Werner Erhard’s The Transformation of a Man and the Art of Doing -Without-Doing: Corporate Aesthetics and Post-Quantum Feedback Loop in Retrocausal Zen

D.T. Suzuki Photograph

D.T. Suzuki Photograph

A moment too soon         

Zen Painting Japan

                            Zen Painting Japan

Vapors smooth

Combing its back

Reaches out for that void

Unknown entangles the known like tea dreaming to be drunk

From empty pots and vessels

Filled with sunlight in a bowl

Seeds that will germinate 

Flowers, rivers and oceans 

And granite mountains crumbling to dust

Picked up by the winds 

Wayfaring across the boundaries of sleep and awakening 

Into time tunnels retrocausally active 

Jumping like a cat out of Schrodinger’s box

Neither alive nor dead

A non-dual existence above the rest       

I'M With You In Rockland Allen Ginsberg

I’M With You In Rockland Allen Ginsberg

Playing a miniature part

In the grand finale 

Nose, ear, eye undifferentiated in the spectrum 

Why are there beings at all, and why not rather nothing? That is the question.

“Technical knowledge is not enough. One must transcend techniques so that the art becomes an artless art, growing out of the unconscious” – D.T. Suzuki

“Nothing acts of itself -there is no such thing as an Agent. Action is the nature of the whole thing and it appears as it were in one place in relation to stillness in other and so on…” -Alan Watts 

“To take a stand for the future is to bring forth a new opportunity, not one derived from the past, but an opportunity created from a future to which we give ourselves. – Werner Erhard /Interview with USA Today, “Mankind Must Find a New Self Awareness”, Dan Neuharth and Miles White, December 14, 1982

Hands, legs, brain undifferentiated in the spectrum      

Alan Watts and DT Suzuki

Alan Watts and DT Suzuki

Only spectral lines 

Only fluctuations in the artist’s mind

A web of life interconnected creating non-equilibrium dissipative structure

The  old  custom

From  its  bag  of  promise

Gives  wisdom  beyond  happiness

Inward walking

Dimensions seek themselves

Stay fresh in the morning dew

Your teacups are dreaming the warmth of the stove

Awakening is  an act of making the tea.


PS: Why are there beings at all, and why not rather nothing? That is the question. – Martin Heidegger

Reminiscences Of A Starless American Night In The Cold Neon Highways Scattering Truth Consciousness: Allen Ginsberg’s Howl and The Absolute Conformity of the Self

Allen Ginsberg Benaras 1963

Allen Ginsberg Benaras 1963

Reminiscences Of A Starless American Night  In The Cold Neon Highways Scattering Truth Consciousness: Allen Ginsberg’s Howl and The Absolute Conformity of the Self 


“We used to believe 

In the good ole days 

We still receive 

In little ways 

The things of kindness 

& unsporting brow 

Forget & allow

Did you know freedom exists 

Ina school book …

– Jim Morrison 

“I’m with you in Rockland

in my dreams you walk dripping from a sea-journey on the highway across America in tears to the door of my cottage in the Western night”. – Howl by Allen Ginsberg, San Francisco 1955-56

If I am awake in those pavements

Received the light granted to me

If I am awake in those moments

By a sudden shiver that disentangled my brain from feelings

Reason didn’t persuade me to walk on waters

Nor did it profess to ensconce the sun on the spiral staircase

Then it looked utterly simple

This world, its maiden plump shadow and earthly odour

This body came out of a sensation

Invigorating the carcass with uranium sands

My nerves dangled with stars in profusion

Encircled a whole creation

A marble of plasticity that must explain the separation of superposition logic

Mixing sweat with lava and the charred bones of animal earth

A labour of the soul interpenetrating the elemental worlds

A play of inconscience with the superconscience

Anima Mundi entered the heart of the Heliospheres

An arrow spanning eons was shot from the quivering lips

It sprung words from the fountain of liquid time

Liquid because it obeyed gravity and didn’t think otherwise

And utterly innocent memories lapsed in the guise

Too wise to forget the vaporised dew on the face of things

That will clutter as raindrops on the shaligram shila

Nature’s precedents amplify the colors of a reminiscing spring

Like an old gramophone in the heart

It beat the desired vibration of subatomic chondrites

Louanimghor louvanimghor louhastreta soham

Poetry’s miniature in the formless attributes

Ever seeking words to manifest its new sign

Through the dilemma of stillness amidst the last action of the gods

The Supermind has descended on earth

And as they prepare the ceremony of the dead and the unborn living

From vrihat samhita sutras

The seven seers awake the child from their sleep

A time when the winds whipped the sea screaming:

Howl! Howl! Howl!

– J


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