Reading Beneath the ‘Faces’: Serge Anton’s Photography and the Non-Local Discreetness of Each Moments

Tonpa Shenrab Miwo Bon Monastery Nepal

Tonpa Shenrab Miwo, Triten Norbutse (Bon) Monastery, Nepal, photograph by Joy Roy Choudhury

Sometimes I do wonder what makes a photograph so fascinating. Is it the observed or the capture, or, the technology used to observe the observed, or, something hidden beneath the observed that it brings out, some recurrent pattern or archetype that gives the photograph something to stand out from the clutter of objects in our every day life. Does the photograph throw any light on the mind of the photographer? Does it tell anything about his level of perception, as he is the one who is choosing the subject of his photography? Adding another perspective to it, does the photograph hold a key or passport to eternity? Lets look into it. If the photograph captures a moment or say a decisive moment, then we are talking about a precise fragment of space-time which is discreet or can be called a quanta. Instead of thinking about the linearity of time because our neural networking is conditioned that way, we can think about discontinuous moments and there are infinitesimal gaps in between these moments. At the subquantum level, these are interference patterns of wave fronts which are captured in the photograph. Through the photograph is a presence because our brains are Fourier analyzing the wave forms, they are  in fact frequencies which have their origin not at the manifested level of reality but at the implicate level which is the quantum potential. Out of that quantum potential, the photographer is able to manifest one aspect of it in a kind of coordinated movement (also called Holomovement by David Bohm). What does it then tell about the photograph? Though the photograph is a local thing-event, but, what is fundamental is the deeper reality behind it, not, time but the timeless that it represents. That is possible because the photographer is a witness or observer- he is not adding anything to reality. He just capturing “things as they are”. And these discreet ”thing-events” (ji) are like mirrors reflecting each other ad infinitum creating an orchestrated dance like billions of jewels in a necklace each reflecting each other and thereby creating an entire ensemble through mutual interpenetration. Each jewel or dew drop reflects the whole (though of lower resolution) and is a passport to the timeless and the eternal.

The Face Is The Mirror Of The Soul – Serge Anton


I would like all of you to have a look at Serge’s work, these faces capture the timeless frozen in time. The observer’s consciousness have archived those beautiful moments that capture the essence of existence and bliss. This is what reality is all about – at both levels, the manifested biological level of physical forms, and, at a deeper fundamental level of subquantum reality, the level of the formless or the unmanifest which is more fundamental.  It is the TAO or the Brahman Or the Void which manifests our individuality out of love and compassion (karuna), and if you use the great wisdom or ”maha-prajna” then everything goes back into the timeless as possibilities in consciousness, into the formless undifferentiated, unborn Self which you verily are -”Tat Tvam Asi” (That Thou Art). Here, the photographer is the SEER, the witness, all-pervasive, perfect, non-dual, free, intelligent, action-less, desire-less, unattached and serene – that is the true nature of the Self. The moment photographed is the beautiful tapestry of wordless silence, each face having its own narrative which reflects all other narratives – faces reflecting each other and resembling the whole, the ensemble in a synergistic dance that comes from “the empty theater and empty circus and empty universe
ready to accommodate any act and any audience”. (Buckminster Fuller on Vector Equilibrium)

So, you can take a look at Serge Anton’s work from his book Faces by Lannoo Publishers and enjoy every discreet moment.

FACES from Lannoo Publishers is an exquisitely designed book of beautiful portraits taken by internationally renowned photographer, Serge Anton. Each portrait has been photographed on Anton’s countless travels in Africa and Asia over the last 30 years.

Each portrait tells wordless stories, as they reveal a certain resemblance in the exotic faces of faraway cultures- details in their eyes and wrinkles that seem to reflect the wisdom of lifetimes. There is no text to explain each portrait as Anton wants readers to be intrigued by the portrait no matter where, how or when it was taken.


