The Grateful Dead Image and the Unmanifest Sunyata: Quantum Gates to the Supramental World

Grateful Dead, Winterland 1973

Grateful Dead, Winterland 1973


Steps that follow steps

From past’s thisness to the future’s present

A moment on the event horizon

Receding backwards into nano trahouf infinity

Forward in the sequence of yaweh

This was not built like that

That it is not

That was a dream; chariots graze the sun when the horse is sleeping

The charioteer is the absence of non-local signifier in the quantum higgs field

The chariot itself the sign

All empty and nothing preconceived

Absolute rests in conscious awakening


Buddha, an occult primer of the sun vast rhetoric of helium serpents

Elohim Creating Adam, William Blake, Tate Gallery, London

Elohim Creating Adam, William Blake, Tate Gallery, London

Swallowing the destiny as Krishna blows the sacred conch

The sky, red as the pabulum of Christ, bids the day goodbye

Night uncovers the multiple worlds

Dawn awakens the psychic self under the bark of a dead tree

Monsoon heralds the flow of language

Words are rivers flowing like conscient petals towards fragrance of perfection

Civilization takes quantum leaps connecting with unknown vibrations from the distant stars

Mind is the master of the future gods

Mind is nothing but the worshipped spectrum of light

Mind is photonic transferred potential from arhan-singularity

El shaddai adonai

Elohim el

E. Schrödinger

E. Schrödinger

The tree of life green like the seven seas

Watches the actors plunged into a deep ocean

Some got the ambrosia, others got nothing at all

All else was poison that became manna through my evolution

Creative circuits cause death’s immobility transform life’s trance into immortal love

Retrocausality makes sense; love was the cause that came after karma

Karma came not before wisdom but after death

Death was the pragmatic choice of burning every solitary second into rebirth

We negotiate with the plan – we can change this creation

Are you ready for this stuff?

Or else do your own.

– Joy Roy Choudhury




Signal Non-locality and the Grammar of Evolution: Homer’s Poetry as Subatomic Verse Translating actions to Higher-Dimensions of Karma within the Free-Will Quantum Box

Homer, Monalisa, 2013

Homer, Monalisa, 2013


Homer, Monalisa, 2013

Signal Non-locality and the Grammar of Evolution: Homer’s Poetry as Subatomic Verse Translating  actions to Higher-Dimensions of Karma within the Free-Will Quantum Box



Muses of Instruction inspires poetry in the free realm of man

The choice to overflow the perennial fountain with the cosmic force

Gravity shields the connection you have with that extraterrestrial space

The mind can wish what it may the brain chooses collapse to translate action

From the pool of consciousness, consciousness is the only choice of matter

Matter is zeta-matter in the univocal grammar of higher dimensions of matter – supermind alblackica

You are here to ride the horse and cultivate your intellect with scientific intuition

Apollo is in that smallest particle as photons at the Troton-Troton energising radius (1 cm +ve/-ve)


Knowledge is insufficient without proper faith in the downward causation Apollo's Temple at Delphi, Greece.Wikipedia

In the man, there always persists the song of duality

It gets resolved with you run the epics in the brain and you evolve from there

The gods have transcended their actions – it’s now your turn

c-creation-c is evolving to m-creation-m

Light, more light towards that knowledge with love and an unbounded faith in your abilities

You can make a difference if you believe in yourself completely before others believe in you

And then you know that there is no belief – you only exist and that itself, is real

The spring tempts the humming birds

The foliage basks in pretty radiance

The maids are coming back from the hills; the sun is dying

Within that frame, how many frames are hidden inside?

The Sirius close to that mountain valley has its eye on the rock in the shade.

– Joy Roy Choudhury