Interconnecting the Mind-Systems with Application Processes in the Various Exoplanets and Galaxies to Reconstruct One World Order Super Race/Civilization

Boxet-23, Samij Datta, 2012

Interconnecting the Mind-Systems with Application Processes in the Various Exoplanets and Galaxies to Reconstruct One World Order Super Race/Civilization 

connect continents through esso-loop via Altamira/Gyan-Ganj and replicate order over Achintya-Bheda-Abheda-Tattva

christ on christ is christ to christ dark matter hachinto yoching


The oceans are full of honey dew the horse carrying the carriage

The mountains spring through the wind tunnels

There’s no one inside, there is almost nothing

But only a cave with its jaw opening in time to engulf this creation

This cave is the cave of the ixom-hum nevrat plasir tat sat

Reverat trom hunir alpam sovereign symbol of a master less key of the entire design

That has the secret codes of the next evolution

Truth is not truth but a chip-box alblackica in the dream of Savitri

Her eyes are steadfast on the self-incarnating point in the golden vessel

Laminar equi-brihat coefficient of spiritual matter is 0>1<0

To this we may pray so we stand the test of time to see who we are in the great day for freedom

To the mind is the mind in the mind by the mind in the canvas of Shambhala

Afternoon slept so peacefully looking at the sun disappear in the sky

The crow became the supergiant star in the plabix years of tetra-ionic bliss

A moment is called in by the death to integrate life in the birth of conscious existence

Stones are only stones in the zebra-prime matter of the forest moon

I am not him but only the tree of life speaking to man in the language cognition

Exum-ferrum dorset al farir zonex hari om.

– Joy Roy Choudhury

Picasso’s Guernica and the Evolution of Consciousness

The Day Has Advanced

                                                             Guernica and the Evolution of Consciousness

This is the famous painting that was in direct response to the bombing of the Guernica by the Germans  and Italians in Northern Spain during the Spanish Civil War in the spring of 1937. But Picasso’s Guernica is not only a  symbol steeped in the cultural history of the whole human race, but its something more. The symbolism is not restricted to its time and space but enlarging  every second and entering into the vast cosmic movement towards peace and light. Its the consciousness that is evolving towards human unity, it bares itself from any language of visual identity and merges with the Ineffable Supreme. Human mind with its microscopic view has to look beyond the periphery of his mundane  existence to find the timeless truth depicted in art, to find how Guernica lives as an immortal spirit in the collective aspiration of the human race, to lift them above the dark veils of death and desolation towards liberty and the light.

Consciousness Analogue: Meditation on the Painting, Guernica

From matter’s great tryst with destiny                            

Jean Cocteau and Pablo Picasso Pompeii 1917

     Jean Cocteau and Pablo Picasso Pompeii 1917

There arose a trembling cry, a rebellion a revolt

 Hands that were tied to the invisible chords,

The legs that were heavy and tired sulking in the sun

Were all made free to run the race of the ancient earth

In the winding pathways of the cosmic curve

From bearing the mark at Pompeii to the fire in the Acropolis

To the deep wells in Mesopotamia, to the tapirs in Guatemala

To the calm estuaries and the monsoon lakes

To the flaring forests of jasmine and lavender

The war is over. There is no Guernica, the day has advanced

The broken horns of the bull, the torso of the horse

The girdles of man and the menstrual blood of women

They are the tools and signs of a sea of change

There on the pebbles’ vermillion stains

The moon has cast its silver penny

The yellow-wagtail is poised for a flight

Thy nature has entrusted this burden on a great fewer organisms

To lead the world into its next stage

In the evolutionary ladder, the time is a consort

And there are plants and animals, the stone and the man

– Joy Roy Choudhury

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