Tagore and Einstein, July 1930

Tagore and Einstein, July 1930

RABINDRANATH TAGORE’S 151st Birth Anniversary, 9th May, 2013: 



Substance forms the soul, the soul is substance

It splits into object and subject

Floating in the naked veil of consciousness

Unwrapping its own continuity

It’s own sense of the magnificence of time and space

Captured like a needle-in-haystack moment of our history’s invariant ‘now’

Beauty resides in the sleep of  eternity’s wakefulness

Rabindranath Tagore and Divine Mother, Japan, circa 1917

Rabindranath Tagore and Divine Mother, Japan, circa 1917

Aboard the quantum magic of the self containing ‘I”

Arose the sweet sharp call of the nuthatches

Desiring the sun’s womb in the cold gesticulation of matter’s open converse with the spirit

Songs are qubits with a special geometric Fibonacci alignment of their internal data -structures

Rhythm is the mother of all verse

Dance is the metaphor of silence procreating the non-silent hymn of humanity (distinctly non-local!)

Creating masterpieces that become frieze in the collective memory of our race

Struggle of the entity can only show us the long road to the ‘hiranyagarbha’

together: our tomorrow is brighter than the childhood of the sun

An honest submission like a speaking tree worshipping the sacred fruit as its koan

Disseminated across miles of green yards and blue harvested seas

Like a possibility within the eternal frame

Watching all that passes by second after second

Dissecting every acts of consciousness

The field of the actor is the Higgs-Field

Lila is the quantum derivation of the self from multiple selves

One is two in every two of one

Nuclear submission of Git-Anjali to the creative vortex of fire

All planets and stars are gyrating round it – spinning in half

I give letters to your words, light to your eyes without being recognized

The unrecognizable point in the creation is hrahum velta-brazuip virtual

As the hammer drives the nail, the lightning strikes

Thunder wears the ragged clothes of the rain

Darker clouds collapse making streams flow like the unending music of the labour of our fruit

Visions appear that encapsulate the syllables of Savitri

Ya Etad Vidur Amritas Te Bhavanti

“Those who realize him, transcends the limits of mortality-

not in the duration of time, but in the perfection of truth.”

– Joy Roy Choudhury


Ref: ‘Those who realized him,…in the perfection of truth”. ( The Religion of Man, Rabindranath Tagore)

William Shakespeare’s the Forests of Arden: The Quantum Vauxhall and the Poetics of Shambhala



William Shakespeare, Monalisa, 2012

Shakespeare, Monalisa 12

William Shakespeare’s the Forests of Arden: The Quantum Vauxhall and the Poetics of Shambhala


The mystical belongings of the ancient race can trace itself to the Forests of Arden

Time’s enormity is confined in the quadro-dynamics of the mind’s ear (the history of Sruti from Silence)

The cobble stones that make the road are the feet of your words in a trance like state

A quantum journey that man must partake to reach the prefix of his destiny

Dissolved in that forest of silence, the Brahman is the true Shakti of the magnetic force

The fermions exchange with bosons in the Last Supper of the creation’s rite

Parallel universes do exist in the nano-infinity of the tall tree (the ancient Vauxhall tribe of the Red Indians)

Within the realm of the magnificent architecture, Shambhala opening its gates of freedom

With the closed-aperture of the individual’s camera choice in the whole macrocosm

The bark is the feather of the winged-war horse

That dives into the ocean of everlasting love

Vauxhall Adam/source the Telegraph, UK

Vauxhall Adam/source the Telegraph, UK

To recreate the Dwarka or Alexandria or Rome or Athens

From the sea-voyage of the sun in the moon’s chalice of the midnight sonata

These are revelations of the ancient stone in the khwa-zim-uvra space

Broken harps of platinum may sing that song of the road for ages to come

Connect with that storage information system in the cells

You may receive an answer from the abode of lights.

– Joy Roy Choudhury




Free Radical in an Ion Exchange Talking to Distant Supramental Creations (MREATIONS) to Overlay a Pattern for the Time-Consciousness Interplay of Bio-Electric Eigenvectors in a Super-Fluid Gronix-Space

11 Boxet, Samij Datta, 2012

Free Radical in an Ion Exchange Talking to Distant Supramental Creations (MREATIONS) to Overlay a Pattern for the  Time-Consciousness Interplay of Bio-Electric Eigenvectors in a Super-Fluid Gronix-Space


The red tip of the burning candle is the flickering horizon of distant entities

Through the fire the moth burns itself into the ash of an afterlife

The green leaf is the dead sea of the singing grass raised to the power infinity

And that it is a hole in the tunnel through which life passes into other lives

The ratio of existence to consciousness remains same as with bliss

‘Ananda’ is the para-theta dimension of himension in the gube operal-fembox (towards anomalous Thocuftin-End)

Queen Ionicixa is relieving the pain she knows the apple-cross alter of the tree

In the circle, the circle is lost in the origin of thinking origins

A point incarnates the radius of the diameter in a Socratic dialogue

Logic is a mass less boson in the typeface of alala acting as force-carrier of consciousness

Penguins dream like the sun and melt like the moon over the silver glass in a million aeons

The yak is walking in the inner realm of Shambhala talking to the winds drifting from the sea

Language is an orientation of psychic numbers in the micro-gravity of an ethereal equation

The equation is a non-linear polymath of a time function in causal indanity (alpa times/{99876 crore times} the unixot-infinity, this creation)

Vra-Uj-Ni letter to letter exchange is the equilibrium junction of the new creation

From the future came the stone carrying information-particles of the free-sacred free-choice

Where fire was a tyger striped like an old star in the prime diction of the mother’s ancient book

She took it from the arrow the golden light and became the Alblackica of dancing mornings

Birds became butterflies that flew into the dots to make the straight line of a trans-meta-aspiration

Vra-uj-ni vra-uj-ni mahayugath trikal mahalkal broimbha namah!

(Existential Harmony ─Evolutionary Wish Factor─Time the Absorber of Energy─Conservation of Mass)@ little Krishna’s life

6 astralroughness-cytomeon original synthesis of cellular matter in bio-genetic evolution /para-xat-tat years of light assimilation with dark matter feman-constant.

– Joy Roy Choudhury