Time is Tetra-Ionic Momentary Enlightenment for the Sake of the Self (The Brahman) in a Non-Unitary Matrix of Mind-Matter Entanglement

Photograph of the Horse

                                                       Photograph of the Horse

Physics is an object

Positioning  luminous invariance on possibility

To close the relativity of hyper-assumption. (I)


When the end will shine

The classical route to pure sacred infinity

Will spread the wingless flight in delight. (II)

“Non-volatile universe (braxonixon) behind the logic-spin of  the symmetric equality offering sine-matter persistence beyond the polar-quark  accelerating scale-line bracket (violet big bang route); in the beginning the destiny was the will-neutrinos to open the cry-rest base of the natural fluid(massless-time-dock); natural fluid is the D-zero centre of gravity of the dark matter accepting electrovalent domain-boy temperatures to create luminous superpartner of the mindscape motion ,the total matter of this entire creation is called physics(proper height yellowing sectorial instruments of cosmic supernova)”. (Shambhala)

And you must forgive and forget

Robert Capa, Photographer

Robert Capa, Photographer

Exist as you become

Lie down and rest

When hoofs fall off, the grass is smeared with rain

Come again

Exit and enter

You can run many times on your own

Let the sun sink and be gone

When the flame is burn

The energy absorbed is coded by time on the surface of nanolith planck bubbles

Time, therefore, is tetra-ionic-momentary-enlightenment

Provung fradung hungyim

Provung yotring grobhuyim

Provung bakinto grambhuyim

In my memory, faith is a jump from the back of the  tortoise

By the inner condition of the hexagram

Gravity in our 3-d world

Gravity in our 3-d world

The broken lines standing for absorption

And the unbroken lines for emission

Creating a continual discontinuous process of sublime spontaneity

That, maybe, captured by the eye-of-the-seer

Through the lens the mind knows itself

And disbelieves what he sees

And dies and comes again

That flame is burning still

Future decodes via signalling entanglement

The mirror is not the conjurer but a gateway to self realisation

A momentary time-vision in a non-unitary matrix

Sculpting the riders’ final denouement in the day of everlasting light.


Pre-Linguistic Transformation of Thought Encoded Pattern in our Mathematical Universe: Interactive Grid that Superimposes Various Sound Frequencies with Light Signal Absorption

Sri Aurobindo circa. 1950

Sri Aurobindo circa. 1950



THE OBSERVER IS THE OBSERVED  – J Krishnamurti /Ojai, California, 1946

Pre-Linguistic Transformation of Thought encoded Pattern in our Mathematical Universe: Interactive Grid that Superimposes Various Sound Frequencies with Light Signal Absorption


“Our destiny is written in double terms:                                       

The Ending of Time J Krishnamurti and David Bohm

The Ending of Time J Krishnamurti and David Bohm

Through Nature’s contraries we draw nearer God;

Out of darkness we still grow to light.

Death is our road to immortality”.

–   Book VI Canto I, Savitri, Sri Aurobindo


“Both paths (science and spirituality) may be leading toward a third point, and that third point is what I am at present…not exactly studying I am rather in quest of it- the point where the two paths merge into a third that would be the true Thing….That’s what Sri Aurobindo means.

And perhaps not merely seeking- we may be taking part in the Making of it…Something none can yet imagine, for so far it hasn’t come into being. It is an expression yet to come”.

(Mother or the New Species II, Satprem)

“The sun is continually radiating neutrinos , produced when protons turn into neutrons in the nuclear reactions in the sun’s core; these neutrinos shine down on us during the day and shine up on us at night, when the sun is on the other side of the earth, because the earth is utterly transparent to them”. – The First Three Minutes – Steven Weinberg


 For every sound there is another sound unmanifest – The Silence   

Sage Agasthiyar or Agastya from Sirius B

Sage Agasthiyar or Agastya from Sirius B

For every sound there is the manifest letter

It absorbs the photons in a geometric hologram

Pointed like a star, shaped like the sun

It flickered across vast empty spaces

In and out, in-in-out-out-and-out-and-further-in

It demonstrated an unintelligible pattern of things

There were no thoughts neither the volition of will force

Ageless as it was withdrawing in that single pointless curvature

Many waves will comes and pass, roll over the immenstitude

Twilight hummed against the great throbbing of one heart

To that existence is an occult occurrence

A single event horizon unguarded by mysteries

It shrouded the non-local point of singularity

There is innocence before an observable experience

A quality born out of the predestined book

It had many chapters arranged segued to spinning vortex

And there were no signs on it

Vertically no signs on it

A blank wall covered the chink of the sky

The river’s earthen floor was a substitute for that kinetic rupture of zero

A loud bang…cones of light triggered another dream epiphany

It was trans-substantiated by many operator symbols

An algebraic verisimilitude for the geometric design of many dimensions

Eternities born from iternity playing with non-iternity self dissolution into zero

