Earth Day Message: Abandonment of A Phenomenal Centre Ruled by a Fictional Self is the Way to Enlightenment

mother ganges old book leaflet

Mother Ganges, Old Rare Booklet

“Kings of Shambhala……According to Buddhist legend, the first ‘notable’ king of Shambhala, King Suchandra (or Chandrabhadra, Tib. Dawa Sangpo), was the one who requested teaching from the Buddha that would allow him to practice the dharma without renouncing his worldy enjoyments and responsibilities. In response to his request, the Buddha gave the first Kalachakra root tantra. By practicing the Kalachakra the whole of Shambhala became an enlightened society, with Suchandra as the ruler”. (From

Liquid drops of youthful yearning *”this entire universe is the Purusha”/Rig-Veda

Fulfilling the desire of the sacred tree  Peacock dancing

Sail in its dream * The light that illumines the sun is the light of Brahman-Mundaka Upanishad

Sometimes the drought begs for a song –a rain song

Written by the birds

baby krishna and durga hand painted lithograph kolkata c 1880

Old Painting Bengal: MaaDurga Holding Baby Krishna

Tweeted from mind to mind

Giraffe at the Buffalo Springs Reserve in Kenya

Giraffe at the Buffalo Springs National Reserve, Kenya

By the prajna of a timeless being playing with itself

Red Squirrel picture by Oliver Creamer

Red Squirrel

We are aboard a ship that would cross the shores of destiny

We have crossed many oceans and mountains

We are plainly not suffering here

But have danced as the timeless being in the vehicle of our consciousness

An undivided whole that it is imperceptible to the reality we invoke in the phenomenal world

We are the immeasurable source apperceived in the zero fluctuations of a timeless moment in the interlude of a metrical verse

Those are order without ordering

Number without numbering

In the mindless dots of infinitude of circles that are radiating in and out in a bubble enclosed by another  ad infinitum

Then who writes the song whispered ear to ear no one knows?

Or, I am not the universe is my self *Noumenally there is no entity to be bound

She is the river of changing thoughts *Phenomenally there is no entity to be free

Drowning in the bubble-pack

Is holding the sun like dew drop in the spider’s web

To mirror the thunder and rain

That comes and goes




The Universal Psychiquazim Worship on Earth Day: Earth on Earth is Earth to Earth

Psychiquazim, Samij Datta, 2012


The Universal Psychiquazim Worship on Earth Day: Earth on Earth is Earth to Earth

Light’s intensity melts in her pacific vastness

She was the room-late-wish of time as space-soda

The vermilion cylindrical psychiquazim meditating upon earth De Macro-state (E-C-E)

Zanumba lines are open on red-shot place

Earth on earth is earth to earth

Space-gap is the owl-light-wish of time-gap

Earth in earth is earth to earth

Space-well is the hymn-height-will of time-well

As the child learns to grow to have the eye-camera varltumin      

To put to frame earth’s magnificent images of struggle and love

I see the day when darkness recedes

As an emblem song of Jethro Tull with wishful thinking and memories

Function-Gate = 4XZZ (9FRE) = KIJA (YETAK + UTAK)

“Let me bring you songs from the wood:

to make you feel much better than you could know.

Dust you down from tip to toe.

Show you how the garden grows”.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Jethro Tull Album, Songs From the Wood (1977)