Compassion in Life is Death of Mortality: Life Equals Life as Immortality in Heaven (Shared-Earth and Other Supra-Cosmic Markets)

Madonna of the Goldfinch, Raphael, 1506

Madonna of the Goldfinch, Raphael, 1506

Beauty links death with worship

Beauty of living in a body worshipping the soul

Death is a procrastinator of time- it devalues the merit of life

Off death you go, fly like Poe’s Raven and disappear behind the meteorites

But, what that has brought us with?

What is the immediate effect if we try to write it backwards to end with the cause?

Death is no destiny, a misappropriation of time in the eternal grace circle of Shambhala?

But, yet, it’s a significant factor to transfer mass into energy and energy back into mass – a ceaseless quantum teleportation – exchanging information across two entangled points.

Death is therefore empty is an answer to the coming back to life

Renewed mortal bliss with love creates immortality

For the superior luminous beings

Without knowledge there is knowledge when the truth is known

All truth is knowledge that is empty in alblackica

Empty as the palm of your hands

Because you cannot offer anything

BECAUSE NOTHING CAN BE OFFERED EXCEPT PEACE (Q-Credit Bank and Qurewohan Stock Exchange)

And what is peace in the Maha-Mudra of the Avalokiteswara?

Green Tara, Tibet

Green Tara, Tibet

Quelso drahim drahin nyogchi aum

In the game of paradox – the mind is lost forever

Thou art will the perfect imperfection in the quantum dzochen of the Absolute Light

Darkness the perfection to be attained by the worship of the light

In the thousand mirrors travelling by reflection onto the other side

And only then you earn a small decimal fraction of the macro-revolution reflected inside

Cells eating cells making new ones from that constant delight

That law of sustainability to be the equality in dreams in the rhythm of a magic particle

Afraid not of the Promised Land and the shadow

The stars fell

The moon cracked

The sun was a vapour in the helium ions

The wells of darkness creaked

A monk light inside

Dro hri hra Hri hyou chye ye ye

Supercomputing machines and the laser game boxes


(Circle –swip-entanglement-swap)= (R-7-R)

Divine Mother

Divine Mother

Thou art the seer in the light of lights

In the heaven’s door of destiny

The stone is the micro-sensor of teleported spins

Om Adi Adi Chintamani

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Royal Qubit Time Translation in Horus: Quantum Information in Alluvial Matter

Time Tantra of Horus, Monalisa, 2012

In the eye of the stone, Horus is the trans-syllabic transformer connecting diagrams with the invocation of the soul

Param-Purusha parame

The automated flow of words is the deep sounding melody of consciousness (the para-trath flow of the virgin-truth) in the electro-dynamic plate of the Hyperion

Old worlds come out of new ones in the cradle of time

The future specimen of art, poetry, music is organised

Therefore, you desire the verse of multiple visions that come out of the dying pyramids in the desert

The Nile is an obligatory vessel carrying the therapeutic purging of its lands in a hymn to yellow ochre robe of the sun

That was an emblem of the emperor’s throne in the bio-rhythmic abacus of the mind

Babaji Maharaj

Creation was an extrapolation of a high-conducting vessel that carry the four forces within Zen-semiconductors transplanted in the body of AYUSHA(HA)UWAR {IS-IN-WAS-WOULD-BE)

The dark face of the moon resembles the bright side of the sun

The stars essay a series no-end no-beginning

In the mad frenzy of the fire in the stone, I saw, death taking its first steps to walk in the garden of EDEN/Immortality (Kriya-Yoga of Babaji Maharaj)

The falcon free as a bird hatches a new history that confines the past not in the past of its past but in the present brought from the future

Rivers are flowing in the irreversible way

Time is dancing like ‘Kalki’

Truth brought on the surface may shatter the earth into a billion pieces


– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Meta-Pollinating Vessel of Time Creating the Cause behind the Supra–Physical Effect to Bring about a Change in the Cosmic Order of the Creation

The Meta-Pollinating Vessel of Time Creating the Cause behind the Supra–Physical Effect to bring about a Change in the Cosmic Order of the Creation

With the help of tetra-trinity 

The light intersects Jehovah

God of power, pentagonal wisdom

Holiness, the King of Kings create

Salvation by the hope in mercy

Immutable myth of hexagonal Sacrifice

Unites the Judgement of infinity

In the night of the dawn

The horse and its nine chariots

Will rise in glory

Will rise in glory

Will rise in glory.

