The Total Existence is ‘Bhairava’: Going Beyond the Universe’s Data-Structures (What lies behind the boundary of any region of space-time?*)



Primordial Loving Mother of Wisdom, Tibetan Bon, Meditation Deity or Mother 

Geshe YongDong chants the Sherab Chamma Heart Mantra



Annamaya Kosha – 1st Gateway. Prana or Chi is food in its microcosmic aspect in the form of vital energy that sustains the body. EXPLICATE Order of Bohm

The JOURNEY from gross to subtle to subtler….(ATMAN/BRAHMAN)

Gross from quantum information or QUBITS but it is not just definitely about information systems or data structures which NATURE stores about its basic building blocks like a hologram. What is BEYOND THE COMPUTATIONAL MODEL? What is BEHIND INFORMATION SYSTEMS?

At dawn

Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundor

Haripurush Prabhu Jagatbandhu Sundar, Bengal 

quietness magnified

the body knows this well

the cells are blessed by the MIND

at the summit you see everything and loose

perhaps, the moment’s own reflection on the lake

you wander like a child

aimlessly, among the forest path

amidst the cloudy mountains

till you arrive at the cave of clarity

where you gain the power to recreate any moment in the creation

The total existence is Bhairava

The whole mind is the only Observer

There is nothing else, the dancer and the dance are one

The user experience is reconciled in the conscious awareness of everything.






Tuesday 7th November 2017 from 5.00pm

Park House, near M&S, Marble Arch, Oxford Street


Oxford Street today announced that singer and actress Rita Ora will this year have the honour of switching on its iconic Christmas Lights, officially marking the start of the festive shopping season in London. The hugely anticipated stellar ‘Switch On’ show, now in its 58th year, will commence from 5.00pm on Tuesday 7 November, hosted by Capital Breakfast’s Roman Kemp and Vick Hope. The event is in partnership with children’s charity NSPCC and Sky Cinema.


Rita Ora is one of the UK’s biggest solo artists, with a number one album and a string of chart-topping singles under her belt. She is currently riding high in the charts with three hit singles – ‘Your Song’, ‘Lonely Together’ and her latest track, ‘Anywhere’. The international superstar has appeared in Hollywood blockbusters and on UK and US TV shows, including ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and as a judge on ‘The X Factor’. The British star also received an Oscar nomination in 2015 for ‘Grateful’, which she recorded for the film, ‘Beyond the Lights’.


Rita Ora commented: “London is my home so switching on the Oxford Street lights means a lot to me. I used to love coming to Oxford Street to see the Christmas lights when I was younger so this means even more to me. I wish everyone a magical Christmas.”


The iconic event will be packed full with excitement from start to finish as UK pop sensations Matt Terry and 5 After Midnight light up the stage with live performances throughout the evening.


Since being crowned the winner of The X Factor 2016, Matt Terry has had a top three hit with the Ed Sheeran written ‘When Christmas Comes Around’, and featured on the huge summer anthem ‘Subeme La Radio’ with worldwide superstars Enrique Iglesias and Sean Paul. Earlier this month he released his own single ‘Sucker For You’, and he’s currently working on his highly anticipated debut album.


5 After Midnight also rose to stardom on The X Factor 2016, wowing TV audiences of millions week after week with their slick vocals and high energy dance routines, quickly gaining themselves a loyal fan base. They released their hugely anticipated debut single ‘Up in Here’ in summer 2017, featuring an impossibly catchy hook by rapper DMX and written by MNEK and Raye. The boys are currently releasing a four-track EP called ‘The Source’ for the fans ahead of their debut album released through SYCO.


Members of the cast from the Tony-Award nominated musical, Five Guys Named Moe, will also make a special appearance at the ‘Switch On’ show. The audience will enjoy a high-octane 1940s, New Orleans-themed jazz show. There’s no party like a Five Guys party!


Over 750,000 bright white LED bulbs and 1,778 baubles will decorate the mile-long stretch of Oxford Street, in London’s West End, the most visited destination in the UK taking inspiration from falling snowflakes to create the real feeling that Christmas is coming.


The ‘Switch On’ kick-starts the festive season and celebrates the excitement and fun involved in Christmas planning and partying. Over the course of the next six weeks Oxford Street and its brands have joined forces to deliver a series of seasonally themed in-store activations that are synonymous with the Christmas period– party wears, festive beauty looks, tree decorating and much more.


Everything you need for Christmas – shopping, dining, entertainment and more is available on Oxford Street and a series of masterclasses hosted by retailers along with gift advisers and personal stylists will help take the stress out of shopping.


For the second year running, Oxford Street has partnered with the NSPCC, coinciding with the charity’s ‘Light Up Christmas for Children’ campaign.


Luciana Magliocco, Head of Consumer Marketing at New West End Company, the organisers of the event, says: “The Oxford Street Christmas Lights Switch On is one of the most popular dates on London’s annual events calendar, and we are thrilled to have global superstar Rita Ora and a stellar line-up of talent joining us to mark the occasion. Along with our partners, Capital and NSPCC, we look forward to kick starting the festive shopping season in style with what is sure to be a fantastic evening of entertainment.”


