David Ogilvy’s Electric Clock Is A Timeless Pulse Inside The Protein Polymers And The Micro-Tubules Creating Anharmonic Vibrations As In Eastern Music Ticking Across Spiral Galaxies and Quasars One Billionth of a Second

David Ogilvy Advertisement of Rolls-Royce

David Ogilvy Advertisement of Rolls-Royce

“A cloud is made of billows upon billows upon billows that look like clouds. As you come closer to a cloud you don’t get something smooth, but irregularities at a smaller scale”. – Benoit B. Mandelbrot

Does the Universe we live in, exist, as a giant clock or a pulse or a vibration concealed within infinite layers each bearing a definite symmetry or pattern configured by consciousness in a hyper-spatial diamond where the past-light cone and the future light-cone intersects creating the eternal rhythm which holds the key to mystery of mind and matter?

David Ogilvy

David Ogilvy

The electric clock inside the Rolls-Royce which David Ogilvy draws our attention to is the precise detail that unravels the smooth mechanism of nature where the protein polymers and microtubules at the nano-scale exhibit the fractal frequency of the universe (quantum vibrations) which the distant stars and the galaxies all respond to orchestrating the Ragas in loops which neither have a beginning nor an end. Are we entering a dream sequence of relativistic time-loops where the biggest and the smallest are interconnected through networks of space-time  in a fourth dimension, clock-within-a-clock magnifying the music and simultaneously absorbing the energy vibration, expanding and contracting, becoming still, immobile and in dynamic motion, enabling a constant kriya, a doing and non-doing (Wu Wei) which Buckmister Fuller says “an evolutionary process- an integral function of the universe”. Where does energy/matter come from and how do they influence space-time geometries or cause curvature and bending resulting in gravity? Is the activity within space-time or the Explicate order of David Bohm coming from a more deeper realm of infinite possibilities (n-dimensions) which is beyond the fundamental grasps of knowledge (theory and practical) – an unknown Void which superimposed on itself the innumerable configurations of the crystal lattice fractal points that are observing themselves yet transcending that observation in a series of functions that create the ultimate reality we live in or interact with.

David Ogilvy’s Electric Clock Is A Timeless Pulse Inside The Protein Polymers And The Micro-Tubules Creating Anharmonic Vibrations As In Eastern Music Ticking Across Spiral Galaxies and Quasars One Billionth of a Second

Pandit Jasraj Ji Photograph Courtesy and Acknowledge Tao Art Gallery

Pandit Jasraj Ji Photograph Courtesy and Acknowledge Tao Art Gallery

The neural networks of David Ogilvy are entwined with the imaginary clock inside the Rolls-Royce creating a bigger network of clocks both finite and infinite where the universe ticks in creating infinite possibilities for its own existence every billionth of a second, the metastable state of the creative input in the advert carries the pulse of the universe and eventually will decay to a more stable state releasing energy (Stock Market ripple effect and fluctuations). Every idea or the product in question at all levels in the interlocuting time creates a finer dimension in space-time which is Lacan’s Imaginary Other overlapping the Symbolic order of language, culture and civilization.

So, the luxury and the precise automobile ingenuity of the Rolls-Royce is the configuration of the neural networks of a universal mind intercepted in a human brain via non-local server connectivity with the quantum information field or thought-like things as understood by Henry Stapp (alternative of Wheeler’s BIT/Bohm’s Q) through consciousness its agent creating  retro-causal loops in time back from the future and back-reacting the BIT on the IT to create the automobile itself at the Implicate then projecting on to the present explicate now moment.

Neural Networks

Neural Networks

The result is an iconographic Zen moment, Satori or sudden insight where you feel weightless (micro-gravity) because you experience space-time which is warped giving rise to zero-enlightenment and the extinction of “I”: “At At 60 miles an hour the loudest noise in this new Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock”.  (Organic network of interconnected points in a Causal Diamond which transmits the ticking of the clock as inside a Rolls-Royce for the experience or awareness of the Void of the Non-Void in a way of walking ‘without touching the ground’- in the final process all that has been voided are those concepts where you have tried to pin down what is Real!)


Pandit Jasraj & Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia LIVE

*In Indian Classical Music, for exp. The Ragas develop without any counterpoint or emphasis on harmony, there is no scope for any chord progression, it derives its organic complexity from its melodies and rhythms.



Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo


Fair mortal of thy hidden source

Sun - The Eternal Yogi of Light/ Monalisa, 2013

Sun – The Eternal Yogi of Light/ Monalisa, 201rce

The point radiates around thy elliptic boundary meta-entangled with the occult Imaginary

Within the infinitesimal space-time the cosmological patterns emerge

Consciousness is the key to the creation, it is the creation in itself

All that you perceive is one song that remains the same

Discontinuity is the logo-centric ethos of our sat-chit existence of bliss

The Brahman seats at the centre seeking the multi-lingual ananda of a seemingly separate existence

But all that in the eye of the cognitive seer is just the play of consciousness to make real the virtual and vice versa

Allow the strength in yourself to cross the event horizon towards non-differentiability

A point incarnates a liberating consciousness in space-time

What you see and feel is the stimuli based observation process watching the many interlaced observers seeking consummation

The fruit is also the hidden seed of the tree branching out via the roots of propagation

Material manifestation cannot uplift the race unless they square the equations of the vitruvian man

For that you need non-locality of supramental wave-function collapse beyond ordinary matter correspondence

Letters of white light synthesis can act as the miraculous gift for the mankind

Faith is the lock-n-key that opens the prison of matter for conversion into higher stuff

That light must penetrate the bosom to become the suns invisible in the optic nerve fibre (co-bundler solar occurrence of matter with supramental speed of photonic manifestation/higher sat & chit with co-planer ananda of anti-gravity points)

– Joy Roy Choudhury