Time is Tetra-Ionic Momentary Enlightenment for the Sake of the Self (The Brahman) in a Non-Unitary Matrix of Mind-Matter Entanglement

Photograph of the Horse

                                                       Photograph of the Horse

Physics is an object

Positioning  luminous invariance on possibility

To close the relativity of hyper-assumption. (I)


When the end will shine

The classical route to pure sacred infinity

Will spread the wingless flight in delight. (II)

“Non-volatile universe (braxonixon) behind the logic-spin of  the symmetric equality offering sine-matter persistence beyond the polar-quark  accelerating scale-line bracket (violet big bang route); in the beginning the destiny was the will-neutrinos to open the cry-rest base of the natural fluid(massless-time-dock); natural fluid is the D-zero centre of gravity of the dark matter accepting electrovalent domain-boy temperatures to create luminous superpartner of the mindscape motion ,the total matter of this entire creation is called physics(proper height yellowing sectorial instruments of cosmic supernova)”. (Shambhala)

And you must forgive and forget

Robert Capa, Photographer

Robert Capa, Photographer

Exist as you become

Lie down and rest

When hoofs fall off, the grass is smeared with rain

Come again

Exit and enter

You can run many times on your own

Let the sun sink and be gone

When the flame is burn

The energy absorbed is coded by time on the surface of nanolith planck bubbles

Time, therefore, is tetra-ionic-momentary-enlightenment

Provung fradung hungyim

Provung yotring grobhuyim

Provung bakinto grambhuyim

In my memory, faith is a jump from the back of the  tortoise

By the inner condition of the hexagram

Gravity in our 3-d world

Gravity in our 3-d world

The broken lines standing for absorption

And the unbroken lines for emission

Creating a continual discontinuous process of sublime spontaneity

That, maybe, captured by the eye-of-the-seer

Through the lens the mind knows itself

And disbelieves what he sees

And dies and comes again

That flame is burning still

Future decodes via signalling entanglement

The mirror is not the conjurer but a gateway to self realisation

A momentary time-vision in a non-unitary matrix

Sculpting the riders’ final denouement in the day of everlasting light.


Adonai El Shaddai…Towards the Supreme Realization through Randomness and Chaos: Sun’s Youthful Benefactors Trace their Origins to the Lord of Life-Giving Poetry of Love as Dance of Quantum Kriya (Yoga of Savitri and the Final Culmination) 2014 /15 +++

Jim Morrison-Time's Petals That Flower Life as the Love for the Indivisible One

Jim Morrison-Time’s Petals That Flower Life as the Love for the Indivisible One


Adonai El Shaddai…Towards the Supreme Realization through Randomness and Chaos: Sun’s Youthful Benefactors Trace their Origins to the Lord of Life-Giving Poetry of Love as Dance of Quantum Kriya (Yoga of Savitri and the Final Culmination) 2014 /15 +++

If the writer can write, &

The farmer can sow

Then all miracles concur,

Appear, & start happening

If the children eat, if their

Time of crying was Mid-Night


The Earth needs them

Soft dogs on the snow

Nestled in Spring

When the sun makes wine

& blood dances dangerous

In the veins or vine

–         Jim Morrison



“The Prerequisite condition of understanding master magician is absolute surrender”. Sri Sri Kalipada Guha Roy

Sri Aurobindo circa 1950

Sri Aurobindo circa 1950


“There is no fundamental significance in things if you miss the Divine Reality; for you remain embedded in a huge surface crust of manageable and utilisable appearance. It is the magic of the Magician you are trying to analyze but only when you enter into the consciousness of the Magician himself can you begin to experience the true organisation, significance and circles of the Lila.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Valley of the False Glimmer.


“Happiness wears no clothes, yet retains the law of unique edibility”./To be the other, one on its main-frame enlightens the ethics of sacrifice, oxomonminroen!/ Yet it gains nothing except the selfless joy of its emerging self, wishboneash/Whatever be the dream of winter on its tale to bear the fire, tragethtruthtrivath is thy old name…hari om tat sat- Mahakal


   The moon’s inner vibrations in plant cell stomata

Tiny rivulets that carry life-force to a seed seeking the variegated forms

A plenary rhythm of unmanifest energy finds its way

Earth hidden from its own realm reveals another earth

A process of transformation is the cause of the cycles

A blue mystic sun

Silence adores an unforgettable gift of the soul    

michelangelo-Last Judgement

Shores where darkness bids farewell to the light

Captures the myriad lullaby of the stars

Sitting on the crest of a wave

For another dawn’s awakening

May the gulls see the coastguard lights

On a warm bed feel the golden lapis of far distant horizons

A palace of forms and conceptions melt in the apocalypse

Trident of the lightning bolt strikes the fountainhead

Liberating mind’s bosons

And in the wilderness there will be light again

And in chaos find the birth of the sun in a grain of sand

Dusty storms over the Capitol may sweep the faces of few

Old order crumbles they cannot run nations on their constitutional ego

Light projects light bends and twists around a moving tetrahedron

Answers the assembly of ascended masters – the road is now clear

Om Adi Chintamani – charioting towards the final immutable moment

Of this coming Ascension of the King – kavatriyong Kal-ki

All that’s happening around the word bear the imprint of this time spectacular.

