Integral Function Synthesis in Cellulose Matter and Dynamic Polarization of Matter Anti-Matter


Maha-Kali (Mother Eternity), Monalisa, 2012


Steal the dawn from the desk

All that matters is put to test?

The sky is blue with purple fangs

Through the eye it hangs and hangs

In the storm the night is young

Riding strong

 The xenon calf of light

Flight…fly to the qubin serpent of immortality

Every vessel is a moonstone computing algorithms

The nectar of the sun is cellulose matter on alblackica grid

Beyond a micro-gravity point in a circle

Beyond Wheeler-Feynman data of causal time-symmetries

It lives and relives its action without any effort

Action dispenses inaction of order multiplying chaos of self-prophetic integers

Negating chance of an individual occurrence of an event

An abacus of mind is the hand of god in a space less infinitude of countless zeroes diffusing itself larger than one in the whole creation.  

Adi Buddha, Monalisa, 2012

If from an unrecognized quantum frame of substance you derive the logic of a hyper-particle existence then the quanta of energy is the throughput of quark inflow in the strata of sonic equilibrium of an active dimensionless void medium. Zero is the orthocentre of a primitive computational system whose integral functions determine the strange quirky behaviour of sub-atomic integers when they are put in a relational sequence to it. Reason is the master key to determine the irrational pervasive ‘inaction’ in the creational matrix that impact even-odd binary integers in an event-horizon when seen through the helioscope of matter as consciousness. Matter is yatter as vatter consuming time-yume-yime of self-incarnating dots on the inelastic pachyderm of ancient consciousness.

Samayer tulonay samay anek ageyey chale

Gati path je dharay abyahato rayechey shei karunay barshito hay alokmandali

The galaxies are frozen hexa-cones on the axis of time-zime realization of matter as consciousness

Chetonar palimatir sta re sabvatar dhan udbhid hate saptarishi mandaler je kuhutan tar ananda shodhon pathe dikhya dey jagatik shaktir- ei jagatik shakti ek din janma dey je samaj babosthar tar nam Democracy

Manush jekhane janak shekhane prati karmer prati sraddha ene dey agragati-

To be progressive one sacrifices time and time in return grants evolution of consciousness.

 – Joy Roy Choudhury

Hyper-Space Realism Allotment of Consciousness in Matter-Mind Unified Field

Lie Sphere, Samij Datta, 2012

Hyper-Space Realism Allotment of Consciousness in Matter-Mind Unified Field


Matter-Mind Realism in the hyperspace is not only about the geometrical dimensions and their projections and curvatures but it’s about the understanding of the basic unity that lies within dualistic modes in any platonic idea. Consciousness in the hyper-space realism is the true verification of what matter stands for at any given level or plane of existence. Though matter and mind are different, the psychic terminal through which one end of reality is connected with another end, may be, with the dream-end, is the conscious awakening of ‘each in the other’- matter in the mind and mind in the matter in the hyper-space matrices.  The green polytopes carry their consciousness in the unified symmetric  hyperworlds, they are the true non-Euclidean tools of higher dimensional kinesis that throw some light on the roots of consciousness.


Man thinks he sees the arrow in the 100 mirrors of the sun

From his eye the mirror sees the sun in the arrow of the eye

Space-time warped as consciousness flows

The matter mind terminal is hyphenated by san-zan-van infinity

Worship Time A-D-E strings and knots, bells and caps.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Hidden Source of Something is Within the Wavicle & Praviculin Wavicle of ‘Nestrat Nihayo Nestrat’ Cellular Time-Consciousness

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”- Albert Einstein

 ” It is he, the innermost one, who wakens up my consciousness with his deep hidden touches.”- Rabindranath Tagore / ‘Gitanjali’ 


The Hidden Source of Something is Within the Wavicle & Praviculin Wavicle of ‘Nestrat Nihayo Nestrat’ Cellular Time-Consciousness


What is knowledge if not a higher hypothesis of a hypothesis in the relative frame-wide-works of the cosmic universe? Creation is a pulp of matter-anti-matter bond, a conjugation that’s more heuristic than soap operas of Puccini but in the time of the second nayutin the river was flooded with salt-grip-sand and Moses bought the boat to ferry the eragman constants across dreams of many quarters in the day-alblackica-rhyme-clock; nothing stands in between the imagination of the being and the Other, the tree is the half-life of the divided-sun, photosensitive and paranormal if you have the super-sensory organs to understand the phenomena; energy is the valve through which consciousness flows, the tribes are gathering round the sacred fire, their chants are hymeneal hymns of the sacrosanct stars: Gnavi Gnavi Mubinf Xoriduq Dorpen Sofejow rhythmica yatashta.

The mothers of the Alblackica eternals, to them time is the acceleration in innumerable primary force surface grexat-grexat dimension. Non-polar velocity of light is length –black-nan-invinity (6hh6-9cc9-8dd8-4kk4-3qq3-6tt6); to the eye the eye is the relative cosmic view of something known from inside, something familiar but not known in the unknown quanta of the wavicle and praviculin wavicle simultaneously.

