Stone Apparatus of the Mind-Tray in the Formless Vision of the Cat

Quinwing A, Samij Datta

Stone Apparatus of the Mind-Tray in the Formless Vision of the Cat


Gurundig had a vision one day

She lay happily in the dream boat of an unknown truth

Played over a piano in c-sharp and minor scales

Arbitrary numbers became alphabets on the mouse-pad of her living world

She saw signals trapped in outer space that are moving in a distance

The equator was the face of a coyote running backwards in time

Frozen circles of memory mesmerize ether’s vibrating nebulas

And under the full moon the bark-tree song remains the same

Ages have passed under the bending sickle’s memorandum of understanding                                                            

Reason has toiled in the garden of its laughter

Weeding tropics with jobless acquisition of wealth

The river plantation have ceased statues collapsed like Mixolydian arcs

Gurundig was the happy mate of a satyr tragopan

Brewing coffee on the magic carpet of Dattatreya mantra

Dattatreya Hari Tat Sat

Forces are coplanar dusk hymns of Alblackica on anti-matter run

The sun is a dog bone chewing time like a dog in the micro-mind ether of the red space

Flying like a libretto of Francesco Cavalli in the Baroque evening of a mid-summer night’s dream

Was Shakespeare born from another planet in a different solar system?

The mind is a holographic universe attaining self-hood through enlightened thoughts

And as Gurundig in other Gurundigs melted like ice, there was an arrow of time like thunder in the skies

Where is the key given in the night of the Nights when the gods slept in the dreams of their destinies?

Where lay your kingdom what waters you have sailed to come to this shore?

Is memory a sacred beast lying in the space oblivious of everything?

Are you still dying or living like a dead in the mirror of mirrors haunted or deserted?

What bones mutter in the air in the shape of a Holocaust and crying like a baby in the infant cradles of your history?

Time was a hidden  line of significance that incarnated points on the index of a page

It read itself incognito

The past is the present in the future of the past

And the past is not a past in the present future of time

But a light of flaming feathers on a quinwing- DNA isomatrix

Heliographic circles of Old Possum’s Practical Cats

Gave alpha zazix turn to king-circle-queen-well substrate of the creation

The wheel is a wheel in the cylindrical psychiquazim mind-matter of Jagannath


– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Rupi’s Dance (2003), solo album by Ian Anderson

The Universal Psychiquazim Worship on Earth Day: Earth on Earth is Earth to Earth

Psychiquazim, Samij Datta, 2012


The Universal Psychiquazim Worship on Earth Day: Earth on Earth is Earth to Earth

Light’s intensity melts in her pacific vastness

She was the room-late-wish of time as space-soda

The vermilion cylindrical psychiquazim meditating upon earth De Macro-state (E-C-E)

Zanumba lines are open on red-shot place

Earth on earth is earth to earth

Space-gap is the owl-light-wish of time-gap

Earth in earth is earth to earth

Space-well is the hymn-height-will of time-well

As the child learns to grow to have the eye-camera varltumin      

To put to frame earth’s magnificent images of struggle and love

I see the day when darkness recedes

As an emblem song of Jethro Tull with wishful thinking and memories

Function-Gate = 4XZZ (9FRE) = KIJA (YETAK + UTAK)

“Let me bring you songs from the wood:

to make you feel much better than you could know.

Dust you down from tip to toe.

Show you how the garden grows”.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Jethro Tull Album, Songs From the Wood (1977)