The Existential Logic of the Creation on the Solar Vertices of the Time-Pyramid by Application of Pauli’s Exclusion Principle

Boxet-Card Series, Samij Datta 2012

The Existential Logic of the Creation on the Solar Vertices of the Time-Pyramid by Application of Pauli’s Exclusion Principle 


The night follows its offspring like the horse its filly

A thick patch of grass was covered with snow

The mountains looked like the old castle of Kafka

In some boutique shops they bought some flowers for Heidegger (existence is a non-being virtue of time in a hexagonal pyramid spending its ‘eternity’ within 7 vertices from Monday to Sunday)

And Roland Barthes looked like a silly clown dressed in bells and rags

A comedy of errors was translated into a perfect play of many possibilities

Who draws phenomenon into the quantum differentials of a polygonal time?

I will so I see therefore I hear and touch and do
the rest

Psychic responsibility allows balance of mind to testify the present personnel of the creation

The ‘body politic’ is in tatters; around the horizon the sun transmitted chemical messages via the synapse

The light is the shadow of the ghost walking in the midnight sun

Maha-Kalki unyam-oanim fibre on zingauva imyadh itro

The cross beams distant light years travelling into worm holes

A point configures the complexity of matter within the deuterium

Black line purges the road to heaven; the Shepherd is the fermion-disc of the wavihoman circle

Brahman is Brahman as one in one to be one after many zeroes attained the liberty of time.

– Joy Roy Choudhury






Village Supramental on Anti-Matter Simran Bond of Alblackica

RURAL CUBISM, Samij Datta, 2012

Village Supramental on Anti-Matter Simran Bond


Green is a square elongated field, silent without motion, almost a place of worship where the co-cubic vectors of anti-matter time are surreally visible to one who is a witnesser to the event; i see in the corn cup this lateral elongation as a cyclical anti-cyclical process emerging that defines the positioning of the following metonymic particles: grasut, gravi, gerom and knabut; in the hari om tat sat, hari is om tatat hari in every iota of the wave-function PSI; in the rural supramental field Sri Chaitanya is every Christ worshipped by the prophet in the haritatat moon; this moon is the self of the yellow submarine in the old man’s house and that is Hemingway; the Llamas are walking on Hermitian space with Corinthian grace-loop in every hammer of Hephaestus.

She is the one I know she too is real in hyphenations within time

Connecting vowels with consonant-ships of Vasco Da Gama 1498 times infinite-YYT years


Utkala-fr-utkala-maha prabhu

Love is the ocean of rasa (3x)

Time is a shapeless shape-yak

Watching the star signs on the sky I say

In the simran-bond matter holds the anti-matter time in the grace circle of parabrahman

Time is a shapeless shape-penguin

Higgs field = apparent vacuum/(red shift > Gluon acceleration on Fermion)

Alblackica rivers are timeless anomalies of the sempiternal time

Al-farir gekaxino yellow huan rose tat-flower-moon-vlakev cross (Cape of Good Hope)

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Momentum of the Evolving Mind in the Devcasur Polymer of the Revolving Alblackica Domain-Specific Consciousness of the Free-Sacred-Free-Choice

Boson-Fermion in Delta Cubic Spacecraft, Samij Datta, 2012 (Digital Mixed-Media)

The Momentum of the Evolving Mind in the Devcasur Polymer of the Revolving Alblackica Domain-Specific Consciousness of the Free-Sacred-Free-Choice


Memory plays a game within the quantum-a-quantum loop, the chirality and angular momentum in optical high density radiations are transferrable digits stored in the neuro-optical fibers as adaptive consciousness. David Hume once said, “the science of man is the only solid foundation for the other sciences” and what are other sciences if not  the spokes of the wheel of time that confines itself within space and beyond space-time convergence of matter and spirit and matter within spirit and spirit within matter. That point fiddles with the diameter of the creatrix and studies the reshaping resonance of bosons and fermions in high probabilistic interactive frames; the cat sleeps in the afternoon to see the cows coming back from the corn fields at dusk mowing at the sky’s crystal lattice like violets wrapped in a shawl of recycled-papers 80 gsm thinking of the worlds that ‘revolve like ancient women /Gathering fuel in vacant lots’.