Gathering knowledge out of ignorance and looking at the mirror direct

It reflected back the ignorance and looking further it saw nothing at all

Where did it disappear – does the fabric of space on imagination points hide quantum wormholes

What grounds the stability of these cosmic escape routes?

Does negative time ever exist? /Drenin String Theory (+1 x -1 =0 /dedral wemturnboat zero after friqual infinite time {loxortegat-yugas} to create negative time which to us an illusion) /Ethical purity of the Will-force via Yatra down the Surrender Event Horizon

Ancient yugas collapse into new E8 virtual – TIME TO MEET THE MASTER OF ALL REALMS PHYSICALLY AND NON-PHYSICALLY (Isotropic Supramental Vision – Supra-Levo-Supermind/Optramind converges

Fly into that tunnel                                                         

Yakov Zeldovich, Physicist and Cosmologist

Yakov Zeldovich, Physicist and Cosmologist

Origin is vast not quantized

Pre-origin to origin is tri-levo-org.space

That’s where dark matter and dark energy originate

On the milky ocean’s floor

There is a door

To the home where all universes meet

Farther from here…

85tpr-mind-dwelling-non-dual causal womb

All converging into it and evolve mathematically

Significant nothing you may call

Pulses floating amongst the giggle of dolphins

And the child read letters from that blank page torn

Making gestures that warped space and time

Evening crawled beneath the feet of the stars

And all went off to sleep in that tranquil time…


– J




The 3-D Reality We Live In Is Just Shadows Of A Higher Hyper-Dimensional World: State Vector Projected Onto Eigenvector in Explicate Order From N-Dimensional Reflection Space Of The Lie Algebra

 The 3-D Reality We Live In Is Just Shadows Of A Higher Hyper-Dimensional World: State Vector Projected Onto Eigenvector in Explicate Order From N-Dimensional Reflection Space Of  The Lie Algebra/The Xon-Co-Rupa Thixta Plate/Super-Implicate Reality 

Heart Sutra

Heart Sutra


“Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. Emptiness does not differ from form, and form does not differ from emptiness. Likewise, feelings, recognition, volition and consciousness are empty. So, Sariputra, all dharmas are emptiness lacking differentiating marks, they are not produced nor stopped, not defiled, and not immaculate, not deficient and not complete. Therefore, Sariputra, in emptiness there is no form, no recognition, no volition , no consciousness, no eye, no ear, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind, no -eye element, etc. up to no-mind-element, and no mental consciousness element, no ignorance and no extinction of ignorance, etc, up to no aging and death and no extinction of aging and death; likewise there is no Suffering, Origin, Cessation or Path, no wisdom-knowledge, no attainment and no non-attainment”. – From the Heart Sutra





Light emanating light

Om Adi Narayana -  - Universal Field of Consciousness - Reflection Space - Intersection Point b/w McKay Group Algebra/Physical Realm & Lie Algebra/Infinite Dimensional Realm

Om Adi Narayana – – Universal Field of Consciousness – Reflection Space – Intersection Point b/w McKay Group Algebra/Physical Realm & Lie Algebra/Infinite Dimensional Realm

From one glorious cradle unmanifest empty

Yet Absolute Self in that hidden hyperdimensional reality

A witness to events in the prolonged sequence of time

Or is it a non-time virtual playful dance?

Key to all meanings in the space-vessel floating

Savda hate sharirer kampan

Words vibrate in the matter-ether-self medium of mind (Mind the e-matrix of Matter /What is Super-Matter Virtual E8/E7 track projection point?