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Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets, London



Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets


In The Home of the Blessed: The Journey from Brahman to Brahman on the Appointed Path of Bliss (Void Walking and The Supreme Ecstasy)

Allen Ginsberg in Calcutta circa 1960

Allen Ginsberg in Calcutta circa 1960



“I’m an old man now, and a lonesome man in Kansas

but not afraid

to speak my lonesomeness in a car,

because not only my lonesomeness

it’s Ours, all over America,

O tender fellows—


(Wichita Vortex Sutra/Allen Ginsberg)



 In The Home of the Blessed: The Journey from Brahman to Brahman on the Appointed Path of Bliss (Void Walking and The Supreme Ecstasy)

Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath- The Great Naam-Avatar

Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath- The Great Naam-Avatar

Flowers wake

Eternal turn

Morning mists

A wet vermillion sun

Wrapped in the tapestry of skies

Falls chanting into a sea of love

The whole earthen floor

Under the feet of the Lord

Is blessed by His breath

Caressed by His touch

Gentle in amorous air

Becoming the great Self hidden in things

Waking from a mysterious dream

Leaves poured their dangled green

And dews sparkled like stars

Gathered ecstasy in honeycombs

For a sweet incantatory spell

Around a ring of fire        

Where water falls

Into a great ocean called the void                                                                          

Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

From that it came, to that it must go

Time’s passage to eternity

Or eternal moments in the gyre

Brahman in Brahman is the magic point everywhere

Creating what it destroys and preserving the essence of the creation (Sristir Adi Lagne Utshav)

Through unmanifested energy in manifested forms

And in that bliss is the cause behind the great action of the universe

Ek anander maha-sagare

Karmer brikhyo phutiya tole phul

Gagane gagane aloketo sugandher sristi

Nirban labh karechey shei maha-prantare

Hare-Krishna Hare-Krishna

Krishna-Krishna Hare-Hare

Hare-Rama Hare-Rama

Rama-Rama Hare-Hare

Ei path, oi path ek e je path

Maha-samudre meshechey tar srot

Omkar hate savda                                                                                                                      Jesus

Jyotir sree padma

Maha-Karuna joge (the yoga of great compassion)

Adi Nath Dhoni

Spandito haay kale maha-kale

Chetonar garve janma dey

Satyer baikunthamani

Sanatan tar dharma

Brihat hate khudrotama ek gatishil kriyar ananda ucchash.


“A lone man talking to myself, no house in the brown vastness to hear

imaging the throng of Selves

that make this nation one body of Prophecy

languaged by Declaration as Pursuit of


Sri Kali Pada Guha Roy (in the middle sitting): Yogishwar -The Supreme Divine Yogi

Sri Kali Pada Guha Roy (in the middle sitting): Yogishwar -The Supreme Divine Yogi

I call all Powers of imagination

to my side in this auto to make Prophecy,

all Lords

of human kingdoms to come

Shambu Bharti Baba naked covered with ash

Khaki Baba fat-bellied mad with the dogs

Dehorahava Baba who moans Oh how wounded, How wounded

Sitaram Onkar Das Thakur who commands

give up your desire

Satyananda who raises two thumbs in tranquility

Kali Pada Guha Roy whose yoga drops before the void

Shivananda who touches the breast and says OM

Srimata Krishnaji of Brindaban who says take for your guru

William Blake the invisible father of English visions

Sri Ramakrishna master of ecstasy eyes

half closed who only cries for his mother

Chitanya arms upraised singing & dancing his own praise

Albert Einstein with Dutch Astronomer Mathematician and Physicist Willem de Sitter circa 1932

Albert Einstein with Dutch Astronomer Mathematician and Physicist Willem de Sitter circa 1932

merciful Chango judging our bodies

Durga-Ma covered with blood

destroyer of battlefield illusions

million faced Tathagata gone past suffering

Preserver Hare Krishna returning in the age of pain

Sacred Heart my Christ acceptable

Allah the compassionate one

Jaweh Righteous One

all Knowledge-Princes of Earth-man, all

ancient Seraphim of heavenly Desire, Devas, yogis

& holymen I chant to—

Come to my lone presence

into this Vortex named Kansas,

I lift my voice aloud,

make Mantra of American language now,

…..” (Wichita Vortex Sutra/Allen Ginsberg)



Maitreya Buddha

Maitreya Buddha

Every point of occurrence

Every event

Action inaction

Dual non-dual

Shristi Sthiti Pralay

All are innumerable configurations of my states of existence

To that you may turn your vision

A guide to the Eternal Home of the Blessed

Entry: Hari Naam Sankirtan Lila

Exit: Bodhisattwa Vishwarup Anu-Anga Lila



– J 













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Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath Thakur

Sri Sri Sitaramdas Omkarnath Thakur



Intersection Points in the Cosmic Inflation on Microwave Background Radiation: Information Inflow as Contraction into Singularities (Seer-Observation of Ekayoniz Wormhole -Shirdi Sai)

