Non-Local Signal to the Still Point of the Dancing Wave: Conscious Intersection of the Future and the Past in the Present

Divine Mother in Japan

                              Divine Mother in Japan

“Integral transparency: it is the result of perfect goodwill and sincerity”. – Pondicherry, 17th Dec, 1972, Divine Mother

“Joyous enthusiasm: the best way of facing life”. – Divine Mother

White Lotus

White Lotus

“This world was not built with random bricks of Chance,

A blind god is not destiny’s architect;

A conscious power has drawn the plan of life,

There is a meaning in each curve and line.” – Savitri, Sri Aurobindo




Ek hate dui

Pancha Pradip

Pancha Pradip

Dui hate teen

Pancha pradip jwale pratiti tarar matri koshe…

Life-force conscious pulsating      

Mother and Sri Aurobindo Last Photographs by Bresson

        Mother and Sri Aurobindo Last Photographs by Bresson

In the flux of time eternized life

it can feel the mighty vibration of this expanding universe

depths that swallow depths, fire consuming water

earth’s alter broken and burn 

till a new face lifts it up 

shinning like million suns 

joined by the ‘rishis’ from the ‘future to the past’

implanting truth’s pristine kingdom 

by the technology of a new consciousness

that changes space-time geometry 

and alters the energy/matter existing fields 

in the hour, the waking self 

aware of its existence 

sends its signal to

the still point of the dancing wave …


Announcing e-Technology of Consciousness Conference Rome Nov 2015    (See contact details in the link below)

‘Cosmology, Post-Quantum Science, Systems Biology, Zen Music, Aesthetics & Spirituality’ – e-Technology of Consciousness Conference Series 2015

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The Quantum Journey of Ulysses and Roerich: The Quest for the Happy Isles or Shambhala


Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Monalisa, 2012

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Monalisa, 2012

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Monalisa, 2012

“We are not now that strength which in old days 
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are; 
One equal temper of heroic hearts, 
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will 
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”.

– Ulsses, Alfred, Lord Tennyson



Everything stands before us all:

The star the planets the cosmos and the man

Before we could read the twilight language of the script

There was a time of innocence and faith,

A sun veiled itself behind the tremendous alblackica

Journeying into the mosaic of a supra-cosmic all perceiving eye

That fathomed depths of the ancient pyramidal lights in the voyage across the sea

Ulysses in the happy isles soliloquised with the alpha-neutrinos of the Digitaria

Light in the full moon was the ‘tat savitur varam rupam’

Accelerating in the jahoa-wahoa cave of the creator

In the time of beauty, a moment’s delight was the sacrificial arm

Embracing the sky with the grass and sea

Blowing the conch shell when the cat uttered the first words from Schrodinger’s box

Helium-rei-ravas-neva-neva para-brahman

Zagrib-zagrib light years away- He was not She in the It of Them

It ate the apple and found the god sleeping in the flower of heaven

Dante was criss-crossing the imbha-plane of consciousness towards the eternal fragrance of the undying hours

That was that in the holy spectacle of the cinematic vision

Immobile vast stretching itself to the blind ethereal naught

Homer sleeping in a cradle of laser sunk into that silence of the origins

He saw what he created and cried within in supramental joy

There was a time, indeed, the first flower the sparkle of heaven

Pierced into my soul and the body was taking it forth.

– Joy Roy Choudhury


The Omega Point as Reverse Kinesis of ‘Involution in Evolution’ Towards the Call-Hour Aperture-Ride of the New Avatar


Gnostic Symbol : Hamvarba-Ladof, Exact -Cam-Dog, Samij Datta, 2012

The Omega Point as Reverse Kinesis of ‘Involution in Evolution’ Towards the Call-Hour Aperture-Ride of the New Avatar

Consciousness image-vertical in de sitter space programmes the light-cone mombisa image

Further through the eye the event horizon is located in distant nano-invinity

Integrals of ‘manu’-the first atom-man in the non-local singularity

Thousands of avatars can manifest from this source


Man’s hopes are his dreams in the destiny of his ‘true being’

Rereading general theory of relativity backwards from the hypothesis

The point migrates within multiple points to adjust its innumerable dimensions in dark matter clusters

It’s from where you began the story of the creation – the end is no-beginning in the end of nothing at all

Space junk fade away

Horns of antelopes in the blue philtre of nevra prime sky-matter

Assurance is the omega-point of a non-dual hypothesis

Pre-origin of the mega-event have transfigured death into immortality.

– Joy Roy Choudhury