Yogishwar Sri Kali Pada Guha Roy and the Language of Love: The Cross-Beam Evolution and Sri Aurobindian Light from ‘Savitri’

Yogishwar Sri Kali Pada Guha Roy Revelation : “My Language is that of Love”. 

Yogishwar Kali Pada Guha Roy on a Christmas Day in Kolkata, 1912 (sitting on a chair)

Yogishwar Kali Pada Guha Roy (sitting on a chair)


The sweetest rose offers itself to the Lord

The yellow feathers of the song bird ripens the mango

Densely in the woods the nectar of the para-brahman unveils the logical sublimation of things

Material universe is the concurrent virtue of the supramental creation

He walks on the waters towards the sea where the navel superimposes the origin

He is the light in the divine rasa, the unfathomable source of love and peace

He is the mystery beyond mystery, the quantum article of non-relational faith

He is the vagabond zarticle in the ancient particle of the tetra-fluid destiny

Ether conquers ethereal space words are empty vessels on the pyramid of sands

The sun is the worshipped Lord of the Brihadaranyaka

From it thou art came as light manifested in the scriptural synthesis of matter

Matter is the Zatter in the relational coordinates of the absolute Yime

Sacred fire in the ocean of eternity consumed the offerings of the mighty force

He was alone in the Curzon Park looking at time from the distant multiples of life’s evolution

His smoking frills touched the corners of the banquet sky

Sri Aurobindo: 'The Golden Child began to think and see'/Savitri

Sri Aurobindo: ‘The Golden Child began to think and see’/Savitri

The Ganges was lit with a thousand stars above the horizon

On the diverse steps of Varanasi, afternoon waited for the evening to slumber

Involuting the boats on the heart of the river like a sage of wisdom

Many years have passed, the old not familiar but rare and strange, still lives

It waits at railway stations for an adventure into the consciousness

Looking into the future from the past cubicle the present starts slowly moving

And it was that promise of an unbroken rhythm that kept us all alive.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Signals From Clear Distinct Outer Space Through the Eye of the Needle to Commemorate the Great Day for Earth and the Creation

The Signals From Clear Distinct Outer Space Through the Eye of  the Needle to Commemorate the Great Day for Earth and the Creation


Butterfly, Andy Warhol

Butterfly, Andy Warhol


Cosmic generator of genesis

In the flame of the wings touching the sky

Spiral staircase to the star light

To that childhood infancy

In the Hadron Collider

In the yuramin particle

In the sound baking the emptiness on the reflective stanza

Their feet on the sand washed by the waves

Comes and goes,

The gull dives,

Another granite face sculpted like the moon

Disappeared in the vowel of its indefinite time

Landscapes with Butterflies, Salvador Dali

Landscapes with Butterflies, Salvador Dali

Squared upon a substance

Like the tree of consciousness

Involuting seeds of the original destiny

Camera voyeurs into that d minor open string

Terminating the chaos in the flaxom-terminal

In the Hebrew, in the Latin, in the Arabic and Sanskrit, and the Chinese text-boxes

Lepitoptera the beautiful alien one – how the colours you made were strung into thy songs?

How often do you buzz in the plain air of the free taxtotet memory?

That honey in the sun is courting the winds

Whistles away in the pride of the morning

That darkness is strange and impeccable

The philtre of fire in the water’s osmotic pressure assumes the leaves are green

Oxygen intake is the sap embodiment of the divine felicity

In the roca-walden emptiness of Baquitra Eternal

Cardinal movements taking shape

In the ever heralding time of the prophet

Wishyum sector of the Adi Natha makes glory

With the glorious goldfinches

Singing on the boughs of the silliest one

Time to perform in the order of the day

the long hard road and the terrible bulls pulling

the string of the friction-less mind

in the subjective dybase of the overmental departure

into the robo-nucleon of the ineffable entity

that links the point anonymous to the classical shambhala

non-rational index of grahin-wayuhanon sadhus and supercosmic intelligent beings

are rearranging the cosmic pattern of things

grace coming from shambhala to the earth

through the immobile wave function in the pluxonin terminal

Vecta-ionix realism watching the trend of events baffling the worlds

all shall come as they go to fetch the immortal chalice of life’s preservatives

that one night of the Ka, Kal -Karit ecstatic cycle of things

shall make that into the morning hymn of the superluminal infinity

the goldfinches sing

drowsy they fall asleep and dream

Awake into the hour that’s calling you far  from the other side

time wanders itself into places when there is no time.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Wassily Kandinsky’s Around the Circle and The Absolute In-Quest of the Mind in the Parabrahman-Circle (To Find Exact Truth Shape)

Around the Circle, Wassily Kandinsky,Guggenheim Museum, New York

“I applied streaks and blobs of color onto the canvas with a palette knife and I made them sing with all the intensity I could…” -Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944)

If colours fill the mind’s radiating canvas
Then objects come in to live in the meta-space of subjectivity
That quantum hyperspace is a dense forest full of a ring of star-shaped possibilities /wave of possibilities
Time immobile function in the prism automates the anahata chakra of the heart
The will is a dimensionless entity – non-local and discontinuous, within a tangled circle
You will, therefore, you exist in your free-state
You will, so, you change
You are forever
You are ever forever
You are, therefore, not
And verily you are not.
(The Absolute In-Quest of the Mind in the Parabrahman Circle)
Truth operation = case index of 55-creation-55 is grativ-grativ-grativ
Exact truth shape (YYR) = 1 and 1 before 1
– Joy Roy Choudhury