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Brain is Also the Universe -Photo Courtesy BrainMDHealth

By using higher mathematics, namely algebraic topology, very recently scientists have found existence of a multidimensional universe within the brain that is extended to 11 dimensions. ”Outside of physics, high-dimensional spaces are commonly used to represent complex data structures or conditions of systems. For example, the state of a dynamical system in state space… The space is simply the combination of all the degrees of freedom the system has, and its state represents the values these degrees of freedom are actually assuming”- Professor Cees van Leeuwen, from KU Leuven, Belgium

“This entire universe is the Purusha alone, both that which was and that which endures for the future”-Rig-Veda

The Celebrated Hymn of Creation known as Nasadiya Sukta (Rig Veda), indicates that the multiple names and forms of the visible universe, prior to the state of manifestation, were in a state of non-duality: ‘’Then there was neither Aught or Naught (no yes/no -no QUBITS), no air or sky beyond. (pre-origin beyond Singularity)

What covered all? Where rested all? In water gulf profound? (possibly Asktavakra’s reference to the Ocean of Being) Nor death was then, nor deathlessness, nor change of night and day. That One breathed calmly, self-sustained; nought else beyond it lay. Gloom hid in gloom existed first -one sea, eluding view.

That One a void in chaos wrapt, by inward fervour grew.’’

  • (Surendranath Dasgupta, Indian Idealism, P4, Cambridge, London, 1933)

The diversity or plurality that we encounter needs to be celebrated because it’s the beauty of the creative force which is both immanent and transcendent, by knowing that this pluralistic divergence that we encounter daily (in terms of actions/opinions/facts etc.) is essentially MAYA which is non-existent from the standpoint of Ultimate Reality. Ultimate Reality is about Being/Existence-Consciousness-Bliss – it is ontology of Being which is important rather than epistemology.

The wave is also the ocean -the individual self is also identical with the universal self.

The crux of the philosophy of Yajnavalkya in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad is the sole reality of Atman and the unreality of the universe independent of Atman- Pure Consciousness is beyond cause and effect. Manifestation in space-time is dependent origination (the middle way of Nagarjuna) due to the presence of the mind – the Witness or Observer in reality is free from any association of eigenvalues. It’s prakriti that measures….and collapse of the wave function takes place in apparent reality…EMPTY COGNIZANCE SUFFUSED WITH AWARENESS IS THE WAY

Shiva 1

Lord Shiva


What comes and goes is subjected to causation and temporality

It is within the space-time construct

There are different levels of operative consciousness within that cycle

It is called tagging consciousness (#) enclosing a referral system of virtual stored consciousness

That’s the memory of the Yugas

Information can never be destroyed because it’s stored in form of consciousness

At the quantum level of the mind it is citta that process memory retrieval processes

The brain circuits (neural networks) operate that way

Memory is cloud wrapper broxom-tretat

Innumerable datasets create the samsara as a projection of the mind

But Bodhi-Citta or Pure Consciousness is not the apparent reality of the hologram

It is the realm of Pure Consciousness

The Self abides in itself

Creating wellbeing and equanimity

It is unborn witness of all things

It exists beyond space-time and causality

It is the Ocean of Being from which waves appear on the surface

They are absorbed back into the ocean after the perturbation

The waves are the quantum fluctuations that construct the Samsara (the universe)

At the centre of the Ocean of Being, all is still and beautiful

Each single wave is also the Ocean of Being

Once there is awareness there is no activity

Duality only exists as a projection for the Lila

The Lila is dependent origination (What happens to the Schrodinger’s Cat?)

The true reality is the non-origination of the Self

What action is done and who does what?

Who cries and laughs but dies not?

What it is all about? Who are you talking?

Man/Machine or beyond?

What technology of consciousness creates this world?

And Sage Dattatreya says:

‘’The Self is everywhere, always and in all, enduring and abiding.

Know me as the all, void as well as non-void. This is certain’’ (Avadhuta Gita)

“Go, go, go, said the bird: human kind

Cannot bear very much reality.

Time past and time future

What might have been and what has been

Point to one end, which is always present.” (Burnt Norton, Four Quartets, T.S. Eliot)

‘’Vastusravanamatrena suddhabuddirnirakulah

Naivacaramanacarramaudasyam va prapasyati”

The wise one who has achieved pure consciousness by just bearing the truth of the Self and who is tranquil (in the Self) makes no difference between action, proper or improper, and inaction.

