The White Tara Mantric Circle Protection and the Protein Plasma in Her Womb Radiating the Higher Frequency of Enlightened ‘Bliss’

Tibetan White Tara

                                                                                Tibetan White Tara

‘I am Shiva

White Tara Mantric Circle

White Tara Mantric Circle

Nothing arises in me

In whom nothing is single

In whom nothing is double

Nothing is

Nothing is not

What more is there to say? – From Astavakra Gita

Oṃ Tāre Tuttāre Ture Mama Ayuḥ Punya Jñānā Puṣtiṃ Kuru Svāhā

Pure as white snow

The rays of the seven suns melted the Himavant

Devi Parvati's offering to Lord Shiva Folk Art Miniature from Rajasthan

Devi Parvati’s offering to Lord Shiva Folk Art Miniature from Rajasthan

And the lake stood calm and still

Earth and heaven conjoined by air’s merciful grace

Into the sweet reverie of the all continuing space -the Akasha

Attaining self-hood of ‘I’

Becoming one with the Brahman

By liberating the gross, subtle and causal bodies

Into the supra-physical reality of the Divine Embodiment

A womb in the mother’s plasma protein

That radiates the higher frequency of Enlightened ‘BLISS’

Many Buddhas I saw ready to be awakened

In the clear light of the Bardos

And a gentle wind

On the prayer wheel

Turning Her eyes towards the destiny

Echoed the syllable of the ‘LOST WORD’