The Occult Prism in the Sirius Refracting Light for Uniformity of Laws within the Creation: The Geometric Adinkras of the Dogon and Digitaria (The Eye in the Triangle)

Sirius Star System/Sirius B/The Chandra X-ray Observatory Image

Sirius Star System/Sirius B/The Chandra X-ray Observatory Image


Stars embody thought systems of intelligible matter

Within the occult hyper-dimensional language the binary becomes the triangle in the eye

Sparking moonstones of digitaria illumine the sun’s berl-harps

Moving with the destiny that will determine the change of seasons

An effect without a cause, the cause overturns the effect to make the law of the equal opposites

The dog has its tail on the rail before the rain can make the freight run

The door is the opal hinge across nebula that heard the footsteps of the coming

What exactly it is time doesn’t know

"The Only Real Valuable Thing is Intuition" - Albert Einstein/ Monalisa, 2013

“The Only Real Valuable Thing is Intuition” – Albert Einstein/ Monalisa, 2013

Inside the Sirius the occult macroscopic self-illumination point is on the verge of another collapse

Translating possibilities into the real-virtual world of action/Superfast action potentials of Zebra-moun vessel

Shining scriptures are the profound enlightenment that Kant has given to humanity (Know Thyself)

If you stand on reason like a bed rock, the tree stands on itself its roots deep into the crust

But still the leaves sway and fail and fall, recycled back again to become the diamond in the sky (Active Geo-Chemical Turn-Over)

The tar is the intelligent wing of the dark energy it uses the quantum black-rose of the ZPE

On foam of matter it reconstituted the imaginative mind with an intuitive sensor

Faith is a number with an open access to the computer code (the biological computer and its super string partner in the creation)

Matter is not locked from inside but can reciprocate love in the divine context (the supramental walking!)

And divine is what you are and all that you ever had in your life – the true self speaking

Rich or poor, blind or deaf, intelligent or foolish – you all are the strength that awaits to manifest the struggle that He has to undergo to prove that light is worth perceiving in the sentient hours of ignorance transmuting the cells to awaken the knowledge far beyond the stars.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Royal Qubit Time Translation in Horus: Quantum Information in Alluvial Matter

Time Tantra of Horus, Monalisa, 2012

In the eye of the stone, Horus is the trans-syllabic transformer connecting diagrams with the invocation of the soul

Param-Purusha parame

The automated flow of words is the deep sounding melody of consciousness (the para-trath flow of the virgin-truth) in the electro-dynamic plate of the Hyperion

Old worlds come out of new ones in the cradle of time

The future specimen of art, poetry, music is organised

Therefore, you desire the verse of multiple visions that come out of the dying pyramids in the desert

The Nile is an obligatory vessel carrying the therapeutic purging of its lands in a hymn to yellow ochre robe of the sun

That was an emblem of the emperor’s throne in the bio-rhythmic abacus of the mind

Babaji Maharaj

Creation was an extrapolation of a high-conducting vessel that carry the four forces within Zen-semiconductors transplanted in the body of AYUSHA(HA)UWAR {IS-IN-WAS-WOULD-BE)

The dark face of the moon resembles the bright side of the sun

The stars essay a series no-end no-beginning

In the mad frenzy of the fire in the stone, I saw, death taking its first steps to walk in the garden of EDEN/Immortality (Kriya-Yoga of Babaji Maharaj)

The falcon free as a bird hatches a new history that confines the past not in the past of its past but in the present brought from the future

Rivers are flowing in the irreversible way

Time is dancing like ‘Kalki’

Truth brought on the surface may shatter the earth into a billion pieces


– Joy Roy Choudhury

Axis Rotation in the South-South Direction ς-6- ς Invisible Range Mass-Meon Orbital Setup: Time Cross Consciousness Alblackica Stone

21-Boxet, Samij Datta, 2012

Axis Rotation in the South-South Direction ς-6- ς Invisible Range Mass-Meon Orbital Setup: Time Cross Consciousness Alblackica Stone


Twilight’s arms are rested on the church in the anti-matter of the sky
there are no chairs or pedestals or any alter

The sacred trust is in between the words replicating words as words not words

Non verbal speech act of final destiny

Image dimension higher than normal perception

6-sigma-6 inside yaya-chintamani-yaya chakra

t-shambhala belts walking as it walks in bliss-dorpen-sun

The moon is hiding behind the clouds like a leaf in a smoke of air

Time tells eternity to unlock the keys to the kingdom of paradise

Janus-vivi-afa-afa technopolis of the distant stars shining like a red lotus in the Grail chalice of consciousness (Alblackica, the mother of the secret scion in the golden tube of Helios Sanctorum)

Travidh is Travidh is Travidh

Climbing the feet of the earth and rising to meet the eyes

Time Square = 3/2 milliseconds eating factorial sum of parallel universes

Creations are mreations in the synthetic verse of purple matter poise

Reason cannot feed the spoons that stir your coffee or tea

Nor can the abstract logic of many super scientists on earth

All lost in a game of maze that has no gateway but only turns and bends

Swift step into the air and become the indivisible guardians of immortality

Yera-huyatit-neyunkav α prime position of the shot on β-0 domain of supreme A1 Realism

Dbh789-veta-axo-yurik987 on plabintim circuit of the creation

All’s well that ends well!