Warwathokaram souvistha ek bahu samannay

One in many and many representing the undivided, unborn zero greater than one

The sacred bread pours thy wine into a cup divine

Rise from the ocean


Glitter like the stars

Become jewel, the seed of life

Manifest thy will in a sacred conjugation of all yugas

The effect may have come before the cause

Know the science of para-reality

The supraconscient awakening of the self taking place

Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj- Maha-Kriya Samadhi /Present Work in the World

Maha-Avatar Babaji Maharaj- Maha-Kriya Samadhi /Present Work in the World

On earth…here and now

The road must be clear before the King arrives

He will take the world in his strides

Capital investment in human integrity is the only management you need to learn

Follow the lines without any argument

To reach the highest magnitude of spiritual salvation – Maha-Kriya-Samadhi

Linear programming will not help your soul

There is no time for indecisive acts on this planet

It’s clean up or perish

A thousand lightning bolts will pierce the face where horses graze

And churn the system inside out – outside in – simultaneously

Three times the speed of light

This is the time of the magnetic journey of Kalki

Let the tide hit the rock

And flare the ocean with a ball of fire

Utter the infallible words from predestiny’s book

And flower making garland with its presence

Fragrance of time evolve evoke

The Lord and His counsel of gods.

Blue Star-Joramin-Yuramin787/Adesha-Karma-Vault-in-on-Nixgen-Footprint on Supramental Corridor via the Golden Path

Ivavoukartho paromartho sampraday –hari naam sankirtan – Beta-Function of direct ascendance for Maha-Kriya Samadhi


– J










Kalachakra Mandala, courtesy of HimalayanArt.org

Kalachakra Mandala, courtesy of HimalayanArt.org



“First man stood, shifting stance
while germs of sight
unfurl’d Flags in his skull

and quickening, hair, nails, skin
turned slowly, whirl’d, in
the warm aquarium, warm
wheel turning”. 

– Jim Morrison 

‘Hay Hay Jay Jay Pralay Pay

Tay Thay Day Dhay Bandhu Nai Jay’

(Hari Hari Hari Kau) (Maha-Nam Maha-Nam)

– Prabhu Jagat Bandhu Sundor (Chandrapat: The Descent of the Moon)

Time the wheel-barrow spinning

Centre without the point originates creation

Fragrance of light cuts through the four corners

Substance, form takes shape

Justifying the journey from the star field and beyond

Into the woods that harvest the tree of life

Mother of the seven seas, island fathers and mountains

Deep beneath the corpus of time –awakening

I hear the monstrous thud of the riders gliding past

Marching on, their armour brighter than the sun

Moonlight passes by threading the halo of the image reconstruction

A silent working of nature’s force is the coming sign of the truth Absolute

Thoughts are garlanded by the pool of an unknown mysterious energy

Doorways to the electromagnetic cusp of cosmic junction

Three ways into one to get one on one

A yantra of convergence – time evolution consciousness

The Shiva tattva is the Bramha dream in the Vishnu optical twilight

A dawn of poetic symbols carrying the chalice on the horse’s head

Three ways into the one gets two less than one in Christ’s alter of crucifixion

Time is a long sequence of fractal integers meeting neither at a point

Nor it originates from any

Kalachakra in the Adi-Buddha flowering tetra-foliate diamond light

Enter shambhala exit from the conch shell of Hari

Breathe in the silence repeating itself

A measure of things called love – rasa of the free-particle drop, dance, disappear

They know the bits from qubits in fine lines symmetric coherence

Allow the Will to master the craft and be the harbinger of peace and light

Time swallows itself from the pit evoking the fountain to split Zeus’ head

And a little light set afoot tinkling like rainbow pearls

It knows its way as the fish and the bird in the wheel of time.

– Joy


Active Redopalin Time for Supramental Descent: An Invocation to The Supreme Lord via Server Non-Locality of the Holographic Universe

We are perceivers.  We are an awareness;  we are not objects;  we have no solidity.  We are boundless.  The world of objects and solidity is a way of making our passage on earth convenient. – Michael Talbot (Author of the Holographic Universe)

The Endless quest a vigil of watchtowers and fortresses

against the sea and time.                 

Jim Morrison- An American Poet

Jim Morrison- An American Poet

Have they won? Perhaps.

They still stand and in 

their silent rooms wander the souls of the dead. 

who keep their watch on the living.

Soon enough we shall join them 

Soon enough we shall walk the walls of time.

