Galactic Leap Through Automation of Free-Will Extrohan: Love is the Key to Kal-KI Yatra of Madhava

Krishna dancing with the Gopis on the Yamuna Bank Vraja-Lila Quantum Rasa-Samudra

Krishna dancing with the Gopis on the Yamuna Bank Vraja-Lila Quantum Rasa-Samudra

Galactic Leap Through Automation of Free-Will Extrohan: Love is the Key to Kal-KI Yatra of Madhava 

Sweet sandalwood swarms turquoise moon 

Soft as the yellow silk clothing the trees

Can you see the kiss that draped the sunlight of mirrors?

Each garlanded by the madhurya-rasa of the infinite one

A hymn of the night bestowing light

A streaming in of  music from the solar deities 

Leaf stained with the dewy vermilion 

And perfumed by an alien flowering of time 

Sang to the Lord of Lords its eternal song:

(Prabhu Prabhu Prabhu Hey)  (Anantanantamay)

In search of the silent formless void unmanifest

Kalachakra Mantra

Kalachakra Mantra

The cupola of the time as eternity of Buddha

Saw the opening of many invisible doors

So, you may preserve yourself in that wide nothing of conscious life-force

And become the syllabic embodiment of the heart-chakra

White lotus of the sun in blue beak of the honourable sea-bird

Flapping its wings like the breath of each life

A moment of inner-awakening, a call from the shepherd of the mountains

A bearded green tree as chintamani radiating light fragrance

A coiled rainbow serpent at its foot

Fluting the majesty of the golden day

Enter Shambhala exit through the conch-shell of HARI

Paranam naam charishato batsharer lila ananda may

A peace descends on earth so you must light the fire of your will

Stronger than the wheel of time

Radha-Krishna and the Gopis The Perfection of the Heart-Chakra Spin

Radha-Krishna and the Gopis The Perfection of the Heart-Chakra Spin

Stronger than the axle

To become the vajrakaya of the Padma-Sambhava

Your words trace the link to the origins

To the Sesha-Nag Ananta – Vrala –Om Vraja twilight Hari

Crescent moons and Neanderthal Suns and the Meta-phoenix of the distant stars

The rocks roll on the ocean floor carving mandala of an enormous space

Four corners diagonally dissecting the point of the Creatrix

Joachim Alma-Mater trahuv time – thousand Avalokiteshwara of the Shambhala night

Searching the morning that comes to them as wood’s thermal        fragrance

Jim Morrison Photograph Circa 1970

Jim Morrison Photograph Circa 1970

Of the rasa-dance in helio-optical circles of lunar belts

Within itself the rose is the secret of the heart of matter – Adi Chintamani Om

To see that beyond in the within of time is the salvation of the cycles of Kalachakra

To thee place the vision as the leaf offers itself to the butterfly

Tomorrow has built the road for the yearning yesterdays

A song may refill the Absolute space

A time may anoint the sigma of moment

Reach out for that single dew drop Tat Sat Hari Om!

Padmasambhava: Guru-Rinpoche

Padmasambhava: Guru-Rinpoche


0m ah hung vajra guru peme siddhi hung (3x)

The Golden Sutra of Padmasambhava: 
Read your body by the golden orb of the sunlight that beats into your heart every second-time is eternity captured through the sound fragrance of the mantric syllables -the body prisons the  Lord that you liberate through it into higher dimensional beings -here this means conscious existence at higher levels. (Vajrakaya-Supramental)
The body is the only means to this Lunar Door opening through the madhuyra laya of the kal transforming the obsolete habitual life into further harvest of cultivated thoughts that is not bound by any possible stigma, socio-cultural or esoteric.
Light is dance of the footsteps crossed by darkness now
She is the wecra wlavouf wild fruit of the galactic center
She the teacher of our innermost feelings from the book of the tree
That book is paradise encoded in the virtual server of the magic of love
Mastery of all possible elements is complete with the chakra spinning at the heart of matter manifesting the highest spiritual goodness through the subtle vibrations of sound-kriya conscious pragyan systems – that is the true technology that ought to be in place on earth if it wants to attain true enlightenment by getting an entry into the galactic federation. 
Good Luck Friends!

