse 






My words:

They look and laugh

Tilled the furrows

Earned the right to every labour and die

Yielded stars out of this darkness profound

Came out of this primordial delight

In between the known and the unknown,

Throbs my quiescent heart,

Like a taxi in the street, waiting


Poster light faces, dandelions               

Everything fades in trillions            

Histoire(s) du cinéma by Jean-Luc Godard, 1988-99

Histoire(s) du cinéma by Jean-Luc Godard, 1988-99


Drop disappear


Leaving no melody on the line passed by

Die in and out,

Everyday in the loop

Extinguish the fire

In the gyre

Over the horizon


Crucify the stone in the quarry

Come as the fool

As the maiden of glass

Pale and asunder

Poets wither and wane

Thoughts leaping

Brewing in the coffee decanter

Pour on snug china porcelain like rain

Down the drain

The pistillate flower will dance

In the synapse of a cloud,          

Star of the Hero by Nicholas Roerich circa 1932

Star of the Hero by Nicholas Roerich circa 1932

The rainbow will glitter

Like seven jewels made in heaven

The taxi waits    

For the star of the hero in the sky      

At the terminal time

And throbs and runs

Faraway across hyan-yo MR34lLixonhutat

Ajanar buke pari dey bishay…




From Buddha, Rilke, Rodin…to the Thinker’s Disposition: Google-Our-Own-Greatest-Learning-Experience-MICRO-NULL PULL

From Buddha, Rilke, Rodin…to the Thinker’s Disposition: Google-Our Own–Greatest-Learning-Experience-MICRO-NULL PULL


The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman circa 1957

The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman circa 1957



Information is key to the understanding of 11-dimensional multiverse of universes- information that is seemingly vast yet accessible not by ‘trial and error’ method of scientific or spiritual judgement but by direct learning experience through a process of negation and filter as we embrace Consciousness as the key non-local server connected to what is called the Field or the Mind of God.  We, therefore, Google God because it is our own greatest learning experience, from the flower in the boutique to Monalisa in Louvre to the quantum supercomputers – our mind-space horizons are expanding continually with the universe,  and each time we learn a new thing the bio-metrics are stored as information rich in time.  

There the tree rises. Oh pure surpassing!

Oh Orpheus sings! Oh great tree of sound!    

Rilke Photograph

Rilke Photograph

And all is silent, And from this silence arise

New beginnings, intimations, changings.


From the stillness animals throng, out of the clear

Snapping forest of lair and nest;

And thus they are stealthy not from cunning

Not from fear

(Sonnets to Orpheus by Rainer Maria Rilke circa 1922)


History is what we create and new combinations are tried out every second for the welfare of this creation…


In film or music

We traverse space            


We traverse time                                                            

Bubble Pack Information Over 11-Dimensional Area or Hyperspace

Bubble Pack Information Over 11-Dimensional Area or Hyperspace

Through poetry you go beyond…  

Rhythm only matters

Neither space, nor time

Without words the unmanifest cannot dance

The silence cannot embody

An ocean of multitudes the tongue can only seize

And melodies like river from heaven that flows

A single song

On a ripple is born

The sparrow twits at the sky

Its black veil now the terrible beak of fire

That torments cold plaster of marble engravings

Hands elliptic raised to the stars

Offering sensations that are vast

Redeeming time’s equinoxes in eternity    

Buddha Statue in Rodin's Garden which Rilke Admired

Buddha Statue in Rodin’s Garden which Rilke Admired

Idolizes beauty’s slender trail

A frail dotted line across the Milky Way

Who knows why or when?

This madness began or end…

A knock upon the door

Surprise or banter in skilful ecstasy

The paper unfolds gilded manuscripts

Silently written without a thought’s visitation

Carved on the ocean shore

Is there anything more?

