Yellow-Stone-Time is the Mother of Gaza-Space-Book: From the Seer-Poet of Sunyata in the Vessel of Fire-Ether-Vastness


Gaza Space Book, Samij Datta, 2012

Yellow-Stone-Time is the Mother of Gaza-Space-Book

Letters are amphibious beings eating space by the cross-singular-synthesis of time

Ionization energy per decra ionic angular-mass is between 7 and 0

A Garcia Lorca dream is getting transfused into the monovalent movement in Dali

Love can answer quintillion questions of gravity-matter-drag

Dogs are flying in the air by their valectro-wings

Pigs are flying in the air; pigs are flying

O! Icarus of the burning hair hanging like a mast on a convertible Jaguar XK140

Is ambition the ruling point on a spinning centre with anti-spin micro-gravity?

Or is the pride that takes mankind into the fire of the vessel into the storm in the wheel?

Reading reverse one earns the consciousness that can read each letters as signs variable

Transmutation of thoughts takes place during psychokinesis

Bliss can play harmonic movement for the lunar-synthesis of the mind

Nivagra -narayana –nivagra

Wramha narayana, giwa-narayana-giwa

She was once a pole-star, an Eskimo queen, a Diana rubric and Billie Jean

plastic-caz length = 1/1 nayix-hayix-nayix 1/1

Jerk on jolt per-apple-space-act is trivet-trivat-ruvaman (Brahman is dynamic on static xecra-ion-jump)


– Joy Roy Choudhury