– Joy

Adi-Tantra of the Big Wheel of Time in the Lunar Corpus Mundi: The All-Spinning Yidam of the Solar Cortex Manifesting at the Prime-Time-Space-Moment Before the Many Worlds

Hari Purush, Prabhu Sri Jagat Bandhu Sundar

Hari Purush, Prabhu Sri Jagat Bandhu Sundar

Para-Bandhu Prajñāpāramitā Besh/Circa 700-1100 CE: The Absolute Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom

Para-Bandhu Prajñāpāramitā Besh/Circa 700-1100 CE: The Absolute Perfection of Transcendent Wisdom

“Kriti matra hau,                   hari hita rau

                         atma shuchi uddharane

Ek tek tatra,                           bata ata bakra, 

                        e rakhan uccharane”

– Prabhu Bandhu Sundor, Chandrapat (The Descent of the Moon)

Adi-Tantra of the Big Wheel of Time in the Lunar Corpus Mundi: The All-Spinning Yidam of the Solar Cortex Manifesting at the Prime-Time-Space-Moment Before the Many Worlds

Yellow line diffusion green belt of chintamani

Continental plate-shifts ajax

Many a mile walking on the shore to see it happen

Already recorded in hyperbolic space

Chari dham, anek naam , maha-uddharan tal lila

Baje sankhya baje madol

Vishnu-Chakra-Ananta-Nag sesh dham parakriti

Para-Bandhu Prajñāpāramitā besh/ higgs non-dual virtual-wetra particle       

OM MA TRI MU YE SA LE DU: Heart Mantra/ Tonpa Shenrab Miwo, Founder of BON

OM MA TRI MU YE SA LE DU: Heart Mantra/ Tonpa Shenrab Miwo, Founder of BON

The end is soon the beginning is now

Within the circle the trapezium hosts the All-Conscient eye

With every word the decay is fast length absorption of the unknown energy

Silence of time swallowed the scriptures

Leaving the last mantric syllable of Hari

At the heart of the ocean the lotus sprung from His navel

Came out as the blind light of wave-avahom darkness                                         

Jim Morrison, 1968, Frankfrut

Jim Morrison, 1968, Frankfrut

Horse-seer of the ancient tree revisits the old temple of the timeless gods

Yida-nad, yida-nav, yida-ad-natha dancing on the pointless origin

Spinning around a circuit that generates anti-gravity motion at tremendous speed

Seconds worshipped at the pyramidal helix reveal the real world of possibilities

The stage now set belonging to the riders gliding past

The riders on the storm…

Conical glass vase kavi-kratu kalki

Desert sand yellow river moon


Hilltop optical gravitational lensing

Prime nodal erasure effect

– Joy





Kalachakra Mandala, courtesy of

Kalachakra Mandala, courtesy of



“First man stood, shifting stance
while germs of sight
unfurl’d Flags in his skull

and quickening, hair, nails, skin
turned slowly, whirl’d, in
the warm aquarium, warm
wheel turning”. 

– Jim Morrison 

‘Hay Hay Jay Jay Pralay Pay

Tay Thay Day Dhay Bandhu Nai Jay’

(Hari Hari Hari Kau) (Maha-Nam Maha-Nam)

– Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundor (Chandrapat: The Descent of the Moon)

Time the wheel-barrow spinning

Centre without the point originates creation

Fragrance of light cuts through the four corners

Substance, form takes shape

Justifying the journey from the star field and beyond

Into the woods that harvest the tree of life

Mother of the seven seas, island fathers and mountains

Deep beneath the corpus of time –awakening

I hear the monstrous thud of the riders gliding past

Marching on, their armour brighter than the sun

Moonlight passes by threading the halo of the image reconstruction

A silent working of nature’s force is the coming sign of the truth Absolute

Thoughts are garlanded by the pool of an unknown mysterious energy

Doorways to the electromagnetic cusp of cosmic junction

Three ways into one to get one on one

A yantra of convergence – time evolution consciousness

The Shiva tattva is the Bramha dream in the Vishnu optical twilight

A dawn of poetic symbols carrying the chalice on the horse’s head

Three ways into the one gets two less than one in Christ’s alter of crucifixion

Time is a long sequence of fractal integers meeting neither at a point

Nor it originates from any

Kalachakra in the Adi-Buddha flowering tetra-foliate diamond light

Enter shambhala exit from the conch shell of Hari

Breathe in the silence repeating itself

A measure of things called love – rasa of the free-particle drop, dance, disappear

They know the bits from qubits in fine lines symmetric coherence

Allow the Will to master the craft and be the harbinger of peace and light

Time swallows itself from the pit evoking the fountain to split Zeus’ head

And a little light set afoot tinkling like rainbow pearls

It knows its way as the fish and the bird in the wheel of time.