Peter Wanless, Chief Executive of the NSPCC, said: “Not only is the Oxford Street Christmas Lights Switch On the start of the festive season for many but it also marks the launch of our ‘Light up Christmas for Children’ campaign. With our partners Sky Cinema we will be asking for the public’s help this Christmas to raise vital funds for Childline so we can be there for every child who needs us.”


Capital Breakfast’s Roman Kemp said: “The Oxford Street Christmas Lights are an iconic part of the festive season in London. I’m so excited to be hosting the Switch On event with Vick. We can’t wait to join tens of thousands of Londoners and celebrate the start of Christmas festivities across the city.”


The Oxford Street Christmas Lights Switch On promises to be a truly magical evening and not to be missed!


Find out more at


Join the conversation @@oxfordstreetW1 #OXSTLIGHTSON





The Original Realization of Marvellous Practice and the New Enlightenment under Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj: Negative Space (Ma) Topologically Constructing Kinematic Behaviour of Invisible Micro-State Point-Forces

Maha-Avatar Sri Babaji Maharaj

Maha-Avatar Sri Babaji Maharaj


“Do you like music?” Dr. Robert asked.      

Island by Aldous Huxley

Island by Aldous Huxley

“More than most things.” 

“And what, may I ask, does Mozart’s G-Minor Quintet refer to? Does it refer to Allah? Or Tao? Or the second person of the Trinity? Or the Atman-Brahman?” 

Will laughed. “Let’s hope not.” 

Paul Klee, Um den Kern or Around the Core circa 1935

Paul Klee, Um den Kern or Around the Core circa 1935

“But that doesn’t make the experience of the G-Minor Quintet any less rewarding. Well, it’s the same with the

kind of experience that you get with the moksha-medicine, or through prayer and fasting and spiritual exercises.

Even if it doesn’t refer to anything outside itself, it’s still the most important thing that ever happened to you.

Like music, only incomparably more so. And if you give the experience a chance, if you’re prepared to go along with it,

the results are incomparably more therapeutic and transforming. So maybe the whole thing does happen

inside one’s skull. Maybe it is private and there’s no unitive knowledge of anything but one’s own physiology.

Who cares? The fact remains that the experience can open one’s eyes and make one blessed and transform

one’s whole life.”

 – Island, Aldous Huxley

Om Ma

Sri Sri Anandamayi Maa Photograph5

Sri Sri Anandamayi Maa Photograph

Ma the negative space topologically constructing kinematic behaviour of invisible micro-state point-forces giving rising to diamond emptiness- Macro-tactile crystalline super-void/Emptiness Architecture 12th to 13th Dimension Retrocausal Jump

In the beginning the end enfolded in dreams speaks of an unknown question of no one

Why then have you come and how far did you get? What initial ritualistic symbols did you purify?

How many gigavolts of electrical energy you need to transfuse in the cellular networks to reconfigure the vibration, the pulse of these universe mapped locally in your brain as network convergence over a wide area of the system?

Sitting in the park

The wooden bench under the canopy of autumn leaves probably in NY

Orange red green

Maybe, inside the head purple

Jim Morrison Rock Psychedelic Poster

Jim Morrison Rock Psychedelic Poster

And distant ocean winds and words

Flowing through

Down and up the axis mundi

Smoothly coming out

Re entering again

The vast theatre of desireless non-differential karma

Uttering profoundly the ‘Om’

Shining like a ripple

That characterizes the sound of this eternal existence

From the non-deliberate act of inaction potential

On the surface to the bottom

The membranes are colliding against each other

Creating nano-optical convergence of life-force

As a resonance of the negative space ‘Ma’

Network Convergence at Nanoscale

Network Convergence at Nanoscale – 12th to 13th Dimensional Retrocausal Jump

Over the super dynamic sheets of Om fibres

Projected out in a single dance


This was getting simple Joseph K said

There was actually no trial

No courtroom

No warrant

No nothing

Neither there will be a Bodhi tree standing for enlightenment

The body stood still

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy: Tapoban Katha

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy:      Tapoban Katha

Emitting the glow from its own substance

And the birds practiced karuna

Flowers were offered at His feet

Eternity on every grain of sand

Was the riddle of time answering the Question

That followed it to where He was, is and will be forever- Om Ma


In the Blowing Wind of Alblackica Mornings Playing the Rhythmic Consciousness of a New Race

In the Blowing Wind of Alblackica Mornings Playing the Rhythmic Consciousness of a New Race


