Retro Causal Plane and Opium Cubism of Imaginative Flight-Depths

Ether Geometry, Samij Datta, 2012

Retro Causal Plane and Opium Cubism of Imaginative Flight-Depths


The mad man ate the marshmallows

Green blue red and yellow

He wrote a script on them for Heraclitus but showed it to Omar Khayyam

Analytical models each behaving dimensionless unbounded by space-time

They laughed when he skewed the horizon over the visionless Alblackica sea

Picasso was a strong man who etched a palimpsest on to collage fixations

And erected Guernica from pregnant heart of a broken metaphor

They talked to the endless stars a chain within a chain terminating nowhere

Illusions disappeared from the roots of gravity

Diomedes in the tail of Denebola riding the occult geometric device

On the super trail of Deneb and Altair

Silence marks the beginning of time

And the quarks are invisible in opium frenzy

Auto-didactic De Quincey on the prime elevators of graviton centrifuge

To rule is to define the order of subatomic reality

Thinking leads to geometric abstractions ethereal and monotheistic

Consciousness leads to pure perception of things

Thinking with Consciousness leads to opium cubism – a kind of elevated program

That was art as science through the double pin-holes of Promethean camera reflecting consciousness to advance humanity

Create new ethics of ethereal hyper-solids and use their relative positions and vibrations

Community endorses the green-leaf design, dabbing paint with sky, ether, wishful-thinking, and light

Imagination is a vector-bird of the creational salt-plate

Consciousness-grid maps are working for the creation

To earth is earth a joyful time in the eye of the seer.

– Joy Roy Choudhury