From Dante’s Divine Comedy to the Yoga of the Sun: Bioelectricity in Cellular Transformation Process via Surya-Shakti (Grace)

Dante, Monalisa, 2013

Dante, Monalisa 2013

Dante, Monalisa 2013



The molecular cloud started collapsing under its own weight of gravity forming a protostar

The nuclear fusion led to the formation of structures inside

Matter took shape plunging itself into the divine comedy of the sun

It first took its flight – a quantum jump to its future place of worship on earth

Other planets followed the sages of wisdom to meet the owl of time

In the dark matter of things the secret of gravity was grasping the laws of devotion

Perfection kindled the tree of life

The atomic processor was the solar winds disseminating the particles

In the shallow waters of the marine estuary the limestone was talking to Dante

It said: therefore, you are your words that carry the time signatures of the carbon self

And you must recognise the source of your poetry

From origin to co-origination to dependent origination

The spirit was the substance that thou art called the stars

Wrahet vou-tra-moun acting as an agent of cellular transformation through artistic expressions

Immaculate self-belief is the only choice that you may have

Sun - The Eternal Yogi of Light/ Monalisa, 2013

Sun – The Eternal Yogi of Light/ Monalisa, 2013

The road defined- the task cannot alter in subsequent time

Your thirst may quench the rivers and oceans but not yourself

And that is the only fire you may carry to feed the system continually

There are no systems no self-coherence no Dante at all

There is nothing in the concept of the All-Absolute (Krishna Adi Pralay- Shyam Sundar remitting the new Gita of existence for the benefit of all/ Nuclear submission of the particle before the chromatin network )

Today you are so tomorrow you will be

Thou avoid haste in the works of your life

That time has come to redeem the stone from the gods

Let the winds blow and carry the message across the many maha-kumbhs of this multi-verse

Your life may be the life of other lives in other creations that prays for the welfare of man

Let nature speak from the vaults of silence and time be the only cross to justify this existence.


– Joy Roy Choudhury



Gravity-Anti-Gravity Forces and Superconductivity of Consciousness in Higgs Field

Inside Higgs Field, Samij Datta, 2012

Gravity-Anti-Gravity Forces and Superconductivity of Consciousness in Higgs Field


In the para-field gravity is the consciousness of the cause to become the bliss of the supreme existence; without gravity in the quadrangular space time junction there is no bliss. In the reaton scale the apple is 6.1D fall-back on earth; for ‘it’ to happen she must assume various shapes to designate the light of the Good Shepherd in the poetic infancy of the creation.  let us assume interactivity gives mass to particles, so, in a free-market economy the labour of resources are to be measured by the consciousness of its triangular light to manifest the ‘right attitude’ by the uni-vocational  grammar of goodness. All problems of gravity are problems due to lack of consciousness and failure to read communication signals. Essentially human communication signals are still improper because of base-matter graviton immobility. Another aspect is that human-ego is still at a primitive stage of inconscience, it fails to know its proper ‘being’ either due to ‘false-knowledge’ or due to ‘miss-recognition’.  This inability to address the issues of gravity leads to problems at the core level which sometimes become too difficult to let go in a period of time.

Anti-gravity is the smooth translocation of residual matter after subject vaporization of the mind in the unilateral Higgs Field. There is nothing more than consciousness, Brouhaman is a very rare type of superconsciousness; activity field is zero when Brahman in Brouhaman is the Paratpara of the supramental creation  in the alblackica line of spiritual development. To escape gravity, the point must incarnate the hypothetical logics of the future-time via the worm-hole; anti-gravity is the off –in-on policy of matter to become invisible to its own eye to offer itself to vertical time-lift spirals in the provung yotrung hungyim of dark matter.

-Joy Roy Choudhury

FROM AVAHOM CONSCIOUSNESS-PLANT UPSTREAM INTELLIGENT INFLOW: In the Theater of Man The Absurd Irrational is the High-Faith Monomer of the Quintessential Attitude Towards Final Unity in Closure


                                                               Vector Tail Free State Scalar Boson Drath, Samij Datta, 2012

FROM AVAHOM CONSCIOUSNESS-PLANT UPSTREAM INTELLIGENT FLOW: In the Theater of Man The Absurd Irrational is the High-Faith Monomer of the Quintessential Attitude Towards Final Unity in Closure


Suspended in the air each sequence identifies the other

To what knowledge do they consign in the gravity-scale no one knows

Yet they recognize each other in the Hubble’s expanding universe

Pervasive dot consciousness talking to Razder and Iionicixa and Baquitra and Vaxuta

Nights grow old as young, blue as red

The river flows on its own path

The sun has slept in the direction of desires

The stars are not fed by the cup of destiny anymore

There is no truth on god’s face beneath the ocean-musk of mortality

Higgs-Boson to Higgs-Boson connecting threads beyond causal spatial loops

Time function adjustments in Avahom plant (Base Variable Integrated Function)

Consciousness up-stream n-levels Quatreth Ge V weca-weca position

Silence rapid index high-density quark inflow

Reptilian programme aggregator numerals- sft7il

HIGGS- HIS Instinctive Green Gravity Surrendering

BOSON- Before Others Self Offering Nothingness

This is Brahman (entire-creation-entire)

Green Gravity = 10.4 XAXE m/sec square (a variable changing from 23 to 97 numerical heads)

Entire-creation-entire = 44-77-88 (other- spin – one-half)

Higgs-Boson > reca-8 Higgs-Boson- 66 m/n (g-nesa-b-nesa-k-nesa)

Vector tail free state scalar boson drath (Higgs-Boson)

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Page-Photo/Consciousness-Signal Link-Up Vest, Avahom Plant, Samij Datta, 2012