Parinispanna Swabhava, The Perfected or Absolute Nature of the Same Thing: The Great Illumination in the Observed Eigenvalue


Coronation Throne of the 1st King of Sikkim , Yuksum, Sikkim /Under the Holy Guidance of 3 High Lamas circa 1642 /SACRED PINE TREE

  • All karma and obscurations are momentary and not inherent to primordial dharmakaya
  • Subject-object fixation or quantum entanglement of subject and object is Transcended by recognition of the Mind Essence – Dharmakaya itself is free of subject and object
  • Naked Dharmakaya is the basic state of all sentient beings (***Across all MULTI-VERSES) – BUDDHA NATURE
  • This is the profound state possible, and you should allow it to be by means of UNFABRICATED NATURALNESS

“The sounds of the valley

Streams are his long, broad tongue;

The form of the mountains are his pure body.

At night, I hear the myriad hymns of praise;

How can I explain what they say?”

– Su Tung-P’O (on ‘Vairocana’)














Ahrgam Zambala, Sungacholing Monastery Sikkim 

The clear sky is the naked apparel of the body


Cave of Guru Padmasambhava, Sikkim 

Anointed by birth it endures with grace

The mind reflects the inner pot of water

Clear, empty and pure

By itself

Reflects the innermost space

Which is awareness alone

This three-fold sky practice is Enlightenment

All karmic equations are balanced by the Yajna of Practice

Brahman is Brahman

Proper channeling of Grace can evolve a system further

The scattered mirror reflecting again;

And the fallen flower rising to the branch?

-When concepts are broken in the VOID where are thy LAWS???





Unfolding of Life as a Cinema with No End No Beginning: Dot Projection of High Energy Eigenstate Bubbles in Quantum Space-Time Foam for a Drive through the Worm Hole

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy circa 1950s

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy circa 1950s


Unfolding of Life as a Cinema with No End No Beginning: Dot Projection of High Energy Eigenstate Bubbles in Quantum Space-Time Foam for a Drive through the Worm Hole

Cinema is an art form that manages to construct a visual synergy between the latent forms of beauty and plasticity of the creational process by lithographically demonstrating the hidden elements of positive and negative space-time curvatures with advanced technology of consciousness in the material plane. Therefore, it’s consciousness that repeats itself in myriad things conjuring forms and patterns that actually doesn’t exist in the physical sense – it creates the Lila to experience the extremity of its inner self-assets that cannot be localized in a compact space-time signature in the interactive field fabric.

Jodie Foster in Contact

Jodie Foster in Contact




Cinema is all movement contrary to art which is static but this movement takes place in many dimensions but all these hyper dimensions are actually created from a point that remains still with respect to others or it moves creating sensations alluring to dance of photons in a field spectra.

The whole universe is the cinema that goes on without beginning or end – elemental life forms are created from the random movement of energy particles by interaction with various force-fields – each subject chooses its own object and each object chooses its subject to create a plethora of emotional syntheses based on entropy state of the cause as required by the matrix operator.

True cinema is not made – it happens when uniform non-locality of the qualia turns every explicate vision inside out like fruit bursting the seeds to show how the tree is involuted in the seed of the tapoban katha (eternal hermitage of super-fluidity also know as xi-vi tat artistic perception of the creatrix)

Rhododendrons/ Sikkim-Himalaya London :Reeve, Benham, and Reeve,1849-51/BHL Biodiversity Heritage Library

Rhododendrons/ Sikkim-Himalaya London :Reeve, Benham, and Reeve,1849-51/BHL Biodiversity Heritage Library

An all permeating silence gives birth to a wanton play of words

Words carry visions as vibrations interplay (light and sound)

Visions conjure material kinesis

Movements concur the episteme of physiological evolution (bio-genesis of myriad forms)

Like a cinema that goes on without any interval

Many characters and plots may come

But what is significant is the art it creates

Life is material representation of that art

This is a flashback of tapoban katha

You can rewrite your destiny on the script

Because there isn’t any…

– J









The Yoga of Divine Ananda is Based on Post-Observation ‘Real Values’ Connecting with ‘Future Observables’ using Enlightenment as a Supra-Cosmic Lens to See the Creation ( Anadi-Utsho-Kendro)

