Primordial Consciousness-Grid Map and The Lines that Originate from Alblackica





Primordial Consciousness-Grid Map and The Lines that Originate from Alblackica


In the plane of consciousness point (x) represents points (y), (z)….n

An evolving line is drawn between the connecting threads

Mountains, rivers, plains and plateaus are symbols of final destiny

To the point the point is a clear water crystal illuminating depth

Journey to the centre of all originations – aboriginal mud-clay-cliff and rock-sand deserts

History is a pipeline of mystical experiences feeding the present with dreams from future

Avalokiteshwara on the high-noon tide of a cold spectral spring

In the zero substation of bounded-unbounded space the rhododendrons are red purple and pink

Coronation throne lay on the mound of heaping ruins



It says some plants experience micro-gravity in Shambhala

They know too that flowers are cosmic diagrams of supreme effulgence

And art is a passion that springs from the heart, colours speak through musical lines

And follows it to where there is light, there’s darkness that embrace

A wonderful night of scientific truth, the stars are hiding epilogues of many galaxies

They rear the commonplace with the highest wisdom of the sun

In the retro-causal monomer, gravity is a zero-effect cause fulcrum protagonist

It denotes time and eternity

And when words coalesce with substance and form, light is travelling faster than light

And beings are micro-causal effects of subliminal dreams projected on the macrospace

They come from a superluminal embedded structure, a microlith congregation of consciousness takes place

Lehang mehng dromos dero ‘doors and windows…’

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Picture taken using Dell Mobile

Retro Causal Plane and Opium Cubism of Imaginative Flight-Depths

Ether Geometry, Samij Datta, 2012

Retro Causal Plane and Opium Cubism of Imaginative Flight-Depths


The mad man ate the marshmallows

Green blue red and yellow

He wrote a script on them for Heraclitus but showed it to Omar Khayyam

Analytical models each behaving dimensionless unbounded by space-time

They laughed when he skewed the horizon over the visionless Alblackica sea

Picasso was a strong man who etched a palimpsest on to collage fixations

And erected Guernica from pregnant heart of a broken metaphor

They talked to the endless stars a chain within a chain terminating nowhere

Illusions disappeared from the roots of gravity

Diomedes in the tail of Denebola riding the occult geometric device

On the super trail of Deneb and Altair

Silence marks the beginning of time

And the quarks are invisible in opium frenzy

Auto-didactic De Quincey on the prime elevators of graviton centrifuge

To rule is to define the order of subatomic reality

Thinking leads to geometric abstractions ethereal and monotheistic

Consciousness leads to pure perception of things

Thinking with Consciousness leads to opium cubism – a kind of elevated program

That was art as science through the double pin-holes of Promethean camera reflecting consciousness to advance humanity

Create new ethics of ethereal hyper-solids and use their relative positions and vibrations

Community endorses the green-leaf design, dabbing paint with sky, ether, wishful-thinking, and light

Imagination is a vector-bird of the creational salt-plate

Consciousness-grid maps are working for the creation

To earth is earth a joyful time in the eye of the seer.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Super-Luminal UFOs of a Mystique Congregation Bringing the First Light to Conquer Time and Eternity (Superfluid Micrograviton Centrifuge)

UFOLOGY, Samij Datta, 2012

The Super-Luminal UFOs of a Mystique Congregation Bringing the First Light to Conquer Time and Eternity (Superfluid Micrograviton Centrifuge)


Super Self-luminal saucers flying in the sky

Across Tibet and ‘Shambhala’

Within the universe and within a multiverse

Open as gyres a wheel within a wheel

Hydra-clock Alblackia Hydro Quang Acrux                                       

Sirius on the green belts of sparkling lights

They come and go, merry they go

Like a small child who dreamt flying in a hot air balloon

Rain must come after the dry months in summer

And the earthworms may look at those things in the sky

Immortality is the secret of mirco ethereal transmission                             

Zebra stars shine on thee

Oh zebra stars shine on thee

Wao awo quang stratochemic graviton

Superfluid Superluminal Centrifuge

Time to the sacred trust of thy mind, Kafka!

Dynamic objects in the book of Nirvana.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Aspiration Design, Samij Datta, 2012

Observations by Physicist Nilanjan Chatterjee,

*Mystique* Congregration, I shall have to say:

These three very Letters UFO is *Mystic* to me! The reason:
They are associated with numbers 21,6,15 in succesion, and
they are related by the simple Arithmatic: 21 = 6 + 15, not only
that I get three dates associated with them:
21 February :Birthday of The Mother
6 May : Birthday of Sigmund Freud
15 August : Birthday of Sri Aurobindo.

I ask: What has Sgmund Freud to do with Sri Aurobindo
and the Mother?