– Joy


The White-Lotus Meditating on the Primordial Vak of the Katha-Samudra to Flower the Cosmic Harmonics of a Unified Field of Love: That within itself as the Eternal Child of Time (Gopala- b-Hari-Purusha Omega Point Hypothesis)

The White-Lotus Meditating on the Primordial Vak of the Katha-Samudra to Flower the Cosmic Harmonics of a Unified Field of Love: That within itself as the Eternal Child of Time (Gopala-b Hari-Purusha Omega Point Hypothesis)


Sri Prabhu-Bandhusundar

Sri Prabhu-Bandhusundar-The White-Lotus Meditating on the Primordial Vak of the Katha-Samudra to Flower the Cosmic Harmonics of a Unified Field of Love: That within itself as the Eternal Child of Time (Gopala- b-Hari-Purusha Omega Point Hypothesis)WAR IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF HUMAN IGNORANCE






Hari nam he biram, parinam re anam,

Bandhu badh dwitiyay ghaton

(chi chi chi chi)      (daya nai daya nai)

Eti maha mrityu (

– Chandrapat, Prabhu Bandhu Sundor

Purba paschim duar

“The idea of vision escapes

the animal worm whose earth
is an ocean, whose eye is its body.

The theory is that birth is prompted
by the child’s desire to leave the womb.
But in the photograph an unborn horse’s
neck strains inward w/legs scooped out.

Doesn’t the ground swallow me
when I die, or the sea
if I die at sea?

– Jim Morrison 



3 sun chariot 4 -white horse  (brahman is brahman )

Hari Om Tat Sat






(FRAZER LOST -77-88-99)/Varanasi/Kali-Kali-Kali-Maha-Kali)


Asthir gati path

Bela garay hay hay hay re

Shukno pote nil akash

Bhorer jware mati o batash

Sesh sesh bale gay re

Pralay sanlap chari raddhur

Teen basanta dure madhalaye

Sarater anquinay dekhe ei prithivir pratham chabi

Ey batshar purbe bala aache

Samay bhange karagar (Time Breaks the Prison of Law to Redefine the Order of the Quantum Multiverse by Infinite Ectoplasmic Verse Recitals /Hari-Naam Sankirtan of the Light-Sound Exo-Skeleton Appearing to Manifest itself in Reality from the Highest Abode of Bliss and Consciousness (Prem-Dharma & Ananda Swarop)

Eternal plan fulfils itself

Jim Morrison, 1970

Jim Morrison, 1970

The child learns from the tongue of the unheard scriptures

A fountain of light springs from the black embodiment of the super-cosmos

In his mouth all the stars harp in an ocean of bliss

Yawning the sleepless time labouring in the body

Love into love is the play of the golden rod that directs all possible realities

Supramental is one infinitely small decimal fraction of the Absolute ONE

Love is the key to conscious intelligence

Knowledge is the result of love’s action potentials transferred from multi=dimensional singularity points

Radial symmetry of the geometric fabric yields non-linear coordinates of an empty set

Pure as glass the moon so reflects Savitri’s poetic mind

She herself the rhythm of the entire-creation

She is the light of the dark immensitude

Mahaprabhu Sri Caitanya: Let There Be Love And Peace

Mahaprabhu Sri Caitanya: Let There Be Love And Peace

A heart of winged birds clothed in tetra-foliate diamond flower

Green as the soft leaves of the red bud clothed in heaven

There is the space in the tunnel of time

There is the Word in the vacuum of life

Vibrating all the time in perpetual motion

That is the psychokinesis of love’s ripening for the lila to take place

Silence opens so many doors

Sound perfects the opening of senses

Destroy the child make war your wages for the supermarket life?

(Hari Patan – therefore, the cause of the second coming)

The tiger can square the circle with the all–seeing eye of the ancient triangle

Forgotten your past ancestry, your home, your childhood?

Who is now your Wigner’s friend?

This will go very far like a strange meeting of Wilfred Owen

Let the child scribble the words of chaos and we will meet very soon!