(Ashtavakra Gita)









The Super-Luminal UFOs of a Mystique Congregation Bringing the First Light to Conquer Time and Eternity (Superfluid Micrograviton Centrifuge)

UFOLOGY, Samij Datta, 2012

The Super-Luminal UFOs of a Mystique Congregation Bringing the First Light to Conquer Time and Eternity (Superfluid Micrograviton Centrifuge)


Super Self-luminal saucers flying in the sky

Across Tibet and ‘Shambhala’

Within the universe and within a multiverse

Open as gyres a wheel within a wheel

Hydra-clock Alblackia Hydro Quang Acrux                                       

Sirius on the green belts of sparkling lights

They come and go, merry they go

Like a small child who dreamt flying in a hot air balloon

Rain must come after the dry months in summer

And the earthworms may look at those things in the sky

Immortality is the secret of mirco ethereal transmission                             

Zebra stars shine on thee

Oh zebra stars shine on thee

Wao awo quang stratochemic graviton

Superfluid Superluminal Centrifuge

Time to the sacred trust of thy mind, Kafka!

Dynamic objects in the book of Nirvana.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Aspiration Design, Samij Datta, 2012

Observations by Physicist Nilanjan Chatterjee,

*Mystique* Congregration, I shall have to say:

These three very Letters UFO is *Mystic* to me! The reason:
They are associated with numbers 21,6,15 in succesion, and
they are related by the simple Arithmatic: 21 = 6 + 15, not only
that I get three dates associated with them:
21 February :Birthday of The Mother
6 May : Birthday of Sigmund Freud
15 August : Birthday of Sri Aurobindo.

I ask: What has Sgmund Freud to do with Sri Aurobindo
and the Mother?

In Book :P hysics of the Soul*, Author Physicist Amit Goswami
has realted UFO to Sri Aurobindo’s Vision. He has said:
UFOs [Extra-Terrestrials] are more Conscious than we human beings are.
In fact they have already realized the Supramental.

In the Ancient Brick Time of Alblackica, the Wheel is the Feather of the Storm Whose Indices are One and Zero and Variable Based on the Factor Polymerization of its Atoms


In the Ancient Brick Time of Alblackica, the Wheel is the Feather of the Storm Whose Indices are One and Zero and Variable based on the Factor Polymerization of its Atoms


In every street there is a house without a window that opens towards the seaside; the breeze doesn’t blow in Al-Parabi-vacuum, the sun is the virtual Dog Star of the moon writing its own alblackica texts on the runic beds of no-time; journeys ‘within moments’ from sunrise patterns of the dockyard to the self-shaped ships of an ancient Columbus across the boveran élan of the cape boulevard into the diminishing light of the twilight bay sinking into the blackbow of many sub-tropics of land and air is the real observatory eyehole through which relative densities of quasi-fluids are measured. Mazuvont, here, looking from the tower of the iced-glassed container that held the empty buckets of the time-wheel of transformation and change, saw them run naked on the beach, stars shining like alph-flowers of a mega-moun clock strumming the binary hairs of the oceans’ string a la singing the Terrasuxa Quataz eternal songs; some dressed in drainpipes like the Dylan poet rambling and turning and changing and laughing as the procession met the dawn of the hour returning to the sea.

That was a clear whistle before the rains came in with the mighty roar of the great flood; Mazuvont, here, in the tower looking at the waves saw the terrible beauty caught in the beast of the naked ocean’s arms churning the great waters into the sorcery of dance – reason lost the profane madness of its own clear identity and became the good man of a ghost who was not seen anytime but laughed and sang as if all are empty signs in the streets of Shigatse, as if nothing existed before or after, and, only this seclusion is just a game of sponsoring the zero factor of the flying birds that clutched together the hot metal flame of the shining Helium plates that was even not before but only today, and with the cross-prime stylus of the Yuwazia, the dromos-dero was finally walking in space…

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Bob Dylan Album Cover: Slow Train Coming (1979)

The Innumerable Units That Make up the Unified Vision of Alblackica: Through Time in Time they are Dromos-Dero of Yuvik-Dimensional System


The Innumerable Units Make up the Unified Vision of Alblackica: Through Time in Time they are Dromos-Dero of Yuvik-Dimensional System