Albert Einstein and Wolfgang Pauli

“Of all Yogins he who with all his inner self given up to Me, for Me has love and faith, sraddhavan bhajate, him I hold to be the most united with Me in Yoga”. – Essays on Gita, Nirvana and Works in the World – Sri Aurobindo

“All we can observe is their effect on other living people, whose spiritual level and whose personal unconscious crucially influence the way these contents actually manifest themselves”.- Wolfgang Pauli (from the book Atom and Archetype edited Carl Alfred Meier)

Mind Geometry Abstraction Space: Enlightenment is a kind of lens to see the universe – the creation. The mind must adjust its ophthalmic apparatus to do this – the yoga of contentment which mirrors post-scriptural design of the Samadhi state , a high concentration of energy creating its own field non-dual by interacting with the causal and retro-causal points by an act of observation.

Such a state of dynamic equipoise- ‘enontat’ in a multi-dimensional lattice is the silence above the works of Nature (beyond the gunas) directing the unmanifest energy to manifest for the welfare of the creation.

i-box rova luten ivotat

plasticity of words to absorb and converge                                     

Sri Ramana Maharshi and Paul Brunton

Sri Ramana Maharshi and Paul Brunton

bliss that can convert matter to supermatter or anti-matter

life’s essential elements in water

Pauli watches the hydrogen bond

Awakening the ‘buddhi’ in its primal seed

The night’s retro-causal action on the morning brings the golden day

The tree is the star substance it’s psychic body emits bio-photons B>b

Normalized according to the law of conservation

Prayers unify prayers

Thoughts touch feelings in an abstract vector space

Do they speak? Does nature converse?

Ecology of the deep mind graduating from the World Universities?

Are we learning? What are our projections?

In that hour, the hour cries and seconds are ticking away

The circle revolves and comes to a unitary static point    

Sri Kalipada Guha Roy

Sri Kalipada Guha Roy

What is after all that?

From Faith’s consulate Kierkegaard had a vision?

WHAT – Wrahol-Hatutat-Anadi-Trishna

In that whole desire the vision of para-prakiti came in to being

Then desire became a desireless dream

Of every wandering soul…

There is no goal

But learn the key process of evolution

One day you may master the art to perfect it

Knowledge is a string of vertices that has eigenvalues

Measurable and observable

Can experience be measured or felt? What are its eigenstates?

Nature’s impulses weave the mutable personality

To attain the impersonal godhead…

Alo Adharer Dakshina

Light is the penance of darkness

Mayabi rang

Dhong dhong

Prashner dui uttor /A quantum bit has 2 possible states

Question and Answer are 2 faces of the Brahman

Above all there is the Purushottama

Mind a cognitive device to evaluate the process of learning

There are sensors that mark the information input and output     

Sri Nolini Da/ Nolini Kanta Gupta Sketch by Mirra Alfassa/Divine Mother

Sri Nolini Da/ Nolini Kanta Gupta Sketch by Mirra Alfassa/Divine Mother

All are governed by the consciousness cloud

It will rain

There will be flood

We may start all over again…

Compute your destiny by the law of the All-Pervading Will and make your own matrix fit into the supracosmic design that controls the creation

With Blessings from the oldest tree (called Jaya-Jata-keshava) in the Brihadarankya /The Wilderness


From the Seed to the Tree there are my quantum states and all these are in a superposition in the Consciousness Cloud /Matter is rihontat matter in the cloud as a possibility – Nature executes the formation of things based on a design pattern encoded in the Field – the body is also the field when you know it and use it according to the Will of the Supreme.

Anadi Chakre -suryer prantore aami dekhi timirer prato-snan

Anande purnimar chand alor benu gay gaan!

