Awakening is waking-up to what is HERE: Interoperability and the Cognitive Aspect of Space-Time Curvature

Mother and Sri Aurobindo Last Photographs by Bresson



I am interoperable in this vastness

Inside or outside the dialogue box

within the hidden layers of the neurons

or in the Hermitian conjugate of a quantum state

wherever awareness is, there is being

wherever there is being, there is awareness

not two but one

undifferentiated they are

an atom in the vast spectacle of this cosmic dance

is impregnated with the awareness of the dancer

at what depths are you gazing?

Bits comprise only the surface

the dome is the widening sky

the winds are blowing Her letters to the sea

In a long journey, the star hath risen above the Himavant

Does the space-time curvature signify only a cognitive aspect of being?



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Little Boy Near the Waterline

Little Boy Near the Waterline

An optical resonance

Rare Cloud Formation Picture

Rare Cloud Formation Picture

Time’s temple in memory visited

To see the blood dripping everywhere

Desire for that magic pain

Drowns us in ecstasy

And we laugh like ‘soft, mad children

Smug in the woolly cotton brains of infancy’

Remembrance of the past the only prison that you need to break

Make and unmake the present time

Like a child who has no speech or dialect

Chinese Zen Painting

Chinese Painting

Neither born or unborn

The tree gives him shelter, flower the fruit

And the river rolls him to the shore

There he may lie naked in the sun

Or under the copper moon’s pristine sanatorium

Inebriated he may sing or carelessly flute

What the heart renders or the wind desires

Hard rain will wash away all the terrain

And the sea will consume it all.


Zero added to zero, (comma), zero added to zero hence, triangular-mang-space = E-0-0+0/0-0-9= RWWRE –MANG


The Dynamic Mosaic of Space-Time Intensity and the Natural Quantum Rhythm of Form in Consciousness: Jim Morrison’s and Charles Baudelaire’s Quest for ‘Death’s Twilight Kingdom’

The Dynamic Mosaic of Space-Time Intensity and the Natural Quantum Rhythm of Form in Consciousness: Jim Morrison’s and Charles Baudelaire’s Quest for ‘Death’s Twilight Kingdom’ 

“Time present and time past 

Are both perhaps present in time future 

And time future contained in time past.

If all time is eternally present 

All time is unredeemable”. – Burnt Norton (Four Quartets), T. S. Eliot, 1935

‘Death’s Twilight Kingdom’/The Hollow Men (1925), T. S. Eliot

Jim Morrison, Monalisa, 2013

Jim Morrison, Monalisa, 2013

Jim Morrison, Monalisa, 2013


Poetry is the fractal wheel of fire

Oh friend of the dark star

The monster of light has fed its wrath on the weeping clouds of fortune

To hell the heaven endorse another view

The practical man ashamed of his luck falls on the floor

His month ticks like years pouring dust on empty canals

Light crossed her eyes

Like rainbow in the skies

Soft moist petals over Parnassian waves

Floating like time in eternal caves

There sun has hidden her face behind the mirror

Behind the mirror, behind the black pool of mirror where the spider climbs

Behind the shadow, knowledge claims false apparitions

That was all history confined in that point of prison

Together we ride that wave …fade away


Come again…

White like the tiger’s brown bosom of the sea

Beneath the tree, in the split of shelter

In the silence of another way

Charles Baudelaire, Monalisa, 2013

Charles Baudelaire, Monalisa, 2013

Come again my friend

Not to lose but to determine

In the hairs of grazing horses

The unforgettable rhythm of the ancient song

How the ordinary is transfigured into intangible sublime

There after the recession where we must all go…

Come again…

Joy Roy Choudhury

The Winged Time-Birds of Werner Heisenberg Sailing to Byzantium Through the Space-Grace Cars of Quantum-Alblackica

What Time Is It, Samij Datta, 2012

The Winged Time-Birds of Werner Heisenberg Sailing to Byzantium Through the Space-Grace Cars of Quantum-Alblackica (High-Xenon-High-Diesel-Harp)

The winged time-birds of Werner Heisenberg sailing to Byzantium asked itself the questions of quantum paradox from the seismic calendar that hangs on the walls of Shambhala; what art thou greater than the phoenix manifest within the Kalchakra of Tibet and be the new evolutive matter of Alblackica? In the tree, the tree is half the page of the moon eating the historical prejudice of one in the many for the many is the alternate light from which the one derives its own existence because quantum (plural) is the mother of consciousness (singular); from many we came as innumerable ones matter is wecra-wuhatrim-woawhitrobh (6657d-8843s-9976k) “to keep a drowsy Emperor awake;

Or set upon a golden bough to sing

To lords and ladies of Byzantium

Of what is past, or passing, or to come”.