– Joy



Chandrapat Revelations As The Lord Speaking To The Worlds: Unique MahaNam Lila From Sri-Angan Of Param-Bramha-Hari

Bharata bhumite haila manusya janma yara/ Janma sarthakara kari’ kara para-upakara. – Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu


Forest strong sandals Burnt geometry fingers Around a fire Reading history in blackened Books, charcoal sentence In moot splendour -Jim Morrison/wilderness


Consciousness-Analogue Human birth is a pure revelation A pure source of things from where life emerges A complex chain of circumstances that leads to the event Occurence of cause on the effect’s causal ship is love Krsna is the quantum lila – an abode of bliss on the superstring Krsna is the dire ignorance from which knowledge must emerge It’s the home of the sky-birds of heavens floating in a tapestry of darkness A song has no meaning in itself it’s conjured by endless time The apparent space filled with fluteless echoes reverberate in emptiness Nothing is destined all are consumed and repeated again The sweet morning flower is the queen of dead leaves offering to the trikal of the twilight Insane remembrance of the pastoral elegance within a gyroscope Eagle sunwards into reptilian summer Electra moonshine and porcelain Watching obelisk patterns on the sea Night time tomb streets rejoining land Winds as camera shutters They are going to see the spectacle All in one as many as one in that unknown quest Bright stars crystal dotsbon the cubic foot Descend on earth far away from sigma-vrul-eternity. -Joy

The Sacred Effulgence of Supracosmic-Love: Hare Krsna Movement for Divine Unity on Earth (Jim Morrison’s Moonlight Drive/Chandrapat Maha-Uddharan Lila)

The Sacred Effulgence of Supracosmic-Love: The Sacred Hare Krsna Movement for Divine Unity on Earth (Jim Morrison’s Moonlight Drive/Chandrapat Maha-Uddharan Lila)

“Hari Purush Jagat Bandhu Maha-Uddharan

Chari-Hasta Chandra-Putra Ha-Kit-O-Patan”

(Prabhu Prabhu Prabhu He)   (Anantanantamay)

Unity Flowers from Fragmentation of Beings in the Trinity of Para-Brahman – Sacred Inflorescence of the Para-Prakiti Preparing the Field for Maha-Kalki Abirbhava

“Let’s swim to the moon,           

Hari Purush, Prabhu Sri Jagat Bandhu Sundar

Hari Purush, Prabhu Sri Jagat Bandhu Sundar

Let’s climb through the tide,

Penetrate the evening

That the city sleeps to hide…

Nothin’ left open 

And no time to decide 

We’ve stepped into a river 

On our moonlight drive…”

– Moonlight Drive, Jim Morrison,The Doors


Love is the original flower of the child’s dream; he didn’t know what it was but felt a ripple in his heart desiring the future fragrance of colours on the patterns of his mind’s self-effulgence. He didn’t see anything in the void but it was just expressed as an unknown feeling in the womb of time. That moment of sacred realisation transfused itself in a frame of eternity beyond that into many units each corresponding to the rhythm of the self as if music is born from the undying stuff that had in it the whole creation pre-birth /pre-natal formations to post-creation and formal synthesis of all different bhavas (mind-feelings) that makes the Creatrix’s consciousness.

There was only this line

Nothing else

A pattern of interference

A love unknown but desiring the non-matter to create the hyper-illusory meta-world of the senses

Each corresponding to a vibration

A thought of the vacant mind

Jim Morrison- An American Poet

Jim Morrison- An American Poet

A logic without linearity of existence in the sat-chit-ananda

A random de-coherence of multiple existence

The Brahman spoke to the child

He said ‘You who is that is it’

And ‘If you know then you can’t see it’

But ‘If you feel then you can see that you know it’

‘You are the Lord of this creation’

‘In every eye, you are that in it for that to co-exist’

‘That is the Child riding the white horse of the solar-ellipse rasas

‘He seeks the ark, the garden, the sun of the moonlight drive

‘The cafes on the seafront, the bards, the minstrels and the fishermen

The theatre draws on him closer to the eye

Watches each frame, the dawn’s highway, the car cruise

The ecstasy of love, the brows of the eternal hymn

Tears roll like the sea, the waves light the joy in the sky      Sri Krsna and Kaliya Daman

Foreseeing the triple suns of the everlasting day

A silent word like the bull’s strength milks the chit of the ananda

And there he knows the Sat of the Hari Naam Sankirtan

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Hare krsna

Sri Chaitanya in aboriginal light

A moment’s waking vision in a dream

Walking the long road to that destiny

The child knows the way…


Tree-Prism of the Supracosmic self in Prabhu Sundor

Xerut-worship Juvak

A wave of impulses over the Acradian field

Arcturus ball of fire

Souls’ departure and arrival through the portal

Past thisness of the future’s present

Inscape –a journey

Awaiting the coming of the Lord.

– Joy

The Quantum Magic-Box of ‘The White Light Synthesis’: Shambhala Truth of the Origin of Origins

Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

“Thou wast not born for death, immortal Bird!       