– J 



FROM AVAHOM CONSCIOUSNESS-PLANT UPSTREAM INTELLIGENT INFLOW: In the Theater of Man The Absurd Irrational is the High-Faith Monomer of the Quintessential Attitude Towards Final Unity in Closure


                                                               Vector Tail Free State Scalar Boson Drath, Samij Datta, 2012

FROM AVAHOM CONSCIOUSNESS-PLANT UPSTREAM INTELLIGENT FLOW: In the Theater of Man The Absurd Irrational is the High-Faith Monomer of the Quintessential Attitude Towards Final Unity in Closure


Suspended in the air each sequence identifies the other

To what knowledge do they consign in the gravity-scale no one knows

Yet they recognize each other in the Hubble’s expanding universe

Pervasive dot consciousness talking to Razder and Iionicixa and Baquitra and Vaxuta

Nights grow old as young, blue as red

The river flows on its own path

The sun has slept in the direction of desires

The stars are not fed by the cup of destiny anymore

There is no truth on god’s face beneath the ocean-musk of mortality

Higgs-Boson to Higgs-Boson connecting threads beyond causal spatial loops

Time function adjustments in Avahom plant (Base Variable Integrated Function)

Consciousness up-stream n-levels Quatreth Ge V weca-weca position

Silence rapid index high-density quark inflow

Reptilian programme aggregator numerals- sft7il

HIGGS- HIS Instinctive Green Gravity Surrendering

BOSON- Before Others Self Offering Nothingness

This is Brahman (entire-creation-entire)

Green Gravity = 10.4 XAXE m/sec square (a variable changing from 23 to 97 numerical heads)

Entire-creation-entire = 44-77-88 (other- spin – one-half)

Higgs-Boson > reca-8 Higgs-Boson- 66 m/n (g-nesa-b-nesa-k-nesa)

Vector tail free state scalar boson drath (Higgs-Boson)

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Page-Photo/Consciousness-Signal Link-Up Vest, Avahom Plant, Samij Datta, 2012

Free Radical in an Ion Exchange Talking to Distant Supramental Creations (MREATIONS) to Overlay a Pattern for the Time-Consciousness Interplay of Bio-Electric Eigenvectors in a Super-Fluid Gronix-Space

11 Boxet, Samij Datta, 2012

Free Radical in an Ion Exchange Talking to Distant Supramental Creations (MREATIONS) to Overlay a Pattern for the  Time-Consciousness Interplay of Bio-Electric Eigenvectors in a Super-Fluid Gronix-Space


The red tip of the burning candle is the flickering horizon of distant entities

Through the fire the moth burns itself into the ash of an afterlife

The green leaf is the dead sea of the singing grass raised to the power infinity

And that it is a hole in the tunnel through which life passes into other lives

The ratio of existence to consciousness remains same as with bliss

‘Ananda’ is the para-theta dimension of himension in the gube operal-fembox (towards anomalous Thocuftin-End)

Queen Ionicixa is relieving the pain she knows the apple-cross alter of the tree

In the circle, the circle is lost in the origin of thinking origins

A point incarnates the radius of the diameter in a Socratic dialogue

Logic is a mass less boson in the typeface of alala acting as force-carrier of consciousness

Penguins dream like the sun and melt like the moon over the silver glass in a million aeons

The yak is walking in the inner realm of Shambhala talking to the winds drifting from the sea

Language is an orientation of psychic numbers in the micro-gravity of an ethereal equation

The equation is a non-linear polymath of a time function in causal indanity (alpa times/{99876 crore times} the unixot-infinity, this creation)

Vra-Uj-Ni letter to letter exchange is the equilibrium junction of the new creation

From the future came the stone carrying information-particles of the free-sacred free-choice

Where fire was a tyger striped like an old star in the prime diction of the mother’s ancient book

She took it from the arrow the golden light and became the Alblackica of dancing mornings

Birds became butterflies that flew into the dots to make the straight line of a trans-meta-aspiration

Vra-uj-ni vra-uj-ni mahayugath trikal mahalkal broimbha namah!

(Existential Harmony ─Evolutionary Wish Factor─Time the Absorber of Energy─Conservation of Mass)@ little Krishna’s life

6 astralroughness-cytomeon original synthesis of cellular matter in bio-genetic evolution /para-xat-tat years of light assimilation with dark matter feman-constant.

– Joy Roy Choudhury