Robam reyam retat nivigro nevakratu kerat

Reyam retat nivigro nevakratu herat

Retat nivigro nevakratu ferat

Nivigro nevakratu serat

Nevakratu derat

Derat rerat

Rayim ro ri re ra


– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Tagore & Einstein Photograph, Berlin, July 14, 1930

Tribal Art (Bengal Patachitra, 2012)

Alblackica Clock Series III- The Supra-Physical Elements of Alblackica Time within the King-Frame Corpus of Biogeochemical Cycles




The Supra-Physical Elements of Alblackica Time within the King-Frame Corpus of Biogeochemical Cycles

The king-frame of the equinox is the function of time where words are mere pictures of any indistinguishable length that passes from the beta-dero-spatially-designed architecture into the magnum opus of the sun; its not an ant crawling the dead log after forests are burnt but it’s an enigma of the toiling season waiting for the renewal in the lattice of the crystal-multiplex by the shedding of the skin in the grass-winged shadows of the rock. That is an afterlife of a life full of journeys in the zenon-haircraft that travels into the Altair and into the Deneb and into the peacock pillows of the Acrux to gather light’s primal deities who wade in the blue sea of the liquid nitrogen where Śākyamuni once lived. The dice of any empty set falls between the virtues of other dices, every event is a phenomenon happening elsewhere their probability is the relative frequencies that cross each other through the prima matra in the alluvial bed of a non-celluloid film. That frame holds the mark of an endless beginning in the yime of the yume of zattar, and in the vatter that consciously maps the recognition of things in the east-west sides of the mandala balancing within the north-south poles.

The alphabets are not arbitary groupings of vowels and consonants but they mix in a jar to create a new sound the rovava-rofafa-rojaja-yuhuyu of the original stem-sepal bond that holds the key to the new rock in the creation. Every alter is an alter to break the design that time has unwound in the precious seconds calling the minutes by the hour of the sun, the clock ticks like the lizard whispering behind the walls to the brick-matter substance of ancient gematria – regulate the power so the self is won from the rainbow of the Radin in the black-vector transversals of the Akshobhya.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Pictures of Ancient Dice (Rome)

The Innumerable Units That Make up the Unified Vision of Alblackica: Through Time in Time they are Dromos-Dero of Yuvik-Dimensional System


The Innumerable Units Make up the Unified Vision of Alblackica: Through Time in Time they are Dromos-Dero of Yuvik-Dimensional System


The said prophet of the dromos-dero is the swan, he sees life as a flow in the solid gradiant of the sun’s alblackica; there are the times when the alter of no-time builds images to deconstruct laterally; they can be the camera of the world to make-believe what it is not but behind the celluloid of matter’s cellular destiny the light is acting agent of meta-transformation; the wind-hole is the pipe through which the rainbow seizes the flood to conquer the sea; the red-hat matter is born from the Yuwaziha tree, every second of nayutin time its eating the death to see the purple emanation of the future; the red is not red but the burning rose of black Sabbath petals of the primeval fire; the cold silver sea was once a warm river from the geysers; rotation on revolution in the spiral gyres is xecat bexas;

to what you see in the trapeziums the crystal hangs the agate like cross buying time in the free-market economy of space to return the light to where it was; green grass was the melting snow of many aeons, the tiger moths are not looking for a flame to die but they all can see what they cant’ see : the sky is the image of the water on the surface of the radioactively charged crystals of the sand, they look no further, the camera has tilted its vision now, Yuwaziha is going back to the sea to drown with the drowning sun beneath the night petal-birds and a mnemonic moon.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Aphrodite on a Swan, Pistoxenos Painter/Terracotta , 460 BC (presently at British Museum)

Retailing of the Creation in the Nevra Prime Matter of the Self: Monet’s Windows are the Clopen Pyramids of the Alblackica

Alblackica Plate II, Samij Datta, 2012

Retailing of the Creation in the Nevra Prime Matter of the Self: Monet’s Windows are the Clopen Pyramids of the Alblackica


Withdraw the outer being into the cantor cube

The half length is the zebra prime matter of the nexus

That binds creation to its origin of origins

The self is the red earth of the self the leaf’s swollen with the river song

It has in it the elements of akik- the power beyond everything that stands today

Don’t you see the eyes are the ears of the sky’s cross-legged bow?

The rainbow is the doctrine of the word’s alblackica

Alpha beta zeta are the tulips of the ancient Mercedes

They cover almost every distance like the starlight does

Flex of the sun’s inhabitants are razor sharp on the moon’s elbow

Every truth is a bit of falsehood and falsehood amalgamates the paradox

What do you owe to this ant race of the earth? What hands pick up the lightning rod?

