The Prime-Vak Sutra of the Observable Universe from Post-Quantum Logic of Hidden Emotions – The Transactional Dzochen of Hiranyagarva Sutra As Derived From Asta-Kaliya-Nitya-Lila

Radha Krishna Lila

Radha Krishna Lila – depicting the eternal 8-fold daily pastimes


Asta-kaliya-nitya-lila – cc-xx-yy-zz- function Hermitian operator 


“Words are healing.
Words got me the wound
and will get me well

If you believe it.” – Jim Morrison, American Night

Playtime never ends

Excerpt From Gita Govinda by Poet Jayadeva

Excerpt From Gita Govinda by Poet Jayadeva

Garden grows into Eden

Sacred time flowering colours into the deepest substance of one

Then all are entangled in that ecstatic dance

8 times a day spinning causally and retro-causally

To converge to a point or diverge from it /focus or defocus depending upon the camera behaviour of the All-Seeing Eye

In a little drop kindle fire that transubstantiates the rainbow into the white light

The essence of jasmine and rose, divine lotus, sandal and tulsi

Where are we?

In that garden like a blade of grass or like a butterfly

Making music that never ends

Breathing our lives in one continuous flow

A stream of ananda which Sri Caitanya called the love stream

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy the Eternal Seer

Yogishwar Sri Kalipada Guharoy the Eternal Seer

It gave birth to Sat and Chit forces uniting with it to activate the universal thought

The rose is now the garden

The swing the star

The actors come and go from inside me

Filling eternity with the rasa of delight – The Prime-vak sutra of the Observable universe from Post-Quantum Logic of hidden emotions – the transactional Dzochen of Hiranyagarbha Sutra

There will be light in rhythm of darkness – The Advancing golden point in the dark energy acceleration

The moon is shining and tender leaves are talking to the winds

The river flows and the birds are waiting backwards in time

The dance is our near future de sitter horizon intersecting at a revelry point called the Nitya-Ananda (eternal gyration)

From that you create the pastimes for me and I create the order where you will play

In a never ending configuration that fulfils itself

Participate in that play – Asta-kaliya-nitya-lila – Open Function Lie-Sphere Dupin Hypersurface (Khirod Manthane Suryer Madhu-Kana)






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