‘It was the hour before the god’s awake…’







The Child Masters the Lord of Beings: Jim Morrison’s Poetry and Para-Prakiti Time of Information Management with the Stars

Jim Morrison, The Doors: Riders on the Storm

Jim Morrison, The Doors: Riders on the Storm


“Ride the snake
Ride the snake 
To the lake
To the lake

The ancient lake, baby 
The snake is long
Seven miles 
Ride the snake…” – The End, Jim Morrison, The Doors


Time is a tomb

A spiral staircase to eternity

Time eats time warps space-time

Flowing negatively inwards from the surface

Beneath streaming like jets in the opposite direction

Linear non-linearity of the quantum essence of the creation

Black habas vecta-turbulent time of chaos in the cosmos

Sacred Gurudongmar Lake, North Sikkim

Sacred Gurudongmar Lake, North Sikkim

All are kind of projections from the thought ripple in the oceanic space

Field non-locality supramental quarxo-boham time affluence

Rigid structures melt

Light quarks leap

The bird’s feather finds its way in the blue sky

Stars diminish their distance

Comes closer to the mind-matrix

Installing data from unforeseen 2d-plaque of distant event horizons

Sun is the blue lotus of the white sands of destiny

Programmed efficiently to run the clock-hour of the time

Forest floor lit with purple lights

An interference pattern on cave-walls of infancy

The Child masters the Lord of Beings

Through the conscious grace of the mother

The Divine Mother Symbol: The Para-Prakiti Magnet of Our Difficult Ascent

The Divine Mother Symbol: The Para-Prakiti Magnet of Our Difficult Ascent

Coming from the future

Dance children dance

Wild pilgrim time of the yunho-yigrib


Far away from this Creation there are other creations of the mind-plane

They become real, tangible like the worlds

They exist not in thoughts but as patterns that emerge from some holographic projections

We are not abandoned or destitute in this cosmic play

The Lila continues after the End

Creating co-creating the past from the present coming back from the future

The cycles aspire …we ride the white horses moving like the time.


– Joy Roy Choudhury


The Quantum Teleportation of Dreams via the Ecrazolven-Station in Time: From Eternity to Iternity, 23rd Jan, 2013 on the Occasion of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s 116th Birth Anniversary


The Quantum Teleportation of Dreams via the Ecrazolven-Station in Time: From Eternity to Iternity, 23rd January 2013 on the Occasion of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s 116th Birthday

The struggle has just begun…to manifest the light
It’s rather reptilian old and fragment of the cosmic new sun
People’s lives are shed in folded patterns of a geometric canvas
Within in the circle or the triangle or in the rhombus,parallelepiped
We have come here to meet something greater than our destiny
Our journey in space yields the time-square of the vitruvian man
To start anew amid the dark beginning of things
Hours light candles of Horus in the mid-west of the summer eves
The golden fiddle is played by the cherubian seconds of the new man
From deserts, over oceans, across the seven seas and holy mountains
Tireless winds carry voices in XYLIP mode
Vivi afa afa jo hilem ya ho afa
Afa tradeth yo jo ya afa hi yom
We are sent into the cave museums of gods and dinosaurs?
The alpha-huaret hymn heart beating very fast
Beyond dreams nothing is real but you yourself are true
And have the force to take it further- there was sunlight in that bayonet quark-mission
Jangling and jingling as a merry quartet of the alblackica prayer
Causal power is the only quantum cyclist in the ever expanding creation
Within life, life is evolving to earn the major share of immortality
The journey has started but the airport is empty and the flights all grounded
Where have all the dreams gone…?
Future cannot come unless you invoke,
From Eternity to Iternity via the Ecrazolven-station
It’s the necessary journey of the soul
Luminous birds fly into the occult sun
Defying gravity, the vehicle is the free-will error of an indeterminate choice
The true answer lies within each possibility
And as you know nothing is impossible.
– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Quantum Journey of Ulysses and Roerich: The Quest for the Happy Isles or Shambhala


Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Monalisa, 2012

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Monalisa, 2012

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Monalisa, 2012

“We are not now that strength which in old days 
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are; 
One equal temper of heroic hearts, 
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will 
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”.