-His Hyper-physical Kindness

 – Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: The avatars as depicted by Rev. James Gardner in ‘Faiths of the World’, Edinburgh, 1880

Three-Fold Time into the Star-Gate Crystal Enfolds the Perimeter of the Square-Rectangle within the Gnostic Communion of the Ancient Bon Light of Wisdom

Yungdrung Gutseg, Olmo Lung Ring, Samij Datta, 2012

Three-Fold Time into the Star-Gate Crystal Enfolds the Perimeter of the Square-Rectangle within the Gnostic Communion of the Ancient Bon Light of Wisdom: Meta-Trageth Truth of Existential Creation


Square is a quadrilateral at the base of the Yungdrung Gutseg

Magic portal to the hidden land of the Immortals

Mind mirrors mind-field; language mirrors the self

What art thou unborn in the undiminished space of time-elongation?

Rebooting the empty signs of signal non-locality via exazeth supermind


In the red arrow of light the eons have offered their knowledge to the bon masters

They saw the big bird’s shadow through the glass vessel of Tigrinya grammar

Sands bore the rose leaf of a sacred star in a billion waves (direct golden play- end of darkness/kal-kal-kalki-kal creation on 9d-change-h axis of z-z-z change (4-6-9-7) decrax

In the Gnostic inner-circle of the para-brahman, the cause is the after-light effect of the final embodiment

Grefuhaman is Grefuhaman is Grefuhaman

On the road to olmo ling, there is no olmo ling in the doubt-cast matter of the mind (sapper-mind is empty!)

Ash returns diamonds into coal after the ether have vaporized the subject of eternity from the faith circle of alblackica

Nights cannot travel into the dawn through the midnight express it needs allowance of anti-quark transmission energy

Mountains are dry fuels for a shoal of fish that catches the light

Keaton-pull up boat-swing matter unmanifest-matter supra-tail-supra-null-supra-lim Supramental

Skull fits the monk as the book feeds the dead

Run-in perpendicular time>sun-lit path<acrux-Sri Aurobindo-Supermind Active-VIA Line 7



– Joy Roy Choudhury

Vraba-Act of Integral Synthesis by the Apocalyptic Horse-Rider: Light as Peace-Symbol of Gnostic Illumination in Dimensional Kinegorim

Shambhala Art-Kalchakra Symbiosis, Samij Datta, 2012



Sweet pair of birds finds thy true note in rhythm

Harvesting the white light in the tree of substance

Dark matter gravity in the formless night bore the many leaves of time’s ethereal cycles

The wheel is a pure dance of reasonless entities, innumerable in number


In the primeval mobile state, zero is a numberless question keyed into existence

Supra-physical delight of the apple-docxet fire is what was translated to Adam by the Open Book of Revelation by the Father


To what you may know may stand the test of time to check back at the history you have made?

Letters in the vortex churn the ocean the scriptures are trembling like the screaming sky

Shambhala Art, The Swan at Padma Karpo, Samij Datta, 2012


The swan in the lotus pool is the Gnostic meaning of a thousand suns

In the dark night, the star of Mazuvont was the blessed palm of the sky

Rains fall on an ocean of infinity, clouds gather the feathers of the bird

Love is an ambo-hiprav-quin-brig-quinwing F (Time 4.778- YEARS > 3.887 K)

Travelling in a bus reading a book she looked at the lights that meandered into the far beyond

Her mind like a river swallowed the banks at one twenty fifth of a royal cubit

She was fond of operas in the grand deluge of a dream rhyming the end-matter of worship

And fancy took her curves in the salon of the world and found her to be as pure as blood

Nietzsche was right, God is Dead; the white-goddess of the moon-sphere sparkled on Zoroaster

Dying with Rudra in the lake of the amphibians he remembered the lost words of the original self: ‘Know Thyself’.


