In Search of the Double-Negative: Meditation as the Seed and Means for Thoughtless-Consciousness

3 Advices of Lord Atisha: “Place before you the vajra of no dissuasion”

“Place before you the vajra of no shame”

“Place before you the vajra of pure wisdom”.


                                                                      Varanasi 2015


A spontaneous way of understanding rises when you are on your own searching for the inner peace in the supra-plastic womb of your internal creation. Total creation is continued in  a dot which is the singularity point also known as the immaculate background. Blissful co-existence is an internal state of the primordial mind immersed in ‘rigpa’ or non-dual awareness. Once actions proceed from this sphere of illuminated singularity with complete awareness , then peace can be stabilized on its own following the Way or the Tao or the Brahman. Creation and dissolution or life and death are part of this uni-dimensional matrix that is the way of projection by the act of separation through identification. The unique identity is the double-negative: the absence of the absence of presence and absence, is non-volitional living or true living only known to higher-dimensional beings or Sapta-Rishis and the highest yogic seers and sages. To invoke the supramental one has to go beyond the logic input of the brain and change the neural pathways completely. Then only those connections with that power is possible. More than Nietzschean power, it has to do with the consciousness or awareness of the Self as the dancer, automatic reverberation of the heavenly bodies taking place inside the micro-orbit of the body-mind complex as mantric frequency of highest order. Meditation is the seed and when the seed bursts you reach the state of ‘twice-born’. Eternal knowledge leads to cessation of birth and death.

Durga riding on her tiger ca. 1665. Edwin Binney 3rd Collection, San Diego Museum of Art

Master Dogen talked about  presentness or the ‘immedite now’ where time doesn’t have  linear meaning.

‘Just Sitting

Relaxed within Himself,

‘He enters into the lake of Supreme Being’. (Shiva Sutras)

‘Since BRAHMAN, as the Knower of Knowing, can never

become an object for us, IT is called unknowable’.


The Retro-Origin of Sacred Music and the Worship of Fire-Ether Over the Ganges in Varanasi: Yogic Free-Spirit and Light-Matter Back-Reaction

Let's reinvent the gods all the myths of the ages/Jim Morrison Ganges at Twilight Hours Varanasi

Let’s reinvent the gods all the myths of the ages/Jim Morrison Ganges at Twilight Hours Varanasi

Benaras is older than history, older than the tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together’. – Mark Twain 

Lord Shiva and Sri Parvati Maa

         Lord Shiva and Sri Parvati Maa/Varanasi 

The ‘word’, the primordial sound (nada), is the prime cause of the world, the origin of all manifestations. Sound forms, and music in particular, are thus essential at all rites, initiations, direct contacts with ‘spirits’ and their prophetic manifestations. They play a fundamental role in the relation between mankind and the sacred.

– The Origins of Sacred Music – Alain Danielou

Sanjer sankhya saje

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy's Room at Varanasi

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy’s Room at Varanasi

Beje uthe bramha naad

Dhvanir pada dhulir padukay

Chinnito khethre baye jaay ganga

Chute jaay samayer rath

Achena oli goli mridu hashe

Anander ghawobar hate ekti stuti padma

Phuteye tole chabi

Rupo bramher arati

Srtoter ange madhur sparshe

Bheshe ashe bhorer agamani

Lord Jagannatha Picture at Yogishwar's house in Varanasi

Lord Jagannatha Picture at Yogishwar’s house in Varanasi

All exist as nothing

Still the flower breathes life into stillness

Making the morning sing it’s song

And the dusk settles on its own

On the edge of the river