‘That I am’ – The Ontological Reality of the Great Ocean of Being

”Mayyanantamaham bodhau viswavicih swabhatah

Udetu vastamayatu na me vrddhir na ca ksati” – Astavakra Gita


In me the infinite ocean of consciousness, universes arise like waves

Let them arise, let them subside I neither have any gain or loss from it…



Sri Ramakrishna in ecstasy





‘praksavimarshamaya’ SAYS PRATYABHIJNA SASHTRA




Ravangla Monastery

In the book of creation, my alphabets have become the flesh and bones, the stars and the golden fleece -RE-COGNITION

Sabde prashabito pratibimbwa suryer antarnihito aloksajja

Pratifalon ghate moner mandire bikashito kare kalergarbha griha

Sundorer rup bahartya naad bahinisikha

Khirer samudre uttal tanranga mala aachrepare anabrito kono chinhahin prantare

Pratiti akharer spanda sei kalrupi mahakaler matrichaanda

Tumi ki dekhecho astamito raktim naksha

Ja aswrito kare swetosringer lunthito aamarabati ke?

Tumi ki shonechu kalergarbhahate prashabito parlay naad

Jaa sankya dware ghurnabrityo kaivalyer aanatarup madhuri

Inside or outside

In or in-between

Beyond all voids that void all concepts

But here and now, running between you and me

Running between words and the unstruck Sound

At the crest of the wave or

Beneath the ocean

Where Existence permeates only existences

In that equipoise where no name or form can enter to express

Yet in the seagulls wings or in the flickering flame

In the rocky feldspar and the galactic crystals

In the songs and dances and nerves and splitters

That I AM when the theatre is laid bare and empty

And madness engulfed the scripts of time

Sitting alone in the asylum of non-conceptuality

Where sanity and insanity have fused in the Self-abidance of bliss

Unto me I look straight into the Light of Lights

Anadir caitanyer paramarthik jnaner khetre aami ek nirgun jyotiraloy

Parichayy habe nabadigonte


Setting the Controls for the Heart of the Sun: Pattern Recognition and Thermal Projection of the Luminous Self

An Impression of the True Light

Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet circa French Impressionism, April 1874

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Pink Floyd


‘A glorious shining Angel of the Way

Figure (Surya). Made of stone (basalt).

Surya (Sun) Figure circa 10-11th Century made of basalt stone, acquired by British Museum in 1972

Presented to the seeking of the soul

The sweetness and the might of an idea,

Each deemed Truth’s intimate fount and summit force,

The heart of the meaning of the universe,

Perfection’s key, passport to Paradise.


Light stood embraced by light, fire wedded fire.

– Book II, Canto XII, Savitri, Sri Aurobindo


Every sentient being, speaking as I, may say to his phenomenal self, ‘Be Still! and know that I am God!’

”All human evil comes from this: man’s being unable to sit still in a room”

-Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)

At the still point

doing and non-doing are meaningless

they have cancelled out

so, are the differentials of inside and outside

open or close, dissipative or non-dissipative structures have faded into oblivion

What happens to the dream state after awakening?

there was no dream, neither, was there any buddha or awakening

Mandala of the Sun God, Surya flanked by 8 plenetary deities Nepal.jpg

Mandala of the Sun God, Surya flanked by 8 planetary deities, Artist: Kitaharasa circa 1379; distemper on cloth, Nepal courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, USA copyright MET Museum of Art, NY

the self in its transcendental glory is the shining sun that is…

it manifests for its multiplicity the solar grid to engineer feeling-centric learning processes

actually, there is no becoming or evolution outside the dream

there is am-ness and pure subjectivity

”Infinite is, indeed, my wealth of which nothing is mine.

If Mithila is burnt, nothing that is mine is burnt” (Janaka, Santiparva, Mahabharata)

The true Self is infinite as taught by Astavakra and Yajnavalkya to King Janaka

“The entire universe is the Self”

“In the Ocean of existence the one (the pure Self) only was, is and will be.

There is neither bondage nor salvation for you. Fulfill yourself and move about happily.

And in the Shiva Sutras you learn that when knowledge is destroyed, the dream is seen.

they all correspond to a clear pattern recognition which is recollection of the Self luminosity where dream or appearance is burnt.

But nothing is burnt or dissolved in the true sense,

There never was a Bodhi Tree

Nor any character other than the Self

When there is only the witness or the observer

what is  the meaning of liberation or freedom?

”As I have known the Supreme Self who is the eternal Person as the Witness

and who is the Lord, I have no desire for bondage and liberation, nor care for salvation.”






9th March, 2018


Record EUR 1 billion European Investment Bank support for global solar investment confirmed ahead of International Solar Alliance summit

  • Largest ever backing for solar investment by world’s largest international public bank
  • India leading country for EIB solar investment
  • Strengthened engagement for solar energy in developing and emerging economies expected

In 2017 the European Investment Bank provided EUR 1.05 billion of new financing for solar energy projects around the world, representing the largest ever annual support by the EIB to the solar sector.

Ahead of the Founding Conference of the International Solar Alliance in New Delhi the European Investment Bank also confirmed strengthened engagement to support significant expansion of solar energy in developing and emerging economies.

“Solar power is providing clean energy for millions of people around the world and solar energy now represents the single largest source of new power generation. The fate of this planet depends on continuing to expand the use of renewable energy to support sustainable economic growth. This can be achieved through improved access to energy alongside scaling up a viable alternative to fossil fuels. The European Investment Bank – the EU bank – welcomes the vision of the International Solar Alliance to ensure those countries most vulnerable to climate change can harness the proven potential of solar power,” said Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank.