Shivering in the snowy peaks the caves dug tunnels into the core

The fire is the spirit of the monolithic stone, water the empty vessel of the mirror

Moatat Straz Struhedh Yayastat, Moatat Straz Struhedh Yayastat

Heraclitus on a paper’s right sector north-east turning and turning the wheel

The sweet music of the Philomela is the left concord of the unravishing blindness

From which comes the lonely surrender of the non-Euclidean tool

Walking and walking and walking beyond the Supermind of all planes

Into the Razder, Ionicixa and Vaxuta plates – there is more freedom than explained by them

They taught the lips bound by the chains – the light almost fell into the black veil of the sun

What good is sorrow if you tear the lid with a broken arrow, hit the tower with the flood

Then the language will learn the lessons of its time the geodesy will change

Plato in the Habber-Brahman, the Zabber is the time that changes with itself

It calls out to the runic leptohan cause the Avra Moatat Straz Struhedh Yayastat.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Reference: The Dark Side of the Moon/Album Cover Art, Pink Floyd

The Solar Ellipse Rasas and Gyan-Ganj Pushpa : With Grace Coming From Lachen Monastery

Solar Ellipse Rasas and Gyan-Ganj Pushpa: With Grace Coming From Lachen Monastery

The Divine  Salt Plate I And The Lachen Grace

Creative Art Arrangement/Photography: Samij Datta


Invariably the boat responded to the river’s mute call as if the silence submerged beneath the seas is only the divine salt plate of the creational substance pronounced as the matter- the melamoun of the higher etahoun, that transitory binary falling from the skies and melting with the hot molten oxides and silica. The pure crystal cooled after the bliss has sedimented in the amorphic crusts of the civilization’s dark years, it is the golden glass vessel of the yime-zime realization of aeonic time. That time is the funnel-clock roosting the sun in the pale arbor of the dawn’s ethereal carriage, nailed the cross on the wooden sacrosanct of the years of millennial worship- black shining metal transformed into the clusters of stars in the billion coal years of the diamond light. The fancy that took the dream from the clutch of ignorance soon became the real spirit of man’s god-ward trail, towards the higher Aurobindian light of harmony, perfection and knowledge. Yat Wat Tat (3x) – Joy Roy Choudhury

NOTE: Lachen Buddhist Monastery  is located in North Sikkim in the beautiful picturesque village of Lachen. The village of Lachen lies at the distance of 126 kilometer from Gangtok. It is located at the height of 9920 feet. The numerous hot springs, pristine lakes and exciting trekking routes is what makes this destination truly appreciable. The best time to visit Lachen lies between the month of March to early July and from October to mid December.

The Divine  Salt Plate II And The Lachen Grace

Creative Art Arrangement/Photography: Samij Datta


Assemble that harmony in the crevice of the rocks, let the metal shine from black dusts of vapor and cover what we may call the orange face of the sun; it’s a glimmer of hope rising seaward and burning candles in ozone filled vessels of san-zan infinity. Have you reached the recesses of the mind, opened the tunnel cut into the deep breasts of solitude where tears turn mountains into gold, and pain washes the lovely plumage of star-field gaze? There the lonely feather of the sun’s horizon spreads its ciyup wings on the platinum of love, fills the original hours chanting mantras AND REMEMBERING THE VISION THAT TAUGHT THE OWL TO SING AT NIGHTTIME WITHOUT THE FEAR THAT BREAKS MAN INTO HIS NAME AND THE SELF, DIFFERENCE DIMINISHED BY TETRAGONAL BLISS OF HEXAGON HUA, THE BUS-DRIVE OF THE DELTA-TRANS-ANGULAR SPACE. – Joy Roy Choudhury

The Divine  Salt Plate III And The Lachen Grace

Creative Art Arrangement/Photography: Samij Datta


From the Omphalos of the pristine dark matter, Apollo’s sovereign journey has begun- he heard the space calling to empty space and the black zabber of time calling space by razace-yime-vazace. That was the point where all stood still without the vectors creating motions, without the peripatetic silence of the cosmic years, this was then the ultimate luminous effulgence of surrender calmly forbearing the frou dance of ruhatit time, Dattatreya Hari Om, Dattatreya Hari Tat Chit Sat Hari Om, Om Om Hari Dattratreya. The trees lend the mind the full moon of resurrected spheres and that vision after light was the same. Dance the stones on the red earth of love, rolls the dark years into the treth-truth-trath of the pilgrim journey into the sun. – Joy Roy Choudhury


The Birth: Gyan-Ganj Pushpa With Lachen Grace

Creative Art Arrangement/Photography: Samij Datta


Solar ellipse rasas linear non-linear on the diagonals 

Bisects the vertices of the triangular time

Hearts felt the rhyme musing on space and on the hard metal flowers of kaliyuga

Spells of trance broke the locked destinies of earth

Liberating matter into the Savitri of silence

Buds bliss ran like happiness across the smile of the ocean

Fathered the ancient mountains of great devotion and faith.

Weng gathia wun guvra vhi

Weng gathia woan mui trasu

Nui tra dhip nui tra geth

Nui tra wajed vhi tak grivam . (Lines absorbed from Noah for the Welfare of the Entire-Creation-Entire)

 – Joy Roy Choudhury