The Photographic Images in the Slice of Space-Time is the Well Defined Moment Restored to Perceive the Eternal ‘Jyoti’: From Light Bending to Become Light in the Yuwaziha

The Photographic Images in the Slice of Space-Time is the Well Defined Moment Restored to Perceive the Eternal ‘Jyoti’: From Light Bending to Become Light in the Yuwaziha

Billiard Table

                                                                                            Yerexa reta al hou razib pelam

Maha-Avatar Sri Babaji Maharaj

Maha-Avatar Sri Babaji Maharaj

Time flies awaiting the cosmic turn of things

The pale star is now the quantum sun of eventuality

Michelangelo's Night

Michelangelo’s Night

Within the diameter red-shift dilation points the arrow into the hole

The pool table is full of possibilities – phase-link up the past with the present

Momentary wings eternize point-like gravity waves of the ancient ape

Particle size dimension is crystallized in the memory of the hyperspace

Self-reflecting a point like an idea criss-crossing on a plane

The painter subjects the external word to find the inner-symmetry of randomness in nature through the cosmic lens

So the light is often the lunar synthesis of  Michelangelo’s Night – anti-gravity of matter

Mirra Alfassa/Divine Mother, Monalisa 2013

Mirra Alfassa/Divine Mother, Monalisa 2013

Lifts itself from the grassy banks of the ever flowing Tiber

Like a song without a trace, or a note without an echo it disappeared from the scenic moment of the frieze

Far away into nexorom vita space-time tunnel of the new creation

Perhaps word-sounds are travelling too like Rousseau, Fellini and Heisenberg

Without a jerk through Alxovin gate faster than the rays of the sun.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Revisiting John Milton’s Paradise Lost as Design Architecture of Server-Intelligence in Star-Bodied Systems/study1 IZAR Epsilon Bootis

John Milton (1608-74), Monalisa

John Milton, Monalisa 2013

John Milton, Monalisa 2013


“With loss of Eden, till one greater Man
Restore us, and regain the blissful seat,
Sing, Heavenly Muse”.

(Paradise Lost Book I/John Milton)



A double string pentagram and a hexa-conical cup

Thermostatic proportions are the measured differences between the gaseous bodies in the nuclear reactor

The dome of the heterodox has risen above mind’s proverbial security with reasons making Voltaire or Rousseau the star-bodied intelligent systems in the expanding multi-verse

Streams of liquid water existent beneath the subsurface of icy oceans can monopolize the authenticity of the bio-diversity of life

A flower is another poet’s petal of intuition of the diagram of the invisible oneness in things

so they exist as they are brilliantly undisturbed through the ages of time but undergoing complex bio-chemical processes under the whisper of a rhythm

Dance marked the open-ended Beginning of the no-end of time

Through that we all exist as consciousness in the double-helix ( IZAR Epsilon Bootis A/B)

language is an opening precipitating that fragment of truth that light manifested in the star’s nuclear reactor

In the hyperspace domain the wave as particle or particle as wave has no meaning

All are possibilities of multi-terra possibilities that cannot be…imaginative self-questioning self speaking

Within all extemes there is much awaited hope

But light is there in the middle-way as the golden causal-harp of the infinite realms of the quantum mind

Mind is much beyond the stars

Minds don’t  fractionate like isotopes

Mind is poly-symmetry of the univocal vehicle – the supramental creation of y-mind-r from the quantum foam (synthesis from Avahom Consciousness Plant )

It flies like garuda and jumps like the dolphins

Mind has its own warp-drive

Intelligent systems recognize the virtue of past legacy to transform the present to the destined future of the supermind

It’s the root of all that is consciousness effectively working in the creation

– Joy Roy Choudhury