India leading focus of EIB backed solar investment outside Europe

India was the leading recipient of EIB financing for solar investment outside the European Union, both in 2017 and overall since 2013. The EIB has approved a total of EUR 640 million of new investment in solar projects in India set to provide clean energy to an estimated 4.2 million households and save more than 4 million tons of carbon emissions.

“The European Union and India are committed to implementing the Paris Climate agreement and working together to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, including ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. As the European Union’s bank, the EIB has a strong track record of supporting transformational investment in India and working with Indian partners to enhance solar investment across this country to benefit millions of Indian households.” said H.E. Mr. Tomasz Kozlowski, Ambassador of the European Union.

President Werner Hoyer will lead a high-level European Investment Bank Delegation to attend the International Solar Alliance summit, taking place in New Delhi this week. During the visit the EIB will confirm significant new support for EUR 500 million of new renewable energy investment across India in partnership with the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA).

Strengthened EIB financing for solar investment in developing and emerging economies

The European Investment Bank is committed to increasing support for climate related investment, including renewable energy, in developing and emerging economies to represent 35% of overall financing activity.

“More than a trillion dollars of new solar investment will be required by 2030 to deploy affordable solar energy. The European Investment Bank has a unique technical and financing experience of supporting solar projects around the world, enabling new research to further reduce deployment costs and mobilising renewable energy investment. The International Solar Alliance looks forward to welcoming President Hoyer and his colleagues to New Delhi to discuss strengthened cooperation in the years ahead.” said H.E. Upendra Tripathy, Interim Director General of the International Solar Alliance.

During the International Solar Alliance summit the EIB will outline the key role of solar energy investment across a range of technologies to reduce carbon emissions and increase access to clean energy.

Global support for solar investment to address local energy priorities

New EIB financing for solar investment in 2017 included backing for new projects in India, Mexico and Peru, as well as 13 European Union countries.

Since 2002 the EIB has financed more than EUR 6.35 billion of new solar energy investment and 50% of solar investment financed by the EIB in the last 7 years is located in developing and emerging economies. Reflecting the global solar engagement in recent years the EIB has financed photovoltaic and concentrated solar power projects across Africa in Morocco, South Africa and Burkina Faso, in Latin America in Nicaragua and Peru, in Asia in India and Vietnam as well as Turkey and Israel.

This has enabled significant expansion of access to energy using clean power production and contributed to improved economic activity and social benefits. In the coming weeks the EIB is expected to confirm significant financing for off-grid solar projects across Africa.

Background information:

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is the long-term lending institution of the European Union owned by its Member States. It makes long-term finance available for sound investment in order to contribute towards EU policy goals.

Further information about EIB support for solar investment, engagement in India and activities around the International Solar Alliance summit can be found here: http://www.eib.org/infocentre/events/all/international-solar-alliance-summit




Solar Investment Projects in India and European Invest Bank

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Can Poetry Touch the Curved Surfaces of Riemann: Co-Planar Thought Arising from Junction Intervals of a Squeezed Time-Gap?

iza saraba                                             

Bernard Riemann Father of Non-Euclidean Geometry and the True Guide to N-Dimensional Space

Bernard Riemann Father of Non-Euclidean Geometry and the True Guide to N-Dimensional Space

yukimi ni korobu
Now then, let’s go out
To enjoy the snow… until
I slip and fall! [1688]
– Matsuo Bashō – Master Poet of Haiku/Edo  Period, Japan


“Let no one enter here without Geometry”. -(Plato’s Academy)

Can Poetry Touch the Curved Surfaces of Riemann: Co-Planar Thought Arising from Junction Intervals of  a Squeezed Time-Gap?

Alpha leaping sound                                        

Sri Adi Shankaracharya: Non-Duality and Non-Local Field Interactions

Sri Adi Shankaracharya: Non-Duality and Non-Local Field Interactions

Liquid mansions crystallize

Upon manifold surfaces n-dimensional protean fire

Breathing Hyperion

Formation on a point

The totality of multiverses conjoin here

And now…

To relive the sensation of cessation

And a beginning of new scientific topology

Wisdom’s occult pulsar postulates curved lines of a hypersphere

It reaches the flower of life’s edifice                           

Flower of Life's Poetry Encapsulates the Riemannian Curved Surfaces of Thought-Projection in Mobile-Immobile Time

Flower of Life’s Poetry Encapsulates the Riemannian Curved Surfaces of Thought-Projection in Mobile-Immobile Time

Originating seed’s non-local communication

The abacus of mind’s matrix governs felicity

Happiness not worth in cents or dollars

But xollar’s extra labour to kindle life equations stretched

Humming sound resonated words fibre bundles in plastic thought

The invisible eye clothed the tapestry of chaos out of perfection’s core

Evolve into di sitter future parallelograms

Into octagonal motionless musical poise

Birds are flying into an orange disk

It mirrors the soul’s trillion desires in a unique equation

The creation is a number less than zero

The infinity of infinities is less than zero

Zero observes zeroes in profusion

Creates a whole sequence of things

Observes the making of worlds…

Consciousness induces sleep and waking

And dreaming in the topology of space-time

Yoshi yeho sutra – poetry encapsulates abstract awakening of space-tensor

If matter compacted in vibrating strings produced the music of life then on each point on the Riemann matrix the totality of this creation is simultaneusly dissolved and created by the Will of an unborn wish in the cradle of unmanifest times the unmanifest called …mihira-brahman-vrava-shringar rasa act F-N 39 Sequence Ultra-Tradit Speed.


– J