Sri Prabhu-Bandhusundar

Sri Prabhu-Bandhusundar

No hungry generations tread thee down; 


Charm’d magic casements, opening on the foam

Of perilous seas, in faery lands forlorn”.

– Ode to a Nightingale, John Keats.


Immortal bird carrying immortal wisdom from the land of Olmo-Lung-Ring

Immortal are the ways of Shambhala

The bird flies in the sacred lair of Noah’s kingdom

Sacrifice the eternity in time

He who doth see the Eternal, knowest thy self

In the miniature of a cosmic bowl

A zero mirrored in the Higgs field, yields another zero and so, on  

Engulfing the primordial serpent of Alblackica (shaping the yas-ying-yang  through the eye of the cosmic needle )

Rise from the ash and be the Father of the Destiny

Higgs Field, Samij Datta

Higgs Field, Samij Datta

Form is emptiness, emptiness thy form

Opposing pairs cancel each other

Harvesting the mother face of the dark zero

That encircles the pointless Origignabon of the creation

Numbers fall like proper Frazer-puppets in the laser pool of the cosmic seizure

There is no time, there will be no time

In the red skull of the ultimate sun

In the primal face of the causal machine

In the effect of a hand-will pedestal

The snow covered peaks,

Winter valleys,

And the cold desert

Know that wisdom is covered with mist

And the blue light cone on the feet of the tree

Sings like the stars from a spring night gramophone                                                                 

Joan Baez

Joan Baez

Oceans cradle another moon swaying in the music

And the beaches are strewn by the morning petals

Drawing the fantastic mandalas

That speaks of the Lord in the twilight realm,

In the poetic colours of His infancy

Da di di Dayadhvam Damyata

Krishna-Krishna-Hari Priye

The Ark saved the worlds

As mercy thy time

Those who live forever in the Shangri-la

Let their prayers be like streams flowing to grace the Garden of Eden

In the inner-circle of ala-ala,

The stone is the future of Man,

Adi adi Chintamani

Adi Buddha, Adi Shenrab

In thy Holy Communion of the Christ:        

Pete Seger

Pete Seger

“Where have all the graveyards gone?

Long time passing

Where have all the graveyards gone?

Long time ago

Where have all the graveyards gone?

Gone to flowers every one

When will they ever learn?

When will they ever learn?” (Where Have All the Flowers Gone, Pete Seger)

Man the Absolute, The Aksolute, The Amsolute shall have to enter the next chain of cycles by the contemplation of a free circle point in the san-zero-infinity of things

without the Icarus, the Icarus is empty

Man is empty, empty is man

empty is empty by the primitive subset of logic deduction

all the flowers are empty, non-absolute beauty of the beautiful Sunyata

and the emptiness of forms is the emptiness of meanings

Set zero to Set Zat-Zero-Infinity

Lord Tonpa Shenrab Miwo

Lord Tonpa Shenrab Miwo

Tat Wat Yat- regulating zero

Yat Wat Tat- regulating one in many

Wat Tat Yat- regulating all possible hyperspace functions that arise from the cause

with invisible wings flies the inner-man

discovers a great aureole round his head

shining like the dark star of the white light

utters unimaginable verses of the ego-less journey

from there to here, from no point of origin to no-beginning no-end:


– Joy Roy Choudhury


NEW AGE SYMBOL OF THE COMING TIME/Primitive Haploid Hexagonal Genesis, Monalisa Dutt, 2012

Ouroboros talks to the self

He hears the thunder and the lightning in the skies

The sun has cast a dim shadow on the surface of things

Lights breaking into light churned again in a sea of darkness

The star fathomed the gaze of the serpent from the non-dual juxtaposition of the kshara on akshara

Fables are written to bear the time-signals of a superior wall of ethics

Bricks make Another Brick in the Wall

There is no sequel to the beginning in the end of no-end

Walking past the museums at day light

I felt the art has to manifest the psychisisation of matter

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God (John 1:1)

Unborn in the changeless equation of the forever in ever

Eternity closed the chapters of its book on revelation and gave time the secrets of its soul

Art thou manifest in the primordial archetype, go seek the paradise on earth

Far beyond the Himalayas, the circle enclosed the circle of beings

Ultra-tradit speed of supermind determined Alblackica’s wings to be spread above

Coming back from that, ouroboros sang a hymn in words of unknown dialect

Qua qua hrim hrim tat yat yatat vobin

Qua qua hrim srim tat yat satat grovax

Qua qua srim krim tat yat tatat kleno

Mion-paxas-nayara-ananta-nag NGK

OUROBOROS is the Alpha King-Serpent of spiritual Kineto-Genesis. Alpha is Beta in every Gamma of Delta. A self-reflective spiritual symbol – Shiva on Yama off-on kinesis of veta-veta-veta = adds life to the years of supramental manifestation. Clockwise-anticlockwise turn negates duality of the vessel thereby uniting matter-tattva with higher creative light of alblackica wings. In the sky is the bird as ‘a serpent in prayer’ to worship the stars.  Adya-chitta-om on paratpara moksha is the non-dual supratohentim supramental on classless ideology of ‘kshara on akshara purusha’.

