Through the Night and Fog Towards the Star Light: From Shambhala Flying in that Fermion Disc into Another Creation

Night and Fog/Nuit et brouillard, Alain Resnais, 1955

Night and Fog/Nuit et brouillard, Alain Resnais, 1955

Mise-en-scene of the stars within the closed vulgate of Hermitian space

You are on surface of an accelerated xion towards anonymous eternity (VOU-TAS structural shape = qei-eternal sub-atomic)

The particle knows the presence of the wave after the collapse

La Strada/The Road, 1954, Federico Fellini

La Strada/The Road, 1954, Federico Fellini

Galactic mass extinctions in the centroid of the glass-time pyramid unfolds another existence

Consciousness alone is the carrier of all these forces

Memory buried beneath the tracks that lead to Auschwitz

The grass is now golden after the deluge of the red fossils of birth

Dying every hour and germinating the seeds that makes time the time it is (kaler uttoron)

Poetry comes with music and dance as the country yokel comes with a banjo

Fellini was the bard in the association of poets making laughter hide the sadness it bore

Wings of Bellerophon disappeared in the sky showing the rustic signs of the Night and Fog

War on wars got us nothing – we are the dumb climbers in the game of ascension

Ourobouros, Monalisa, 2012

Ourobouros, Monalisa, 2012

After years of crucifixion we still have crucified ourselves with our means

No one lives near the star of infancy where light is a strange play of its own darkness

The road is that we create for the destiny of our greater lives

Home away from home is far or near on the observer’s point of observation

That itself is the Cinema Paradiso of today and tomorrow

The camera walks holding your hand knowing to know the things that are out there crying

Howling in the seas or in the steps of the canyon, or, screaming out there like a scratch on the bark

Forests of madness curls the page of the green stone (Adi Adi Chintamani)

Crystalline blue lights and the pagan home

The dry tree is the corpse of the Tyger burning bright

That fire swept over the dancing naked lair’s hair locks

Lightning seized the sword of the sea

And killed the monsters of etcetera

He who is born is now free to take his part in the eternal creation


-Joy Roy Choudhury

Village Supramental on Anti-Matter Simran Bond of Alblackica

RURAL CUBISM, Samij Datta, 2012

Village Supramental on Anti-Matter Simran Bond


Green is a square elongated field, silent without motion, almost a place of worship where the co-cubic vectors of anti-matter time are surreally visible to one who is a witnesser to the event; i see in the corn cup this lateral elongation as a cyclical anti-cyclical process emerging that defines the positioning of the following metonymic particles: grasut, gravi, gerom and knabut; in the hari om tat sat, hari is om tatat hari in every iota of the wave-function PSI; in the rural supramental field Sri Chaitanya is every Christ worshipped by the prophet in the haritatat moon; this moon is the self of the yellow submarine in the old man’s house and that is Hemingway; the Llamas are walking on Hermitian space with Corinthian grace-loop in every hammer of Hephaestus.

She is the one I know she too is real in hyphenations within time

Connecting vowels with consonant-ships of Vasco Da Gama 1498 times infinite-YYT years


Utkala-fr-utkala-maha prabhu

Love is the ocean of rasa (3x)

Time is a shapeless shape-yak

Watching the star signs on the sky I say

In the simran-bond matter holds the anti-matter time in the grace circle of parabrahman

Time is a shapeless shape-penguin

Higgs field = apparent vacuum/(red shift > Gluon acceleration on Fermion)

Alblackica rivers are timeless anomalies of the sempiternal time

Al-farir gekaxino yellow huan rose tat-flower-moon-vlakev cross (Cape of Good Hope)

– Joy Roy Choudhury