Unfolding of Life as a Cinema with No End No Beginning: Dot Projection of High Energy Eigenstate Bubbles in Quantum Space-Time Foam for a Drive through the Worm Hole

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy circa 1950s

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy circa 1950s


Unfolding of Life as a Cinema with No End No Beginning: Dot Projection of High Energy Eigenstate Bubbles in Quantum Space-Time Foam for a Drive through the Worm Hole

Cinema is an art form that manages to construct a visual synergy between the latent forms of beauty and plasticity of the creational process by lithographically demonstrating the hidden elements of positive and negative space-time curvatures with advanced technology of consciousness in the material plane. Therefore, it’s consciousness that repeats itself in myriad things conjuring forms and patterns that actually doesn’t exist in the physical sense – it creates the Lila to experience the extremity of its inner self-assets that cannot be localized in a compact space-time signature in the interactive field fabric.

Jodie Foster in Contact

Jodie Foster in Contact




Cinema is all movement contrary to art which is static but this movement takes place in many dimensions but all these hyper dimensions are actually created from a point that remains still with respect to others or it moves creating sensations alluring to dance of photons in a field spectra.

The whole universe is the cinema that goes on without beginning or end – elemental life forms are created from the random movement of energy particles by interaction with various force-fields – each subject chooses its own object and each object chooses its subject to create a plethora of emotional syntheses based on entropy state of the cause as required by the matrix operator.

True cinema is not made – it happens when uniform non-locality of the qualia turns every explicate vision inside out like fruit bursting the seeds to show how the tree is involuted in the seed of the tapoban katha (eternal hermitage of super-fluidity also know as xi-vi tat artistic perception of the creatrix)

Rhododendrons/ Sikkim-Himalaya London :Reeve, Benham, and Reeve,1849-51/BHL Biodiversity Heritage Library

Rhododendrons/ Sikkim-Himalaya London :Reeve, Benham, and Reeve,1849-51/BHL Biodiversity Heritage Library

An all permeating silence gives birth to a wanton play of words

Words carry visions as vibrations interplay (light and sound)

Visions conjure material kinesis

Movements concur the episteme of physiological evolution (bio-genesis of myriad forms)

Like a cinema that goes on without any interval

Many characters and plots may come

But what is significant is the art it creates

Life is material representation of that art

This is a flashback of tapoban katha

You can rewrite your destiny on the script

Because there isn’t any…

– J









Active Redopalin Time for Supramental Descent: An Invocation to The Supreme Lord via Server Non-Locality of the Holographic Universe

We are perceivers.  We are an awareness;  we are not objects;  we have no solidity.  We are boundless.  The world of objects and solidity is a way of making our passage on earth convenient. – Michael Talbot (Author of the Holographic Universe)

The Endless quest a vigil of watchtowers and fortresses

against the sea and time.                 

Jim Morrison- An American Poet

Jim Morrison- An American Poet

Have they won? Perhaps.

They still stand and in 

their silent rooms wander the souls of the dead. 

who keep their watch on the living.

Soon enough we shall join them 

Soon enough we shall walk the walls of time.

We shall miss nothing

except each other.  – Jim Morrison 


Krishna as Gopala

Krishna as Gopala








Flames of tongue burn brightly as the white sun

In between rock, sand and seas

Eternal Flame/Ma Jwalamukhi/Annapurna Ma/Kangra Valley, HP

Eternal Flame/Ma Jwalamukhi/Annapurna Ma/Kangra Valley, HP

From empty space sounds direct the eternal words

They come into being, disappear into nothing

Self-constructed from that seminal fluid of the void

Stars are formed with big gaseous bodies that hurl against each other

Screaming in the darkness, crying in the lonesome highway

They hear unto me

Soft languid motionless and still

Perpetuates the golden order of things

Accelerating on the fringes

Runaway to distant galaxies

One with the other entwined

They formulate the rhythm of expansion and contraction

Do you feel rainbow spark on the bosom of my wings

Or on the misty petals of the twilight garden

Do you feel the thunder over the distant mountains?

Do you see beneath the ocean’s floor the schism?

Are you living or dead?

Can you walk on my shore breathe on my waves?

Are you afraid of trying? Lying? Vying?

Are you the poet, artist or the Lord?

Lord Krishna/Adi Purusha

Lord Krishna/Adi Purusha

Who are you in the epic battles of Mahabharata?

Are you the vibration of things that kindle fire in the promontory?

Are you the winds that whisper clouds the song of the eternal man?

Are you the day dreamer of the quantum rasa-lila?

The supramental intelligence of the creational matrix?

Are you the clown in the cave of infancy fluting the minstrelsy of bygone years?

Are you the question of primordial birth & its quest?

In the higgs field they are searching the quaro-hizboic time of complete resurrection?

What time is not what space is what god substance from that singularity?

Divine Mother/Mirra Alfassa

Divine Mother/Mirra Alfassa

Krishna janame Krishna – Krishna janame Radha-Krishna

The garden is now without its spring vitality

The waters flow on an inundated hollow Mesozoic curvature

Spinning and twisting legs that cannot know its source

Where are you when they ravaged the forests with their poison oak?

This is the time,

This is the time

To reconsider the future

Seconds are dying into nano-seconds without the remembrance of your grace?

This is now a cultivated wasteland

A mortal blemish of the unconditioned love

Future in all di sitter space fashions the geometric octave of spiral galaxies

You are the event horizon – the cosmic point of the knower and the known

What is known is still unknown to the world?

Come lying involuted in the conch shell as the prolific sound

Come today as the retrocausal sign-ship of destiny

Come to orchestrate the great beginning of things

Earth-to-earth from p-creation to m-creation-mirra

Words won’t last that very long, the great surge beyond

Within your yogic state all things shall flow and merge

Into that finality of light, everlasting light

From darkness shore I saw the triple-headed sun of Krishna

Descending fast on anti-gravity shield

Cows milk the ocean of the worlds into the seven sages of the swar

Flames of the tongue burn brightly as the sun…


– Joy Roy Choudhury









A Spiral Converse in a Holographic Universe Meditating Upon a Beam of Laser to Exfoliate the Decaying Matter of Gravity

Qui-Qui in a Hologram, Samij Datta 2012

A Spiral Converse in a Holographic Universe Meditating Upon a Beam of Laser to Exfoliate the Decaying Matter of Gravity


Just as the satellites dish out the varying signals

Automated upon a superdisc levitating in a macro-causal vacuum

Ether to ether was a dark holes submission of matter and energy

Into asynchronous worm holes in a spectral hologram

Leaf is an arrangement of dreams grid together with quantum gold plates

Auric aurum aurora auroville

Points are incarnating consciousness in space

Lines are the building blocks of supermind gravitating in zero-fulcrum

Rose-carp bliss Boson carrier of the truth-vehicle inevitable      

Krishna to Krishna is the chariot of fire across the prima facie of Christ

Arrow of time melts on a super luminal space craft

Within the microtubules matter-mind psychic entanglement takes place

Différance is a term of non-local retro-causality

The clouds clasp the gadgets of light and invert a chain of signifiers into the dawn-mist sea

Came rain from the first holocaust, Savitri saw the sun from the templates of other suns in luminous hyperspace

Darkness came as a outer exotic-membrane of light peeled to reveal her quantum car

An orange in the non-unitary matrix of non-linear isometric symbols

Revak vak Tat Vashishtha Rohaman–Johaman-Froaman-Droaman-Mroaman

Brahman is Brahman in the infinite delight of massless supramental qui-qui Shakti

– Joy Roy Choudhury