The Child Masters the Lord of Beings: Jim Morrison’s Poetry and Para-Prakiti Time of Information Management with the Stars

Jim Morrison, The Doors: Riders on the Storm

Jim Morrison, The Doors: Riders on the Storm


“Ride the snake
Ride the snake 
To the lake
To the lake

The ancient lake, baby 
The snake is long
Seven miles 
Ride the snake…” – The End, Jim Morrison, The Doors


Time is a tomb

A spiral staircase to eternity

Time eats time warps space-time

Flowing negatively inwards from the surface

Beneath streaming like jets in the opposite direction

Linear non-linearity of the quantum essence of the creation

Black habas vecta-turbulent time of chaos in the cosmos

Sacred Gurudongmar Lake, North Sikkim

Sacred Gurudongmar Lake, North Sikkim

All are kind of projections from the thought ripple in the oceanic space

Field non-locality supramental quarxo-boham time affluence

Rigid structures melt

Light quarks leap

The bird’s feather finds its way in the blue sky

Stars diminish their distance

Comes closer to the mind-matrix

Installing data from unforeseen 2d-plaque of distant event horizons

Sun is the blue lotus of the white sands of destiny

Programmed efficiently to run the clock-hour of the time

Forest floor lit with purple lights

An interference pattern on cave-walls of infancy

The Child masters the Lord of Beings

Through the conscious grace of the mother

The Divine Mother Symbol: The Para-Prakiti Magnet of Our Difficult Ascent

The Divine Mother Symbol: The Para-Prakiti Magnet of Our Difficult Ascent

Coming from the future

Dance children dance

Wild pilgrim time of the yunho-yigrib


Far away from this Creation there are other creations of the mind-plane

They become real, tangible like the worlds

They exist not in thoughts but as patterns that emerge from some holographic projections

We are not abandoned or destitute in this cosmic play

The Lila continues after the End

Creating co-creating the past from the present coming back from the future

The cycles aspire …we ride the white horses moving like the time.


– Joy Roy Choudhury


The Solar Ellipse Rasas and Gyan-Ganj Pushpa : With Grace Coming From Lachen Monastery

Solar Ellipse Rasas and Gyan-Ganj Pushpa: With Grace Coming From Lachen Monastery

The Divine  Salt Plate I And The Lachen Grace

Creative Art Arrangement/Photography: Samij Datta


Invariably the boat responded to the river’s mute call as if the silence submerged beneath the seas is only the divine salt plate of the creational substance pronounced as the matter- the melamoun of the higher etahoun, that transitory binary falling from the skies and melting with the hot molten oxides and silica. The pure crystal cooled after the bliss has sedimented in the amorphic crusts of the civilization’s dark years, it is the golden glass vessel of the yime-zime realization of aeonic time. That time is the funnel-clock roosting the sun in the pale arbor of the dawn’s ethereal carriage, nailed the cross on the wooden sacrosanct of the years of millennial worship- black shining metal transformed into the clusters of stars in the billion coal years of the diamond light. The fancy that took the dream from the clutch of ignorance soon became the real spirit of man’s god-ward trail, towards the higher Aurobindian light of harmony, perfection and knowledge. Yat Wat Tat (3x) – Joy Roy Choudhury

NOTE: Lachen Buddhist Monastery  is located in North Sikkim in the beautiful picturesque village of Lachen. The village of Lachen lies at the distance of 126 kilometer from Gangtok. It is located at the height of 9920 feet. The numerous hot springs, pristine lakes and exciting trekking routes is what makes this destination truly appreciable. The best time to visit Lachen lies between the month of March to early July and from October to mid December.

The Divine  Salt Plate II And The Lachen Grace

Creative Art Arrangement/Photography: Samij Datta


Assemble that harmony in the crevice of the rocks, let the metal shine from black dusts of vapor and cover what we may call the orange face of the sun; it’s a glimmer of hope rising seaward and burning candles in ozone filled vessels of san-zan infinity. Have you reached the recesses of the mind, opened the tunnel cut into the deep breasts of solitude where tears turn mountains into gold, and pain washes the lovely plumage of star-field gaze? There the lonely feather of the sun’s horizon spreads its ciyup wings on the platinum of love, fills the original hours chanting mantras AND REMEMBERING THE VISION THAT TAUGHT THE OWL TO SING AT NIGHTTIME WITHOUT THE FEAR THAT BREAKS MAN INTO HIS NAME AND THE SELF, DIFFERENCE DIMINISHED BY TETRAGONAL BLISS OF HEXAGON HUA, THE BUS-DRIVE OF THE DELTA-TRANS-ANGULAR SPACE. – Joy Roy Choudhury

The Divine  Salt Plate III And The Lachen Grace

Creative Art Arrangement/Photography: Samij Datta


From the Omphalos of the pristine dark matter, Apollo’s sovereign journey has begun- he heard the space calling to empty space and the black zabber of time calling space by razace-yime-vazace. That was the point where all stood still without the vectors creating motions, without the peripatetic silence of the cosmic years, this was then the ultimate luminous effulgence of surrender calmly forbearing the frou dance of ruhatit time, Dattatreya Hari Om, Dattatreya Hari Tat Chit Sat Hari Om, Om Om Hari Dattratreya. The trees lend the mind the full moon of resurrected spheres and that vision after light was the same. Dance the stones on the red earth of love, rolls the dark years into the treth-truth-trath of the pilgrim journey into the sun. – Joy Roy Choudhury


The Birth: Gyan-Ganj Pushpa With Lachen Grace

Creative Art Arrangement/Photography: Samij Datta


Solar ellipse rasas linear non-linear on the diagonals 

Bisects the vertices of the triangular time

Hearts felt the rhyme musing on space and on the hard metal flowers of kaliyuga

Spells of trance broke the locked destinies of earth

Liberating matter into the Savitri of silence

Buds bliss ran like happiness across the smile of the ocean

Fathered the ancient mountains of great devotion and faith.

Weng gathia wun guvra vhi

Weng gathia woan mui trasu

Nui tra dhip nui tra geth

Nui tra wajed vhi tak grivam . (Lines absorbed from Noah for the Welfare of the Entire-Creation-Entire)

 – Joy Roy Choudhury