“We live on an island surrounded by a sea of ignorance. As our island of knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance”. 

– John Archibald Wheeler, American Theoretical Physicist (1911-2008)


– Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), American Psychic Practitioner, Spiritual Healer


Jim Morrison- An American Poet

Jim Morrison- An American Poet

Lions in the street & roaming

Dogs in heat, rabid, foaming

A beast caged in the heart of a city

The body of his mother

Rotting in the summer ground.

He fled the town.

He went down South

And crossed the border

Left the chaos & disorder

Back there

Over his shoulder.

One morning he awoke in a green hotel

W/a strange creature groaning beside him.

Sweet oozed from its shiny skin.

Is everybody in? (3)

The ceremony is about to begin.

– Jim Morrison


Entex-Veman is the Bird-Lion constant of Time

Laser pax = apple-jerk on free torque spin

Xan-infinity drope-link = jolt-trab and its additional violence on huvak Slash pull corner-hyphen tale = Unmanifest (0.44499K) < Manifest (0.44972K)

Meta-cast swing = fral-fraho-frahi (matter is vatter on zatter)


A flight of birds

Sakyamuni/Vairochana Buddha, Denman Waldo Ross Collection

Sakyamuni/Vairochana Buddha, Denman Waldo Ross Collection

Suddenly disturbed thoughts

Man, mannequin and the ocean spirits

Lie saddled in the couch

The tiger’s empress lurking in the woods

Caves dug into the shore

The hollow shadow of light

Filters rich elements from the stars

Are you naked in the sun?

Your horse weeping, punished in the desert?

Slaughtered by the iron hands of some mad beast?

What cage is broken?

What prison reverberates with distant thunder?

What agony disturbs the spider’s web?

Kicking the dust on the grand road

The winds pick up the angel’s tear

Towers and monuments fall

Lord Vishnu, Indian Art

Lord Vishnu, Indian Art

Fall on the ground



Turquoise sea calling

The waves cooing through the hooves

Lavender bees of the moon’s memory

Turns leaf of the big banyan tree

Scribbles on it



White snakeskin

10 Avatars of Vishnu, Lithograph by Raja Ravi Varma

10 Avatars of Vishnu, Lithograph by Raja Ravi Varma

Stars fading in the distance…

Coiled around the armature of the mind

It comes back to foresee the events

Adjoining lines ripple to the centre

Emanation of the hibiscus sun

Flowering its petals on the radiant surface of the sea

The chariot of the golden Lord descend on the waters

Cities that are cast in metals melt on a plate

A new dawn is awakening

Silent nights pass their tear on the shore

Many moons have breathed the moment of return

As many children are dancing in the forest hills

Wood, amber and the sap-green dew

Recognized the feet on the ground

Fluttering winds the grasses sing

Echoing around a violet ring

Just as the blue horizon of a strange magic shape

That makes the will to surrender an act of love

A time of divine forbearance has paved the way for eternity…


Lotus eyebrow single essence

Nestled in the grove

Lands of the great flood moonrise

Goddess Tara, the Compassionate one, Kulu, India

Goddess Tara, the Compassionate one, Kulu, India

Epic funerals of time past

Roads to eternity

Shall the horses feed the thistles and thorns?

The dying cows the dreadful desolation

Milk cheese bread boys, ginger girls

Cannot remember the songs of paradise

History’s prejudice have burnt the forests

Sages burning in ether’s prophecy

Heart to heart cannot speak alas!

Or speak, sing or dream like the baby crawling into the solar vestibules

Playtime ends, monsters sprawl the morning with an axe

Cutting the dead wood to reap harvest with hell

An energy is set loose who claims what that is question

Conquer the kingdoms enlighten the fools rule the economy

That is where we have come so far from our original destiny (home/Kaivalya-Dham/Satyam-Varam-Rupam)

Dim lights fading like the stars across many multiverses

No alien kingdom will protect this earth

We are manned to be unmanned by the threat of our own actions

Those who run high offices they know that the bell is rung

It’s just a matter of time, enjoy the long holiday!

