Jim Morrison, An American Pastoral (1969)

Jim Morrison, An American Pastoral (1969)

An American Pastoral (1969)

An American Pastoral (1969)

We made a film about words and silence

We made a film about the sound

You and I, repeat what we are

Birth, life, seeing and hearing

To find the word lost in images

And images lost in the field of memory

Finding and failing, in the light, in the darkness

To seek, to recover the first scene

From the udder of a sun-vast recess

When born was Idea in the dawn of intuition


A red flame of the Heraclitean fire

Tonight we shall remake this film

A film that restores the emblem of peace

From nether shadows that engulfed the sun,

From the fear and trembling and the eclipse and death

Driving through New Mexico under the stars

In the night of the Hopi dance around the sacred fire

Long after Kierkegaard’s death

Long after Van Gogh’s and Bunuel’s

All are awakened in the still silence of the Himalayas

und das  Wasser fliesst     

You and I,

Let us go to remake the film.

The Mystic Mountains

The Mystic Mountains/Photograph Joy Roy Choudhury

– Joy Roy Choudhury (From collection of poetry” Rains Winds and Cycles, Kindle Edition Amazon)


[1] The ever-living fire; Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher conceived fire as the primordial element out of which matter evolved; “That Nature is a Heraclitean Fire and the Comfort of Resurrection”, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Poems. 1918.

[2] An iconic philosophical book by Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegaard

[3] Danish philosopher and theologian (1813-1855)

[4] Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who was famous for his paintings of sunflowers and landscapes.

[5] Luis Buñuel (1900-1983), Spanish-born filmmaker who moved to Paris and directed a series of path breaking surreal films, notably one with the artist Salvador Dali.

[6] And the water flows.

Supramental Psyche and It’s Dialogue with the Creation: The Socratic Process of Thought-Controlled Micro-Processors and Bright Orbs from Shambhala

Socrates, Monalisa, 2013

Socrates, Monalisa 2013

Supramental Psyche and It’s Dialogue with the Creation: The Socratic Process of Thought-Controlled Micro-Processors and Bright Orbs from Shambhala


Dreva dreva trou vraham nocturnal symbol processing system inside the sun

Oval shapes flasks mad hatters chess-games

Intra-textual syllabic diegesis

A point is a mark-up sign for intelligence

Roads pre-design Socratic dialogue before they meet the singular highway

From one end to another vravet end in the cosmic parallax

Only saw light itself in other bodies

Glowing like the orb of myriad small wrohal fragments orbiting the dense interstellar space

The tree has spoken about the means to attain liberty

Enlightened cup black holes memory and quantum logic

Ballet of the fire and ice in nucleostar proto-filamental mindcube



Ra-Ru-Re-Ra-Ra dream analogues of consciousness as matter

Muses, Raphael (Parnassus/1511)

Muses, Raphael (Parnassus/1511)

The shores lapped the ocean as the moon lapped the sun

There was forever a song that those nine muses sang of

Pleu flea fluf-fluf-wing-do-re do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The Supreme Supra-Quantum Potential of the High Mind of Reason is a Non-Dimensional Irrational Intelligence of Trectom-Neotin in the Slow-Fin-Fish of Imagination

PRIMA MATRA Artwork, Samij Datta 2012

The Supreme Supra-Quantum Potential of the High Mind of Reason is a Non-Dimensional Irrational Intelligence of Trectom-Neotin in the Slow-Fin-Fish of Imagination