In the symmetric minimal two-qubit state tomography, the arrow was the flashing sign of spectral horizons, multiple inviolate space cognizance possible in the flame of the Dovhajkakoithanivyatromatin; grace on grace is per decra grace on azex time flaxet bond Roman numerals XIV to XIV within the plaintive numerology of the world habitat of enlightened ones. To set the equation where it was, energy must be the crow sapping-poison of mud making the drinking fountains clean as the oceanic drop of pearl translating the informations communicated by entangled photon pairs in the grey-skull cupola of the morning rose chanting the hymns that bring mind to the stone and from the stone then to the sky to see the hybrid constellations that are spacecraft promulgations of consciousness coming down to the earthly race.

Tail-Fish-Wings Yat-Tat-Om 19-91-19-91 Prime-Time-Dimension Deneb


– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: W.B Yeats poem ‘Sailing to Byzantium’.

The Alpha-Sovereign Grey Hound Lines Transformed the Ancient-Cloud Technology into the Time-Square of the Vitruvian Man

VITRUVIAN MAN, Leonardo Da Vinci, 1487 (Proportions of Man)

The Alpha-Sovereign Grey Hound Lines Transformed the Ancient-Cloud Technology into the Time-Square of the Vitruvian Man (Time Square is the Temple of the Psychic Lotus/Pink Lotus)


Evolution is an artful science through which the ‘many’ in the ‘one’ finds its rightful place in the bottle of time that oozes out like Champagne. Every product in the eye of the consumer is the replica of himself in the mirror of the self procreating in ‘moments of clarity’ to redefine an identity of aspiration and love. Development is through these vertices that label products into ultimate-growth manifestation of a populace that has credentials of the divine glory in the golden ratio of cosmic harmony. The product is the mother that creates the desire through its signs and prepares the user through the time-bound energies of the creation; to be more is not less and less is never more but to be just is the right to be man in the cross-equilibrium of the circle that determines the proportion of perfect growth, each according to the capacity of the vessel it can fill or envelop to be the peace symbol of an ultimate race that has the power to enchant, create and recreate the history of civilizations as the fire emboldens the velocity of mind.

Sunscreen apricots find the shade of Levis true to their own mask yielding walking boots on the shore of an empty ocean. None knows the whereabouts of Christian Dior on the pink-lotus steps of the blue valley, they saw them crawl like fireflies unsung like the quitars of the yellow sea, the cinnamon candles were burning on the woody tables in the banquet hall ; Moët et Chandon slips into the powdered musk of the velvet skies, the germination of the dawn lends its hands to the clockwork orange of Alblackica afternoons; dogs bite dog-ends and watches Joseph Heller do the macabre hi bop on the caramel floors of the extratet creation. Bars of light twine with the fragrance of Rashomon and couple the rhythms with the fountain-orchids of La Dolce Vita, Do you see the black leather belts that fascinate the late evening jazz at the Windsor manor? And in between the Frank Zappa of the bohemian rhapsody do you hear the Nokia waiting to pick up calls from the Godot of the destined stars, silence admires another silence, microchips work faster that god, the multiverse is full of consciousness, speak and be true to your self O man! The Volvo waits in the rain to be taken away by the breezy summer Mercedes of an autumnal reprise, yellow artifacts of the ancient cloud makes green tea with the zen-elbow technology of a zhaotic verb that sits in the armchair nucleus of Norwegian wood. She came and sat on an endured throne and ordered the Ikea from chain stores of Pappilon (read ‘Babylon’!); from the window of the moons the sun was pale vanilla of sweet memories of Kodak making space the alca oktamin bride of frinctuon; for size and dimension the copier was the cat that ran parallel to the white line of energies to ring each bell for a thousand words of love. The end was Rolling Stones playing Voodoo Lounge for the ANZ of a Vitruvian man. Evolution touches the edge of Shakespeare in the platina of Led Zeppelin, flying over it saw timeless moments caught in the web of Harley Davidson as wireless codes are empty bubbles in the sky in the walking ozone of Walulikohim; machine IBM read the letters ‘never meaning to send’ after minutes and synchronized its seconds with the coldplay timepiece of the eternal lands.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Cover Art of Voodoo Lounge, ’94 Studio Album, The Rolling Stones