Empty steadfastness of the bright stars relook at the stone in the Yosemite, they think language is the variable constant of the silent purity of the mind; alphabets are superconductors that transmit the psychisisation of the leaf and the bole and the bud in the heart of ancient matter; the eagle never betrays the sunlight in its eyes, the owl turns to the moon to know how the stars dream at daytime and turn to prefigure the flickering arms of their Hasselblad cameras that are used to photograph ionic oscillations of bosons and fermions at speed when time is zero at the alblackica hour of the clock. The shoals in the river in their moments of ecstasy felt the rain catch the evening by the hymn of the ancient tribe who said

Mahuia Mahuia Mahuia

Trenou Tranou Trenou

Brihat Brihat Brihat

Bajro Bahijro Bajro

Mahuia Mahuia Mahuia

Trenou Tranou Trenou…

The grapes are the isotonic oscillators floating in dreamless spirals of lion-positrons and in the troton-troton centre of the free radicals  that time is zero and 1; timeless within the time are the hyphens that construct “the narrow isthmus of the ascending soul”; matter and mind in conjunction, solid-hypersolids connected by the free extrohan sacred cause of the hyperbolic space that has more freedom in the origin of origins.

Reva noriyum yadrobiak

Reva noriyum tretat tat grivam

Moses to Moses is Noah-Eragman in the devcasur polymer working…

–  Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: 1. “The worlds revolve like ancient women/Gathering fuel in vacant lots.- The Prelude, T.S. Eliot

2. “A hyphen must connect Matter with Mind,/The narrow isthmus of the ascending soul:’’- Savitri Book I Canto IV, Sri Aurobindo

3. Sunday News Artwork, Samij Datta, 2012 (Digital Media)

Within Alblackica Frame the Divine Day (21st Feb): In the Whole Creation, Even a Single Point of Entity is the Unified Substance of My Being/Mirra


On the eve of Divine Mother’s Birthday, 21st Feb, 2012

Video link:


The invertebrate calls to the vertebrate by a name called the azer, the diamonds are flaking in the sky and the sunshine of her eyes is the ever present sweetness of the lateral shift from darkness of the horns to the sublime essence of the zeta-fluids in the ether vibrating medium of the zatter; the bosons and the fermions are having identical operative indexes of the quanta their relative distribution over a defined localized space might well acknowledge the shaping clouds freedom in the zenon-axis time; brick on brick is brick-hard substance-time that has no shape of iropia and, therefore, cannot tell the summer months by the bees fluctuating hummings in the fourth quadrant of a space dome. I was once a painter of gardens composing the organ music of life in the seas of verisimilitude by the connecting mediums’ roaming signals with the star satellites of outer space…many multiverses are named after me, I stopped for a while, looking at the design matrices at Vega, changing substance into hyper-forms of Deneb and Altair…

I realized have left my anti-I back on earth in a envelope of grasses floating in the ribbon like waters of Ganges far across Yamuna and Cauvery into the Arabian sea  and the oceans. There are the Savitri letters of the conevaxness of the consciousness in the Rohaman of the Johaman of the Brahman; anti-I of Mirra is the mirror of the sun reflecting the death of life-cycles of past existence , over the Savitri all is Savitri in the dawn of the chalice of the Alblackica treading on the golden colors of the night to reopen the vastness of the heart in the rainbow glaze- bliss on earth is the supreme per extatet trath-truth-treth of the creational tree bearing the fruit of the consciousness in the extreme borders of the eternal time. The ra-ru-re dream is the domain made in heaven for earth on earth to earth from big bang towards Sri-Krishna’s hour of magnetic journey. Wide open spaces are becoming the river of the non-time matter we flow into the subtleties of its existence as consciousness takes the gratiyu grip into the far revolving light of the heliospheres.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Divine Mother’s (Mirra Alfassa) Photograph From Archives.