All life is yoga perfected by the will, by the back-formations and back-reactions in a superquantum field grid with a high-potential; when da Vinci says ‘bird is an instrument working according to mathematical law’ he means the superfluidity of transitional space curve structure projected into the mind by the hypothesis of macrospace of many worlds; within space the coordinates of space also change as the observer finds non-locality in multi partitional-optical Lie sphere geometry as the states of consciousness migrate into higher planes with time diegesis; when matter communicates with energy to bend as with space-curvatures in a 4 dimensional space-time geometry then we know that every face of Monalisa reconstitutes a mathematical vector-bird diagram on a horizontal space with algebraic formulations Time Square = M + N (The Alpha-Sovereign Grey Hound Lines Transformed the Ancient-Cloud Technology into the Time-Square of the Vitruvian Man) M the formal historical drawing, and N its evolving state reached in Time = T; Time is the temple of the vector-bird Monalisa, half-lines show the metamorphosis of the morphology of being on a classic ontological consciousness-platform that starts the Gita of habit by the value add-ons of knowledge via karma line 6 to 7 based on love soluble with a high coefficient at a low temperature; rest/motion per habit in giga-electrospace is bird-bird-bird-flying and freedom; formalisation of painting is a way to escape from dreams and coming back to reality from future black holes of Alblackica; reason is a monomer on a hypotonic solution that solubilises the gecra-imaginative faculty class with symmetric asymmetric non-local intelligence-bond; Eragman in Krishna is the solar-holocaust in Alblackica to maintain others stars balance the super-quantum-aquantum potential for the orbital high density fluids to pass through the macrotubules of the hyper-electro-space; the blue is the crystallization of red in white quartz transposed in helium on argentine atoms; the yellow bird sits in the trees, is waiting for the spring to camouflage it otherwise she will think sun has come down from heaven on the berry leaves and the garden, the sky was her mirror and the moon her silver comb that made her look like a bird that can fly; flying is still an ancient art, the artefacts from the stars are buried in some place, the Argonauts called her the fleece of the golden light; Krishna was Krishna in hyper-solid space as back-reactions of the matter-moun-tree-curve in a relative quantum field.

To me life is a back-reaction of new matter and energy on pi-pi mind-curve

Existence is retro-space dance on bliss

Leaves are semi-solid gunctions capable of holding rain drops

The sun is flat as seen through the pores of the x-chromosomes

Wave-function is active on amorphous nights after diffusion of lights

Darkness is light on Krishna-Kali matter-mind adverbs the Cauvery is flowing into the Ganges of Nile

With every light the darkness disappears into the heart of empty-lions bathing in the sea

Tyger on tyger is tyger-eye in the dark half-moon light climbing the stairs of conscious qualia

Yoga of life is time-square on e-curve prima matra of laser helio-madeb

Quarks: up down bottom top strange and charm

The baryons and mesons of the composites are better on the run

Brahman is bonimxot, crazy lazy-rabbit-fur-infinity!

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Observations made by my friend, Physicist Nilanjan Chatterjee:

Since David Bohm said Physics is Triangulation of Light, Matter & Meaning, he finds by gematria: MEANINGLIGHT =63 + 56 =119 = SUPERMIND= NEWMATTER = PiPiGHOST!

He observes, Light not only has energy but has ‘Meaning’ too! What is the meaning of ‘Sunlight’?

Possibly and probably the answer lies with Laser-Helio Madeb in Alblackica Space-Ships.

The Hidden Source of Something is Within the Wavicle & Praviculin Wavicle of ‘Nestrat Nihayo Nestrat’ Cellular Time-Consciousness

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”- Albert Einstein

 ” It is he, the innermost one, who wakens up my consciousness with his deep hidden touches.”- Rabindranath Tagore / ‘Gitanjali’ 


The Hidden Source of Something is Within the Wavicle & Praviculin Wavicle of ‘Nestrat Nihayo Nestrat’ Cellular Time-Consciousness


What is knowledge if not a higher hypothesis of a hypothesis in the relative frame-wide-works of the cosmic universe? Creation is a pulp of matter-anti-matter bond, a conjugation that’s more heuristic than soap operas of Puccini but in the time of the second nayutin the river was flooded with salt-grip-sand and Moses bought the boat to ferry the eragman constants across dreams of many quarters in the day-alblackica-rhyme-clock; nothing stands in between the imagination of the being and the Other, the tree is the half-life of the divided-sun, photosensitive and paranormal if you have the super-sensory organs to understand the phenomena; energy is the valve through which consciousness flows, the tribes are gathering round the sacred fire, their chants are hymeneal hymns of the sacrosanct stars: Gnavi Gnavi Mubinf Xoriduq Dorpen Sofejow rhythmica yatashta.

The mothers of the Alblackica eternals, to them time is the acceleration in innumerable primary force surface grexat-grexat dimension. Non-polar velocity of light is length –black-nan-invinity (6hh6-9cc9-8dd8-4kk4-3qq3-6tt6); to the eye the eye is the relative cosmic view of something known from inside, something familiar but not known in the unknown quanta of the wavicle and praviculin wavicle simultaneously.