-Joy Roy Choudhury






Ra-Dofh Eternal, Samij Datta, 2012



Submission of my being in the inelastic dark matter

Have yielded a very high dense polygrammatical memory of quarks and leptons

No man is free till he sees the light in the v-cube of victory

Ambition dies on the road to eternity

Drawing on the board a sketch of a tree that has lived long with the river and the sands

Amulets of gold crown the last fall of a leaf on a slate of a mirror

Words transcend the sorrow of its birth in a tetra-ionic ethereal field

Zoroaster dimed the sun so the night is anointed with the stars of the zebra-fin lake

The lion of the Talmud is rising from the sea    

And as the dog followed the hunter into the woods of arcadia

Remember the song that gave the heart its first taste of joy

Bursting from the sky into the aquamarine caves of the psychiquazim

Nevra-prime matter of consciousness gave diction to geometry

The circles oozed the triangles in the large hadron collider

And chanted the anonymous hymn of the microcosmic world

Zero always stands  as zero in the one two three of its gametophores

And the flowers cupped the solstice in the arm of its neck

Tring tring hring hrum hrim massless troton on alpha nanorobotic space

Eats Sommerfeld’s equations as ants ride the bosonic-boat of the messenger

Hayat tobihat omin soyit

Rekavo utrit deneb om

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Tribal Art, Bengal

Star Shaped Crystal Matter of Ancient Time Formed From Black-Hole High Condensation Mass of Anti-Gravity Substance

Animals, Coloured ink on paper by Rabindranath Tagore, 1930-31 (@ Rabindra Bhavan)

Star Shaped Crystal Matter of Ancient Time Formed From Black-Hole High Condensation Mass of Anti-Gravity Substance

The Dialogue of Consciousness in Art is a Monologue of Matter in Art d’matter

He is the dog of the hunter and the star of Orion

A leafy blade is the prayer to the creation

Grasses are sun in the Moroccan mind calling travellers by their name

The mind of matter is the matter of mind’s consciousness

Three-fold Hebrew koan in rat-tat-arm head

Shantiniketan everywhere whispers the wind to the trees

Man is man in the arms of the superman

Love is the equation of the aksolute-amsolute

Alblackica free-space zero verbal extranet

Thou art the time to run and shine!

– Joy Roy Choudhury


Click and Read: Univ of Kerala, Dept of History

A lion figurine with non-Acheulian Lower Palaeolithic implements

The Whereabouts of Time in Schrodinger’s Cat Box While Quantum Jumping through the Mirror of Sylvia Plath

Quantum Jumping, Samij Datta, 2012

The Whereabouts of Time in Schrodinger’s Cat Box While Quantum Jumping through the Mirror of Sylvia Plath

Void or Sunyata is LIVE SPACE – it contains everything (it has dimensions of consciousness)

The Universe moves in the Mind represented by the MIRROR (it has no color but reflects all colors!)

The good old mirror has no preconceptions; Sylvia said it’s ‘not cruel, only truthful- the eye of a little god, four-corned’; both mirror and Sylvia are 6 lettered hexagrams sharing their consciousness through the focal point of intersecting universes, their holograms are transcribed in self-reflecting verses that waves counter when they jump in the quantum world with particles in a linear non-linear dynamic converse. The red shoes are walking on Sahara like the rhyme of the ancient mariner, their feathers are the long-lost wings of some buried spaceships in the desert; the albatross was a giant star from which the cave-mountain-volcano erupted like Vesuvius; today the dead log is the mask of tribes who felt the sun was a flower and the moon the muse to the lyre of Orpheus; the mirror is the self of other selves anonymous and strange in the flowing beauty of lake Titicaca; the sea was the orgy of Clytemnestra in some Epicurean epic, the tribes are not baffled by the complexity of life they know the sands are not the oasis in some distant dreams but they are red like splinters of charcoal under the flagella of Orion, Arcturus or Betelgeuse.

Many forms are formed in the sky like the emu and the night is a paradise full of shapes interacting within shapes as mind does with matter reflected in the myriad mirrors that lie before us on the road or elsewhere on the wall, and, each sign is a double-helix network that holds the transcript of human evolution from metal/plant life to the Superman/Supermind.

The journey is a writing pad that chronicles each step and narrates the past in the light of the future to show the present what it needs to mean so man may discover all that’s in him already and much more beyond.

Many-Interacting Worlds’ theory may even create the extraordinary possibility of testing for the existence of other worlds.The beauty of our approach is that if there is just one world, our theory reduces to Newtonian mechanics, while if there is a gigantic number of worlds it reproduces quantum mechanics,The beauty of our approach is that if there is just one world, our theory reduces to Newtonian mechanics, while if there is a gigantic number of worlds it reproduces quantum mechanics, In between it predicts something new that is neither Newton’s theory nor quantum theory’ – Dr Michael Hall, Griffith Centre of Quantum Dynamics

Rivers are the eye of the mirror

Incandescent light falls on her wings

She was Albatross and a giant star

A blue-bell fire kindled in the Arabian winds

A sun as alabaster in the heart of Rome

Smooth as the mammoth, the tusk beneath the ice

Quantum jumping where diagonals interspace

Consciousness is the cardiogram of the entire-creation-entire

Non-local diagrams are working in space

Revit rua retat tak grivam

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref Poem:  ‘Not cruel, only truthful- the eye of a little god, four-corned’- Sylvia Plath’s ‘Mirror’