– Ulsses, Alfred, Lord Tennyson



Everything stands before us all:

The star the planets the cosmos and the man

Before we could read the twilight language of the script

There was a time of innocence and faith,

A sun veiled itself behind the tremendous alblackica

Journeying into the mosaic of a supra-cosmic all perceiving eye

That fathomed depths of the ancient pyramidal lights in the voyage across the sea

Ulysses in the happy isles soliloquised with the alpha-neutrinos of the Digitaria

Light in the full moon was the ‘tat savitur varam rupam’

Accelerating in the jahoa-wahoa cave of the creator

In the time of beauty, a moment’s delight was the sacrificial arm

Embracing the sky with the grass and sea

Blowing the conch shell when the cat uttered the first words from Schrodinger’s box

Helium-rei-ravas-neva-neva para-brahman

Zagrib-zagrib light years away- He was not She in the It of Them

It ate the apple and found the god sleeping in the flower of heaven

Dante was criss-crossing the imbha-plane of consciousness towards the eternal fragrance of the undying hours

That was that in the holy spectacle of the cinematic vision

Immobile vast stretching itself to the blind ethereal naught

Homer sleeping in a cradle of laser sunk into that silence of the origins

He saw what he created and cried within in supramental joy

There was a time, indeed, the first flower the sparkle of heaven

Pierced into my soul and the body was taking it forth.

– Joy Roy Choudhury


James Joyce and the Subatomic Quest for the Chalice: The Final Grail of Quantum Identification

  James Joyce, Monalisa, 2012

James Joyce, Monalisa, 2012

James Joyce, Monalisa, 2012

 “I imagined that I bore my chalice safely through a throng of foes”. – ‘Araby’, James Joyce

The Grail Chalice is the outward symbol of man’s final quest for beauty – the beauty that exists in love, and in life- its that enlightening aspect of self-transformation in things. Without it, life is a sordid cup of sorrow, the artist cannot paint the Madonna of the mind or the Monalisa  of the dream. The Buddha is the Christ in the mediation of the cross on the rose of the eternal coin. That coin is the tree of prosperity,the kiss the final wealth to be accumulated by the outpouring of grace – winter harvests the spring of the early descent of the Lord into the monsoon of green vegetation thereby renewing the cycle of life from birth to birth, and from that birth to the rebirth in immortality. The sacred wish is to attain that liberty- the dzochen is the beauty self-preparation for that stage by acquiring the consciousness to enable the process.

Time was the fragment of the stone, Chintamani

Time was the unconscious element flowing in the stream that gives recognition to objects

The quantum wave is the writing on the stone, the scripture of the artist

God whose sacred poetry is the prose of the Stephen Daedalus in the many moments of the light travelling from the point of origin

Sun gods are young in the nubile river of the diction, words afraid of the meta-entanglement are jumping like seagulls into the sea

They cannot see the heavy rock that takes the shocks of the waves transmuting the pain into the litanies of the full moon joy- birth to birth is rebirth and the end is immortality.

To Shambhala, the future is the locked secret of the sweet envisioning

The King can see over the cold Gobi desert

that the world is about to change

as destined in the words of the prophetic oracle

Man is the choice for the next experiment in evolution…

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Five-Faced Time and Picasso: The Subjective Alter of Quantum Hyperspace in the Integral Yoga of Light Revelation

Pablo Picasso

“Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth” – Pablo Picasso


In a world of real differentials the actual is a relational constant of the mind’s pure will destiny. Intelligent devices perform better

superform of mind is an intelligent tortoise who cuts shapes and sizes in magical precision to make an invisible collage of ideas that can buy consciousness

minds, therefore, not adapters but buyers

a buyer of consciousness, in quantum retrocausal meta-logic sub-field

Thoughts streaming as photons through the glass,

Wide angle lens

Objects as digital engrams in a cloud cluster mobile device

Terminating eternal suffering

In the megalith of glass

Reflecting from Guernica the horse and the bull

Dead tree and the causal leaves


Alone in the meditating circle

A passion to lie, to unveil

That is not that is

Becta-Jajix-Progress in Darkness

Internal-Combustion within the Diametrical Diamond Flowering the Five-Headed Time

To enter the vision of all-absolute


– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Earth-Clock Hour in the Temple of the Bon sends signals to Humanity for Perfect Growth and Development: Compassion is the Attitude towards Macro-Evolution in the Entire-Creation-Entire

Temple of Bon, Samij Datta, 2012

The Earth-Clock Hour in the Temple of the Bon sends signals to Humanity for Perfect Growth and Development: Compassion is the Attitude towards Macro-Evolution in the Entire-Creation-Entire (Perhaps the gods are dead!)