Avogadro base constant illuminated circle decraz-creation-decraz

The horse drank from my pool of waters and heard the cry of war from the other side

The mountains ran into the deserts from Shambhala to the inner-Asia voice-belt

HBTK mode causal inner-emblem symbol transformation weva-weva-weva

Ritam Yiam Klaki Kalki-Ritam-Yiam-Yatashta

Knowledge is knowledge on prava-ixon-intelligent-systems

Road map to the future is based on Onnovation in Innovation on a point

Observer > V-Static-Yong-Observation

Love is a flower in the sempiternal wells calling the darling light through the meadows and the marshes

Snibook technology working on docrex brocat unig: “It did the works of God’s intelligence/Or wrought the will of some supreme Unknown./Still consciousness was hidden in Nature’s womb,/Unfelt was the Bliss whose rapture dreamed the worlds.” .


I- Kalchakra-Symbiosis/II-The Swan on Padma Karpo/III-Kalki at War (Shambhala Art)

Ref: “It did the works of God’s intelligence….dreamed the worlds.”- Sri Aurobindo, Savitri Book II, Canto V

The Hanging Tree of Life in Shambhala that Blessed Earth for a New Change in Consciousness after the Apocalypse Now

6 Boxet, Samij Datta, 2012

The Hanging Tree of Life in Shambhala that Blessed Earth for a New Change in Consciousness after the Apocalypse Now


Shambhala is the Crow-beak moon alter of the higher sufficiency in life

Nothing is beyond that is not within

Within that, that is not that but α numerals of γ rays in the z-matrix of a y-domain

Feathers of the bird fall with the hair of the sun but rise with Alblackica

Their path towards the icy mountains is a script from the book of the dead

Why the stars cross their bows in surrender to the tree of life to bring the fire chariot from the origin-orihinin?

The Brahman was a child in the chandelier of the dawn resting its unused arm on the cold deserts of the Gobi?

Playing with the winds that stifle the bones and cry in the cold outer ring of the Himalayas

Perception of the inner mind is the only scope of activity to find the resin of immortality

White sands are red beneath the cloak and dagger of time, eternity is the lost word of a true golden destiny

Unmarked in the circle of the Eragman cause, the grass was bending the sickle of the guardian serpents

They are the raven of the Babel whose words in the tower echo faith of the highest Neolithic-order

Tree of devotion is the beta-huramix el shaddai adonai elohim el

Greva-greva-razder-ionicixa on om mani padme hum

Om mani padme hum

Om mani padme hum.

– Joy Roy Choudhury



The System of Time in the Pi-Bosonic Circle of Christ in the Revelatory Principle of ‘Ananda’ in the Zebra-Moun Roaming Cross in the Creation


The Paradox of the Anandamaya Koshas, Samij Datta, 2012

The System of Time in the Pi-Bosonic Circle of Christ in the Revelatory Principle of ‘Ananda’ in the Zebra-Moun Roaming Cross in the Creation (eta-trath is muscim-troton-truth)


(Anander gati paribartan nei ei krama bibartane)

The ever sweet will of ‘Ananda’ doesn’t change her course in the process of human evolution

(She chirosthayi savder pratik)

She is the symbol of word procreation

Pran pratishtha kare prati din

She is the shakti behind the complex bio-chemical reactions

Renewing life-force at the point where matter meets its spirit  

(Amaratya tai akasher range bheja ek ti chador)

Immortality is a tie-dyed fabric of the sky-swastika emblem

(Surjo pachim duyare darthastha ek pathik)

The sun is an old traveller of songs standing at the western door

(Ajana achena samay ke deke aan)

Invoking the supra-luminal unknown time of the creation

(Jar uttor hay shuru ta thake noton ar sada ananda may)

And as answers begin to fill the new order of the day,

The dawn emboldened chalice of Alblackica is new and forever blissful.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Picture, Sungachoeling Monastery, Sikkim, Joy Roy Choudhury