I am the daydream–realist fiddler of dreams anointed by the earth savage petals of the Nestrat in the shadows of the dark-tanned colors of a morning rose; where you go with your backpacks in the hills on the green tumbling sides of the river falling like a sparrow in the cloud adjacent square leg of the sun; milieu comes after strong coffee beans are roasted and puffed with smoky-frills of an overdose evening, writing its songs in fair elegance for the temple of the lord in the Baquytra reptilian winter at the garden of Vasundhara; no man returns free till he listens to the call of the crow-chant mind of the desert from the dead paradise of the northern lights, waking with the Himalayan Rhododendrons in the sweet tarmac of a living pool; I am born only not to sing with my feet on the grass knocking predominantly on the heaven’s door for an answer, but to let it slam bang against the silent cloud of a million birds, to open it to the deeper chambers of the neolithic man (the man-within to the man-without) so he can drink from the flowing quatrains of the shark in the tooth-eyed eagle of a resurrected spring; the dogs are sleeping tonight in the heydays of Roberto Rossellini and the cats have gone back to their blackberry homes along the pathways of the rainfall light ;

Roger Mcnamara was waiting for me to take him away farther into that blaze of the unblinded darkness where nothing prevailed only but the Alblackica dawn in the gnomic receptacle of Savitri-mawa-Savitri; I don’t know I had a sensation my hands clutched the wheel on the highway to the stars; the time has come to blow in the wind with the purple pleasant peregrine and in the wing chaffed vision of the red-wood tree, the river knows the way, the river knows the way.

-Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Bob Dylan Photograph

The Zero Constant within Time-Fluctuations: The Yuwaziha and the Zebra-Moun-Book of Eternals

ALBLACKICA PLATE V, Samij Datta, 2012

The Zero Constant within Time-Fluctuations: The Yuwaziha and the Zebra-Moun-Book of Eternals


Sun’s dancing spirals can eat the cow of darkness madness hear the words of reason’s after-light the pantomime crow is the destiny of all –travel far and beyond the creation, to make the creation the creation it shall be.

That shall be the door of an open courtyard many separated differences of lives put together to churn the mill that harvests the milk of the absolute or rather the amsolute in the aksolute. It’s is the best price that can be paid at the alter of Alblackica. Yuwaziya watches the time that has no personnel but the persona of this song is the real unmanifest and the virtual self-professed manifested pentagram in the cross-palm history of this earthy race.

Trees that have feathers are the burning spectacle of a lion in rage he fathers forth the entity of time that came from the cave-pigment of the bell-vision; the vision is the truth that had the binomial function of an azimuthal quantum number, energy dissociated are transferred back to the prima matra and in the mirrored hologram of the mind cast-lind-wall- it’s rather in the plates that the unread chapters are read again to give matter the highest frequency that it can maintain with the spirit in unison to fill the promises of an open bargain with the creator or the creatrix. Where are you in the dying vision of the ‘burning giraffes’ of Salvador? The insignificant are casting their vote into the pyramidal structure of the grand design – they are taking the shape of tigers that are the white-sage elephants- the million Bwajem-Jwahyu Sadhus of the non-time matter, of the other-space coming down on earth:

Tetrat Terav Tetrat

Nestrat Nihayo Nestrat

Love is the Wind of the River of No-Time.

Follow her steps as the streams squeeze the grapes to make the setting sun twine with the vine and as the drops fill the lapis with the yellow laughter of the moon, Yuwaziha is dancing…far from time in time to time but not in time as the words end the end of themselves.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Reference: Grateful Album Cover Art (Axomoxoa)

The Zero Space Time Urn From The Origin of Origins Is The Space-Clock of The New Creation

Alblackica Consciousness – from the Origin of Origins 

ALBLACKICA CLOCK (2012), Samij Dutta 

Alblackica Consciousness – from the Origin of Origins 


Thou sacred art, thou art divine

Thou art alblackica as time

Thou art alblackica as the red horse of the sempiternal seasons

Rome in daxun time-leap, NY the frozen heart of the riddle without a tail

Amazon strange in the midnight-cross hanging over the bow

Pouring nectar on the crab-feet moun, time is empty

Zero added to zero – another run she will be free

She will be the lion of the ionic ember

She will be the template of the origin of origins

She cannot know before she does her work

Her language is not the tongue but ear, eye, hands and legs…

Entangled to words and rhythms of the alphabets

Every snowfall is the hush of the limelight of reason

Birds came, danced and went to take a dip in the blue oyster lakes

There was time to swallow the fig and the bone

There was no time to gaze at the screen

Time to remake the numbers of the holy chant and turn 1 into zero

The absolute of the Sai destiny is the infant cradle rocking the beams

What alms impregnate the begging heart into the rolling thunder of the drums?

What heart is beating like the winter solstice quivering the ocean salt?

Reason cannot warm a cup of tea bitter with its thoughts

Sweet are the sands that resonate with macro-ether stencil of free space

Gravity is ravity is avity is ity

Galileo born from the leopards of dark space

Ambrosia of the third movement of Beethoven is Venus

Imagination is the box-capital set of evavanagendra Vishnu

Tulips are red like onyx that has the power of luminescence

Moon’s halo is the sri circle of sri azuha sri azuha, Hari Om Tat Sat

Alblackica is alblackica on alblackica in alblackica

Clock’s arms are bent near the equator looking over the poles of Sri Vrindavan

Hens are the peacocks after the morning rooster saw the first showers of April circumnavigate the isles

A wasteland’s consciousness knew that its time to gather the woods for the light.

– Joy Roy choudhury