Shirdi Sai Baba circa 1900 original photograph

Shirdi Sai Baba circa 1900 original photograph


“There can be no naked singularities, which are unshielded by event horizons”. – Roger Penrose

Quantum Non-Locality in Copenhagen Interpretation: The Collapse of the Wave-Function cannot be produced by any known physical process – beyond mechanistic local theory of reality (direct inference from Bell-Aspect experiments)

Non-dual aspect of mind is Samsara purifying the aboriginal truth by the 68th degree valipa turn ( of the Selvuha existence (T=T) around the mind bearing rudraksha.

Words woven in the syntax

Draped in clothes

Computing a syllogistic pattern of clouds

Do you hear the raindrops fall on seashells, on mud earth

On tetra-lithic mountain rocks, on valleys merged with the shoreline?

Where is the rhyme

John Archibald Wheeler Teaching at Princeton Univ. 1967 explaining the distinction between Classical Realm and Quantum Realm

John Archibald Wheeler Teaching at Princeton Univ. 1967 explaining the distinction between Classical Realm and Quantum Realm

Dying in the vine

Or in the wells of amputated beings

Thinking constructs a formation of things

Feelings generate a motion in the void

And the planets go merry around the sun

And your Self around the heliosphere

Lilting graceful melodies quite unknown

Exchanging information one millionth of a second

With the butterfly’s invisible quatrains

With the fur of the leopard and the giggle of the dolphin

Intersecting patterns one millionth of a second

“This is the end, beautiful friend

A Game of Chess

A Game of Chess

The end

Of laughter and soft lies,

The end

Of nights we tried to die

This is the end.”

Do you feel this bio-entanglement?

Do you feel like flowers the change of seasons?

And the birds twit one note to your ears?


Unreal city

The moon climbs over the camelback

Waiting for the lost arc over the horizon

Waiting for an archetype

Or a constellation sign

An architectural pattern unrecognized

A silence undisturbed

A matrix of harmony inexorable

Unfolding one end of an accelerated frame

And beginning the other with your singularity point

A sequence of steps unforeseen by many

A touch of feelings that changed the world

And he saw it coming

In his waking self

Spiralling towards the ocean of depths

And it said voulshekho uho nin usta

Uho nin usta mou mapar

Trok vei usha nin yin ihiabdho


(Observer > V-Static –Yong Observation) {65= NH}/para-zeta-dimension of truth

– J


Ref: The End, Jim Morrison, The Doors


The Lost Art of Teaching: Thought’s Calligraphy on the Viviparous Sun Directs Non-Time Melodies

For Children the Gates of Paradise, William Blake, 1793

For Children the Gates of Paradise, William Blake, 1793

The Lost Art of Teaching: Thought’s Calligraphy on the Viviparous Sun Directs Non-Time Melodies

All time is eternal – time is information contained in a system

Non-time is solution of system-paradoxes from granular opaque quadrangular to transparent rotating icosahedrons

What we share we know we live for each other? The planet breathes on its own…

Leaves appear 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8…

A part of the whole

The moon’s red face hides the sun’s white gold

West Meets East The Historic Shankar Menuhin Sessions

West Meets East The Historic Shankar Menuhin Sessions

Copper dome has written on it the source of life’s destiny

Gathered around the worm-hole

Take a deep plunge…1793…1837…2318…

And end up on the other side of non-time

Journey is a process called transformation

Matter evolves from third state to fifth, eighth, eleventh endlessly

What does matter know about itself?

It’s an involuted pattern of existence that changes with rapid expansion accepting the Tao

Matter is yatter-processed memory of qubits in the field of interactions

What is the purpose of these interactions?

Why do you exist in this exchange?

To nullify your existence –to dissolute

Or to walk in the void rising from the sea like a dragon of light engulfing the whole truth of this creation?

Again, my Son, what is the purpose?

Sri Ramana Maharshi and Krishnaprem

Sri Ramana Maharshi and Sri Krishnaprem

The truth is in your consciousness

A beautiful dance plucked the strings of a sitar

A movement was observed

A melody line established

All without any hidden agenda

There is NO AGENDA in the Book of the Mother

There flowers blossom offering them to the Soul’s Constitution

And the bees hum the caterpillar smoothes the underside of a leaf

Till it feels the vibration in its body

Its yidam is the sun-vast conscience in the lunar petals

That pours fragrance as colours into the dewy chalice

Void is filled at last with great light

The Imago feels a vibration of strings

Reciprocate proteins with the non-local field

Soon butterflies will be born in the wilderness

What’s the purpose of all these, my Son?