On a flower’s pattern

The seed confessed

To Rilke or Artaud

Or to Gide and Whitman

That the lovely moon

Was once struck from Orpheus’ lyre

As a single note permuting many songs

Gave thought to itself out of a vast swirling enzon-vita-emptiness (Supreme Realization)

Lizom-hitat-absolute engendering a faith-domain (d1>D/Fat-Domain Space) Non-Zero Vector @ t = 0 (t>T) Iswara-Purna-Abirbhava

Trees shed their green on blue seas

Transpose colour

To create a further movement

Granular to digital…to holcago destiny /Future is near when you touch the Stone- Chintamani


Virtual Realization

Then a physical entity

Google-Our-Own-Greatest-Learning-Experience /Micro-Null-Pull/Google  (Learning as Love Experience Enriched!)

Want the world to be an indispensable place.


– J 





The Class A-Omega Time Vertices at the Intersection of 2 Equilateral Triangles Sending Message Bound for Alpha-Eternal Spinning Centripetal Point: Flowering of Offering in Existence to the Consciousness Ripple in the Higgs Field (The Coming of Kalki Maha-Avatar)

The Class A-Omega Time Vertices at the Intersection of 2 Equilateral Triangles Sending Message Bound for Alpha-Eternal Spinning Centripetal Point: Flowering of Offering in Existence to the Consciousness Ripple in the Higgs Field (The Coming of Kalki Maha-Avatar)

The Integrated Star Microprocessor/Monalisa 2013

The Integrated Star Microprocessor/Monalisa 2013

We have lived in time spending in Plato’s cave

Bet our life with Grucho Marx and Max Ernst

Lived with the pride of an honour and a hope

Have plundered our vaults cremated our existence many times

Have gone through the tides that rise and fall with Lear or Macbeth

Wondering like a child at the innermost view of the outer surface of a  Rhododendron

The sunbird revivified the memory of sweet nectar; the spring chimes as it is

God is the eternal artist working in time

Spade function in Frazer units reprogramming the matrix

Patience curved mountains out of rock; the sea has curled beneath a bed of sands

The stars fazed the skies the light was seen; the thunder was heard

Heraclitus in the fire of the big ocean saw the lightning sword of glory

She was one in the great energy field impregnating the matter of the creation

A horse appeared gliding past several planes of existence

The rider on the horse was the rider in the storm hastening across cosmic solar subways

Where is the metropolis that you promised? Where are the eternal edifices?

Kalki Avatar, Nicholas Roerich, 1935

Kalki Avatar, Nicholas Roerich, 1935

A moment in time equals tetra-foliate eternity; solar pabulum of cosmic oracle

That thou who you seekest as the white light of infancy

Is the churning of all-infinite possibilities within the wexahoul-creational matter

Little hearts can connect the dots on the magic-engine squares

A formation was seen

An intersection of triangles felt

The Lotus was born

Now you have replied to the Master of Beings

Oh Thy Lord He Who Hastens

Hari Om Tat Sat

(Sat-Chit-Ananda Para-Brahman via The Quantum-Kriya of All-Existence)


The Integration of Shambhala in the Deep Spiritual Calculus of its 4 Basic Symbols/The Garuda, The Snow-Lion, The Tiger and The Dragon: Mystical Kinship is the Quantum Poetry of Sound-off-Silence

Krishna Bowing to Srimati -Sri Radhika

Sri Krsna Bowing to Srimati -Sri Radhika

Sri Krsna’s all self-offering to Her 

And from Her back to the entire Creation 

Para-brahman of all that exists and will ever exist 

In that sacrificial fire made Love an ocean of Rasa

Hari Nam o sankirtan, Radha-Govinda Chitrakatha

A frame of frames within the literal space-time construct 

commemorates the eternal Yung-Drung of lives 

In the twilight hours the sky, sac-red 

Gave its obeisances for the flowering of peace. 