Robam reyam retat nivigro nevakratu kerat

Reyam retat nivigro nevakratu herat

Retat nivigro nevakratu ferat

Nivigro nevakratu serat

Nevakratu derat

Derat rerat

Rayim ro ri re ra


– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Tagore & Einstein Photograph, Berlin, July 14, 1930

Tribal Art (Bengal Patachitra, 2012)

The Lila-Tat Technology of the Origin of Origins in the 7 Square Circles of the One

Tribal Art (Bengal Patachitra), 2012

The Lila-Tat Technology of the Origin of Origins in the 7 Square Circles of the One

Terrible terrible Rosalind, Orlando, the ethanol substance was the burning deck of the cosmos fiery like the trees taken by the fire and ships taken by the storm in the seas; dreams are figures of the dead horse putting their conventional mass energy conservation into objects of formal visualization, the decrax-blind eye that made Benod Bihari feel the pulse of the wave front particles dancing in the skies with the reflected colors of their own selves; the tortoise was a question to the rabbit unanswered because the leaf is the sign-language graphic card of a diagram and the wood-petal, the cuneiform fruit of matter’s own plasticity in the supreme consciousness of the world where red is not red but red in every black vector diagrams of the white; to touch is not to see but to feel what is unfelt, the navel springs the river from the Alblackica mornings into the fields of san-zan infinity where alphabets are churned and rearranged continuously to make sense out of an unseen nonsense, the paradox is the smile of the oceanic feeling, numbers put their feet on numbers and climb the stairway to the heaven;

The zeppelin was an isomer of poly vinyl chloride to touch the Brahman of the Para-Brahman circles in a cash-back policy to win what is already won in the xon of the ron and make sense of that in the plastic surgery of patients paying euros at the cost of their lives; to dream, as Freud has said was good, the dream-riders are not patients of patience-paralipsis but riders of fortune in the limb-cast-wall-mind of the creatrix who turns his chapters into Lewis Carol’s Quantum Verse, The Hunting of the Snark, reading it by the daylight and buying that light and walking under the night shade of the Teutonic times to square the equation whose root is in the algebra of the equidistance from the centre that’s within the bio-centre of the geodesic vertebrae of the cross-dawn synthesis of a polyglossia in the zero-one…two curvatures of the quantum aborigines. Space is not space in the psycho-kinesis of hyperspace but a kind of time that’s within the dream unmanifest of the origin of origins. Circles play interplay with each other meaning what they mean 7 together in the Lila-tat technology trime-nawa-nawa-nawa-trime…As You Like It!

– Joy Roy Choudhury

The River is the Semi-Permeable Time in the Evolutionary Space of the Alblackica Consciousness

The River is the Semi-Permeable Time in the Evolutionary Space of the Alblackica Consciousness


Time is the evolutionary window of the species through which it can see the long-neck-tail of the serpent-wing in the eye of its coordinates; every pull on the z-axis frame has a syllabic change in the other two depending on the relative quanta of light differentiation in the vibrating Frensel glass diffracted medium of Red-Waziz Izwa. In the eye of the sparrow the sun is a small monochromatic negative film of albumen in the proto-decra space of the golden sap-box.

Red rose is the opera of the love in the black petals of the white light, in the umbra the penumbra eats the shadow of the reflective selves in the in-congruent  circles of the mind to become the vase of chrysanths in the vale of Bramhaputra

the child sees himself grow through the meta-lens of the photographer’s eye upon the story of bricks and mortar-railways casting myriad shapes on the origami of the Coriolis; spring comes with its memory of flowers and birdsongs, only to chase the clouds to bring rain in the hills so the ponds and lakes are colored light-boxes of the original rainbow dipping sand into the mud crack of the villages tiptoed into the theatre of the man decisive.