There are mud walls in the sky everywhere

Each quarter so isotropic

Smeared with stars on the body of a coelacanth

Floating on the edge of a bubble packed with energy unknown to time

And time is liquid gravity

Matter revolts on its own against its law to find its higher self

All defined by NO Agenda

It’s lovely if you think; stillness mirrors time’s memory

Perfection allows the only hope of non-time

A promise not forsaken

A silence not abandoned

Too great a victory that cannot be put in words

Only thoughts exist…

Separation withered distance between them

God and Adam One and the same

Yathropa Yaziz walking time in silence

In between all,  Love is the Ocean of Rasa!

– J

Adonai El Shaddai…Towards the Supreme Realization through Randomness and Chaos: Sun’s Youthful Benefactors Trace their Origins to the Lord of Life-Giving Poetry of Love as Dance of Quantum Kriya (Yoga of Savitri and the Final Culmination) 2014 /15 +++

Jim Morrison-Time's Petals That Flower Life as the Love for the Indivisible One

Jim Morrison-Time’s Petals That Flower Life as the Love for the Indivisible One


Adonai El Shaddai…Towards the Supreme Realization through Randomness and Chaos: Sun’s Youthful Benefactors Trace their Origins to the Lord of Life-Giving Poetry of Love as Dance of Quantum Kriya (Yoga of Savitri and the Final Culmination) 2014 /15 +++

If the writer can write, &

The farmer can sow

Then all miracles concur,

Appear, & start happening

If the children eat, if their

Time of crying was Mid-Night


The Earth needs them

Soft dogs on the snow

Nestled in Spring

When the sun makes wine

& blood dances dangerous

In the veins or vine

–         Jim Morrison



“The Prerequisite condition of understanding master magician is absolute surrender”. Sri Sri Kalipada Guha Roy

Sri Aurobindo circa 1950

Sri Aurobindo circa 1950


“There is no fundamental significance in things if you miss the Divine Reality; for you remain embedded in a huge surface crust of manageable and utilisable appearance. It is the magic of the Magician you are trying to analyze but only when you enter into the consciousness of the Magician himself can you begin to experience the true organisation, significance and circles of the Lila.” – Sri Aurobindo, The Valley of the False Glimmer.


“Happiness wears no clothes, yet retains the law of unique edibility”./To be the other, one on its main-frame enlightens the ethics of sacrifice, oxomonminroen!/ Yet it gains nothing except the selfless joy of its emerging self, wishboneash/Whatever be the dream of winter on its tale to bear the fire, tragethtruthtrivath is thy old name…hari om tat sat- Mahakal


   The moon’s inner vibrations in plant cell stomata

Tiny rivulets that carry life-force to a seed seeking the variegated forms

A plenary rhythm of unmanifest energy finds its way

Earth hidden from its own realm reveals another earth

A process of transformation is the cause of the cycles

A blue mystic sun

Silence adores an unforgettable gift of the soul    

michelangelo-Last Judgement

Shores where darkness bids farewell to the light

Captures the myriad lullaby of the stars

Sitting on the crest of a wave

For another dawn’s awakening

May the gulls see the coastguard lights

On a warm bed feel the golden lapis of far distant horizons

A palace of forms and conceptions melt in the apocalypse

Trident of the lightning bolt strikes the fountainhead

Liberating mind’s bosons

And in the wilderness there will be light again

And in chaos find the birth of the sun in a grain of sand

Dusty storms over the Capitol may sweep the faces of few

Old order crumbles they cannot run nations on their constitutional ego

Light projects light bends and twists around a moving tetrahedron

Answers the assembly of ascended masters – the road is now clear

Om Adi Chintamani – charioting towards the final immutable moment

Of this coming Ascension of the King – kavatriyong Kal-ki

All that’s happening around the word bear the imprint of this time spectacular.