Daivik rope akhanda prem dan

Ek theke bahu bipartit shunyo

Zero os the mother of the one on one as one and not one. Zero is the time-loop configuration of the cyclical-anti-cyclical spin of the ouroboros in the Grail Chalice of the blood as navotet-metabolism of the rose-function cross of the eternal yuramin hexagon. Immutable plan of the creation towards a higher evolution of consciousness adds high-value material growth for ‘Innovation’ in all aspects of life. Beauty is the magic-door destiny of the serpent planting numbers that act according to the aspiration of the soul. The soul is the objective-mind in the psychisisation process towards the alpha-numeral enlightenment of matter-mind synthesis. The first a is eating the last alphabet in the honour of the end in the beginning of time. The Word ‘unborn’ in the meta-axis of the time-serpent is the classical inequation of all possible manifestations. When the serpent encloses the hexagonal sacrifice of the ying-yang mystery then the creation attains liberty of profit from the quewan bank of the hexa-ambi-eternal axis.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Words are Morphological Instruments of Gnostic Symbols within the Magic Domain of Olmo Lungring

I- Gnostic Symbol, Samij Datta, 2012

Words are Morphological Instruments of Gnostic Symbols within the Magic Domain of Olmo Lungring: No-Thing is a Kind of Dimensional Action, wgw-Specific, Time Event (In the Beginning will be the End)


River is the source of the ocean beneath the mountains

They assume the shape of a dolphin migrating into the Yungdrung

Sometimes words are just shapeless destinies of many creations

Words are words in the pink fabric of the sky after the dusk light has settled carrying vehicles of rishi angiras

Empty signs are no more the simulacra of minds clothed in reason

They have verified the truth they drank from the cup of the examiner’s chalice

What promise is unfounded in the land of the gods? What crown awaits the final Apocalypse?

Choice is not a question before the bird of lateral freedom; the knife bleeds as much as the flesh

Sitting amidst a ruin of broken prayers he has seen time pass into the dignity of no-thing

Pebbles glide into pebbles rock tumbles and falls into the waters rhyming with the winds

Their natural state can hold infinite realities within the dream of a momentary circle

Silence recovered from sleep restores the meaning of an impossible-possibility

There are no anagrams in the evacuation of space by time in the truth-circle of san-zan-van infinity

The golden light at the hour of the Ark is the only true saviour in the eight-fold mountains


– Joy Roy Choudhury

Macrospace E7 and The Consciousness within the Psychic Domain of the Parabrahman Lila

E7, Samij Datta, 2012

Macrospace E7 and The Consciousness within the Psychic Domain of the Parabrahman Lila


I heard a voice ‘Have you heard of Uri Geller?’ He (the macro-space binding, unbinding) is trying to speak to Him

Cross-triangular hatch gnomic space

In the Auric lambda of the PSI, time-space fields are irrational constants


There is a river in every circle of the trapezium watching the sun-spots reflected on its plate

The tree calls the distant other by the box-capital time

E7 > 1 > 0 <E7

There is no unity without the separation

The whole constant ratio is the migratory hymn of the sun-blacksheep-alblackica

The surds are the boatmen of Methuselah, Uri said I heard

Closed-aperture gap is only what the camera knows when light fears the velocity of light

Levitate on cobalt cadmium and helium-4

An answer from the farthest point is arriving soon

Who is the host in a world of awesome stupidity?

Run back in time to run forward in time, walk on eating your legs Sage?

Grass power-moon Chandrapat absolute

Lorahimcratekfelt feldspar mind on jaziz-jaziz turn, twist wrap and shout on Bandhu-Lila-Tarangini

Elohim Elohim on kaon koan and baryons

As the south sea faces the vast enclosure at its mouth

Gazing it ate the stars of the frozen nights-belts entangled

Oxytomes is Sidgwick In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.

– Joy Roy Choudhury