We shall miss nothing

except each other.  – Jim Morrison 


Krishna as Gopala

Krishna as Gopala








Flames of tongue burn brightly as the white sun

In between rock, sand and seas

Eternal Flame/Ma Jwalamukhi/Annapurna Ma/Kangra Valley, HP

Eternal Flame/Ma Jwalamukhi/Annapurna Ma/Kangra Valley, HP

From empty space sounds direct the eternal words

They come into being, disappear into nothing

Self-constructed from that seminal fluid of the void

Stars are formed with big gaseous bodies that hurl against each other

Screaming in the darkness, crying in the lonesome highway

They hear unto me

Soft languid motionless and still

Perpetuates the golden order of things

Accelerating on the fringes

Runaway to distant galaxies

One with the other entwined

They formulate the rhythm of expansion and contraction

Do you feel rainbow spark on the bosom of my wings

Or on the misty petals of the twilight garden

Do you feel the thunder over the distant mountains?

Do you see beneath the ocean’s floor the schism?

Are you living or dead?

Can you walk on my shore breathe on my waves?

Are you afraid of trying? Lying? Vying?

Are you the poet, artist or the Lord?

Lord Krishna/Adi Purusha

Lord Krishna/Adi Purusha

Who are you in the epic battles of Mahabharata?

Are you the vibration of things that kindle fire in the promontory?

Are you the winds that whisper clouds the song of the eternal man?

Are you the day dreamer of the quantum rasa-lila?

The supramental intelligence of the creational matrix?

Are you the clown in the cave of infancy fluting the minstrelsy of bygone years?

Are you the question of primordial birth & its quest?

In the higgs field they are searching the quaro-hizboic time of complete resurrection?

What time is not what space is what god substance from that singularity?

Divine Mother/Mirra Alfassa

Divine Mother/Mirra Alfassa

Krishna janame Krishna – Krishna janame Radha-Krishna

The garden is now without its spring vitality

The waters flow on an inundated hollow Mesozoic curvature

Spinning and twisting legs that cannot know its source

Where are you when they ravaged the forests with their poison oak?

This is the time,

This is the time

To reconsider the future

Seconds are dying into nano-seconds without the remembrance of your grace?

This is now a cultivated wasteland

A mortal blemish of the unconditioned love

Future in all di sitter space fashions the geometric octave of spiral galaxies

You are the event horizon – the cosmic point of the knower and the known

What is known is still unknown to the world?

Come lying involuted in the conch shell as the prolific sound

Come today as the retrocausal sign-ship of destiny

Come to orchestrate the great beginning of things

Earth-to-earth from p-creation to m-creation-mirra

Words won’t last that very long, the great surge beyond

Within your yogic state all things shall flow and merge

Into that finality of light, everlasting light

From darkness shore I saw the triple-headed sun of Krishna

Descending fast on anti-gravity shield

Cows milk the ocean of the worlds into the seven sages of the swar

Flames of the tongue burn brightly as the sun…


– Joy Roy Choudhury









The Temple of the Midnight Sun and the Journey of the Bird-Man from Heavens: Knowledge by Identity (Quantum Stargate Portal /Lexlet Server)

Northern Midnight,  Nicholas Roerich, 1923

Northern Midnight,
Nicholas Roerich, 1923


Ocean’s spirit levels hope’s germination of seeds

In the fields of an abstract plenitude

We hire our own body for the soul’s manifestation

In pavilion pavements and streets

Our ignorance guards the supreme truth

All can be known through experience

Just as light can be seen its speed measured

We can verify our own existence by connecting to our origins

Board the train to that terrain

Rocky green seas of the triple sun

And falling music to the ears of the conch shell

Overlooking the giant stupas of submerging ice

Beyond into the san-zan-van infinity

Neon turquoise trees

And cobalt shoes

Under the hexagram of the sun

Feathered by the night’s opaque queen of the light

Baptized by the lion’s mane, the tiger’s skull

In the dreadful pyre of the coleopteran

Mad memorial sand

In the nectar of the seas

Visited the quartz artefact of the silver foam

On which was written the great upsurge

Non-dactylic response of changeless rhythm

May bring back the eternal music of the Lord.

The Temple of the Night Sun/Mayan Sun God/Guatemala/Photo Copyright Edwin Roman, Brown University, USA

The Temple of the Night Sun/Mayan Sun God/Guatemala/Photo Copyright Edwin Roman, Brown University, USA




O traveller of the seven seas

And the indivisible one of many trials and tribulations

Is time the golden vision that you invoke?