– Joy


Consciousness as the Main Source of the Creation: From the Point of Singularity through the Big Bang and the Flowering of Quantum Truth in Man

Consciousness as the Main Source of the Creation: From the Point of Singularity through the Big Bang and the Flowering of Quantum Truth in Man 

Hand of God Giving Life to Adam, Creation of Adam, Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel

Hand of God Giving Life to Adam, Creation of Adam, Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel

“God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him” (Gen 1:27)


“Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream
I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been
To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen
They talk of days for which they sit and wait and all will be revealed

All I see turns to brown, as the sun burns the ground
And my eyes fill with sand, as I scan this wasted land
Trying to find, trying to find where I’ve been.

Oh, pilot of the storm who leaves no trace, like thoughts inside a dream
Heed the path that led me to that place, yellow desert stream
My Shangri-La beneath the summer moon, I will return again
Sure as the dust that floats high in June, when movin’ through Kashmir”. (Kashmir, Physical Graffiti, Led Zeppelin 1975)

Saint of transformation, and the rainbow serpent spirit

Meadows mirrors and picadors

Dews clothed in the tapestry of light

Inviolate gold and rubies of the sea

The circle of man inherits the diadem of truth

Like a cross in every stem the tree gives the flowering rhythm of space- time

From music we have come down the smallest membrane into another paradise

Latent world force and lines in the shape of a crystal locked in the lattice

Holy Feet of the Lord, Roza Bal, Srinagar, Kashmir

Holy Feet of the Lord, Roza Bal, Srinagar, Kashmir

Freedom is the soul learning to walk through bodies that breathe

Qui boltan qui no re li qui soma…wave after wave passing the distant point

The sea gushes forth the clouds are transparent anapaests of electrical discharge

The violent storm comes again bearing the burden of the little sprouted seed

Trickles like the silvery star across the motionless palettes of da Vinci

Geometric configurations of the mathematical grid in vacuum posits the new dimension

Purple is blue when the rose is dead like Nietzsche’s god

At the event horizon the mystic journey begins again

In the primeval lila khetra/field consciousness is the prime entity of this whole creation

Never before or after, but always stimulating the future cause with light after lights

Hemis Monastery, Ladakh

Hemis Monastery, Ladakh

Effects bore the sunlight of cause and nights dawned the beauty of its sacred birth

Akhanda prem anu-anga lila- Christ the man in men for the higher evolution of the task-force consciousness


– Joy Roy Choudhury


Pictures from Top: 1. Creation of Adam, Sistine Chapel

2. Holy Feet of the Lord, Roza Bal, Kashmir

3. Hemis Monastery, Ladakh



Quantum Entanglement of Elementary Particles From Andrew Marvell to TS Eliot: The Quest for Other Supramental Creations and the Presiding Encounter with Time-Moldavite-Yemaz-Tektite

TS Eliot, Monalisa, 2012

TS Eliot,Monalisa2012

A Young TS Eliot, Monalisa, 2012


The savage green beast and the Holy Grail are the same

A part of the unbroken chain

The coordinates pull upon the axis of rotation

Man is the immortal being

He saves gods into supramental gods into the domain-less alblackica

Been the John Milton in the deaf sound of Beethoven

Transfiguring that ‘brahman’ into the divine shakti of the bliss

All in her that saw in the yariman of the Brouhaman circles

Walking across many horizons of truth-consciousness

The mind is the source of the adi-chintamani

In it is written the legal program that is scripted on the rock like a hymn

The psychic explanation of things is there

Beyond it, the creation exists on other cellular creations

In the vast eye of an ever changing self (Star on a Gaussian Plane- the Digitaria)

In the meta-profile of beauty that exists in love- the quatrau-ohim flower incandescence

All that exists will exist in the consciousness of things

Folded in white letters of the empty blank slate on the rivers

Stems that rise up as incense smoke become the rainbow in the sky

Let them come back to tell that you all

Or, “I shall tell you all”.    

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: “I shall tell you all”. – The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, T.S. Eliot


Time Morphing in Quantum Consciousness: In Eyes of the Mother The Lotus New Born is the Light of the Sun in Padmasambhava


Time Morphing in Quantum Consciousness: In Eyes of the Mother The Lotus New Born is the Light of the Sun in Padmasambhava


Time is the yogic light of supra-physical realism relatively acting as transformative non-local synergy agent of the sun vibrating in the ether medium like the blue swan of the white lotus giving birth to ten-fold Padmasambhava at the navel of the Vishnu-Shakti ( Regenerative Pyramidal Mirror of Sthi-Zun Particle in the fan-cup seer-will force in man – Adi Narayana)

The pure substance of the sun in the white lotus gave birth to the miracle of Padmasambhava.

Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum(3x)

Guru Rinpoche…Guru Rinpoche…Guru Rinpoche

All in thee that thou will in thy sacred light of Guru Rinpoche.

The flaming congruent sphere of grace-matter wheel chariots the sublime essence of poetry and art in the divine followers of the creation.

“Moment of Freedom

as the prisoner

blinks in the sun

like a mole             

from his hole


a child’s 1st trip    

Jim Morrison

away from home


That moment of Freedom”. – Jim Morrison, American Poet, Singer, and Spiritual Rock Artist

The Inner self is the True Divine- great artists and poets have tasted the divine fruit within themselves.

“All Nature is my bride”. –Thoreau

“All that we behold is full of blessings”. – William Wordsworth

“If you want the truth,

I’ll tell you the truth:

Listen to the secret sound,

The real sound,

Which is inside you.”– Kabir

Lord Caitanya in his Acintya-bhedabheda Tattva implied that the divine essence of the Lord is supreme in one’s heart where Sri Radhika is Sri Krishna and the entire creation but also separate from this world of realities. The Lord is this and not this – one with the creation and simultaneously different from His creation as well.

“I am formless and everywhere                                                                


I am in everything and beyond. I fill all space.” Shirdi Sai

Jaya Sai Jaya Sai Jaya Jaya Sai

The enlightened teacher is inside all of us- the Sai is an in-dweller transforming us every moment to take us to a higher level of quantum consciousness.

“The purpose of God in creating man hath been, and will ever be, to enable him to know his Creator and to attain His Presence”.– Bahá’u’lláh

The god-consciousness is one who sits in all its empyrean glory manifesting his presence in us through our manifold works (karma) to gain the knowledge (gyana) by the sheer will-force of the love in us (bhakti) through the habits (avhash) we endorse to cultivate the time-frame of an eternal life-force in us which lead us to what Sri Aurobindo and Mother said ‘the immortality” or the ‘rainbow body’ of perfect transfiguration as with Padmasambhava and other sages of Shambhala.

Fragrant doors                                              


Light inner-circle of silence

Opening thy windows to embrace the pure substance of the sun

In the mind of ether the light, the knowledge

Is adding vital life-force to its own good existence (pranic energy renewal via quantum mevic-function)

To shine as smooth as the silken pollen sac

An alter of wave on a particle point (the Von Neumann Cubicle of spectacular algorithm)

Delegating the all-possible ways of integrating matter with the spirit

For the immortal life to be is.

She is forever a fixed star on a Gaussian plane

Unfixed about a cardinal point (the father across the bohemian rhapsody)

Observer within observation point- Jai Satya Sai      

Mirra Alfassa: The Divine Mother

Christ of the future on a dog stargate

Watching pilgrims pass by over a line of hue in the sky

Roerich and Jim Morrison

And Sri Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundor

Sri Caitanya Sri Caitanya Sri Caitanya

Adi lila of Parameshwar

Beyond creation she the Absolute Hypothesis

Quantum Quadrangular Machine of Vrajo-Unin-Termas

Beauty was a joy to behold in the nectar of life

Nothing exists but her golden lap where the creation is.

– Joy Roy Choudhury



1. The Zen Gate of Time by Joy Roy Choudhury (Kindle Edition)

2. The Subtropics of Zen by Joy Roy Choudhury (Kindle Edition)


Beyond Alan Turing’s Tests and von Neumann Machines: The Wonderful Blue Light of the Child as God Particle

Blue Light Synthesis

Folk Art, Bengal/Photograph: Joy Roy Choudhury


Alan Turing cannot compress thoughts into designs

Therefore, computers cannot process meanings

‘blue light-cone of the oceanic peace’ flows in tandem with ‘music from the flute’ (Interchangeable Constants – Krishna = Buddha to become the Christ in every matter-anti-matter)

violins are integrating feelings at the heart of micro-gravity (supra-elevation Gross body function mechanism as per Absolute Black Body Radiation at the vital-body at rest)

no one knows- how? (chi-en—chi-en)

at the base, at the navel, the serpent of eternal coil sleeps in the shrouded monastery of primal-delight

the adi-tattva is there – the ‘tandava’ is there

collapse wave into a cloud of particle and then sing the blues


Who are you? Who am I?