The said prophet of the dromos-dero is the swan, he sees life as a flow in the solid gradiant of the sun’s alblackica; there are the times when the alter of no-time builds images to deconstruct laterally; they can be the camera of the world to make-believe what it is not but behind the celluloid of matter’s cellular destiny the light is acting agent of meta-transformation; the wind-hole is the pipe through which the rainbow seizes the flood to conquer the sea; the red-hat matter is born from the Yuwaziha tree, every second of nayutin time its eating the death to see the purple emanation of the future; the red is not red but the burning rose of black Sabbath petals of the primeval fire; the cold silver sea was once a warm river from the geysers; rotation on revolution in the spiral gyres is xecat bexas;

to what you see in the trapeziums the crystal hangs the agate like cross buying time in the free-market economy of space to return the light to where it was; green grass was the melting snow of many aeons, the tiger moths are not looking for a flame to die but they all can see what they cant’ see : the sky is the image of the water on the surface of the radioactively charged crystals of the sand, they look no further, the camera has tilted its vision now, Yuwaziha is going back to the sea to drown with the drowning sun beneath the night petal-birds and a mnemonic moon.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Aphrodite on a Swan, Pistoxenos Painter/Terracotta , 460 BC (presently at British Museum)

The Embryonic Journey into the Center of Time through the Eternet Networks of Alblackica Consciousness

ALBLACKICA PLATE IV, Samij Datta, 2012

The Embryonic Journey into the Center of Time through the Eternet Networks of Alblackica Consciousness


I have no other than the Yuwaziya Elohim Harastot     

Time’s fragments are motionless in the custody of space

There are tunnels through which the wind-river can pass

April’s showers are the bona fide travelers of many writers

They can spring Avogadro in the reason of no-time

If you are there the one then I be the zero

In the even placenta of the embryonic journey

Through the dark matter of time and eternity into the spirit of the sun

The self has won the zime-bliss of the introhan

Alpha alblackica alpha alblackica of the dust free nature

Is the revolving circle that binds the new creation to the Mazuvonts and Neyunkavs

Ethereal queen veta-veta ethereal queen on the high-webang glass lights

There is a summer in every winter despair there is an autumn in the vernal equinox

The birds have flown are coming back through the empty street-skies of matter’s destiny

Rains can build the relative frames they can construct the terrapin-law minds 

They move in with the distance the shorter the arm the long it goes

Every arrow is the speck of glass-sand in the equilateral circle of the rose

There language are not words but profusion of streamlets into the ultraviolet end of the spectrum, the prima matra is there …is there like a sign without the sign as with the sign on sign as sign

Kari Kura Keret Hroam!

Just as the snails cross the trapezium’s end through the alblackica bed of time and space

Within that interval I am standing there waiting for you to win back the golden carnival

Hours to minutes are seconds to years adding their own substance to the light body of the earth …the purple turns the blue into the madness of the red to conquer the black

The white is the soldier in the grey fountain of life, the sparrows are not dying

They articulate the free-mandalas of speech that within them the ions of heliums are dancing so free, they can remake the whole creation with light that remains inside the iroton Q-cube with Iroton.

-Joy Roy Choudhury

Ref: Picture from Pink Floyd Archives

The Zero Space Time Urn From The Origin of Origins Is The Space-Clock of The New Creation

Alblackica Consciousness – from the Origin of Origins 

ALBLACKICA CLOCK (2012), Samij Dutta 

Alblackica Consciousness – from the Origin of Origins 


Thou sacred art, thou art divine

Thou art alblackica as time

Thou art alblackica as the red horse of the sempiternal seasons

Rome in daxun time-leap, NY the frozen heart of the riddle without a tail

Amazon strange in the midnight-cross hanging over the bow

Pouring nectar on the crab-feet moun, time is empty

Zero added to zero – another run she will be free

She will be the lion of the ionic ember

She will be the template of the origin of origins

She cannot know before she does her work

Her language is not the tongue but ear, eye, hands and legs…

Entangled to words and rhythms of the alphabets

Every snowfall is the hush of the limelight of reason

Birds came, danced and went to take a dip in the blue oyster lakes

There was time to swallow the fig and the bone

There was no time to gaze at the screen

Time to remake the numbers of the holy chant and turn 1 into zero

The absolute of the Sai destiny is the infant cradle rocking the beams

What alms impregnate the begging heart into the rolling thunder of the drums?

What heart is beating like the winter solstice quivering the ocean salt?

Reason cannot warm a cup of tea bitter with its thoughts

Sweet are the sands that resonate with macro-ether stencil of free space

Gravity is ravity is avity is ity

Galileo born from the leopards of dark space

Ambrosia of the third movement of Beethoven is Venus

Imagination is the box-capital set of evavanagendra Vishnu

Tulips are red like onyx that has the power of luminescence

Moon’s halo is the sri circle of sri azuha sri azuha, Hari Om Tat Sat

Alblackica is alblackica on alblackica in alblackica

Clock’s arms are bent near the equator looking over the poles of Sri Vrindavan

Hens are the peacocks after the morning rooster saw the first showers of April circumnavigate the isles

A wasteland’s consciousness knew that its time to gather the woods for the light.

– Joy Roy choudhury