The evolutionary chain, the dotted rain

Speaks of the heart in the soul

Falcon head of the diamond light

Shines crazy like the stars

Rectangular space-junk vase grace

Eating the swallowed pill of this dark ignorance

Turning the road before to leap

Forward and nothing else.


– Joy Roy Choudhury





The Occult Path To The Vision of the Triple Sun: White Light Synthesis and Shambhala

ed Hawk 1908 North American Indian Photographer Edward S. Curtis Copyright Swann Auction Galleries

Red Hawk 1908 North American Indian Photographer Edward S. Curtis Copyright Swann Auction Galleries

“At the first flash of Eden, we race down to the sea

Standing there on Freedom’s Shore.

Waiting for the sun

Waiting for the sun

Waiting for the sun

Can you feel it now that the spring has come

And it’s time to live in the scattered sun”.

– Waiting for the Sun, 1968/Morrison Hotel, The Doors

Waiting for the Sun 1968 The Doors Elektra/Asylum Records

Waiting for the Sun 1968 The Doors Elektra/Asylum Records

"Well everybody's dancing in a ring around the sun 
Nobody's finished, we ain't even begun 
So take off your shoes, child, take off your hat 
Try on your wings and find out where it's at". - "The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)"- The Grateful Dead


Sacred letters on the face of the sun

Periodic plasma protean self manifesting

Speaking of the coming energy

From the negative mass matter and void

Clockwork diagram rotating counterclockwise

Radiating the light of the yung drung kal

To this we offer the breath of our final prayer

As neatly as horseshoe magnet of the worm-hole drive

Contours of palaces pulsating on the ocean’s deep vortex

A fire in the mouth of the occult vision

Eyes resonate with the heart’s vital clay of wisdom

Lapiz lazuli finality of the river’s marmalade dream

Insane in wilderness of the ferric sunbeam

Choosing the moment’s anonymity of power

Golden verse prophecy of truth

Purge the hollow mind’s vertebrate brain

To regain the lost source of it all

In the multiple coplanar dimensions of time

Space shape changes

Bringing him to the willow and the greens

Water clear as stardust to drink and to clean

To give the child someway to live

A step beyond the bodily differences

Fire-water crystals make the new playground

Africa, do you hear the waters rushing in the arctic circle?

Do we hear the strange sound of winds passing through many portals?

Do we remember the past, invoke the future?

Islands submerge canyons blast the sky

We tear each other with words of anger and hatred

Lie beaten on the shore wrapped in the plenitude of that empty substance

Awakening is the only cause to save the world

And join the congregation

The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)

– Joy Roy Choudhury


Lord Jagannatha Ratha-Yatra 2013 : Travelling to Other Conscious Realms By Dynamic Mobilization of Negative Mass Interactions with the Non-Matter Essence in the Creation

Lord Jagannatha Ratha-Yatra 2013 : Travelling to Other Conscious Realms By Dynamic Mobilization of Negative Mass Interactions with the Non-Matter Essence in the Creation 


Alone lying on the shore of the great Ocean…

Jagannath Ratha Yatra, Mayapur, India

Jagannath Ratha Yatra, Mayapur, India

Penetrating the heart of all matter

Where sand and water meet to make a diagram

A natural circle of the original whole

Footsteps, flowers and the path of the sun

Strewn by the darkness of the time

Random oblique and negative mass

The Arka wheel silently rotates

Traveller on the road, where are the signs to your eternal highways?

Thunder on the jewelled mountains lightning strikes the moth

Roaring in the silent passion of these eons

What does this Ratha–Yatra mean?

If not a movement from one point to another

A change in material dimensions

The chariot is the golden vessel; an architecture of self-transformation

The Lord has shown us the way many times

Lord Jagannatha Sri Shubodhra & Sri Balaram/Lithograph Artist Raja Ravi Verma circa 1900s

Lord Jagannatha Sri Shubodhra & Sri Balaram/Lithograph Artist Raja Ravi Verma circa 1900s

Mystical Alcubierre warp drive

It reconstructs its own space-time geometry based on mind-matter interactions (quantum entanglement of exotic matter with the golden merkaba of phonetic crystals)