multiple essence of one supermind

generating meaning from unlimited morphogenetic n-quasi spiral fields

service world as words with feelings – human and god-like

angelic, demon or monster

finally nothing but divine

higher the light in Shyam-Sundor Vessel of quantum re-creation

Xenon-Calf superman walking…running

Systems collapse, cities burn

….re ra ru re dream

annihilation and the cross of becoming

on the river bank she sleeps

her hair on the grass pillows winding  like a black body

Adam looked up to the stars

God the Father is the Child in Man as the Woman in the Tree of Life

beautiful butterflies flapping wings like eternity

streams dissolve von Neumann machine


one point non-local Sri Aurobindo.

Vraba-Act of Integral Synthesis by the Apocalyptic Horse-Rider: Light as Peace-Symbol of Gnostic Illumination in Dimensional Kinegorim

Shambhala Art-Kalchakra Symbiosis, Samij Datta, 2012



Sweet pair of birds finds thy true note in rhythm

Harvesting the white light in the tree of substance

Dark matter gravity in the formless night bore the many leaves of time’s ethereal cycles

The wheel is a pure dance of reasonless entities, innumerable in number


In the primeval mobile state, zero is a numberless question keyed into existence

Supra-physical delight of the apple-docxet fire is what was translated to Adam by the Open Book of Revelation by the Father


To what you may know may stand the test of time to check back at the history you have made?

Letters in the vortex churn the ocean the scriptures are trembling like the screaming sky

Shambhala Art, The Swan at Padma Karpo, Samij Datta, 2012


The swan in the lotus pool is the Gnostic meaning of a thousand suns

In the dark night, the star of Mazuvont was the blessed palm of the sky

Rains fall on an ocean of infinity, clouds gather the feathers of the bird

Love is an ambo-hiprav-quin-brig-quinwing F (Time 4.778- YEARS > 3.887 K)

Travelling in a bus reading a book she looked at the lights that meandered into the far beyond

Her mind like a river swallowed the banks at one twenty fifth of a royal cubit

She was fond of operas in the grand deluge of a dream rhyming the end-matter of worship

And fancy took her curves in the salon of the world and found her to be as pure as blood

Nietzsche was right, God is Dead; the white-goddess of the moon-sphere sparkled on Zoroaster

Dying with Rudra in the lake of the amphibians he remembered the lost words of the original self: ‘Know Thyself’.


Avogadro base constant illuminated circle decraz-creation-decraz

The horse drank from my pool of waters and heard the cry of war from the other side

The mountains ran into the deserts from Shambhala to the inner-Asia voice-belt

HBTK mode causal inner-emblem symbol transformation weva-weva-weva

Ritam Yiam Klaki Kalki-Ritam-Yiam-Yatashta

Knowledge is knowledge on prava-ixon-intelligent-systems

Road map to the future is based on Onnovation in Innovation on a point

Observer > V-Static-Yong-Observation

Love is a flower in the sempiternal wells calling the darling light through the meadows and the marshes

Snibook technology working on docrex brocat unig: “It did the works of God’s intelligence/Or wrought the will of some supreme Unknown./Still consciousness was hidden in Nature’s womb,/Unfelt was the Bliss whose rapture dreamed the worlds.” .


I- Kalchakra-Symbiosis/II-The Swan on Padma Karpo/III-Kalki at War (Shambhala Art)

Ref: “It did the works of God’s intelligence….dreamed the worlds.”- Sri Aurobindo, Savitri Book II, Canto V

The Haloed Presence of the Man in the Stars in the Future Projection of the Present Via Time Travel in the Past Through the End of the Tunnel (Shambhala, Happy Happy Boughs!)

Shambhala-10, Samij Datta, 2012

The Haloed Presence of the Man in the Stars in the Future Projection of the Present Via Time Travel in the Past Through the End of the Tunnel (Shambhala, Happy Happy Boughs!)


Words are eating up words in silence

Silence is the holy tongue whose grace is the language of love

Numbers are only sacred stars behind the tree of life

Origin is the witrahed-father of future poetry

Origin is orihin is origiaboun destiny of matter and spirit

Behind the sun, the supramental quantum rod is manifested through alblackica

Causal verb is the action in inaction denoted by transitive axis of time coordinates in z-plane 

The home is a home farther away from home in a boxet card

Run Jesus run, run like hell

Stone is the future from past to present in 4321 AD –where are we now?