The Integration of Shambhala in the Deep Spiritual Calculus of its 4 Basic Symbols/The Garuda, The Snow-Lion, The Tiger and The Dragon: Mystical Kinship is the Quantum Poetry of Sound-off-Silence

The ancient bird Garuda is the priest of the sacred Tree     

Chapter 24

Change Returns Success: The Bird (The Garuda) Shambhala Symbol

Holy under the star field

The moon half closed in her vision

Save the flower, fruit and the seed

In the plenary ambit of the rotational cycle 

The tigers roam etching the giant arc of a rainbow

Their majestic movement calm and serene

Towering like the light from the branches of the sun

Crystalline vivid memories flow

Down the liquid tunnel into space arc architecture

Silence of the mountains worship

The streams that run through its veins

The snow-lion treads that vast horizon

Where the stars fiddle with some strange sound   

The 4 Symbols of Shambhala

The 4 Symbols of Shambhala: The Garuda Bird, The Dragon,The Tiger & The Snow-Lion

Music kindled by the fire

By the yung-drung               

By the yung-drung

Their endless cycles all aspire

For thee to descend

Where we shall meet!

Sit there under the cool shade

Eat an apple or a peach!

The dragon not self-hesitating

Awake from the drowsy interior of the seaward pentagram

Seraph of the beautiful dream 

Seraphim of the crowned alabaster

Under the rocky cave of Agastya                           

Jim Morrison The Sac-Red Bard of the Love Street Fard Arden Again...

The Sacred Bard of the Love Street Far Arden Again…

Showed signs of the arrival and departure

Dried thoughts in dead jars of geranium

Cannot utter the innocent child’s eternal rhyme

Lost in the steely graves of the museum or in the booklore of transitory darkness

They blame the ego haunt the body, despair and forget

And kill each other

In the mad ceremony of death.

Yahoava Shiva


Hara-Hari Altav Mecav

Narasimha yaking yong

Truha Truha Hung

Help you with that!

– Joy

Adi-Tantra of the Big Wheel of Time in the Lunar Corpus Mundi: The All-Spinning Yidam of the Solar Cortex Manifesting at the Prime-Time-Space-Moment Before the Many Worlds

Hari Purush, Prabhu Sri Jagat Bandhu Sundar

Hari Purush, Prabhu Sri Jagat Bandhu Sundar

Para-Bandhu Prajñāpāramitā Besh/Circa 700-1100 CE: The Absolute Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom

Para-Bandhu Prajñāpāramitā Besh/Circa 700-1100 CE: The Absolute Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom

“Kriti matra hau,                   hari hita rau

                         atma shuchi uddharane

Ek tek tatra,                           bata ata bakra, 

                        e rakhan uccharane”

– Prabhu Bandhu Sundor, Chandrapat (The Descent of the Moon)

Adi-Tantra of the Big Wheel of Time in the Lunar Corpus Mundi: The All-Spinning Yidam of the Solar Cortex Manifesting at the Prime-Time-Space-Moment Before the Many Worlds

Yellow line diffusion green belt of chintamani

Continental plate-shifts ajax

Many a mile walking on the shore to see it happen

Already recorded in hyperbolic space

Chari dham, anek naam , maha-uddharan tal lila

Baje sankhya baje madol

Vishnu-Chakra-Ananta-Nag sesh dham parakriti

Para-Bandhu Prajñāpāramitā besh/ higgs non-dual virtual-wetra particle       

OM MA TRI MU YE SA LE DU: Heart Mantra/ Tonpa Shenrab Miwo, Founder of BON

OM MA TRI MU YE SA LE DU: Heart Mantra/ Tonpa Shenrab Miwo, Founder of BON

The end is soon the beginning is now

Within the circle the trapezium hosts the All-Conscient eye

With every word the decay is fast length absorption of the unknown energy

Silence of time swallowed the scriptures

Leaving the last mantric syllable of Hari

At the heart of the ocean the lotus sprung from His navel

Came out as the blind light of wave-avahom darkness                                         

Jim Morrison, 1968, Frankfrut

Jim Morrison, 1968, Frankfrut

Horse-seer of the ancient tree revisits the old temple of the timeless gods

Yida-nad, yida-nav, yida-ad-natha dancing on the pointless origin

Spinning around a circuit that generates anti-gravity motion at tremendous speed

Seconds worshipped at the pyramidal helix reveal the real world of possibilities

The stage now set belonging to the riders gliding past

The riders on the storm…

Conical glass vase kavi-kratu kalki

Desert sand yellow river moon


Hilltop optical gravitational lensing

Prime nodal erasure effect

– Joy