THROUGH THE WORM-HOLE: Earth is Entanglement-Aura-Rotating-Towards-Heliogram

Jim Morrison Immersed in Writing & Reading circa 1969

Jim Morrison Immersed in Writing & Reading circa 1969

The earth is yin-yang yantra assemblage point…

The earth is transformation point spinning on a quadro-centric vortex…

E-A-R-T-H = Entanglement-Aura-Rotating-Towards-Heliogram

A deep valley

Glides into the umbra sheathing the watering hole     The Tao Symbol

A thousands steps into the rocky face of the earth

She hears the leaves fall, the flowers bloom

And weave around the placenta of time

Embryonic self, soft and childlike

Throbbing in the heart

Glittering in the rainbow

Pains it absorbed

Gushing streams of light

Poetry’s magical vision

Strangely sublime

Shaking unknown hand of a true friend

Distant and star-like

Summons from the other world

Invoking thoughts unmanifest

Circumambulation on the lateral surface

In an almost sinuous spiral

The sun toward the earth

The moon toward the earth

The earthward sun

The sunward moon

Stars gallop                                                 Wild Horses of Mongolia

A thousand horses

Freezing on her ancient skin

A being of joyous ecstasy

Fool’s paradise crowns the king of the world

And through her warm nurturing charm

Ages have passed in manifold ways

Grasshoppers fly

The sages and wasps

And the caterpillar

At the end of the protean dream

Knows not the pulse ringing in emptiness

Butterflies in South Florida

Butterflies in South Florida


But sense the unknown psychic vibration

One day it too will dance, recreate

And bear the imprint of flight infancy

Through the worm-hole

Trade secret nature’s boon

She is yin in yang

Yang in yin

Transcending both, levitating

No-way is the other way

Of the end and the beginning

The river laughs

Flowing tediously

Labouring like the yoke

And garden grew on its sides

Palaces, courtyards and mansions of kings

Jim Morrison Reading Allen Ginsberg's Planet News circa 1970

Jim Morrison Reading Allen Ginsberg’s Planet News circa 1970

And democratic tongues lapping on the shore

Of private lords and anonymous gods

Who threw themselves on seas

Drowning like Poseidon

Or on the endless fire

Rejoining the pyre

To scribble dots

Awaken a newborn

Or the dead

In the valley

Where bones chuckle like imposters

Roosting the anthem of human liberty

From the bondage of claims that history learned

In the kindergarten of remembrance

Satire fits the glove, irony the knife

To operate the etherised patient on the table

And make tragedy the softer side

Of a queen’s lucky totem

For a musical entendre of comedy

And nirvana that flits between past present and future

Love’s flame not extinguished

And on the altar of silence

Earth have sacrificed herself

To see the sun grow

And the universe play

Like a dancing child acting onstage

Before a dream audience of the invisible self.

– J