‘There Is No Do-er, And No Thing Done’-Inside The Merry-Go-Round ‘The Falcon Cannot Hear the Falconer’

“The camera is androgynous machine, a kind of mechanical hermaphrodite.

In his retort the alchemist repeats the work of Nature.” -Jim Morrison, The Lords and the New Creatures

Horses on a Carousal

Beautifully decorated carousal horses on a merry-go-round picture courtesy Robert’s Blog at hooperislandlighthouse.org


“Just by avoiding purposeful intentions one can be enlightened”.

– Shen Hui

Non-Volitional Living is Glad Living: The Carousel 

There never has been a carousel nor there was not

But we have lived our childhood dream riding one

Going about,


Coming back again

A prayer-flag with mantra-texts and an image of the wind-horse (rLung rTa). Tibet courtesy British Museum)

Prayer Flag with Mantric Texts and an Image of the Wind-Horse (rLung rTa) Tibet, courtesy the British Museum

To confine ourselves within the circle

Which ourselves we are

Doing without doing

Our thoughts are constituents of no-thoughts

They don’t exist at all except in this carousel

Nor they exist outside

There has been many stories

Each telling others’ lives:

Loneliness of withered petals on the floor

Forseeing the eclipse in the cry of birds

The red peruvian hen, from ‘A Natural History of Birds’ - Eleazar Albin, 1731, London.

A Red Peruvian Hen from ‘The Natural History of Birds’, Eleazar Albin circa 1731, London

Cinematic or prosaic

Epigrammatic and diametrical

Her voice slumbered

And became the clapping thunder of the clouds

These are intonations, self-referential and confirmatory

Of the obvious absence any scene it alludes to

Her voice slumbered for awhile

Still riding the carousal her own way

In-seeing and seeing out

A Man with a Movie Camera directed by Russian director Dziga Vertov circa 1929

A Man with a Movie Camera directed by Russian Director Dziga Vertov circa 1929

Perpetuating the never ending juggle

In the round

Finely balanced

The sparrow built her nests on the pine


Laika, mixed-breed dog, was the 1st living being in orbit. She was launched on the Soviet Union’s Sputnik 2 mission in November 1957 picture courtesy NASA

fire and ether

Air and water

And earth’s granular base

Acting as a thermostat

Watching the obfuscation of narrative talking

Questioning the readers’ temporal in-existence

Throughout the cosmic conceptualizing

Avoiding discreet properties of matter

And that of the spirit Jim Morrison at photo session with Gloria Stavers at her NYC Apartment. 1967

In a handful of sand

The frozen river

May acquit the stars and the jellyfish

Of their informal absence in this poetic construct

It goes on

And comes back again

Rimbaud the rebel

Or, did he exist?