Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj Message to the World: The Seven Solar Interstices of Gyan-Ganj

Maha-avatarBabaji Maharaj

Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj

“Noumenon, as the term states, is mind.

Phenomenon, as the term states, is appearance.

Unmanifested, we are noumenon, 

Manifested, we are appearance (phenomenon)


Knowing that the observed has no existence   

Chandra-Bhaga (Path to Triloknath), 1932 Nicholas Roerich

Painting by Nicholas Roerich ‘Path to Triloknath’ circa 1932

Apart from the observer, 

Knowing that the observer has no existence 

Apart from the observed, 

Divided mind is re-united”. (From Open Secret by Wei Wu Wei)


Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj Message to the World (Also Known as the Shambhala Principles/or the Seven Solar Interstices of Gyan-Ganj

The tree of wisdom bears the fruit of ‘ananda’
That is the first principle of this creation
It is a specific manifestation pulse or vibration absorbed
Sequentially by the five elements of akasha, air, fire, water and
The juice of the fruit is the truth of love without which there is no
Conjugation and harmony 2nd principle
At the core of the fruit is the seed of unity and oneness, serenely
palpable, active and fresh
This corresponds to the third principle
Eating of the fruit is an indispensable kriya which dissolves
Dualities in the One Mind giving rise to wu-wei (physical non-dual
Being the basis of the 4th principle, this is liberating consciousness
Which is non-local and timeless (beyond space-time)
When the eating of the fruit is spontaneous and childlike then great
Secrecy is maintained inherently in the action
This is the open secret of becoming one with the fruit giving rise to
Self-realisation, the 5th principle
When nothing is sought because the sought is the seeker from
No-beginning no-end there is complete unification of all the different
Forces from subtlest to grossest
This then is the Nirvakalpa Samadhi experience of the Void
Things sprung from it naturally and continually like the tree of
Wisdom with the fruits of ananda
In this dynamic immutable state form is emptiness and emptiness is
form – body –mind and intellect are one by the act of karuna (6th
Clarity of perceptible knowledge is the highest prajna that gives rise
The 7th principle of Vairagya
An utter sacrifice transcending all planes by the action of doing
Without doing is the inevitable principle of Shambhala
Then the whole world is shambhala
A dance that will script the liberation of all
From a bondage that existed only in an illusion.

“Hari Om Tat Sat
Om Namah Sivaya
Om Mani Padme Hum
Jay Jesus, Jay Maa”


It was the Hour Before the Jazz: p-brane Oscillation and Dark Energy in the Empty Space

Montreux Jazz Festival 1971 poster

Montreux Jazz Festival 1971 poster

“If You Still Have to Ask, Shame on You”.

– Louis Armstrong’s reply to What Jazz Is


“You cannot solve a problem in the same level that it was created. You must rise above it to the next level” – Albert Einstein                                                                 

Jesus : Light from Shambhala

Jesus : Light from Shambhala

“Ever desireless one can see the mystery. 

Ever desiring one can see the manifestations. 

These two spring from the same thing”. – Lao Tzu /Tao Te Ching


 It was the hour before the jazz

In the sub tenor alto space

Dreams didn’t navigate the reality to come

Born from the future sequence of time

It crystallized the aura of melody in the bathing of a star

It will create its own language orientation for attainment of nirvikalpa

The tree must cry                                                  

Jim Morrison: "Every Day a New Day" - Zen Proverb

Jim Morrison: “Every Day a New Day” – Zen Proverb

The valley deepen

And rivers flow to soothe the nerves

This is a peculiar predicament of the cycles

Even the gods are bound by this ocular vision

A full circle of paradigmatic chaos inverts a high-order mind resolution – can you transpose alphabets from void

Sometimes unknowingly the knower knows the unknown – journey of the supermind

When light was a child in the womb of darkness

It loved the solitude and bliss

At day break thought’s insane force made him run

Ever since that big bang it ran to every corners

But the shadow did not leave him alone…’



Gayatri’s Fourier Transform 5th December 2014: Sri Aurobindo’s Maha-Samadhi Day and the Consummation of the Great Work under the Serene Guidance of Rishi Yajnavalkya and Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj

Sri Aurobindo and Divine Mother photograph by Henri Cartier Bresson circa 1950

Sri Aurobindo and Divine Mother photograph by Henri Cartier Bresson circa 1950

Joy Guru Sri Guru (3x)

Vak je sthane Samadhi lav korechey                

Yogishwar Yajnavalkya

Yogishwar Yajnavalkya

Ta atibo sundor

Shekhane maa gayatri birajoman

Vigrayer nirvikalpe fute ache suryer matrikona

Jwalchey nivchey ar toliye jacche

Ek ananta maha-pranayer lila

E ak hariye giye khuje paoyar maja

Anander itihash

Satyer jagoran

Chiter aatmaprakash

Sabei badha ekti tarange

waves eternally in

 and out

 loveliness is the lonely child apprehending the creation in ‘things made from itself’…

The last light may have led to the darkness

And the darkness may have led to the dawn

The cycles repeat their own course

Hunger is born reaching consummation on the tip of a flame

Incredible forces command evolution

Exchanging signals between matter and spirit

Initiating the process of self-enquiry – who is Brahman?

The Winter Solstice Sun courtesy NASA

The Winter Solstice Sun courtesy NASA

And He answers: I am that from which you are born

The great Self in everything

Silence pervades the quest for knowledge

Words are eating only words

There is no intermission in the cosmic drama

So, after supramentalisation, what’s the next state, my son?

All will be revealed soon in alblackica

But did you in process of transformation lost the inner feelings of the self?

How was the tea? the scent of the flowers?

And the motionless motion without which nothing can stand apart or come together?

Did you abdicate your finer senses?

Sun - The Eternal Yogi of Light/ Monalisa, 2013

Sun – The Eternal Yogi of Light/ Monalisa, 2013

Are you there?



No bird can fly without wings

No man can dream without feelings

Open your heart- that is the message

Don’t let the reason vindicate your self

Nirvikalpa raised to the power nirvikalpa is the grand zero Samadhi of all event horizons

It contains all states in perfect harmony

Yajnavalkya’s sun is speaking to you directly

Be mindful of your presence – you are the focal point in the creation

Be born like a child dancing on the bosom of that luminous darkness

And she will laugh like you my child

The Imagination of Nature is Far Greater than the Imagination of Man: Richard Feynman, Theoretical Physicist

The Imagination of Nature is Far Greater than the Imagination of Man: Richard Feynman, Theoretical Physicist

Dancing and dancing and dancing

The universe floats on a vessel – the cradle

At that point you know that Gayatri’s Fourier transform is the integral code for the great action in time

Joy Guru Sri Guru (3x)

– J