The journey begins before it ends the book of paradise is in letters written to the rivers by the forests of the night beneath a peacock-feathered moon eclipsing the sun. every two is one on one in the memory of the one from the zero Alblackica dawn walking the child with his eyes lit by the fire that burns upon rocks in the wheel of time; the empty hands of the mandala with its involuted center is the Bwajem-Prometric bliss of the all square in rectangles in the zatter of matter.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: B/w picture from Satyajit Ray’s Film, Pather Panchali

& Art picture from Exhibition, Kolkata, 2012

In the Spring Wells of Shambhala, Season is the Art of the Black Moon of Non-Euclidean Relative Space-Time Conventions of Alblackica

GYAN-GANJ PLATE II, Samij Datta, 2011

In the Spring Wells of Shambhala, Season is the Art of the Black Moon of Non-Euclidean Relative Space-Time Conventions of Alblackica


Some may forget the days when the frou-gratiya moon of the sun was dancing in the sphinx and in the zabber of the glass-bohemian plates, and into the hydro solvents; alca oktamin of the heroic nights was a vehicle of super conscious states- lines frozen in the harmonics saw the welling nectar of life, the kovak kovim kovrit chiming with colors of the dianthus spring turning every substance to alblackica; the paths that lead to madness are the orange fruits that bite the winds blowing into many streams of the desert land; alpha randomizes the motion of the points for the beta-dero action of the its supplement and in the rhyming season of the clock-anticlock, the rooster is the dragon of the walking yak in vak eating the infinite spacelets in the time domain letters of the Katter to the Zatter.

Ancient willows are supernal when the bands that circle them are speaking to the tree’s leaves that have fallen and rolled into the spatial-mud that shelters the earthworms, they say hyperbolic space has more room for the line continuums from the origin, they collate matter and spirit into idiomatic functions of daily life: red burns with the orange pulp, the yellow sea is the wime-flame that exhumes energy from the Nosferatu of the ideal dreams, the magnificent is known from the seven beats of the prima matra, a lonely daisy is the mother of the sun that has the cross-legged bow of the helianthus moon, apocryphal letters are art per se in the window vision of the film through which the protagonist shows a room within a room of ruins, the past dialect transferred into the new writing code of the sublime texts, mannerisms are original disguises through which the truth hides the falsehood from the dire neglect of the race, atrophy of the mind leads to confusion and death; lets join the cubic dream for reality is constant within its film.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Alblackica Clock Series II: The Relational Sequence of Time in the Quantum Matrix and the Non-Curvature of Hyper-Solids in Laser Helio-Madeb




The Relational Sequence of Time in the Quantum Matrix and the Non-Curvature of Hyper-Solids in Laser Helio-Madeb

The compass points of the indivisible vectors of the ultraviolet fragmentation are sine and cosine of the violet in the glass-tubular vessels of the black sun. its not a mystic recognition of the coplanar magnitudes of life and its relative multiverse but that of the eternal beyond the eternity of time’s unsound consonants. The goat is the sheep made to run in the tunnel where the wind is the fire of another river song…the civilization starts from there and progresses along the lines of the Nile or the Ganges, Mississippi or Volga. The cross-talk domain of the Terrasuxa Qataz is the zebra-prime vessel of the spring. Man or no-man can reach this point, that’s not within the other of the within shifting from the centre but it’s a joke of the idiot playing a match of football in an empty stadium that once rocked the audience with the grass-power vision of the Woodstock germ. There are no more the arms that can destroy the creation, One unfolds the One in perimeter of the circle and the zero is the alblackica of counter-faith that has seen streets made of gold turning into silver madness of the moon. That night is within the Michelangelo in the wime-goat plates that can make and unmake the reading of a film into the unified separation of the rise and fall in the madness of ether carrying birds in the footprints of the lion.

The ions of the ionized circle without the helium cannot manufacture anything but can subtly tell the story long unheard by the apes in their evolution into the man-of-nothing. Dust is dust to dust is pro-dast of every dust in the collar-zime-yime vision of the time. A flower is a flower when the withering stumps of the micro-seconds turn the colors into some macro poetry that talks about the anointment of the earth in the vision of the serpent. Sleep is the wakinghood of another reprise in the violent chaos that mothers the disciple of disciplines for some good work with a prayer that remains unaffected even after the transfiguration of coal into diamond lights. Serene is hopefully an adjective of another adverb that stands still looking ahead into the Alps of the romantics- that is the eponymous vision unaffected by means that come on the way with their divergent dreams to maim the word which is an empty set full of possibilities and change.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon Album Cover Art