Enable your heart to listen to the song

The white bird has perched its shadow on the outer circumference of the egg

Though destiny cannot frame the path of tomorrow’s future

Broken relics of history are still burning in the land

Reading an old book of Tapriza to the empty spaces lying beneath

The stars are circumambulating the mountains; uncertain hour dragged its body into every stream running down

Sacred letters of ‘Olmo’ disappeared into the awakened compassion of the being

Through light and into the light the ways of the Master heralded the time

Shenrab uhinmrang Shenrab

Red flame of the black pool carved the ethereal synagogue of the sun

Ra-Ru-Re dream > Supramental asked to accelerate

The moon has crawled nine ways to the pyramid: buy 2 get one

In the quiet of the mind the beginning was also the end of no-causal entreaty

Greater the degree of devotion to the self greater the earning of the bodhi-tree in per decra-nanoseconds of bliss consumed

Thou art within like the rainbow serpent in the whaos-chaos of the alblackica

Thou art the luminous sacred wheel of evolution

In the YungDrung-roaming space of Jahoa-Jahoa-Jahoa

In the yashik-dashik-golden carpe-diem of the everlasting day!

Ranga matir path

suryer badami alo dhuye dey mati

Chetonar ardhonarishwar prakitir pratiti kanthe jagay tar bani

Adbhut sab alo jwalchey nivchey

Anya kono tarar durabhash theke aschey kato pran.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Time Epilogues of Osirian Time in the Original Destiny of the Origin of Origins via C-Loop Navret Consciousness (Triple Transformation of Being- weza-heza off-on Shambhalapure ovid)

Anadiutsakendra A1 , Samij Datta, 2012

Time Epilogues of Osirian Time in the Original Destiny of the Origin of Origins via C-Loop Navret Consciousness (Triple Transformation of Being- weza-heza off-on Shambhalapure ovid)



Within the space-horizon space is a massless entity

Its feathered clock have disappeared into the hole

Time dissolves time, space is an abstract ideological constant

Mother-in-time and mother-outside-time

In the Navajo base mandalas, words are psychiquazims of a supreme past

Present is the origin of time, the future is the origin of origins

Translational acceleration – z > Rotational acceleration – w

To be with time is to be with time, to be with time is to be without time

In the occurrence of events, silence is truth-paradox of an epistemological tree

Truth is not in the domain of super-realism, it’s a construct of the hyper-verb in the greater i-plane-i

To meet the i one can only be the i to be in the I of the Eye (Silent- Pure- Manifest-Supra- Unmanifest- Hymn- is Ambatat- Harastot- Afraz- Haramaz)

Mountains farmers horses and elephants

Kings, promises and the land                               

Light embodies hope, hope embodies the chalice

Supra-tail-supra-null-supra-lim = Supramentalisation

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Star of David




The Bliss of a Romantic Morning as Seen Through the Eye of a Poet in the Mind-Mirror Reflections of his Self-Embodiment: 151st Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, Noble Laureate

1934 circa, Rabindranath Tagore, coloured ink on paper


There is an automatic template of the mind

That captures images of nature

Through the varltumin camera positioned in the eye

Alpine valleys surrounded by mountains are free to dance speak and laugh

Words are their images in the dreaming soliloquy of their existence

Rivers find their ways in the twining pathways leading to immortality

And the spirit of their substance become starlit summer nights that levitate

Light is light in the clock-arm of alblackica

Romancing the wind in the stone circles of chintamani

Brahman calls Brahman the root cause behind the 11th chapter of Brouhaman

Shakti is singular in the rain wedded months of Baishakh

And as drops of water bring scarlet joy to the heart of the infinitude

The old eagle of the centroid awoke from his sleep in the numberless keys of his destiny

To embrace earth as a miniature in a meta-entangled quantum multiverse

I saw many earths as poets dreaming like him to express the fountain of a superluminal desire

Their words are not mere artefacts but points escaping through a worm-hole

To reach the mother-of-their-origins as they fly out towards their embryonic source

Their consciousness the only-truth carrier in this trance bound journey through nature

Stones pick up idle grass and butterflies, the skies pick their clouds in sacks of rice

Each carrying the other and often huddled together to celebrate life

This we called a momentum: ‘Ananda-Nritya-Sangeet’ of the rasa-lila

Man is tied to his fortune through bonds of friendship

His hands are gifts of nature to be the artist-poet of his own creational multiplex

He grows among hills and trees and worships the sacred crust of His own existence.


– Joy Roy Choudhury

Notes from Tagore:

‘The morning will surely come, the darkness will vanish and thy voice will pour down in golden streams breaking through the sky.

This is my delight, thus to wait and watch at the wayside where shadow chases light and the rain comes in the wake of summer’. – Gitanjali, 1910, Rabindranath Tagore