Lord Jagannatha, Lord Jagannatha, Lord Jagannatha

The spoke in the wheel is the golden heart of Amitabha Buddha

It’s the secret prophecy of Christ in the black stone of Alblackica

Man is not a myth of apparent pain and misfortune

But must transfigure himself like the gods

Integrity of the being is the key to the quantum leap

The sun is a small dot awaiting resurrection

The sky is dark ambrosiac

The rains must bring Isis from the grains

And feed the heart with the fruit of compassion

Reason must exist because we can feel, touch

We can see more with our own inner radiance

A small shift changes everything

Random darkness – hungyovertinbeta distance away…

To Condorconva…


– Joy Roy Choudhury



ALL THINGS MUST PASS: The Purple Lights Above Narmada and the Supramental Realization of Truth

The last sign of fleeting moments captured the fire-ether sunyata of geometric vastness = 9-evolution-6 …cultural creative velocity of mind where C = 3 x 10^8 to 88,88,888 ions/gate Free-Trade-Cosmic Burn Deck

George Harrison in Concert: Wearing Maha-Avatar Babaji Medallion

George Harrison in Concert: Wearing Maha-Avatar Babaji Medallion

“All things must pass
All things must pass away
All things must pass
None of life’s strings can last
So, I must be on my way
And face another day”.

– All Things Must Pass, George Harrison 


Memories breed herds of cattle

Labouring in the dark

Under the pantomime shadow

Mimics the ape like existence

Crawling on the mosaic beds of hot lava

Churned in the gutter

Beaten from head to toe

And driven back into the barren land

Where metals fornicates the broken limbs of fear and destruction

Into the drudgery of hapless cities


That sleeps the night out with the clause of scientific realism

Narmada River

Narmada River

All that is too much reason for the simple man of the mountain

Seagulls cried at daybreak

Pointing their flight into something in the sky

Far in the corner a little light gyrates

Silver and purple flash fishing in the air

Then it’s seen no more

The river goes on its own way

Wandering like a forest sage into a timeless ocean

Counsels the myriad trees that stand like wisdom

In the caves of Narmada, He has lit the sun many times

In the courtyard, the moon sparkle the Jove in the woods

Uttered the apocryphal hymns of distant lands

Mirra Alfassa: The Divine Mother

Mirra Alfassa: The Divine Mother


Magical property of the spirit

Unfolds Mother’s new matter

From the occult primal void,

Light, the destitute child of world’s ignorance

Gave unto thee

The yoga of existence

Yunin-years ago

Yunin-tavetra-years ago


– Joy Roy Choudhury




The Grateful Dead Image and the Unmanifest Sunyata: Quantum Gates to the Supramental World

Grateful Dead, Winterland 1973

Grateful Dead, Winterland 1973


Steps that follow steps

From past’s thisness to the future’s present

A moment on the event horizon

Receding backwards into nano trahouf infinity

Forward in the sequence of yaweh

This was not built like that

That it is not

That was a dream; chariots graze the sun when the horse is sleeping

The charioteer is the absence of non-local signifier in the quantum higgs field

The chariot itself the sign

All empty and nothing preconceived

Absolute rests in conscious awakening


Buddha, an occult primer of the sun vast rhetoric of helium serpents

Elohim Creating Adam, William Blake, Tate Gallery, London

Elohim Creating Adam, William Blake, Tate Gallery, London

Swallowing the destiny as Krishna blows the sacred conch

The sky, red as the pabulum of Christ, bids the day goodbye

Night uncovers the multiple worlds

Dawn awakens the psychic self under the bark of a dead tree

Monsoon heralds the flow of language

Words are rivers flowing like conscient petals towards fragrance of perfection

Civilization takes quantum leaps connecting with unknown vibrations from the distant stars

Mind is the master of the future gods

Mind is nothing but the worshipped spectrum of light

Mind is photonic transferred potential from arhan-singularity

El shaddai adonai

Elohim el

E. Schrödinger

E. Schrödinger

The tree of life green like the seven seas

Watches the actors plunged into a deep ocean

Some got the ambrosia, others got nothing at all

All else was poison that became manna through my evolution

Creative circuits cause death’s immobility transform life’s trance into immortal love

Retrocausality makes sense; love was the cause that came after karma

Karma came not before wisdom but after death

Death was the pragmatic choice of burning every solitary second into rebirth

We negotiate with the plan – we can change this creation

Are you ready for this stuff?

Or else do your own.

– Joy Roy Choudhury