The gods are an end in themselves as there is an end in the end of the beginning

The fruit of the rhyme-matter is worship of time by eternity in a clopen set function (Ex)

Resultant force greater than normal evolution carrier-force germination

Substance matter is Baquitra eternal in Zazitavid eternal as Vishnu in Vushnu

Ongkar is crahoho rehavo crahoho ongkar

In the forests of the night, the tyger is the sign of the new supermind

Walls fall and break, new light is coming down for the resurrection of life.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Shambhala-7, Samij Datta, 2012

The Sap-Bud Focal Hymn of Nature R=r/R Towards a Universal Social Consciousness in Matter-Truth Table

The Sap-Bud Focal Hymn of Nature R=r/R Towards a Universal Social Consciousness in Matter-Truth Table

Consciousness-Analogue in a Dialogue

The flower is the nectar of the tree

Mind-yeast fermentation yields magic numbers of the super-fast agent of light particle-carriers

Grammar is the logic-boat of argumentative process, anti-grammar is empty

The ships sail through Methuselah, Jagannath in Alblackica domain

The lord is the lord of the sand-particle in the boat-mesons of the aborigines

“Where Alph, the sacred river, ran…”

Alpha omega virtues of the time in zime give red earth some rain

Coal splinters are the clock in the cyclones of infinity

Yime-horse running on space-field grace-built structure

6971>T<1769 6 words in August make the Nepoleon

Tat Sat Adi Om

Brahman is Brahman the magic particle in elementary prosody

Racine wrote tragedy of man that is humus to the plants        

And plants are flowers in the existence of consciousness

In the plabintim-circuit of the creation, the stone was a task-force of resurrection.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Picture/West Sikkim, Joy Roy Choudhury

“Where Alph, the sacred river, ran…”, Kubla Khan, S. T. Coleridge

Artwork, Samij Datta, 2012

Time that Unfolds in the Sacred Destiny of Existence: The Will-Factor in Spiritual-Vowen-Supratohentim-Supramental


P-3, Samij Datta, 2012

Time that Unfolds in the Sacred Destiny of Existence


Birds are chirping in the skies

Leaves of Tibet are turning into green yellow and golden flakes

They formed a triangular mass of a unique dimension

That has portable space-hen ship-time in its memory card

We are coming from beyond over the boundary to conquer life

And establish the new race on earth

Oh beautiful South China seas in the Amazon of the Ganges

Is there a definite significance of a time-line in the taste of immortality?

Is there a riddle that we are trying to unlock?


Or is it the new moon of the dark graviton in the micro-Lilith hibiscus of ryto-blomin          

Capital-stock pilgrims to the temple of the sun are carried on her Haphaestus wings

Man is not a soldier but a dreamer of wars in a field of glory

But the fountain of light promised words instead of guns

But, the man, then is a medicine Buddha like Hippocrates dreaming of images that heal body & mind

He painted the old frescoes in every church, temple, mosque and monastery

He was an architect building monuments, towers and game-resorts

He was the child of infancy riding the white horse with apostolic angels and bodhisattvas

He was as an Argonaut of the Golden Fleece piloting explorations into unreachable destinies of the divine matrix


But thinking didn’t make him a man but his actions did

He was in pursuit of his Will that was the source of all his power

He composed the Eudaimonic operas to reconcile the truth between the living and the dead

And when he found himself alone in this world

Like a tiny speck of sand among the wind in the reeds

Like a subatomic quasar in the quantum hyper-reality of retrocausal silence

He cried like a baby sitting over the bank plucking grass ambassadors of the morning light

Meanwhile, the river went on its usual way:

“Aruk semat erativ Erasmus

Texondo morpa voitrana  nui dhip

Child let it grow…let it blossom

And in the annual festival at the Changmo dance

Colours danced to the beat of a wave in the wavicle of its infinity

And as time closed the gaps between sun-width mud-length of a lake

An inner voice of freedom came outside

The rule ate the law in the grape-moun version of the anti-matter run

And gave acres of alblackica free space to the child to recompose

Till he became the man he is who found the paradise.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Picture (R): The Lotus Born Babe, Padmasambhava (Source: Wikipedia, Hemis Monastery.