Wassily Kandinsky’s Around the Circle and The Absolute In-Quest of the Mind in the Parabrahman-Circle (To Find Exact Truth Shape)

Around the Circle, Wassily Kandinsky,Guggenheim Museum, New York

“I applied streaks and blobs of color onto the canvas with a palette knife and I made them sing with all the intensity I could…” -Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944)

If colours fill the mind’s radiating canvas
Then objects come in to live in the meta-space of subjectivity
That quantum hyperspace is a dense forest full of a ring of star-shaped possibilities /wave of possibilities
Time immobile function in the prism automates the anahata chakra of the heart
The will is a dimensionless entity – non-local and discontinuous, within a tangled circle
You will, therefore, you exist in your free-state
You will, so, you change
You are forever
You are ever forever
You are, therefore, not
And verily you are not.
(The Absolute In-Quest of the Mind in the Parabrahman Circle)
Truth operation = case index of 55-creation-55 is grativ-grativ-grativ
Exact truth shape (YYR) = 1 and 1 before 1
– Joy Roy Choudhury

Alblackica Clock Series III- The Supra-Physical Elements of Alblackica Time within the King-Frame Corpus of Biogeochemical Cycles




The Supra-Physical Elements of Alblackica Time within the King-Frame Corpus of Biogeochemical Cycles

The king-frame of the equinox is the function of time where words are mere pictures of any indistinguishable length that passes from the beta-dero-spatially-designed architecture into the magnum opus of the sun; its not an ant crawling the dead log after forests are burnt but it’s an enigma of the toiling season waiting for the renewal in the lattice of the crystal-multiplex by the shedding of the skin in the grass-winged shadows of the rock. That is an afterlife of a life full of journeys in the zenon-haircraft that travels into the Altair and into the Deneb and into the peacock pillows of the Acrux to gather light’s primal deities who wade in the blue sea of the liquid nitrogen where Śākyamuni once lived. The dice of any empty set falls between the virtues of other dices, every event is a phenomenon happening elsewhere their probability is the relative frequencies that cross each other through the prima matra in the alluvial bed of a non-celluloid film. That frame holds the mark of an endless beginning in the yime of the yume of zattar, and in the vatter that consciously maps the recognition of things in the east-west sides of the mandala balancing within the north-south poles.

The alphabets are not arbitary groupings of vowels and consonants but they mix in a jar to create a new sound the rovava-rofafa-rojaja-yuhuyu of the original stem-sepal bond that holds the key to the new rock in the creation. Every alter is an alter to break the design that time has unwound in the precious seconds calling the minutes by the hour of the sun, the clock ticks like the lizard whispering behind the walls to the brick-matter substance of ancient gematria – regulate the power so the self is won from the rainbow of the Radin in the black-vector transversals of the Akshobhya.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Pictures of Ancient Dice (Rome)