‘It was the hour before the god’s awake…’







Chandrapat Revelations As The Lord Speaking To The Worlds: Unique MahaNam Lila From Sri-Angan Of Param-Bramha-Hari

Bharata bhumite haila manusya janma yara/ Janma sarthakara kari’ kara para-upakara. – Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu


Forest strong sandals Burnt geometry fingers Around a fire Reading history in blackened Books, charcoal sentence In moot splendour -Jim Morrison/wilderness


Consciousness-Analogue Human birth is a pure revelation A pure source of things from where life emerges A complex chain of circumstances that leads to the event Occurence of cause on the effect’s causal ship is love Krsna is the quantum lila – an abode of bliss on the superstring Krsna is the dire ignorance from which knowledge must emerge It’s the home of the sky-birds of heavens floating in a tapestry of darkness A song has no meaning in itself it’s conjured by endless time The apparent space filled with fluteless echoes reverberate in emptiness Nothing is destined all are consumed and repeated again The sweet morning flower is the queen of dead leaves offering to the trikal of the twilight Insane remembrance of the pastoral elegance within a gyroscope Eagle sunwards into reptilian summer Electra moonshine and porcelain Watching obelisk patterns on the sea Night time tomb streets rejoining land Winds as camera shutters They are going to see the spectacle All in one as many as one in that unknown quest Bright stars crystal dotsbon the cubic foot Descend on earth far away from sigma-vrul-eternity. -Joy

141st Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo, 15th August 2013: The Supramental Riders of the Coming Time (2013 and beyond…) and the Spiritual Transformation of Earth as Envisaged by Surya-Savitri

Sri Aurobindo: The Triple Transformation

Sri Aurobindo: The Triple Transformation

141st Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo: The Supramental Riders of the Coming Time (2013 and beyond…) and the Spiritual Transformation of Earth as Envisaged by Surya-Savitri

the watiz-rider gave light to darkness 

the watiz-rider was the light

the watiz-rider on light as light was the watiz-rider

9 pre-tat agni birat tat adi satya

matter is de-self gratiyu (9.9 less 1)

many (untouched -formless) gave One (the supreme-unmanifest) the form of many forms 

From circle the square earned the rectangle in the hand of a point called the straight line (the sun-lit path to eternity)

Divine Mother/Symbol

Divine Mother/Symbol


Awake the inconscient in its primal self

The first flower, the tree

The waves that fathom the rocks

The rainbow in the skies

All conversing with a universal field of intelligence

Beyond any material logic and perception

There is a free way to connect with the Creatrix’s mind

There is a free way to connect with the truth;

Thy heart shall blossom the lotus of light

Thy sun shall harvest the lunar incantations of the Adi-Purusham

When time becomes invariable then you freeze into eternity          KrsnaThe Blue Lord


A frame of dynamic static points- immobile, vast and constantly pure

Shall you not reach that everlasting shore?

Touch that light of liberty and freedom?

By shedding your bondage with the past exhausted habitual resources?

Look beyond into the future; gaze into the self-hood of imagination

Past recedes into present becomes the being of time-incarnation

Error is the mind’s cause for a greater effect awaiting

Sleep no more on the granules of ignorance

The riders are coming…

This world is the supermind’s birthplace

The peacocks are dancing in the woods; the play is yet to begin

Nestled in nature’s rhythm on every leaf and bud

Seasons resonate with tidal rivers

Speaking with Ganges, Nile, Yamuna and Mississippi

Jim Morrison: Lords and the New Creatures

Jim Morrison: Lords and the New Creatures

Embracing every colour till you see the white light

As an open page of the first book of creation

A joyous being to behold

A fire to reside on every curve

A child to speak of love undivided

And the hope of the coming time.


Time the old navigator of souls

Leads us into the sea

Their dreams confront eternity

From the eternal void the sound is born

Words came from silence of that

Matsya Avatar. one of the 10 Incarnations of Vishnu who protected Manu (Adam Kadmon, the first man) and the Seven Sages at the time of the Great Flood (Deluge)

Matsya Avatar. one of the 10 Incarnations of Vishnu who protected Manu (Adam Kadmon, the first man) and the Seven Sages at the time of the Great Flood (Deluge)

That it is unknown revealed as feelings

We are back on the shore playing the harp

Meanings reside beneath the sea

Beneath the lakes

Under monstrous mountains of etherized death

Mosaic mansions and merkabahs

Streets full of music

Gathering around a corner

Crowded dust of nothing brings rain

Rivers swallow the dead inhabitants

Dry sun pale in the womb

Knocks us down on the floor

We see through the Doors…