In Book :P hysics of the Soul*, Author Physicist Amit Goswami
has realted UFO to Sri Aurobindo’s Vision. He has said:
UFOs [Extra-Terrestrials] are more Conscious than we human beings are.
In fact they have already realized the Supramental.

Macrospace E7 and The Consciousness within the Psychic Domain of the Parabrahman Lila

E7, Samij Datta, 2012

Macrospace E7 and The Consciousness within the Psychic Domain of the Parabrahman Lila


I heard a voice ‘Have you heard of Uri Geller?’ He (the macro-space binding, unbinding) is trying to speak to Him

Cross-triangular hatch gnomic space

In the Auric lambda of the PSI, time-space fields are irrational constants


There is a river in every circle of the trapezium watching the sun-spots reflected on its plate

The tree calls the distant other by the box-capital time

E7 > 1 > 0 <E7

There is no unity without the separation

The whole constant ratio is the migratory hymn of the sun-blacksheep-alblackica

The surds are the boatmen of Methuselah, Uri said I heard

Closed-aperture gap is only what the camera knows when light fears the velocity of light

Levitate on cobalt cadmium and helium-4

An answer from the farthest point is arriving soon

Who is the host in a world of awesome stupidity?

Run back in time to run forward in time, walk on eating your legs Sage?

Grass power-moon Chandrapat absolute

Lorahimcratekfelt feldspar mind on jaziz-jaziz turn, twist wrap and shout on Bandhu-Lila-Tarangini

Elohim Elohim on kaon koan and baryons

As the south sea faces the vast enclosure at its mouth

Gazing it ate the stars of the frozen nights-belts entangled

Oxytomes is Sidgwick In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Vora-Gate Symbols and the Hymns of the Quark that Save Earth

Save Earth, Samij Datta, 2012

The Vora-Gate Symbols and the Hymns that Save Earth


The Vora-gate of the earth is in the centre of this symbol

A p d l are letters to its consciousness

A flower transformed metal pure position prime (reverse exegesis in hyperactive space working!)

Poetry is a straight line woven from the Supermind

Art gives into time its eternity of colours

And eternity is a sweet revelation in the heart of its speech

Voice trance vocation transcends the mind-logic case

Silence an amour propre of the golden nights

Love is a tree whose apples are red in the dawn of Alblackica

Macrospace embedded the E8 in the Menda Brown Line wine-hole

Grapes are the non-local signifiers carrying Bosons (passion at a distance!)

Earth is a sweet sounding melody of Venus

Matter is bliss and consciousness is existence

Trees on its leaves

Made flowers in fruits

The bark became the iron in a time (wime)

Quang (Q)

Umin (U)

Anon (A)

Reng (R)

Kriya (K)

Shantih Shantih Shantih


(Wime: A Special META-TRAGETH TIME- Non-Existential Existential)

Ref: Tribal Art, Bengal, 2012

The Conscious Illumination of the Mind in the Vector-Bird Diagrams of Alblackica

Symmetric Space, Samij Datta, 2012

The Conscious Illumination of the Mind in the Vector-Bird Diagrams of Alblackica


To what dream we wake up in E7 macro space

Mind matter in coordinate consciousness

Eractude Hittite Graxub Taxitag

Latin Greek Sanskrit Jabav

Race-continuity integrated by 27-line configurations

A tree within many leaves living for aeons its branches are also the tree

It came from the Octonians, spin 5 on rural cosmic dimensions

Threads and threads connects the eye to the sun and the rivers

Time-like links can produce singularity of vision of distant objects or events and phenomena

Jack Kerouac and Schrodinger in a green-golden trapezohedron 

Sun is subspace in macrospace

Up and down, to and fro

Rest motions and annihilations

Dead analogy of the living cross

Spatial harmonics of the Krishna-Kali Alblackica

Comes and goes stays for awhile speaks to the matter-mind influx

The supramental leaf is forging many dreams

Allow the geometry to play its algebra within hermitian matrices

As the peacock waves its feathers to the rain-clouds of the great flood

Dance is a signal, a conscious qualia to represent superstring laced verbs  

The cause ate the effect as the effect is the mother of all cause

Pink butterflies are the orange flowers of the moon’s millenia

The silvery stars are ripples in an octagonal spacedome

And each ripple represents the earth’s crust binding water to its source

Red Waziz Izwa in Bob Dylan’s Isis

Ambatat-harastot-afraz-haramaz (mountains -farmers -horses -elephants)

The silent-pure-manifest-supra-unmanifest hymn is that.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: David Kaiser’s ‘How the Hippies Saved Physics’ (Book Cover Art on ‘Fundamental Fysiks Group’  who were core to this new revival of science in the 60s and 70s during the counter-culture in the US/L-R Jack Sarfatti, Saul Paul Sirag, Nick Herbert, Fred Alan Wolf ca. 1975)